Mr. Baek Ep 3: Money’s Always Funny in a Big Man’s World

 Money is our madness, our vast collective madness.

– D. H. Lawrence



After some distance, both GB and HS finally jump off the laundry truck and he asks if he could view the content of her van’s black box. Why? His grandfather who has Alzheimer’s was a hit and run victim in the car park, but HS explains her van is about to be scrapped, thanks to the sink hole incident.

She actually brings him to the junkyard where her van is purported to be, and as though it was planned, a forklift carries out her van to the machine for scrapping. They stop its demise in time. Phew!

DaeHan Hotel

DH stops Mgr Sung at the entrance, confirming if his father did contact him earlier. Yes, but his cellphone number was blocked. Why the inquiry? JY says the man DH saw in the CCTV room is also the man who was loitering outside Chairman Choi’s residence.

Internet Cafe

HS teaches GB how to view the content of the chip she retrieved from her van’s black box. GB witnesses the culprit near his brother’s car. However it seems like the duffel bag was being taken out of YD’s car rather than placed into it. That means only one thing: A middleman was involved.


GB treats HS to dinner after her effort in helping him investigate the “Car Park” mystery. HS asks GB what he does for a living, “I’m currently taking some time off.” In another words, a young unemployed man? Hee hee hee XD !! She pours him a drink and he wonders if he can drink such libation. That item must’ve been on his banned list for a very long time 🙂

Watching GB enjoy eating is like a commercial by itself. It has been SOOOO long since he had a decent fill of delicious food.

After several rounds of soju, HS’ guard slips down and she shares her life story with GB: She had been working numerous part-time jobs since her father passed away, and she talks trash about the Chairman who fired her without due course. GB gets riled when he hears her dissing Chairman Choi.

GB:  Darn it! Do any of you even know what Choi Go Bong is like? Do you know how he’s lived his life? How can you trust the news and not the man himself?

HS:  See one and you’ve seen them all.

GB:  You’re a shaman if you know what they’re all like from just one person.

HS:  All Choi Go Bong thinks about is money… How dare he fire me?!

Man:  YA! You two! What’s your problem? (Lousy world – HS) You’re not taking me seriously? (Please – GB) What’s your problem?!

GB:  What a bastard! Don’t you have manners for the elderly?! BWAHAHAHA XD XD

Man:  Elderly? Are you serious?!

GB:  Let’s get out of here…

Man:  Where’s that bastard going?!!

Ahjumma:  This won’t even cover for your drinks!

GB:  I wasn’t even the one who did this. It was those thugs.

Ahjumma:  Where am I supposed to find them? They all took off! You pay for all of it!

GB:  How much will all this be?

Ahjumma:  You’re penniless and caused trouble! How dare you take that tone with me?! (Take that tone? GB) Stop right there!!

GB:  How can you hit some guy’s butt like that? How indecent!

Ahjumma: What did you say? What? What?!

GB:  I go around like this because I have no money? How can you treat me this way?

Ahjumma:  I don’t care who you are! Just pay back now. NOW!!

GB:  I’ll pay for the damages then! Who does she think I am?! Lord! She treats me like a mutt! … She’s got no worries whatsoever, huh? She’s fearless for a grown woman. Drinking with some guy she barely knows.

HS:  What?… What do you want from me?

GB:  I’m saying women are supposed to behave like ladies.

HS:  Behave like ladies? How are men supposed to behave then? Is it okay for a man to barge into a room where a female employee is working, pushes her onto the bed, take off his clothes and fire her afterwards? Is it okay for men to do that?

GB:  If that’s what happened, you should’ve given a good explanation.

HS:  I told you I got fired within 0.5 seconds!

GB:  Gosh! I’m going easy on you!

HS:  Why can’t people trust themselves? What you see isn’t entirely what you get, you know.

GB:  Don’t blame the world for it. Everybody is caught up in their own wants and needs. Even if you try to speak for yourself, there isn’t anyone who would stop and try to hear you out. You see what you see and people choose to believe whatever is convenient to them… Hey, are you asleep? You should tell me where to go!

HS:  Taxi driver… there’s a Eun Ha Soo tailor shop if you go this way… Right next to it is my house.

GB stares at the tailor shop and remembers back to the days when he first arrived in Seoul.

GB piggybacks HS all the way into the living room and both pass out at the sofa. Her brother stops Mum from waking GB up. His instincts say GB is a decent man. He brought a downright drunk HS straight home.

