Mr. Baek Ep 4: Nouveau Life

I’m like a phoenix. I rise from the ashes.

– Bess Myerson


At the spot where he stood by the cliffs, his shoes, his Harabeoji’s clothing and a note were neatly placed in a row. These items were brought into the nearest police station as evidence. Manager Sung is crying his eyes out about the chinese food delivery guy and his good intentions of helping out by giving him a job. DH, JY and YG enter the station too, all three in a state of disbelief.

They have yet to recover the body, but for the time being, they can take Manager Sung back. Investigations will proceed. So far, the fingerprints found on the evidence match with Chairman Choi’s… DH still refuses to believe the nonsense. Things just don’t add up.

Choi Mansion


The two siblings plus one are wailing in front of the TV. It can’t be possible he took his own life. YD is more concerned if GB could still be alive as they have yet to find his body. DH enters the living room with JY and all of them jockey to be his guardian. The suicide note has been confirmed to be written by GB himself, and DH tells JY to read it aloud:

Everyone listen. Too late to repent after the deaths of your parents. Too late to regret if you grow distant from your family. A happy family makes everything good. Don’t let any hurdle stop you from achieving your dreams. Do what you need to do and wait for a higher calling.

GB’s sister stops JY and asks if the note goes on and on in that tone? No. He reverts to writing in Korean XD

In any case, I’m an old man who wouldn’t live much longer. I will take all the blame and say good-bye to this world. I hope you will let me go. In the event that I die under suspicious circumstances, don’t think about autopsy or donating my body to science. I hope you won’t add more pain to this old and fragile body. Not a finger, no, not a hair.

I desperately ask you not to do anything to my body as my final wish. I don’t want to be an organ donor. I would like to take my body with me exactly as it is. I hope you keep that in mind.

And as for inheritance and the company, it’s attached on the back. I hope there won’t be unnecessary fights or arguments among our family members because of these things.

Then, I will now end my life and fall into a deep sleep. You all…

And the attachment (especially about the wealth split) is missing. YD is mad. DH calmly gets up and warns them to not arrange any funeral until they find his body.

GB, Mgr Sung and Doc

The three men meet secretly and GB places two gold bars on the table. The exchange was for a dangerous medication that can make him seem dead, but he should only stay under for only 20 minutes. Otherwise, there’s no way to revive him. Manager Sung will arrange for the nation’s best make up artist to age him to be in his 70s.

Tailor Shop

HS carries in a few bales for her mother who is busy preparing a suit. It’s for the man who is in the papers these days. HS glances to see GB on the page. What? Really? Apparently he did step into the shop a few days earlier and ordered a suit, but who would’ve guessed his life would end a few days after. Mum tells HS the GB has always dropped by their shop ever since he was a young man too.

DaeHan Hotel

YG enters JY’s office where she is on the phone telling someone to cancel an article regarding Chairman Choi. He tells her to eat some food otherwise she’d keel over in exhaustion. She thanks him, but she is too focused on helping DH become the next Chairman. YG tells her to wake up. That is SO not going to happen. Hmmm, so which camp is he on? YD’s? :/

DH at crime scene

He remembers moments when he was a young boy.


He would sing along in front of the TV with his Mum watching on, but he won’t sing in front of this father because he is too busy making money. He’d rather spend time playing with his dad rather than receive toys and more toys. Even at that age, DH dislikes hearing his father keep saying “Money, money, money.”


He sobs all alone with memories of his father…

HS finds him standing at the edge of the cliff and quickly makes her way to him. She wanted to drop by the spot because something bothered her. DH tells her to return home before it gets dark. He gets a call from JY:  They have found Chairman Choi’s body.

The finality of his father’s death hits DH like a ton of bricks…


Body identification

The pertinent folks were called in to identify Chairman Choi’s body…

Mgr Sung:  Chairman Choi! This hurts!

Doctor:  If you’ve verified his body, I’ll put him back.

MH:  Wait a second! DH! Shouldn’t we have an autopsy done? (What? – Mgr S) (What for? – YG)

YD:  He asked in his suicide note not to perform an autopsy. (He did, didn’t he? Oppa! – MH)

Doctor:  Now, that’s enough.

MH:  Hold on! I want to hold my brother’s hand one last time!

Mgr S:  His hands won’t look the same you know.

Doctor:  His body has been sanitized now. I advise you not to touch his hands.

MH:  I understand…

YD wife:  Hold on! Can I stare at his face for a little while longer?

Mgr. S:  Can we just let him go to a better place now?!

YD: Let’s do that.. How could you go like that?

Mgr. S:  Go outside and look at his pictures from his younger days.

YD:  We need to be in mourning, man!

Mgr. S:  But we need to live on too! Please leave the room. Once you’re gone, you’re gone.

HS:  Are you okay? (What if I’m not? – DH) I’m reminded of the time my father passed away. About Chairman Choi, I think he was very lonely. When I first met him at Silver Town, he didn’t seem to know how to get along with the other people there. He was just like any other old man in my eyes. That’s just the feeling I got.

