Misaeng Ep 13: GeuRae – Eees – Dope

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

– Steve Jobs


An armada of dark-suited executives make their way towards the conference room where Sales 3 Team have been waiting with restrained anxiety. And who else but SY (who must have an internal radar for “Big Moments”) walks in from an adjoining corridor and stops in his tracks when he sees the buzzing crowd walk past by. What in the world? o_O Antenna Up! 😀

Chief Oh and GR unintentionally greet the men at the door and ED gives an “assuring pat” on Chief Oh’s arm, “Good luck.” One by one, the dark-suited execs file into the room…

After ED and the others have settled in their seats, Chief Oh steps up to the rostrum. GR walks over the rest of the team, standing at attention just a few paces away from Chief Oh. They all scan through a file that has been prepared for every member of the audience. ED doesn’t spend much time going through his. He looks expectantly at Chief Oh, who seems calm…

GR voiceover:

Everyone will be imagining an obvious report in their minds. They’ll be looking for opposing points, or already be prepared. We can clearly feel how they think won’t go as expected.

Someone asks if Sales 3 Team is either ignorant or courageous. Wasn’t Mr. Park’s case resolved? Someone else implies Chief Oh’s greed to show off his skills just because he was personally promoted under the CEO’s suggestion.

Good Lord. The presentation hasn’t even begun and already the talons are unleashed o_O

ED presses his mic and tells Chief Oh to begin. However, a surprise addition walks into the room: Mr. CEO. Let’s just multiply Chief Oh’s stress levels to the Power of Greyskull XD XD

CEO was curious about this project and it so happens he has some time before his next meeting, “I can join too, right?” ED must’ve felt the rug being pulled off under his polished-wingtip shoes 😀 Chief Oh signals to his team to provide another copy of their presentation to the CEO.

Let’s turn down the lights and begin the presentation for real… Breathe In… Breathe Out…

Resource team

Mr. Ha hands over proof of payment from the Russian counterpart. YY’s skills had helped them secure the carbon emission business for them. Mr. Jung subtly teases Mr. Ha. When YY rejoins their pod, Mr. Jung hands YY a customer file and tells her to take care of it under her name. She is finally recognized as a full-fledge member of Resource Team. Yay!

And SY the News Breaker shares with YY what he had just witnessed outside the Sales 3 Team presentation venue. Of course this is all done in his stage-voice and everyone else within earshot gets the update as well XD

Conference Room

Chief Oh hesitates to begin his presentation. Mr. Kim of Jordan had an unexpected response to the content presented and that doubt has been taking root in Chief Oh’s tiny patch of confidence. GR is kicking himself for putting everyone’s neck on the line. DS suggests to GR to simply watch calmly.

Chief Oh bites the bullet, draws everyone’s attention to the screen and talks about a case in Indonesia. Murmurs of confusion begin to fill the room.

GR voiceover:

Declaration of War. A battle without guns has begun.

Someone asks why bring up the Indonesia case? Chief Oh gathers his courage and presses on presenting similar cases in Myanmar, Singapore and Russia, obviously not addressing the interruption.

GR voiceover:

The corruption cases I heard of during job training and Mr. Park’s incident were dealt with in much more detail… There was a commotion, as expected. They must’ve been reminded of the sorrow of filling in someone’s position which became vacant due to that case or those perplexed times.

“So what about it?” “What are you trying to say?” I could read their faces. But there’s no stopping now.

Everyone is looking at Chief Oh, expecting him to explain why he had to dredge up the past. A lifetime of a pause…

Chief Oh:  We’ve chosen to walk the path of not bringing up businesses that had issues. Do you know what happened to those businesses? (We’re going ahead with it… and going on strong. This is conviction – GR to himself) Now, these are other companies’ performance results for the businesses we didn’t even want to think about anymore… These businesses are still stable. Please refer to the expected profits.

GR had done his research and he knows the competitors’ expected profits were very close to actual profits. Even the stock prices rose to an unimaginable level.

GR voiceover:

In the game of Go, when the opponent disregard me or is greedy…

Chief Oh:  Should the incidents be forgotten since there has been punishment?

The rhetoric hits them and they’ve become less antagonistic. What Chief Oh has been saying are facts and the question posed was also a logical one.

If you use tricks as if to avoid your battles even when it’s important… you need to chase it until the end  (GR)


Mr. Kim is watching the presentation live feed and is feeling nervous. It was very different from the rehearsal. He can see Chief Oh is taking a huge risk for them.