Choi Mansion

DH staggers back home drunk too. JY tells him to keep his head screwed on tight, now is not the time to wallow in binge drinking with friends. He should focus on stepping into his father’s shoes in the organization.

Next day

HS’ mum prepares breakfast for the family to enjoy in the living room. It’s an experience for GB 🙂 Mum casually begins her interrogation of the “nice man” who brought HS back home XD However, the old cranky and fussy GB still resides in the shell of a young man and his requests at the breakfast table was bordering on extreme annoyance 🙂

Press Conference

Reporters want to know if Chairman Choi has gone missing and the money discovered in the accident were illegal funds. JY handles the press con like a pro. The Chairman is being treated at a hospital and will show up for the prosecutors when he has recovered. YD and his wife are antsy at the back row of the press con.

DaeHan Hotel

GB meets Manager Sung and asks him to give him a job at the resort. He has no money left 😀 and he also tells Manager Sung to inform JY to rehire HS too. Awww, you cranky softie 🙂

DH calls JY to bring HS over to his office. He shows HS an online article where a photo of her and GB are running away, holding hands, “Do you know who this man is?” She tells them truthfully of what she knows about GB: unemployed man who simply helped her out of a jam with the reporters, looking for evidence for his grandfather’s hit and run incident. DH thinks GB will seek compensation for his grandfather then.

YD barges into DH’s office with the Board Members, “They don’t believe our statement and they all object!” Everyone is unhappy with the slump in the company’s stocks and dip in reservations. They demand for Chairman Choi’s immediate resignation. YD may just have orchestrated this mob.

HS notices the weariness in DH regarding his missing father and company woes. After the group leaves DH mutters YD is more concerned about the company than his missing elder brother.

Begin from the Bottom

Manager Sung arranges for GB to work at the hotel… from the lowest rung XD XD So, Chairman Choi is now Cleaner Choi 😀 As he changes into his uniform, he bumps into HS’ brother. HS doesn’t know he works there part-time to pay off his credit card debt.

Hotel Cafe

DH settles into the comfy armchair and instructs HS to do the same. He wants her to peruse the products proposed in all the files. Hmm, she has stepped into a PA’s position already? YG and a VIP client enter the cafe as well, which didn’t go unnoticed by DH. YG, too, sees DH with HS at the opposite end of the cafe, excuses himself from his group and walks over to DH. No exchange of polite acknowledgement, but a direct “Shouldn’t you prioritize what is important instead of choosing who the model in our ads?” I sniff someone who believes he has earned the right to Chairman Choi’s seat.

GB is now manning behind the pastry counter and sees his sister, with multiple shopping bags in hand, walking over to meet her sister-in-law. YD’s wife is quick to jibe with her ability to shop when her brother is still missing. She returns it with a snide “why should you take out your irritation about Silver Town’s construction delay on me?” Continues to wonder (rather loudly) if YD plans to oust his brother from the company this time. Sister-in-law wants to know if MH will support YD this time. Of course. And GB is seething within…

In the meantime, DH informs HS that she will be the model in his next project and by doing so, quashes any rumors about him hooking up with models they hire for their ads. Plus, HS gets to make more money. Carelessly flips his gold credit card on the table and tells HS to skin care products and prepare herself for the shoot.

She walks off in a huff, carrying a stack of files, and bumps into GB who has resumed his Cleaner duty. Oh? You’re working here part-time, HS asks the temporarily stunned GB. She mentions that DH wants her to report to him should she bump into GB again. What’s his beef with DH? GB quickly comes up with a story about his father was fired from the resort, and later died so the management might think he’s here to ask for compensation.

YD’s wife:  Have you found the document yet?

YD:  No. Where did my brother put it?  I definitely saw him put it here!

YD’s wife:  Hurry up and find it! What if someone comes in?

YD:  How dare you walk in here without knocking first?!

YD’s wife:  Is the building scheduled to be disinfected today? Gosh it stinks!

YD:  We should go over to his house. (His house? – Wife) Yes, let’s check his study or the bedroom.

GB:  I have to come over there too…

YD:  Let’s just go

YD’s wife:  Yes, honey… by any chance, do you think DH might have already gotten to it?

YD:  If he was that bright, my brother would never have worried about his inheritance. Hurry!

YD’s wife:  Whose name did he add to his will? I’m dying to know.

GB:  How ungrateful!!

JY:  You have a dinner appointment with the board of directors tonight

DH:  Can’t you cover for me? What can I possibly say there?

