Mr. Baek Ep 6: Be Wary of Calm Waters…

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.

When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

– Sophia Loren


SH is left kneeling in front of the gates to his own residence, soaking wet. And DH sees SH’s dejection from his car as he drives home. SH has a pity party in a humble restaurant remembering DH’s words about his mother’s death: GB was too busy making money to notice she fell ill. HS walks by a row of shops, and it so happens the restaurant where SH is drinking his sorrows away. She remembers DH saying SH’s end as the heir to DaeHan.

And suddenly, SH clutches his chest…

ep 6_SHpain

HS runs over to him, he sees her, nothing comes out from his mouth, and he slumps over her… and DH’s necklace glows inside her bag. Hmmm o_O

The greedy threesome gleefully announces to DH that they successfully chased out SH from their home. DH just doesn’t get how they were so eager to welcome him the day before but now are triumphant to have SH kicked out. Hmmm again o_O

HS helping drunk SH on the street

ep6 drunkSHHe starts to sing and wave his arms in sync with the lyrics, and when his out stretched arm lands on HS, she notices the injury he had inflicted. She brings him back to his place to treat his wound…

HS:  Aigoo, where did you get hurt like that? Lift up your arm. Lift it up a bit. Oh my goodness… (Ouch! My arm! – SH) I didn’t touch your arm. Stopr being a crybaby… this will sting a bit… I feel the sting too… Hang in there… Almost done. It’s done. I just patched it up.

SH:  Can’t believe it… When can I come by to pick up my suit? (It should only take a few days – HS)  Alright then.

HS:  Would you like to stay over at our house?

SH:  Nonsense! How can a woman suggest something like that so casually? (You stayed over last time too. Do you have somewhere to go? – HS) You think I don’t have anyplace to stay? Who am I? Don’t worry!… Who would’ve stolen my succession documents?

HS:  Do you want to stay over?

It’s freezing temperature in the night, he has no phone and starving. What can he do? Looks around the park and sees a sausage on the pavement. He picks it up, inspects, sniffs, peels off the outer skin and snacks on the filling. Best food ever! Until a group of homeless folks sneaks up upon SH and demands for payment for the food he just ate. Being typical arrogant GB, he almost gets himself in a fight, but a respectable looking man steps in to break the tension. He is apparently the leader of Team Homeless.

SH stay with the group to survive through the freezing night.

Choi Mansion

DH is enjoying a breakfast spread fit for royalty as JY rattles the usual updates: DH is now the legitimate heir to DaeHan and documents of such will be registered in the court. He still wonders who would do such a thing to SH. The culprit could be close… Dun, Dun, DUUuunn o_O

DaeHan Hotel

Employees line up to greet Director Choi and his entourage as they walk through the lobby. He stops in front of HS and requests for her presence at his office later. Hmmm… JY thinks that DH is crushing on HS.

Homeless Community in the Park

It’s a crispy morning and a group of them have begun their morning exercise, except for SH who is pulls the threadbare blanket snugly around him. The leader cajols him to join the crowd, “This is Choi Go Bong’s dance that he does every morning.” WHUT? o_O

DH’s office

JY wants him to do activities that can help improve his public image, hence his circle of influence with the Board. DH’s heart is simply not in business expansion or analyzing numbers. What would a PR op with the homeless do to change his image overnight? She negotiates with DH: Do the homeless PR work and she’ll persuade the Board of Members to approve the proposal HS chose.

HS enters his office. DH requests for JY to leave and invites HS to sit. However, she wants to say something to him before doing so…

CGB Zumba for the Homeless

The tempo is now upbeat and the reluctant new homeless man is taking charge way up front of the crowd 😀 After some stretching moves, he teaches them the “Original Choi Go Bong” dance. Bwahahahaha!! XD XD

DH’s office

HS tells DH of SH’s condition last night. DH rebukes with “Should I take care of him just because he’s ousted as the Chairman?” But he is still family, HS says quietly. Don’t bring up his name anymore.


The hungry homeless men fantasize their favorite dishes to be indulged during a very cold day just like today.

SH:  Stop the nonsense! Do you know why you’re living like this? You go around stealing cat food. You get jealous of people over there. That’s why. You have strong minds and healthy bodies. Then you should start working at a construction site immediately. What are you all doing here?

Homeless Lead:  Our newcomer seems to be narrow-minded. Construction workers? It’s difficult getting a job nowadays without specialized skills. If you’re lucky enough to get a job, but happen to hurt your back or something, you’re more likely to starve to death. Ah, there are jobs in the service industry. If you were the president, would you hire the homeless?

SH:  Who would hire urine-smelling bums? Why don’t you go wash up and try?

Homeless Lead:  If you have the money to wash up, you would go feed yourself first. Don’t you agree?

JY:  Director CDH was always passionate about helping others.

Lady:  Please line up…

WY:  We have to suddenly do this because of Director Choi? Are we putting up an act or what?

HS:  It’s good that we’re doing charity work.

Mgr. Sung:  He’s not answering his phone. Where has he disappeared to? Did he disappear into to the sky or the ground?

