Misaeng Ep 10: Boom, Boom, POW!

A shady business never yields a sunny life.

– B. C. Forbes


Mr. Slime enters the pantry with SY’s supervisor, noting the group of female co-workers enjoying their coffee break at the other end of the room. Of course he HAS to say something SO WISE like: “Coffee served by women taste the best… Great shape. Useful. When will I get to ride a great car like that?” all the while referencing to the female co-worker under the ruse of looking at a car ad. 😡 😡

They want to file a sexual harassment report on Mr. P and that was the last straw for Chief Oh for putting up with an A-hole like Mr. P. He can look past his tardiness at work, verbal abuse to a subordinate, but Chief Oh does not tolerate sexual harassment. At all. ❤ you Chief! 😀

Mr. P is told to work on his own and not rely on the team any more. Choose and item and go for it, like the Jordan used cars item. That has brought in profits for One International and Chief Oh suggests to expand it into other areas.

Resource Team

Mr. Ha sees his mates modelling his appalling mightier-than-thou attitude towards YY, making her clean up their mess and bring their custom-made coffee. Something doesn’t sit right with him after seeing them behave like so.

Sales Team 3

Chief Oh peruses the documents on Mr. P’s Jordan used cars item. A perplexed look shadows his expression, and when he looks up, he sees a similar expression on GR’s. Something smells fishy. He goes to the rooftop for a smoke and to ponder about the telling figures. YY joins him and mentions she had seen Mr. P’s report before. He asks YY for her opinion, and her non-response was a loud affirmative confirming his gut feelings. He calls out for his “side kicks.”

Nearby park

DS is curious why Chief Oh would take them so far out of the office building for a chat. He shows them a document that has been masked so well that even Legal and Finance didn’t catch on. Chief Oh noticed the company’s profits was set so high. DS suspects Mr. P is siphoning back profit from this item, and Chief Oh wants to dig deeper.

Sales Team 3

Mr. P is still checking the stocks performance on his phone, clearly very contented with just his Jordan used cars item on his To Do list. The other three keep their heads down, focusing on their own task and not minding an iota of Mr. P’s business. He detects something is off with the environment. Yeah, the gaping worm hole that’s surfacing soon to swallow you whole.


A changed man, BK is (did that sound Yoda-ish? XD XD ) He is more diligent and open to start from the ground up now that his supervisor had demonstrated utter professionalism when dealing with a big-headed, has-been-Superstar Intern like him.

YY teases him for getting an earful from his supervisor yet again and asks if he has switched tactics using YY’s in dealing with his current work situation. In reality, he had contacted his headhunter and informed of his decision to stay on at One International.

Resource Team

Mr. Ha notices his team mates have slacked off in terms of keeping their workplace clean. They have adopted the manner Ha treats YY, but he realizes he doesn’t like it one bit. He has yet to acknowledge that how he treats YY is essentially absurd. Mr. Jung gives YY a personal errand to run and while she waits for the elevators, Mr. Ha meets her at the foyer and tells her to proceed to Pyeongtaek and complete a task instead.

SY enters from the stairwell entrance and wants to know where YY is going. He has HAD it with his own supervisor.

Sales Team 3

BK brings over the completed report for the TF item to Chief Oh. He notices the Jordan Used Car documents on Chief Oh’s desk and leaves. Mr. P walks over to Oh’s place and asks what is the hold up on his item. There’s nothing much to read in between for. Them taking such a long time to go over papers have cost them big projects. But Chief Oh’s calm insistent on being meticulous with his papers is making Mr. P slightly antsy. He leaves the corner, but texts to GR asking him to follow him out.


Mr. P tries to dig out the dirt from GR. What’s happening exactly? Are you trying to ruin me? He switches tactics and tells GR to not blindly follow Chief Oh. In fact he was the reason why a female employee died. GR’s loyalty increases tenfold and warns Mr. P to mind his language. Mr. P pushes GR’s forehead and warns him to side on the winning camp (ie managing director and ED). BK enters the stairwell on the upper floor and overhears their conversation.

Joy Ride… for SY

Someone is happy to be out of the concrete prison, even if it’s tagging along with YY all the way to Pyeongtaek.

SY:  Strike?

