Misaeng Ep 8: The Importance of Guiding Principles

There are three constants in life…
change, choice and principles.

– Stephen Covey



One of GR’s Baduk Masters shares a nugget of wisdom with GR when he was a very young boy:

If you want to accomplish something, health should be your priority. The reason you lag towards the end, the reason you recover slowly from damage, and the reason a mistake affects you for so long, are all because your health is not at your best.

When you’re unfit, you want to be comfortable and you lose patience. Then you become so tired, you don’t care about victories. If you want to win, your body should be able to withstand your challenges. Will power is nothing without your body health.


BK is getting to know a lady friend over tea, however she hints that she’s at the age where she’s looking for a well-off Oppa who can take care of her needs. She even refers to herself in a third person. BK tells himself: Healing is needed! LOL!!

He buys himself a movie ticket and bumps into YY who seems to be there by herself…


She lives nearby and she notes his “blind date” get-up XD which he denies… he was at a friend’s wedding, which turned out horrific because the bride was interested in the grooms’ corporate loan scheme. XD XD XD

They end up watch a horror movie together (much to his dismay, but pulls through anyway – this is a DATE with YY!)

Chief Oh is trying to nap on the couch next to his boys who are noisily playing building blocks. His wife nags at him to at least bring the boys out. She needs a break from family too. But Chief Oh feels a wee bit under the weather.


Mr. Kim hands a big project that was initially prepared by IT to Chief Oh. He clarifies if it has anything to do with Mr. Mun. Yes it does. He immediately refuses to take on the case. Even offers his resignation. For Chief Oh there is simply a line he WILL not cross just for the sake of bottom line.

He goes to the rooftop with DS trying to figure out a way to wrangle themselves out of this unwanted mess. DS knows this project means Chief Oh will have to go against his principles, and he is not ready to sacrifice that at all. Back at Sales Team 3 corner, Chief sees documents on the Arab Mecca Phone project have been passed on to GR. He makes a beeline to the tiny wedge of space in front of his tiny window and crouches, furiously thinking of ways to NOT take up the project. AHA! The team has just busted their budget! But, Mr. Kim magnanimously presents his credit card for Chief Oh to use. LOL!! Back to the drawing board….

AHA! Let’s all get sick!


Oh. Mai. Gad. They’re actually ingesting expired milk!! XD XD

While waiting for the biological reaction to kick in, the team suddenly receives numerous love calls for opportunities. Within minutes, a willowy and beautiful lady with her assistant walk into his corner. They have a quick chat in the meeting room: She is Michelle Jang who secured a business agreement with Mr. Mun before. So since Chief Oh will be dealing with the said client, she will support him with supply of luxurious entertainment for the client. Satisfaction guaranteed, especially when “Round 2”.

Hmmm, this is what goes against his principles, me thinks. Just like when his “friend” dragged them to an entertainment spot to talk about business.

DS explains to GR that there is one thing the Chief Oh absolutely detests about entertaining Mr. Mun: He always wants  “Round 2.” Arasso.

SY sees Chief Oh still contemplating. He walks over and suggests to go Round 1 full on. Get him drunk and let him sign the deal. Chief Oh must be thinking how in the world this guy know what goes around the company? “The Mecca Phone item is a headache, isn’t it?… I know everything [Laughter] I want to help you since I’m smart regarding that area. Unfortunately, I’m so busy myself…”

BK is still in the funk and asking himself if this was the career he had foreseen. Just then, he receives a text message from a head hunter “Great timing.”

Resources Team

Mr. Jung breaks the news to Mr. Ha that their carbon emission item passed Finance and it’s finally a ‘Go’ for them. He says Mr. Ha will lead the project, but work together with YY. Mr Ha refuses. He simply is neanderthal who can’t accept the fact there are talented and brainy FEMALE co-workers who can contribute to the nation’s economy. Despite Mr. Jung’s encouragement to YY to support Mr. Ha, the latter brings her out and tells her to just ignore the request. He simply CANNOT work with her. SY witnesses YY’s humiliation.

