Mr. Baek Ep 5: When the Going Gets Tougher

Nothing makes us more vulnerable than loneliness,
except greed

– Thomas Harris



YD is mad when he finds out the SH’s DNA test was a perfect match to GB’s. His wife is not willing to give up without a fight, takes photos of SH walking into his car and driving out of the parking bay. She calls someone and instructs the person to track the said car via GPS.

DH and HS are having a real conversation. She apologizes for slapping him earlier. DH must be going through his own personal crisis especially when a total stranger steps in when he is still grieving for his father. He is still stumped with the emergence of the illegitimate son for he knows his dad is incapable of emotions like love.

GB visits HS’ mum’s tailor shop and she is gobsmacked with the coincidence that his “dad” is one of her regular customers. She shares when GB was younger, her husband used to tailor suits for him.

Flashback: GB stands outside the shop in the cold with a white paper bag in hand. After some contemplation, he enters the shop and both HS’ parents greet him. His suit is ready to be picked up. GB commends HS’ dad’s skills and apologizes for not having enough money to pay for the suit. He places the paperbag of hot sweet potatoes on the table, bows in gratitude and says he will pick up his suit after he has earned enough to pay for it. HS’ dad gives the suit to him anyway. Being in business himself, he relates to the tribulations of owning one’s business and tells GB to pay when he can. 😥 Tears are streaking down my cheeks…

DH Hotel

Everyone is dressed up to the nines ready to greet the new Chairman at the lobby…


hubba, hubba…

GB takes off his mirrored shades and looks in the face of those who stabbed in his back. In front of YD, his inner voice cries out “You Bastard!,” and to YD’s wife and his sister “Evil Ones.” He moves down the line and looks favorably at Director Jung and JY. Somehow the front desk reception Nan Hee was sending subtle looks at GB (who did not appreciate it but misread by his sister) and he finally stops in front of HS who was obviously not looking at him at all (but he smiles at her anyway). The crowd disperses and MY approaches Nan Hee. She looks like a cat who just had a bowl of delectable cream… :/

Manager Sung opens the door for GB to enter his office, and everyone sees DH sitting in the Chairman’s swivel chair with both feet propped on the desk. DH notices the strong resemblance his “half brother” has with his dad and warns him that his tenure at DH Hotel will not last long.

First order of business: Collect every single note that was taken by bystanders at the scene of the accident. He seems to have cooked up a plan for its use.

Director Jung reads backdated news about the money involved in the accident and apparently, GB had met up with him the previous day too. GB explains that “his father” had told him to seek Director Jung who was closer to the Chairman than his own son.  He slides an envelope over to Jung: Notice of Succession. Director’s eyes widen. He was named as the successor!

Back to present. GB meets with Director Jung again and asks if he agrees to the request. He’s still thinking about it since he is not a family member. GB suggests that he turn in and register the succession document at the court. He knows exactly who the vultures are, circling in the air to swoop in.

DH and HS

He takes her into town, on the pretext that her advertisement proposal was rejected. Why? Because what she picked were too plain for their VVIP clients. DH asks, “Have you ever spent 5 billion won in a day?” Whut? o_O

They are in a department store: Branded section. DH goes into “I’m rich enough to buy anything” mode. Okay, at least they’re shopping at Bally’s  🙂



SH in office

He listens to JY’s report on public’ comments on his request to gather all the money from the accident. All unfavorable. Even the management and share holders are not welcoming of his presence either. This is not news to SH. He had anticipated all this “negativity.” But when Manager Sung staggers in and reports of DH’s unscrupulous spending, he jumps out of his seat and makes a bee line to the place where DH last used his credit card.

SH is surprised to see HS with him (perhaps a tad disappointed? Hee hee 😀 ). And when he gets in a row with DH, the latter is amazed at how similar he sounds and acts just like his dad. LOL!!

Family intervention

Butler Yoo:  Amazingly his taste is exactly like Chairman Choi’s (Now he even pushes the bell late Chairman Choi used to press – Sec)

DH:  That son of a bitch, seriously!… Don’t press this again. (Why not? – SH) It’s noisy.

SH:  You’ve been fine with it all these years. Put it down… Look. This is clearly my house and my room. You should thank me for not kicking you out of this house. Our late father said my brother was hot-tempered. He was right.

DH: Ahbeojji? How can you call him that after you were abandoned? Or did he not care of my mother’s death because of your family? Do you know why my mother died? Our great father killed her. He was too busy making money, so he didn’t care. He didn’t even know that she was sick. He didn’t know if she had to go see a doctor. Want me to tell you what the most miserable thing in your life is? It’s the fact that CGB is your father. That itself is a misfortune.

SH:  Get out now. Get out. I said GET OUT!

DH’s voiceover: Want me to tell you what the most miserable thing in your life is? It’s the fact that CGB is your father. That itself is a misfortune.

Manager Sung joins him outside. SH wants him to update him on who are buying more stocks when the price is low. Those are the masked people who want to take over Daehan. They will soon reveal themselves.

SH in bed

He receives a text from HS:

It’s true that I went on a shopping spree with Director Choi. I thought it was about work, and he didn’t tell me anything. I hope you won’t jump to conclusions, one way or another.

HS:  He read it.

Why aren’t you responding if you’ve read it?

SH:  How did she know that I’ve read it?

Did you think that I talked him into going for a shopping spree?

SH:  What is this? Man!

HS:  What is he saying?

SH:  What is this? There’s a picture too? If that’s the case, I will… where is this picture? Here it is! Which one shall I choose?

I understand. I won’t text you anymore.