DH:  He didn’t have time to be lonely. He was too busy making money

HS:  I know it’s very hard, but I hope you find peace.

Mgr S:  What do we do? Can’t you do it again? It’s already been 25 minutes! (No! No! – Doc) Come on! Do Something!!

GB:  Were you trying to kill me?! Seriously! (He’s back! He’s alive! – Mgr S)

Funeral Parlor

Guests are paying respect to the grieving family. Siblings plus one usher the guests, who are part of the board members, out to the main entrance. One of them tells YD to step into the Chairman’s position. DH is simply not ready for it.

ep4_funeralMgr S meets GB at the staircase and tells him everything has been arranged. Inside the coffin he had placed chicken bones and other material to add some heft. The mourners leave the parlor with DH leading them carrying his father’s portrait.

Next Day

Reporters have camped outside the main entrance of Daehan Hotel and want to know their Successor Plan. Will it be DH or YD stepping up? Or will there be a third party? JY says they will make an official statement after the Board meeting.

In the car, DH tells JY to make necessary decisions, but there are some only DH can do. He knows he can’t be as effective as the Board will make those decisions for him.

ep4_DHofferDrinkIn his father’s bedroom, DH pours a drink for his father, the libation he liked so much but couldn’t consume. He doesn’t understand the fixation others have of his position in the company. DH lies back on his dad’s bed, tears streak down from the corner of his eyes and he receives a message about an urgent Board Meeting to decide on the Successor.


YD meets YG and commends his 10 years of service to the company, but shouldn’t he be more ambitious now? YG can see through YD’s motive, thanks his offer but he’s comfortable where he is now. However, he will assist him in any way he can regarding company matters.

Day of Reckoning

The party expecting a life changing moment arrive at the hotel in high spirits, smiling inwardly as though knowing they will finally take control over the company. DH walks only with JY beside him. He tells her to follow YG instead, they look good together anyway.

After everyone has taken their seats, YG signals to DH to kick off the meeting. He has given much thought to the vacant position and has decided to leave it to the Board of Directors. Squabbling begins about who is the rightful person to step in. In the chaos, Manager Sung enters the room and passes a USB to DH telling him to play the content immediately.

It’s a video of GB, to the shock of everyone, especially DH. He is as confused as the others in the room. DH seeks out Mgr Sung who simply gestures to him to keep his eyes on the video.

GB: People will be judged after they die. I know that you will discuss all sorts of things about me now. In any case, one must breathe out the breath they take in. When it comes to money, honor, and power, they work the same way. Now I leave everything behind and am leaving. In my experience…

GB:  I realized that life was a penance. But everyone, the most glorious days of your life will depend on how you live the rest of your lives now. About who will lead DaeHan in my stead, about choosing my successor I was afraid it would give you a headache. So I came up with a plan. I hope you understand. Then I’ll get straight to the point. I will announce my successor of DaeHan.

My successor for DaeHan, that I spent my entire life building up, is… my son. I will let my son Choi Shin Hyung take over DaeHan.

DH:  Choi Shin Hyung?

GB:  In truth, I had another son. As your final favor to me, I’m asking you to welcome him and give him a chance.

DH:  Who are you? Who the hell are you, you punk?!

GB:  Hello everyone. I’m Choi Shin Hyung, Chairman Choi Go Bong’s son. I’d appreciate your guidance. Despite being suspected as Chairman Choi’s kidnapper, the reason why I kept coming to and from his house to this resort was all on my father’s orders. He sent me here to conduct preliminary research for my preparations today. It seems that he’d been preparing for this day for a long time now.

YD:  No way. I can’t believe it –

GB:  Anyway, you all must be shocked that Chairman Choi had another son. I do not wish for any kind of misconception or speculation. Here! I have the DNA test results Chairman Choi wrote himself. If you need to, you can verify them. I hope that no one suspects me or bothers me from now on.

YD wife:  Call 911! Honey! This is not the time!

Meeting is adjourned and the speculations fly! YG tells his aide to look into the truth of CSH’s background in Canada. Siblings plus one are panicking, DaeHan’s wealth fell between their fingers. DH breaks into laughter, burden off his shoulders.

HS splashes cold water in the ladies’ room, disbelieving the heir to DaeHan was the loud man whom she thought was penniless. He deceived HS all this time.

GB tells Mgr Sung to be his eyes and ears. They dared to laugh behind his back especially when it came to his seat in the company. He sees HS in the horizon and heads towards her, happy to be able to see her more often in the company. But HS gives him the cold shoulder, and he’s befuddled. Was your grandfather story real? How about your father? You use people to your own benefit and then leave them.

JY accompanies DH home and updates him on their re-evaluation of the DNA test and the authenticity of the hand writing. In the envelope JY finds the last page to the suicide note:


I expect you to be in shock, but since you don’t have to see this prickly old man anymore, I believe you feel relieved in a way. And as for the matter of inheritance and succession of the company I will send it along with somebody. I hope you’ll trust him and support him. And my son, Choi Dae Han, your shock will greater than anyone else’s. I know this is something I shouldn’t do to you as your father, but I hope you come to your senses and face the present reality. I ask that you will accept my final proposal. I will end my note here.