NH:  He should’ve done better when his father was around. Now he’s being nice to other old people.

DH:  Enjoy…

Homeless Lead:  You’re lucky for a newcomer. This doesn’t happen everyday. (How can you ask me to get free food? – SH) You should be grateful for free food. Haven’t you heard of that?

SH:  What is this? Give me more rice…

WY:  That man…

Reporters:  Isn’t that CSH? Take his picture! Oh my goodness… It’s him! It’s him! Take his picture! Shocking!

Mgr. Sung:  Stop taking his picture!

WY:  Oh my goodness, how can this happen? Your life can turn upside down overnight just like that. Still, he’s the late Chairman Choi’s son. How does it make sense that he’s homeless?

DH driving

JY informs his they will try their best to block the photos taken of him with SH. The Board of Directors will hold a meeting soon regarding the position of the new chairman. DH should be prepared for the onslaught.


SH devours every morsel on his tray while Manager Sung wonders how he came to such a state.  SH asks how did DH come up with the idea of feeding the homeless. Mgr Sung explains it is all JY’s idea to boost DH’s image to strengthen his position in DaeHan.

HS finds him sitting on the bench with Manager Sung and SH immediately goes into vapid GB mode and shoos his sidekick away. HS tells him his suit has been repaired and he come by anytime to pick it up.

DaeHan Hotel

DH:  The photos came out well, right? Are you happy now?  (I’m sorry – JY) The late Chairman Choi’s son, CDH, is giving food to his half-brother. Heartwarming and familial.

YD:  What is this? Such a disgrace. He shamed our family.

Someone:  Let’s all have a seat.

Someone:  What happened to CSH? (As I explained in the memo, he isn’t able to act as chairman at the moment – JY)

Someone: Then has Director Choi decided to be in charge and lead DaeHan?

DH:  According to the law, I’m supposed to… I wish I could take over and act as Chairman, but as you all know, I’m a bad image for DaeHan and know nothing about management. So, I will choose someone who will step up and fill in now… I think, Director Choi Young Dal has worked hard alongside my father, should take the job.

Comments:  We wasted a lot of time for no reason. Good decision.

DH:  I will suggest this as an agenda at the board meeting. If it passes through with little objection, the inauguration ceremony will be held shortly afterwards. I’d appreciate your support.

MY:  Brother! What did I tell you? When there’s a will, there’s a way.

JY:  How could you make that decision without discussing with me first? Director Choi.

DH:  Don’t try. You should know better that my reputation is irrevocable.

JY:  Still, how could you let go of this chance –

DH:  Director Jung seems to still be in the hospital. Go see how he’s doing.

JY:  How could you not understand how I feel?

HS helps SH put on his repaired suit. He’s back to his snazzy self. It’s cold out so she takes her woolen scarf and places it around his neck. Of course he nags about it, but she snaps back at him and advises to receive help once in a while. And the scarf looks good on him too.

Director Jung gets intel on further background checks on SH. No one in Canada know of CSH. Manager Sung knocks on the door and brings in a fruit basket, along with SH. Mgr Sung eyes suspiciously at Jung’s aide as he leaves the room. SH apologizes for not able to visit earlier. He had his own crisis to sort out. He still offers Director Jung to lead DaeHan, because he can’t bear to see the company plummet into bankruptcy within years with those clowns at the helm.

Outside the ward, Mgr Sung questions SH’s sincerity in wanting Jung to lead DaeHan. SH would rather leave his family bicker amongst themselves and ruin their own future. So he’ll let them be. Manager Sung notices the red scarf, “What’s up with this?” Don’t touch! TSK! LOL!! XD

Director Jung’s ward

He has a well-heeled female visitor, who brings home-cooked food. Her identity remains hidden, but we’re given a clue of the gold ring she wears on her right index finger: double ended dragon head… or pig head… need to get my eyes checked o_O

He says to her, “Make sure Chairman Choi Young Dal doesn’t stay in that position for too long. Get it done now.”

I KNEW IT!!! MY KDrama antenna received dodgy vibes from this character since Episode 2 :/

Inauguration ceremony

YD promises to lead DaeHan into a new future and he will trust people as his top three priorities, no matter what. Trust is key! Forget about the past! Move on with the new! SH stands outside the venue, watching the televised event, shaking his head in depair, “What a half-wit.” HS sees him feeling down as he watched the screen. She seeks him out and asks his well-being. He ought to find a place soon… and she somehow knows he’s not feeling good about his circumstances and teaches him a method to calm his troubled heart: left hand curled into a fist, gently hit the chest twice (koong, koong) and left hand, open palm, and gently hit the chest (da). Hence, ‘koong, koong, da’ 😀

YD and wife are making themselves at home in the Chairman’s office. Their special guest bearing gift enters without warning: SH and a frou-frou-ed potted plant. YD warns SH he can’t simply come into his office. What? Will you charge and entrance fee? LOL!!