Site Mgr:  Why didn’t you call before coming?

SY:  We called, right? (Yes, no one answered.  There was no time, so we just came – YY)

Site Mgr:  I’m sorry. The office must’ve been vacant. We’re so busy too. (What should we do? – SY)

YY:  Hold on please. (Please leave a message…)

Mr. Yoo:  Resource Team, how may I help you?

YY:  Mr. Yoo, this is YY and I’m here at Seobu. I couldn’t reach Mr. Ha

Mr. Yoo: Mr. Ha? He’s in a meeting. He probably can’t talk. Why?… What? Strike?!

YY:  Yes, apparently the freight strike started today. Mr. Ha told me to get it done by tomorrow, what should I do?

Mr. Yoo:  What can you do? It’s a strike. Just come back. If you were a guy, we’d as you to rent a truck and bring it. Just come back. I’ll tell Mr. Ha

SY:  He said Just Come Back? Let’s go, we can eat on the way back. I know good restaurants in Pyeongtaek.

YY:  You have a small truck in the factory, right? (What are you going to do? – SY)

SY:  You want us to move them? (Yes – YY) Us? (400 bags of fertilizer on 2.5-ton truck, we need to make 3 – 4 trips – YY)

GR:  Yes. I’ll see it to the end

Site Mgr:  Will it really by okay? (It’s okay. We’ll return it tomorrow afternoon. Thank you… Let’s go – YY)

SY:  What? (Take it – YY) I can’t. I don’t have a license… The exam period…

SY:  I missed it as I was busy preparing for jobs… (For that long? – YY) I thought I was fine.. Come on! 40kmph? They’re ditching because you’re too slow! You said you have 5 days! That it’s not urgent.

YY:  I got the order from Mr. Ha. He said to move them my tomorrow morning. (You’re so inflexible! I didn’t think you were like this, YY – SY) We don’t know when the strike will end. We don’t want problems with the shipment.

SY:  Will you move it? Everyone’s going ahead. (Be quiet! – YY)

Sales Team 3

Mr. P is sending telepathic laser beams into the back of GR’s head. Why hasn’t GED talked to Chief Oh about speeding up his perusal of the Jordan Used Car item? In reality, GR has kept DS abreast with Mr. P’s increasing desperation. They are trying to buy as much time without alerting SleazeP about their covert ops on him.

Chief Oh finally returns the Jordan file back to Mr. P who is expecting positive directive to expand his item… hence his coffers. But Chief Oh says he found something strange; Sub-con seems to be taking too much. SleazeP begs to differ, what the sub-con gets is pittance compared to the business they have. Why bother prying into it when things are running smoothly? He takes offense at Chief Oh’s analysis and leaves his desk in a huff.

Chief Oh picks up the file and discreetly asks DS to meet with the company and record what the person in charge says. Oh believes it should be accurate because there’ll be an internal audit. GR, follows DS too.

Resource Team

Mr. Ha is just being informed of the strike by Mr. Yoo. He confirms with Ha that the shipment need not be delivered by tomorrow, yes? That’s why he told YY to come back. Ha has a niggling feeling about this, “Are you sure you told her to come back?” Mr. Yoo affirms, and what can a female do over there anyway?

You don’t know YY dude! LOL!! XD XD

The truck finally arrives at the port, and then returns to the place of origin. Lap 1, complete. SY is now thinking twice about his once brilliant plan to play hooky with YY. XD XD


Chief Oh

He studies a document that was approved by the Department Head, Mr Kang Boo Ryun. He sees his boss and informs him of DS and GR’s whereabouts. This issue may involve more than just Mr. P or Mr. Kang. The other players involved are still wearing masks… and we don’t know how far up it will go. Chief Oh is absolutely lucid on that possibility, and that is why he is taking every measure to ensure his investigative process is bullet-proof.

Baekjin Trade (Jordan business link)

DS teaches GR to be careful when questioning other people’s errors. Disregard the person to look at the errors. Only then will he be able to question them and get honest answers. They walk through the main entrance, and finds Mr. P already seated comfortably in the lounge area with a cup of coffee. Their arrival was expected. Sleaze P wants them to leave the office and discuss the matter with him directly, but DS says they couldn’t get anything viable from him and that is why they are here.

