Misaeng Ep 15: Keep Your Britches On

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

– Shahrukh Khan


GR accidentally overhears Chief Oh’s conversation with Manager Sun on the rooftop, “but still, he can’t make it.”

GR voiceover:

A road with a dead end. Us, together, always.

There’s still a whole year left that we can walk together…

GR is glad for the little time he has left, and decides to focus on giving 110% till the end…

Next Day

GR greets his team with much enthusiasm to the point of startling DS. LOL!! Mr. Chun notes GR’s fired-up attitude too, but Chief just looks at GR.

A different feel altogether in the pantry where SY is sent on a coffee errand. BK enters and senses SY’s dour mood. Ooh! BK’s got a haircut! 😀 He tells him to keep his chin up, and SY should’ve waited the right moment to “hit” his supervisor. SY clearly wants to talk to BK, but he keeps getting interrupted by a phone call and an unexpected check by Mr. Kang who perused BK’s documents. The female co-worker from Steel Team alerts Mr. Kang to a sinking ship crisis off the coast of Vietnam. Steel team dives into adrenaline-pumping mode to sort out immediate next steps.

BK offers multiple possible solutions to help the ailing ship, but all his ideas get swatted down.

DS and GR are on their way to their corner and senses the crisis-mode Steel team is permeating throughout the 15th floor. DS asks Mr.Kang if their ship has a hole. He answers in the affirmative and asked if their team faced a similar issue. GR’s cogwheels are turning when he hears of the situation and he blurts out “Can’t you fill in the hole?” BK tells him it’s not viable, but Mr. Kang stays still for a moment, mind racing, and agrees with GR’s prognosis. That is a very possible solution.

DS quickly pulls GR along and whispers to him he might be blamed if his idea doesn’t work.

Resource Team

YY informs Mr. Jung she had uploaded the Norwegian business in their shared file, and she receives a call from her mom. She goes outdoors to continue her conversation.

YY Mum:  I couldn’t dissuade your dad again. YY-ah… [YY looks heartbroken. Collects herself before answering.]

YY:  What do you mean what we should do? (I’m sorry – Mum) What does dad’s business and taking the early rent deposit have to do with me? Mom. I’m barely sane now. You know how I’ve lived for the past half-year after he borrowed money. You told me to live my life.

YY Mum:  The landlord said we can pay monthly. I just ask you for the security deposit. I can –

YY:  Mum! (We don’t have anywhere to go now – Mum) I don’t have money. I barely paid off the debt. I can barely breathe now! It’s barely over now! [YY about to break down in tears] I can’t do it.

Sales 3 Team

GR:  Mr. Oh,… did you want something from me? (Nope – Chief) Oh, okay…

Chief Oh:  Steel team. I heard there was trouble, are things okay? (Yes. Thanks to GR-Sshi – Mr. Kang) What did he do?

Mr. Kang:  Fortunately it was a small crack and we can fill it in as he said. So we’re resolving this issue now.

Chief Oh:  That’s not thanks to GR, but all the workers. He just happened to think of the idea.

Mr. Kang:  So that means he’s really competent. Some people know how to resolve issues like him. (Come one, that’s ridiculous. See you later – Chief) See you later, sir.

But Chief Oh is MIGHTY proud of his boy. And so am I XD !!

Steel Team

They receive favorable news of the solution and everyone is relieved. Steel Team boss is thankful for having GR around, much to BK’s annoyance. And to pour salt over an open wound, GR stops by to deliver a document to Mr. Kang and he was thanked again for his quick-thinking. GR quickly apologizes for ‘crossing the line.’ Mr. Kang praises him even more, “Keep up the good work,” and that was the last straw that broke BK’s back.

He storms off into the pantry, inhaling and exhaling like there’s not enough oxygen on the 15th floor. How can that GED, less than spectacular specs person outshines him and even impresses even his own supervisor?! He throws his pen across in the pantry in frustration. When he turns around, he sees GR at the other end with his pen in GR’s hand. “Is this yours?”

BK stares at him for a moment and grabs his pen away, “If you have time to worry about others, you should work on your own flaws.  You shouldn’t butt into other people’s business to much” GR thanks him for the advice.

BK and Bully Sang Hyun

The old interns meet up for drinks and the latter still has beef over GR. He fervently believes one of them was bumped out to make way for GR to work at One International. As SH goes on bashing up GR’s reputation, BK finds himself reluctantly mentally defending his co-worker now that he knows the GR’s integrity. BK tries to steer their conversation to SH’s current employment, but to no avail.

GR at home

He’s hard at work completing this proposal as professionally as possible. He created a proposal according to the company’s manual complete with proper terms suitable for the business direction and reasonable vision. He remembers Chief Oh’s advice of having conviction in what you are presenting. This time, GR has that feeling.