SH also wonders what the deal was with the 5 billion won found in his dad’s car on the day of the sinkhole incident. Someone took a bribe and threw it all away carelessly. ‘Dad’ must’ve been so upset that was wrongly accused for it. Rhetorical question: Is that what happened to my succession document too? YD’s wife tells him to call the police. And who should they take away?

“Behind your husband’s back, have you kept it well-hidden?,” SH looks pointedly at YD’s wife.

DH’s office

He questions HS’ rationale behind deciding which item to push for the Board’s acceptance. HS remembers her first visit to a hotel when he father was still alive. It was red all over and the place seemed luxurious and warm. She wants to replicate that feeling too.

SH and Manager Sung at a cafe

Mgr. Sung:  Why don’t you use your head? You’re going against the law of nature. Wouldn’t there be any side effects? Ever since you became young, has there been any pain or has there been any other symptoms?

SH:  Come to think of it, I sometimes have this pain as if rocks are stuck right here. (See? So? – Mgr. Sung) But… whenever I’m in pain and I run into her I get better just like that. (Her? Who is she? – Mgr. S) Her name is Eun Ha Soo… You know, the intern. (Ah that pint-size – Mgr. S) She’s taller than you. (So? – Mgr S) It was the same thing when we all fell into the sinkhole that night. She and I both survived.

Mgr Sung:  What are you doing? You’re embarrassing me. Since you got younger, has your taste changed?

SH:  You didn’t hold my hand that night, did you? (I don’t remember. I was out of it – Mgr S) Perhaps she might have saved me.

Mgr Sung:  I was the one who called 911 in that situation. (Well, that’s not important here. Take a look at this one here – SY) These are the sales reports from the U.S branch offices. Your younger sister was in charge of it.

SY:  The sales went up, but the profit has been cut in half. It’s an amount that she’s not capable of taking out on her own. That means she was conspiring with someone. (She was conspiring? With whom? – Mgr Sung) Excuse me! Bring me some more sugar.

Mgr. Sung:  It has to be someone from our side.

HS’ brother:  It’s self-service here. Oh! SH! Hey! You guys are fast!

SH: She’s coming here?

HS’ bro: I thought she was coming by to see me after work. You’re a player, aren’t you?

Mgr Sung: Chairman Choi! Chairman Choi!! What’s going on?

HS:  Excuse me! Call 911!

Mgr. Sung: Wait!! Can you hold his hand? (What?! – HS) Hurry!!

HS’ home

Mgr Sung beseeches them to allow SY live with them temporarily. He will pay for rent and their service for helping them out. HS gets uncomfortable when the issue of money is brought into discussion. She walks to another darkened room where SH is recuperating from his scary episode in the cafe. “You really have no other place to go?” HS asks, and SH pouts and nods his head. OMO!! LOL!! XD

They sit outside in the cold and she tells him he can stay with them while he sorts his life out. And not to worry about the bad times because the good ones are just around the corner.

He lies down to sleep next to HS’ brother, and he finds it amazing that the pain disappears when HS is near him.

Next day

SH hovers around HS as though willing the healing vibe to enter his body XD XD XD he reads over her shoulders on thge proposal she’s working on. He suggests the tomato festival as an activity to tie-in with her Red theme. She gets excited with that new angle and begins to search more on the net, and then realizes HOWCLOSE SH is sitting next to her. She gives him ‘the eye’ and he mumbles about heading the other way to the toilet. BWAHAHAHAHA!!

Later HS gets ready to leave the house to run an errand: Mum wants her to buy some mung bean pancakes. SH knows of a place, but it’s a significant distance from HS’ home. Solution: Ride a bike. But HS ends up being the rider because SH doesn’t know how to ride one!

DH takes HS to a storage place, and doesn’t say much else about their trip. She’s extra cautious being around him especially after a co-worker’s warning about Not to stay overnight with someone like DH. Turns out, he brought her to a big wine cellar. He wanted to taste which wine to use for their Red theme.

SH paces outside the house, worried about HS still not home in the wee hours of the morning. After what seems like an eternity for SH, he begins to do Koong, Koong Da… AWWW! XD ❤

DH offers to walk her back to her house but she assures it would be okay and scurries out of sight. He returns into his car and notices the envelope HS left on her seat. She walks down the steps and sees SH out, “What are you doing out so late?” “Where have YOU been all this while?” Work. Work? Yes. Have you eaten?… and they walk towards HS’ house… all this witnessed by DH at the top of the hill…

DH is home, but he seems unsettled. He calls HS who quickly picks up her phone before SH could take a peek at the caller ID. But she talks to the person, SH suddenly speaks loudly and makes a ruckus. The caller at the other end of the line would have no problem knowing a Man is with HS at the moment. HS is annoyed with SH’s antics, and he realizes that he’s acting out of sorts too. He’s JEALOUS.

He walks into his room, worrying about how wrong the situation is. He really can’t have such feelings for HS. Right? It’s just so Wrong! He frets and frets and as he looks at his image in the mirror, his young self ages 20 years ahead.




Is there a KDrama wormhole linked to Nolan’s “Interstellar” ?!




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