JY:  You should come with me.

DH:  Why should I get blamed for all those things on my father’s behalf? He should show up and take care of his mess.

JY:  How can you judge family based on what’s right and wrong?

DH:  Family? My father believes he’s always right, but I’ve never once felt that he was right. Who knows? He could still be thinking that he’s in the right, when the whole world is blaming him. Do the commercial with the one I gave you earlier.

JY:  Did you choose it yourself?

DH:  No. Eun Ha Soo chose it and I went with her choice.

JY:  Can’t you at least look it over with me then?

(That nasty old coot. All he thinks about is money. How dare he fire me?! – HS) (Are you sure you’re going to support YD this time? – YD wife) (My father believes he’s always right, but I’ve never once felt that he was right.

HS’ shift is over but before she leaves her department, DH calls and tells her to close all his bedroom windows close before it rains… Whut? Not again, thinks HS.

GB asks for Manager Sung’s help to get him into his own home? Why? He just NEEDS to be home tonight!!

GB’s bedroom

He makes a beeline to the wardrobe by his bed, unlocks his safe and takes a few gold bars out and his will. Suddenly, he hears YD’s voice and quickly locks the safe and hides himself inside the wardrobe..

YD wife:  Keep it down! You’re being clumsy!

YD:  Are we in some stranger’s house? This place will become ours soon.

YD wife:  Stop counting chickens. What if he made arrangements to give everything to DH?

YD:  What did DH ever do? What?! Do you know how hard I’ve worked all these years?

YD wife:  I agree. How much longer must we live as second-in-command? Let’s try to live as number one. This is our chance. Even if we have to switch documents, we should take it back. We can’t let it be taken away from us like this.

YD:  That’s right! My brother has lived a long life, right? Even if he’s still alive, he couldn’t come back.

YD wife:  Of course not. He can’t come back to this mess now. He might end up spending the rest of his life in prison. (The closet… Who could that be?- YD)

HS:  How could he ask me to do this for him?

GB:  Why do people keep coming over when it’s supposed to be an empty house?

HS:  Hello? Director Choi? (Who is she? – YD) I just arrived at your house. Can I leave after closing all the windows? (What are you doing? Let’s go – wife)

YD wife:  What would you do if DH forbids us from ever coming here if we get caught?

GB:  Oh, my! My legs!

HS:  Oh! The rain will get inside… This must be Chairman Choi’s room… Where could he have possibly gone?

GB:  She’s so nosy… I’m here, okay? Don’t worry and GET OUT!!

HS:  Still, he gave me my job back… He doesn’t seem to be a bad man like the news is making him out to be.

GB:  I’ve got a cramp in my leg!!

DaeHan Hotel

JY leads DH to the place where GB’s cellphone was last used: The men’s changing room. JY calls the number while DH ransacks the lockers to locate the phone. Found it! HS’ brother tells him not to take other people’s things, and got a punch in his face instead.

After clearing up the misunderstanding, a much calmer DH asks him about the employee who holds the said cellphone. The abridged version: used the axe to open the locked locker, brings a bag big enough to fit someone in, and needs money. Dun, dun, Duuuun o_O

Choi Mansion

Petite HS wrestles GB to the ground as he struggles to make a get away over the brick wall. He finally manages to escape when his balaclava was stripped off by HS, but she didn’t see his face.

DH treats HS scrapped knee gruffly and wants her to make a police report of the “attempted burglary”. He drops a file in front of HS and wants her to sketch the perpetrator’s face:


DH is sure that the lurker has something to do with his father’s disappearance and announces to his hotel staff of this situation. HS returns to the restaurant to pay for the broken glass but Ahjumma tells her GB had already paid for it. Just as she leaves, HS notices a wanted poster of Chairman’s Choi kidnapper:


This can’t be true. As she lay down to sleep she recalls the moments when he saved her from the reporter, carried her back home when she was drunk, helped with the files scattered on the hotel lobby floor… he can’t be a kidnapper.

YD:  My brother has lived a long life, right? Even if he’s alive he couldn’t come back.

YD wife:  Of course not. He can’t come back to this mess now. He might end up spending the rest of his life in prison.

DH: My father believes he’s always right, but I’ve never once felt that he was right.

Group:  Is this true? He couldn’t have killed himself. .. HS… He killed himself.



My inner voice tells me Choi Shin Hyung will take center stage soon… 😀


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