After much hem-hawing, Chief Oh finally decides to tackle Mr. Mun with just One Round, “GR! Call SY over!”

GR:  I’ll start now. This is the entertainment strategy for Mecca Phone CEO Mun Chung Gi. His trade insurance corporate grade is A. His occupation (I know, that’s not important – Chief) This is the list of people who failed to sign a contract with him. They have one thing in common: They all couldn’t or wouldn’t entertain him with Round 2. When they did have Round 2, they all signed the deal, or had a positive response.

Chief:  None of them signed after Round 2? (No – GR) Okay, what’s the possibility that he’ll sign it when he’s drunk after Round 1?

DS:  The answer is, we don’t know. He’s never been dead drunk. Let’s say he happened to get hammered. He’s laid back, liberal and a big bluff. He might feel good, so it could be possible. That’s the alternative we have for now. (Okay – Chief) Like I said before, the problem is he’s never been hammered. (How’s his tolerance? – Chief)

GR:  For a 40% whiskey, he has to have three bottles within 1.5 hours to get drunk. (So it’s a bottle per hour, just make it simple – Chief)

Chief:  We must get him to sign by Round 1. We can’t get drunk first.

SY:  I’m sorry. Things ran late. [Operation plan: Victory!] The seating is key. Mr. Oh will sit here, Mr. Kim on the opposite side. GR will sit next to Mr. Kim. Mr. Mun will sit in the seat of honor… OH! Glad you’re here YY! … Sit down. This is Mr. Mun.

Chief:  She can’t be him… Aren’t you busy? (I am, excuse me… – YY)

SY:  Sit down. Mr. O will pour Mr. M a drink. Next, Mr. Kim, you will. While he’s drinking, Mr. O… excuse me, you’ll act like you’re taking a phone call and leave. In this chaotic moment… GR, then you go.

Chief:  So he’s drinking three shots while we drink one? (Yes – SY)  (That’s a good idea! – DS)

SY:  But, this can’t last forever. Prepare two bottles of whiskey from the get-go. One is real, the other is black tea. After Mr. Mun pours all of you a drink, GR pours him one. Mr. Kim will than change it with a shot of black tea. Wet towels and trashcans to throw out the alcohol are essential here. You act like you’re drinking it, then you spit it out.

YY:  The wet towel can’t absorb too much so if you spit it out before absorption, it’ll get messy. The key to the trick is the absorption. So keep many dry towels similar to the wet ones. You need to put empty glasses in your pocket to change them with full shots. You need to act drunk and remember to call each other every 30 minutes to rotate seats. Boilermakers are seven times as strong as normal alcohol. Learn how to make them, it’ll make things exciting.

Chief:  See? Now you get it? Why I kept saying we needed her?!

SY:  I’ve tasted 40 types of alcohol including royal alcohol, rainbow alcohol, gold liquor and cappuccino liquor.

Chief:  Okay. GR, learn how to make boilermakers from him. Thanks.. Let’s go.

DS:  Learn it!

SY:  Who are you, YY?

Disgruntled BK prepares to leave for the day, but his boss whizzes in and asks for the document he had given earlier for BK to complete. No mistakes made this time, so he gives a contract for him to check for typos and such. BK has had enough and passes the pile to his other co-worker. He tells his boss he has run out of patience and tired of given menial things to do compared to the other newbies. And walks off.

Chief Oh invites YY to have dinner with Sales Team 3 (because he has His Boss’ credit card XD ) and when they walk through the lobby, YY comes face to face with an Ahjussi who clearly affected her. She excuses herself from their team dinner and walks the opposite way. GR catches up with her at the bus stop. She feels bad for causing the team dinner to be called off, but GR assures her it was because Chief Oh’s wife called him.