Sleaze P begins to patronize them saying they themselves are not aware of proper audit procedures. So who are they to talk back at him?

Chief Oh sees his boss return to his office after a meeting presumably with key persons in the company. When he observes his boss’ contemplative posture, Oh believes this was a timebomb that would permanently shake the organization, and he calls DS to withdraw.

Egoistic Sleaze P guesses about Chief Oh’s withdrawal from the battleground when he reads DS’ expression during his phone call with Chief Oh. However, before Oh could complete his sentence, his boss calls him in.

Oh bites the bullet and offers to withdraw, for the sake of the company. Mr. P will re-submit his Jordan proposal but with revised profits. And please re-assign him to another team. Boss says okay, and let’s follow procedure. Chief Oh is floored. They’re gonna uproot the weeds… no matter how tall they have grown o_O WHOA!!!

Sleaze P is arranging for some social get-together with the client when DS’ phone rings again. “He wants you guys to go back, right?” smirks the slimy frog. After he ends the call, DS inhales deeply and tells it straight into the smug face, “We’ll proceed with procedure. Audit team will arrive soon” BOO to the YAH!! XD

Panic button has been depressed by Sleaze P, he gets physical with DS, drags him out as though that will stop the audit team from coming over. DS instructs GR to stay put and not allow the client to touch the documents. The client begins to call his bosses about the situation and GR surreptitiously records his conversations.

In a store room, Mr. P shouts at DS for causing trouble when there was nothing to put a spotlight on before. DS calmly explains that if everything was in order then there shouldn’t be any problem. Mr. P whips out his phone and declares he only needs to call two persons to put a stop to this: The Department Head and General Manager. Oh-oh dude, did you just out-ted your accomplices? :/

GR’s voiceover:

It’s time to react to the trouble the opponent is giving. In such crucial times, we need to risk our lives too. The side who makes a mistake first loses. It’s an important time. One must not be rash or hasty. If we’re to proceed, we must not make any mistakes. The results are clear. If the opponent doesn’t die, we’ll die.

Each sides’ documents and account books were compared.

The Audit team asks why the profits were set high, and the client provides a fax that it was the Jordanian side who contacted them and not the other way around. In that case, they will continue the investigation on their side. Everyone packs up to leave. GR looks at Chief Oh who wears the mask of a calmness but GR knows it was Chief’s instincts that lead to something so huge that not many would be willing to but their neck on their line for. GR feels something is rather dodgy about the fax and he gathers his courage to speak up, “You spoke with a company in Jordan, right?”

Client:  Yes, right-

GR:  They have Koreans too? You spoke in Korean. BUSTED!!

Chief Oh:  Let’s take another look at the fax.

A name keeps popping up from previous faxes too: Muhammad Indira. Who is he? Client and Mr. P say conflicting positions aloud simultaneously. Everyone settles back in their seats and DS dials the number of the Jordan company rep and leaves it on speakerphone.

Rep:  Hello? (Hello? Is this ICV company? – Oh) Yes, it is.

Oh:  I’d like to talk to Mr. Muhammad Indira (Who? – rep) I’d like to talk to Muhammad Indira. (Muhammad? Hold on – rep) (Hello? – Muhd) Are you Mr. Muhammad Indira? (Yes, I am – Muhd) Are you Korean? (Who is this? Where are you calling from? – Muhd) This is One International from Korea. Did Jordan employees sign the last contract?

Muhd:  I can’t answer that, the executives will come-

Oh:  What is your Korean name? (I’m Park Sang Joon – Muhd) What’s your position, sir? (I’m the Marketing Director – Muhd)

DS:  The documents say you’re the GM. (The documents are correct. I got promoted recently – Muhd)

Auditor:  Please send us an executives’ list including the CEO. Not the attachments to the documents. Please don’t hang up and just send us a fax.

Muhd:  What’s wrong? Are we obligated to do that? I don’t think we can

Auditor:  This is the confirmation process before legal procedures. According to our reviews, ICV company consists of locals. According to the corporation register too.

Muhd:  Wait a minute please.

Auditor:  We need to check the Jordan company. Who’s in the Amman office? Call him and tell him to go to the address I’m sending now. Okay, goodbye. Our dispatched worker will get there soon. Please explain it to them.