SH:  No, it’s not that… Gosh! What am I supposed to do? This is too hard… Hey! Here!

HS:  Why did you want me to come all the way here?

SH:  I thought I did something wrong yesterday. (About the text? – HS) It’s because I pressed something wrong by accident. Shall we eat first? (I already ate – HS) Ah… did you?

HS:  What is it you wanted to talk to me about?

SH:  I didn’t jump to any conclusions. (Is that why you asked me out here? – HS) Yes. Why? (You could’ve texted me that – HS) Text… I just thought we could have breakfast together, you know?

HS:  Since I’m here anyway, can I say something? (Sure. What is it? Tell me – SH) I understand you had to jump right in to take the chairman’s position but do you have any idea how hard it is on us employees if you’re this fussy from the start? (Fussy? – SH) We get yelled at by the higher ups without knowing what’s going on. (You get yelled at? – SH) Just because I work at DaeHan, I get cursed at outside the workplace. You could say I could quit if it’s too hard, but people like us even agonizes over quitting a part-time job that pays nothing. When we think about the rent, living expenses and unexpected expenses, most of us are one of those who should suffer through it. You wouldn’t know that, would you?


HS:  I don’t know why you’re trying to find the money from the accident. I understand you’re willing to even sue whoever won’t return the money, right?

SH:  Then, who do you think is the rightful owner of the money?

HS:  Whether it was the late Chairman Choi’s slush fund or not – Does money have an owner?

SH:  What do you mean? It’s obvious. You’re the owner of the money you earned.

HS:  Is that really true? I need to get to work. I’ll get going.

The Fake Welcome by Family

YD and the ladies are buttering up to SH, making sure he gets his fill while they refrain from drinking too much. YD says the three of them tirelessly built DaeHan from scratch. SH nods and says his “father” did mention to him about them: YD and wife begged for money so that they could build a business but used that to send their kids to universities outside of Korea. MY , on the other hand, was sent to the US to study because she wasn’t doing well in Korea, but she ended up thrashing New York, wasted a building in Nonhyung-dong and a department store. Her husband then conned her out of her duty-free shops and divorced MY.

Operation Sex Scandal begins. MY steps out to inform Nan Hee to get ready for her “debut.”

SH:  Manager Sung…

HS:  Gosh it’s cold… Hello? (Me… Help me – SH) Hello?  (Where.. I am… – SH) Hello? CSH? What was he saying? He asked me to help him? Seriously!

NH:  Is anybody home? Hello? … No one’s here yet? … Where has his family gone?

HS:  Why is it so big in here? What was it? What was he doing?

NH:  Chairman!

Next day

NH tells HS to not misunderstand the previous night’s antics. The family had called her to come over and that was all. Manager Sung updates SH on the stock purchase especially after the sinkhole incident and they day when he asked for the money back:  the person who bought 30% of their stock the first time is in Germany. Director Jung enters SH’s office with the list of names of persons involved with the money trail – and they turn out to be family members of YD’s wife. All the money for Silver Town was diverted to them who reside in Germany. Even YD is in the dark about his wife’s scheme.

He takes a break outside, sipping on his tiny yogurt drink and sits next to HS who is taking her time enjoying her warm cup of coffee. He starts off hesitantly saying he must’ve done something wrong again. It wasn’t his intention to call her, so please do not misunderstand. HS is cool about it since she herself was once a victim of misunderstanding.

Car park

Director Jung is on his way to his car when he is crowded by a group of hired thugs in suits. Fight ensues, but they managed to get hold of his briefcase which contains the ever-important document.

SH and JY visit Director Jung in the hospital. He is more worried about the whereabouts of the notice of succession. No one else knows about it except the three of them. SH tells JY to check all CCTVs for clues.

It’s YD’s wife who has the document and she burns it, eliminating all proof of SH’s inheritance.

HS:  What do you think? (What is that? – DH) Why? Is it weird?

DH:  I told you to bring one of the outfits I bought you the other day. Why didn’t you bring it and make things like this? (Here – HS) What are those? (Take them back – HS) I bought them all for you. (Why would I take them? They’re too much. Plus I made this outfit myself – HS) You made this yourself? (Yes. You’d know if you looked at my proposal – HS)

JY:  Director Choi.

DH:  What’s so important that you can’t even tell me over the phone?

JY:  What are you doing?

DH:  Can’t you tell? We’re working.

JY:  Could you excuse us? (Yes – HS) This isn’t the time to be doing this. The succession documents are missing. (What? – DH) We don’t know who did it, but Director Jung got beat up by thugs on the way to the court.

DH:  What do you mean? Slow down

JY:  Now you have your chance again. If that document isn’t registered, the succession will proceed according to the will from last year. CSH wasn’t written in back then, but your name is. You can’t let this opportunity slip away

HS:  Has Manager Hong left? (Yes – DH) Did something bad happen?

DH:  What? No, it’s good news. CSH won’t be around anymore. His right as an heir stops today. (Really? – HS)  He became Cinderella overnight, and now he’s back to being a poor prince.

Gates outside Choi Mansion

In the rain, SH shouts at the main gates asking to be let in. It’s his home! MY drives up from the road and tells her sister in-law if the deranged SH at their gates. Despite the pouring rain, she walks out from the car and eggs SH on with his state of homelessness. He grabs her and MY shouts for help. The other two emerge from the house and with the three of them, SH is pushed away, falls down and looks forlornly at the padlocked gate.

Not only has he lost his real identity, but he no longer has any future with the company he built himself, and not a penny to his name.


Young Dal’s wife is a scary MotherFather, peeps o_O

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