GB:  Hello Director Choi Dae Han. (Who are you… What are you, you punk!! – DH)

HS:  Why did I break the plate? I wasted an egg.

WY:  What is it? Are you okay? (What’s going on? – brother) she was preparing a dish

Mum:  Oh my! You go bring some medicine. Why are you so out of it these days? You forgot your wallet and cell phone this morning.

HS:  I agree I’ve been out of it lately.

Mum:  Anyhow, the guy who came over last time was featured in the newspaper today. He’s the chairman’s son, is he? What does it matter if he’s illegitimate? For some reason I liked him from the start. Did you know that when you dated him?

HS:  We didn’t go out.

DH:  Get out… Didn’t you hear me telling you to leave? (I expected this but you’re being too harsh – GB)

JY:  Excuse me. Do you know where you are?

GB:  Please… I understand you’re angry right now. But the thing is… my father told me to –

DH:  Who is your father?

GB:  This man is my father. What do you think? Don’t we look alike? (What? – DH) Plus, I’m older than you. I’ll use this study and my father’s room starting today. (Are you serious? – JY) Let’s get along from now on. I know you have a lot of questions about me, we’ll work them out one by one. I surely have tragic stories as an illegitimate son as well. (Butler Yoon! Get this man out of here now, or you can call the police on him – DH)

Yoon:  Please leave when we’re asking nicely

GB:  Butler Yoon, and Mrs. Yum… I’m right, aren’t I? I’ll just leave for today.

DH:  Don’t open the door for him again.

GB struts out like a bauce, and into the tailor shop…

HS:  Welcome… What are you doing here?

GB:  Would I come to the tailor’s to eat? I came to have my suit tailored. (What? – HS) Where is your mum? (She’s in the house now – HS)

HS:  That’s the suit Chairman Choi ordered. (Oh is it? – GB) He didn’t get to pick it up. You two must have a connection.

GB:  Do you know what you’re doing? Did you draw it yourself? (Seriously. Why did you come here? – HS) I said I came to have a suit tailored.

HS:  Mum. We have a customer.

Mum:  A customer? Who is it?

HS:  You know the one who came over last time… (My future son-in-law? – Mum) MOM!!

Mum:  I can’t come over now. You should measure him. HEE HEE HEE XD

HS:  I don’t want to. Can’t you come over to do that? (HS, do a good job, okay? – Mum) Hello? Go stand over there. Take off your jacket. Well… your arms. That’s all done. Choose your fabric.

GB:  Which one will be good? … Ah! That one! (The one on top? – HS) Yes. (Let me see… this plaid one? – HS) No, the one next to it. (This one? – HS) No, the one next to it. (This one? – HS) Yes….

Outside the shop:

GB: The Milky Way, Eun Ha Soo! (Don’t come by again – HS) I’ll have to come by to pick up my suit. Actually I came to tell you something. That’s right. I don’t have a grandfather who was involved in a hit-and-run accident. My father didn’t get fired either. I despise people who lie the most. I had no idea I’d do that. You just never know…

HS picks up that GB is trying to apologize but doesn’t know how to. As she is about to return to the shop, GB thanks her for everything. She was the first person who treated him with sincerity.

Next Day

Latest news through the DaeHan Grapevine: HS dated both DH and GB at the same time. WHOA! Daebak!

HS in her uniform enters DH’s office who asks her if it was true she approached GB knowing he was Chairman Choi’s son. Or did he approach HS instead?

HS:  It wasn’t like that. There’s nothing going on between us.

DH:  Nothing going on between you two? You’ve never gone out to eat with him? (About that – HS) How about drinks? You should have targeted me instead. I’m the real power, not him, you know? Were you hoping to raise your status by getting into bed with him perhaps?

HS:  I don’t have any reason to be harassed by you anymore.

JY:  What are you doing, EHS?

DH:  Then, what’s your deal? How did you get to know him?

YG:  The results of authenticity of the DNA test and handwriting confirms that it was Chairman Choi’s.

JY:  These are the results of the DNA test.

HS:  What a bastard. Both CSH and CDH. Why are they doing this to me? Who do they think they are? Both conniving liars! (Look! Thank you for everything. You were the first person to treat me with sincerity… that’s what my father said – GB)  What is this harabeoji?  What’s your problem?

DH: What ‘you’?

HS:  Give it back to me.. I said give it back.

DH:  You’re free to drink after work. But this is a bit too much. It’s not juice or anything.

HS:  Why are you drinking my soju? I said give it! What did my soju do to you?!

DH:  I’m sorry. I was way out of line earlier. You’re really mad, huh? I even apologized. Hit me. Slap me again. (What are you doing? – HS) Why I’m doing this? Because I really want to get beaten up.


Oh DEAR. Between Father and Son?


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