GR:  Hello, this is Sales Team 3’s, JGR. Is YY (She’s not in – Ha) Can you look into it? Please, BK?

BK:  Okay. I’ll ask the Audit team. (Thank You – GR)

Auditor:  Are you a Jordan citizen, Mr. Park? (No, I’m not. – Muhd)  Then why do you use a local name and you signed the contract too? Can we consider this forgery?

Mr. P:  How could you all say this?! How? Yes, I set their profits high. It’s my responsibility and mistake. I’ll take responsibility, okay?! I’ll take responsibility by a pay cut or whatever. Mr. Oh, will you leave them out? This is so embarrassing! Businessmen have to save face! It’s all because I’m lacking! Alright?

GR’s voiceover:
A move is decided by the previous move. In order to understand why this move was made, you must look at the previous move.

Mr. P:  This could happen during business  –

GR’s voiceover:
In order to understand why the opponent is resisting, you must review previous moves.

Mr. P:  We always do business  –

GR’s voiceover:
What might have looked like a small problem, might not be at all.

Mr. P:  Give and take, we need to give first, then they’ll give to us too.

GR’s voiceover:
That’s what was going on.

Mr. P:  I’ll write a statement to explain this. Then that will solve the problem. Let’s go to the company.

GR’s voiceover:
Mr. Park was revealing it all.

GR:  James… The man named James at ICV company is Mr. Park. James Park. And Mr Park Sang Joon in Jordan is your cousin –

Man:  What’s going on? What happened?

GR:  It’s his son. Right? Mr. Park?

GR’s voiceover:
Every crack is completed by the internal conditions.

Mr. P:  GR… you jerk.


Background on Sleaze P

Chief Oh shares how Mr. P shot to the limelight when he successfully closed the biggest ever contract for Steel. Everyone celebrated with him, but after a while, he realizes that all his sweat and tears went into the company, and he maintained his position as a salary man. Discontent begins take root. Potential clients shoves fat envelopes into his hands, and that was probably when he saw that as “compensation” for his hard work for the company.

DS is curious how GR figured out Mr. Park’s English name. GR was scanning the executives’ list and there were many Parks on it. He remembers asking what is on his business card, it was written James Park. BK helped to ask about a Mr. Park via the Audit team and the names of Mr. P’s and the company CEO were very similar.

Chief Oh asks how GR knew about PSJ being his cousin? Well, Mr. P only has an older sister, and his father has only one brother. Hence GR assumes they were cousins. Genius GR XD

Late night

It’s past midnight and Ha is the only one left in the office on 15th floor, still doing work… but I think he’s staying on for a different reason…

He’s packing up to leave, but calls YY’s cell phone. SY blindly grabs the phone and eeks a sound but wakes up when he hears Mr. Ha’s voice. LOL! He holds the phone next to YY’s ear. When Ha finds out she has been on the road delivering the goods to the port, he chews her ears off.

But he stays on at the office building till 3am, waiting for YY to show up at the entrance. When she finally does, he scolds her for not thinking of the possibility of an accident. How would that reflect on the company? Get out of my sight!

Next day

DS Voiceover:

The level of responsibility differs upon position. The head of department, and general manager will have it tough. Especially tougher when you’re higher up.

GR:  Especially tougher?

DS:  You’ll be relegated to a petty position. If the police investigations prove the case to be bigger, you’ll have to leave. People think we just wear neckties and work like a block in the wall. We think our actions won’t affect the society or the company, but work is our life.

GR:  It’s still a game of “Go.” Eventually. That’s what Cho Chi Gun said, ‘Succeeding at a game of “Go” doesn’t affect the world.

DS:  You’re right.

GR voiceover:

It’s still a game of “Go.” Regardless of the world, it’s still my whole life.

“What’s wrong with you?” So pathetic “Why is Sales Team 3 involved with Resource Team’s business?” It’s such a pathetic game of “Go.” “

“I found out the reason today.” It’s just a game of “Go” after all.

Because it’s still “Go.” My game of “Go.”

Because it’s my work. Because it’s the world given to me.



This is the episode for me.

Sleaze P, you’ve been served… and whipped by the GED you looked down all this while.

BOO to the YAH!! XD



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