Next Day

The team teases GR of his confidence he has in his item. Chief Oh reminds them to not put GR on a pedestal. He only has good ideas once in a while XD XD Chief walks over and tells GR to share his presentation with him though he has zero expectations of his proposal.

With just an audience of two, GR presents his idea of tapping into future lucrative business of electric car rental and sales business. At the end of GR’s presentation, Chief has that “this really could work” look on his face, and Mr. Chun applauds GR’s efforts.

Chief Oh:  You’re not really smart at all. You said you’d bring up a business item. What’s with all this? [Mr. Chun just smiles at Chief’s brusque response] You don’t even know these terms. Why’d you use English when you’re not good at it? What are you trying to sell? To whom? I have no idea what you’re saying.

Mr. Chun:  But it doesn’t sound like an amateur.

Chief:  Talk doesn’t come first.

He leaves the meeting room, followed by Mr. Chun who gives a reassuring pat on GR’s arm. GR feels dejected after putting in much effort into his business item. He sees BK who looks into the meeting room from the doorway and remembers his advice on working on his flaws.

Resource Team

YY is so preoccupied with her personal crisis that she becomes out of sorts in her own department. Chief sees this moment as he was walking back to his corner fro the meeting room. Mr. Ha gruffly asks her if she’s alright, which she affirms, but he knows this unusually ruffled YY is not being her usual efficient self.


Outdoor deck

Chief Oh stands alone thinking back his short exchange with Mr. Chun about GR’s zero chance of becoming a full-timer. And then YY bursts into the same area, almost yelling into her phone.

YY:  All throughout my life! You know how I’ve lived because of you, Dad. How?… How could you ask me for money again? What did I do wrong to you? (I said I’m sorry. I’d be so grateful for the money during these hard times. This is really the last time. I always wanted a son, but have I ever treated you badly? Daughters are children too – Dad) DAD! (Come on, help me out one last time – Dad) Don’t EVER call me again.

Once she ends her phone call only does she realize Chief Oh had been within earshot. She quickly runs off, goes into the stairwell, and has a good bawling session.

Business 101

Chief pulls GR into the meeting room and hands him $100, “Go sell anything out there. You want a cool business right? Business? Don’t be fancy, it’s just selling stuff. Making a profit after buying it cheap. Buying good items and selling to those who need it. Go find out the basics of selling stuff. Exclude your family. By 7:00pm.”

Photocopy room

DS has to shred a few documents and sifts through GR’s presentation, “My, what a lengthy title.” LOL! DS gets distracted by a phone call while he refills more A4 into the machine and walks off, leaving GR’s notes behind.

BK enters and sees the document. Curiosity got the better of him and he reads through it. DS walks back to the photocopy room when he remembers leaving GR’s documents there, bumps into Mr. Kang who was also en route to the same place. DS sees BK reading through and advises him not to do so as that presentation got GR into trouble with the Chief. BK responds by saying it’s not half bad, so Mr. Kang tells him to share his opinion.

After listing out a few suggestions, Mr. Kang remains pensive and asks DS, “$100 right? Tell him to take BK too.” XD XD

Outside Subway entrance

BK still doesn’t understand the reason why Mr. Kang wants him to follow GR on his hands-on episode of Biz 101. He feels that this is GR’s homework, not his. So any decisions made should be from GR. BK will be at the cafe across from their office. And with that he abandons GR.

GR visits a marketplace where many things are sold at affordable prices.

Back in the office, the rest of the team wonders how GR would fare on this mission. DS had experienced the $100 challenge too and reminisces his past…

DS voiceover:

I went to this store and that like crazy. So I thought I’d buy something cheap that everyone will use. Buying something cheap and selling a lot of them.

Chief Oh: Yeah, that’s the trap. You’d think buying something cheap and selling a lot of them would work. That’s the trap of this mission.

GR decides to splurge $100 on socks and boxers o_O

DS calls GR and asks for an update. He has only just begun. DS encourages him to break the highest profit record. Buy cheap, Earn Big! Good luck! They hope GR didn’t buy the cheap socks and underwear. XD XD XD

GR and BK The SalesMen

Socks and underwear? Seriously o_O ?? BK brings GR to one of the companies he has good relations with. However, upon seeing the products offered, he was not amused and BK was embarrassed. Why did Mr. Kang make him tag along with this loser GR?

GR:  BK, just go back if you can’t do it. As you said, it’s my homework.. and as you said, I have a lot of flaws. So I have many more desperate moments. I have to sell this within Mr. Oh’s deadline today.

GR tries his best to sell his products within the confines of the subway and of course he is turned down all the time. At first BK looks in horror at GR’s gumption to do so and despite all the negatives, he kept on going with a smile. His persistence is something BK needs to learn about, and he slowly sees the courage he lacks.

They get off at a station and GR trudges on slowly and sees the clock: 7 minutes to 5. He closes his eyes as though summoning his remnant bits of positivity or thinking of a final place to make it big. He opens his eyes and tells BK to remain where he is, and takes both bags with him.