Conference Room

Changing the tide, a new strategy will be used (GR)

Chief Oh:  From now on, we’ll start the presentation for the expanded Jordan used car export business.

WOOHOO! Stroke of genius! Bring out the resentment and antagonism and then vaporize all that with a very logical reasoning and BAM! They’re now truly open to actively listen to their justification. High Five to all of you Sales 3 Team!! XD

From then on, Chief Oh slipped into the familiar manual-approved presentation method and he also included Mr. Kim who gave a live presentation and a compelling argument for sound business in Jordan.

Chief Oh:  That’s it for our team’s Jordan used car export business presentation. Thank you.

Exec:  It’s not bad… Yes…

ED:  It mustn’t have been easy to take over the subordinate’s job who was punished because of you. Oooh you Black Mamba. Just when the rest are positive about the possibilities, you just HAD to bring THAT in 😡

Chief Oh:  So we tried to focus on the true value of the business.

CEO:  It’s a well-prepared report. Were you able to handle it all?

Chief Oh:  Yes. The Jordan team helped tremendously.

CEO:  I heard the youngest member in your team proposed re-doing this item. Who’s been feeding this CEO with such details? o_O . Overheard SY’s broadcast perhaps? LOL!!! XD

Chief Oh:  Yes, the new employee, Jang Geu Rae.

Audience:  His name is Geu Rae? … Jang Geu Rae… I’m not sure who… Where is he?

GR:  Hello.

CEO:  You’re a daredevil. Geu Rae (Yes? – GR) Why did you think of this proposal?

GR:  That’s… that’s… That’s because it’s our company.

CEO:  Our company? (Yes, our company – GR) Yes, it’s our company, of course!

Exec:  It’s obvious but somehow we feel shameful… I know…

CEO:  Yes. Thank you. (Thank you – GR) I hope you can succeed with the Jordan used car export business.

Everyone leaves the room and as CEO heads the way with his aide, he calls a Mr. Lee to postpone today’s round of golf to another day. WHOA!! He purposely attended the presentation knowing that Chief Oh might not be given a fair platform to present his team’s case (that 7 year suppression by ED was a fairly obvious hint) Mr. CEO, you Rawk! XD

Other execs are impressed with GR’s ability to think of outside the box. ED looks around at the departing crowd that had nothing but positive remarks about the presentation. I can see he is reeling in his displeasure and he simply looks at Sales 3 Team just a moment longer before he walks back to his office.

The Foursome

SY drags GR out to meet BK and YY at the outdoor seating area. He wants GR to share the experience being in the meeting with the CEO. BK swallows his pride and offers his hand in congratulating GR, but GR takes a while before accepting it. He remembers how BK’s statements in the past were subtle attacks on his “inferior” education and experience. The rest follow suit in congratulating GR.

YY can read BK like a book. In the elevator, she asks, “Are you jealous of someone struggling from the bottom up when you have great specifications?” He feigns ignorance. “Don’t be like that. Actually their team’s incident isn’t normal. They’re trying to resolve existing issues. I think working on it so there are no problems to begin with would be better.

Sales 3 Team enjoy chicken ribs and soju for a job well done, while BK nurses his wounded ego with beer. All the times he had been patronizing GR, he has been the underdog who managed to make a change despite being a newbie. A fearless yet humble trailblazer.

Mr. Kang voiceover:

BK, Mr. Cha hates tardiness the most.

GR:  You must be in a good mood.

SY:  A first attack, just the thought of it makes me feel great! If it’s right, it’s right. And if it’s wrong, it’s wrong. I have a resignation letter in here… Hi BK.

BK:  SY! It’s me. I have a favor to ask.

SY:  What? Hello? Is this really BK? (Hurry up! – BK) I can’t believe you’re asking me a favor. Okay. I like you like this the best so far. (What was that? – GR) A secret. I shouldn’t cramp BK’s style.

BK:  Hold on! Hold on!

SY:  Get in, BK. I came for you. You’re 10 minutes late.

BK:  The favor… Thank you (Take it off – SY) What? (You can’t go in like that. Take it off and come for it later – SY)

SY:  You should ask your training boss for help. Can’t he do this for you? (It’s too awkward for me – BK) Awkward… then I guess you can’t share your concerns with him. (You’re right – BK) That’s cold. Although the psychopath isn’t a good senior either. Did you go to the sauna together? (What?! – BK) Then it wouldn’t be awkward. Don’t ever go to one before you become close. (Why not? – BK ) You’ll die of awkwardness. See, imagine you’re in the tub together. You can’t get out first, but your skin bloats coz you’re just sitting there. Even when you scrub yourself. It’s weird sitting side by side. But it’s weird… sitting apart like strangers. You can’t do this or that and you can’t tell him he has soap suds on him. (Why can’t you? – BK) Then he’ll think you’re staring at his naked body… A perfect crime.

Mr. Kang:  You’re late. (Uh, yes. – BK) SY-Sshi, get your clothes.

Mr. Cha:  I told you many times, the worst thing for employees is tardiness. It’s because you’re not good with self-management BK (Yes, I’m sorry – BK) We’ll have to postpone the 6pm meeting by 30 minutes. I’ll be there by 6:30. Why still here? Go.

New Department Head

Chief Oh escorts the new Sales Department Head and leads him to his corner. He is already familiar with Mr. Chun and DS, and when GR bows in greeting, all the Boss says is, “I know.” Hee hee hee… GR has started the first chapter of his legacy 😀

GR runs to the pantry on a coffee errand and sees YY there on the same task as well. She offers to make coffee for GR’s team as she has yet to congratulate Chief Oh on his well-deserved promotion.

Sales 3 Team are hustling double time meeting with various departments as part of their prep for pushing through the Jordan business. And to Chief’s surprise, GR is mostly invited to such meetings too. Other execs seem to appreciate the fresh viewpoints that can only be envisioned by GR.

Mr. Ma barges into Resource Team and raises a ruckus for YY’s work. Of course he brings on his bigot persona telling her to swap heels with flat ones. And he even goes as fas as pushing her forehead with his finger as though that would really embed his frustration into her brain. Her team empathizes with her but dare not show it. Her fellow-newbie-warriors witnessed the humiliating episode and bring her out to the outdoor spot to console her.

Just then, two execs of unknown department join the area and they all stand to bow respectfully to the seniors. And who would’ve guessed they knew of GR already and would like to run by some ideas about another business in the Middle East over a cuppa. SY is SHOCKED! And BK hides his jealousy by announcing a task he has yet to complete, and excuses himself.


BK decides to enjoy a good wash at the sauna after working off the green-eyed monster in the storage room. Have a strong feeling SY’s prediction of the Death by Awkwardness may just come true XD

YY’s words about him being jealous of GR fills his mind and he knows that deep down, it was entirely his own doing to end up where he is at currently. Stripped off everything, he closes his locker door… and WHO would also be in the same room in the same state of nakedness?



Next Day

SY waits for his friends to assemble in the lobby before proceeding to the elevator. It’s winter, the month of Christmas and almost everyone is in a holiday mood. While waiting for their ride, GR’s phone “tweets” and SY is dying to know who would be tweeting his famous friend. YY sneaks at GR’s phone and says “it’s Ms. Ha. Somi’s teacher.” SY can’t take the breaking news, “Who? Ms. Ha? Teacher? Who’s So Mi?” That young lady is a mighty persistent one 🙂

GR happily walks to his corner until he sees that he is the last one to arrive. He quickly settles down and runs to do the usual coffee errand. Chief Oh follows him to the pantry when both of them hear some female employees gossiping about GR. The smart alec who is likely to send his CV out to other companies by the end of the year because he is only a temporary contractor. Chief Oh shouts,” YA! [effectively ceases the chatter] … fill those cups. Don’t have to make for me…” LOL!

DS and Mr. Chun are dividing Christmas cards for them to prepare for their clients. It’s Chief Oh’s tradition to keep good relations with such organizations and persons he has come into contact over the years. Chief asks for a few to write them himself and hands over his first hand written Christmas card to GR.

Chief Oh voiceover:

It couldn’t have been better. Yes!

GR voiceover:

Be absorbed. You should always be absorbed. It all depends on that. That’s the only issue. In order not to feel the weight of the time that makes you slump over, you must always be absorbed. But absorbed in what? Either alcohol, poetry or virtue, that’s up to you. But anyway, be absorbed. And at times on top of a palace stairway or on the green meadow beside a ditch, or in your depressing room you wake up. When you’re not absorbed anymore, ask. Ask the breeze, water, stars, birds or clock. Ask everything that passes by. Ask everything that is sorrowful. Ask everything that runs by. Ask everything that sings. Ask everything that talks. ask what time it is. Then the breeze, water, stars, birds and clocks will answer you.

“It’s time to be absorbed.”


I’m cautiously happy for Chief Oh’s team and the break they needed from the CEO. Cautious because of the lemon-sucking ED.

Pretty sure he’s got some nefarious plans to break up the party :/


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