GR voiceover:

Having a memory is wonderful. [He walks to the steps of Korea Go Institute] But they say forgetting is truly wonderful. What you can forget is no longer a wound.

[BK silently follows him, but hangs back as he looks at GR]

I came in. As with all games, you realize you’re not ready the moment you start to play. Strong resolutions and shouts before that are intuition signs of anxiety. When you want to run away, it means it’s too late or you’ve already started playing.

BK has also entered the building and taking his time to look for GR. He finds himself on the gallery floor where newsbits of their Go players/ champions are displayed. Why did GR come here? And then he overhears an ecstatic group talking about GR.

“Did you hear GR is here?”
“He must’ve gotten a job somewhere”
“He’s wearing a suit”
“Wah! JGR! I never thought he’d set foot here”
“But he’s here?”

GR meets the Dean of the Institute who is clearly happy to see the Go protege again. But when GR brings up the matter of his mission, the Dean gently tells him he shouldn’t have come to the institute then. “Because everyone here will buy it for you out of sympathy or encouragement. Then you couldn’t say you pulled the mission off. Your boss won’t want you to do this either.” And he pats GR’s back.

Why are my eyes smarting? 😥

Chief looks out at the darkened city, worried about GR but he knows this is the best lesson he’ll ever learn about selling. BK steps out of the Go Institute, remembering the conversation he listened into:

GR was so good, it’s a shame. We thought he’d be the first to become a pro. Actually, he’s much better than Pro Kim. It’s a shame. He started at seven, right? That’s too late to become a pro. But he became a student in a year, he beat Lee See Chang in grade school and he always excelled in competitions especially.

He was a good student too. When he quit high school, I saw the teacher come and dissuade our master. He could’ve make it if it weren’t for his financial situation. I heard he even had part-time jobs at dawn too. It seemed he came to ask a favor.

He must not have wanted to come. How could you after giving up on Go? It must’ve hurt.

GR walks back to the subway station despondently, giving up hope of ever completing the mission. BK turns up from the side as though he had been waiting for ages. He takes one of the bags and walks with GR.

BK:  Can you go back just like this? GR-Sshi?

GR looks up to read the sign ‘Sauna and Go Room included’

DS:  I’m so tired. I’ll go rest at the sauna nearby.

Chief:  Put me on if a buyer calls. I’ll be at the sauna.

Co-Worker:  I can’t go home and come back. I’ll sleep at the sauna.

Passers by:  I have to wear this underwear again? If I knew I was going to the sauna, I would’ve brought a new pair from home.

BK:  GR… (Here – GR) Where are you going?!

GR:  Drink this. (What? – BK) Let’s sell it here. (What?! – BK) The people who will buy this are all here. (That’s nonsense – BK)

BK:  GR, are you talking about that? (I saw you in the subway. You’ll need this… If you don’t need it, give it to me – GR) I never said that…  XD XD

GR:  Hello everyone! We’re newbies of One International. How do you do? Three pairs of socks and one underwear for a total of $10. $10! $10!

BK: No, no… They are so comfortable! You can throw them out without any guilt!

GR:  It’s better if you can wash them if you want to wear them again! A great price! $10!! Only $10!

BK:  Five pairs of socks for $10!! No guilt! – Hello, hold on – You’ll need these socks and underwear and socks for working late.

Man:  So they must be on a mission.

GR:  Did you say Geu Rae [as in okay] I’m Geu Rae! Socks from GR! As you see, they stretch forever.

Man:  They reek of alcohol…

BK:  If you buy $10 worth, we’ll give you another pair of socks. If you buy $30 worth, we’ll give you another underwear!

Man:  They’re getting down to business.

GR:  Look. Look here company employees. When you have get-together after working late when you go to the sauna, you’ll really like our products and our idea. Okay, okay. Three pairs of socks. One underwear at $10! We sell the underwear in singles too! Yes, we do!! We won’t force you. If your underwear and socks don’t stink, you can just go ahead. We won’t force you. Go ahead… We’ll check your socks.

Man:  I’ll buy them, I’ll buy them.

BK: $10! $10!

GR:  I sold them all 😀 (Hey! It’s so late – Chief) That’s not important. I sold them all, Mr. Oh.

Chief:  Nice. Selling them is not important. (Why isn’t it important? I worked so hard to sell all of them – GR) What did you learn?

GR:  That underwear and socks should be sold in front of saunas. (Why? – Chief) Since knowing your market is key (Give me a report – Chief) What? (Get sober! – Chief) Yes. (Even if you have to stay up all night! So I see it tomorrow.

GR:  You’re still here? (I was writing a report – BK) I see…

BK:  GR, I still don’t think your time is the same as mine. Still, … I’ll see you tomorrow.


A wonderful insight into GR’s “CV” which has elevated him in BK’s ladder of success somewhat.
But GR can never be in the same league as BK.


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