She’s so affected by the encounter in the lobby that she left her envelope on the bench, and GR quickly hops on the same bus just to pass it back to her. He notices her odd behavior and looks away when tears trickle down her cheeks. Her phone buzzes, hesitates to answer, but does so anyway: “That’s enough, Abeoji.” o_O

Next Day

BK walks in as though shackled at his ankles with incredible weight, and sees the contract on his desk. He tries to begin his task but throws the document back onto his desk in frustration. He takes his phone and makes that call to the head hunter.

Sales Team 3 are preparing themselves to nail Mr. M by the end of Round 1.

The elusive sleaze Mr. M enters the entertainment spot like he owns it, and he enters a room which was not designated for their meeting. Hells bells. There goes their entire prep to get make it a done deal by Round 1 o_O

They are all sussed out of their minds and in the end Chief Oh stuffs the contract into Mr. M’s suit.

Following day…

Mr. M wakes up and sees a lady sitting on the other side of the bed… DS is worried hells gates will break loose. Chief did send a woman to Sleazy Douche bag: Mrs. Mun o_O While doing intensive background research on Mr. M, it was reported he would be arriving with his wife. The day they were to entertain him was his wedding anniversary. That irked Chief Oh. He met up with Mrs. M that morning and told her about their “gift” for her.

Something clicks in GR’s mind, “So you kept to your principles instead of the contract.”

But Chief Oh’s boss chews him off for failing to seal the deal with Mr. M.

Loser Mr. Ha

He is not happy seeing YY reading up on the EU rulings on carbon emissions. Just stay out of it and do something else. Another antagonizing session outside the office, which SY, again sees with his own eyes. After the loser makes a grand exit of kicking the trashcan out of his way, SY walks over to YY and encourages her to stay strong. Everyone knows how Losers react, and it was clearly Mr. Ha. For a 2-year intern to snag an item like she did, she has become a legend, and EVERYONE know how very capable and talented she is. So BE that YY. Be Strong. Awww, SY you can cheer me on anytime sweetie 😀

DS:  Shouldn’t you be drinking ginseng instead of onion juice? ( She’ll buy it for me next month after kids – Chief ) Give it to me. Why are you sweating so much? It’s weird. Shouldn’t you go see a doctor?

Chief:  I’m just hot. I’ll get some rest… This won’t do. I’ll go get some air, DS. Answer any calls for me.
What’s wrong with me?

Mr. Ko:  Where on earth is Mr. Oh?

DS:  He went out for some air because he was dizzy. He’s not picking up his phone.

Mr. Ko:  Dizzy? He must’ve overworked himself… any other symptoms besides dizziness? (Other symptoms? Like what? – DS)  Your forties are risky. One of my friends worked like a dog, similar to him and had a stroke. (Come on. A stroke in your 40s? – DS) One actually collapsed due to high blood pressure. And died.

GR:  He fainted yesterday. And had a nosebleed too.

DS:  Why are you saying that now?
He still won’t pick up? (No, although it’s ringing – GR) I hope he didn’t collapse somewhere. I’m sorry! Call him!! Keep calling him! I’m ok! Hurry up!

GR:  Where on earth are you Mr. Oh?…

Dept Mgr:  Where’s everyone?

Mr. Ko: They went out looking for Mr. Oh. He went for a break and hasn’t returned.

Dept Mgr:  He should’ve told us where he went.

Mr. Ko:  He must be feeling under the weather and stressed out. (Under the weather? Is it serious? – DM) I heard he fainted and had a nosebleed yesterday. I hope he didn’t collapse somewhere…  (Then why are you standing here?! Get your team and look for him too!! – DM)

Office on 15th Floor

Mr. Oh gets some tough love from Department Manager. DM practically shouts at his to get a check-up done. A father needs to be healthy for his family. He then gives a big bag of dried eel to Chief who refused at first but finally accepts when DM tells him bluntly to just take the goods and nurse his health back.

He holds tightly onto his gift, not wanting to share it with DS when the DM suddenly screams “OH SANG SIK!!”  Oh no. That doesn’t sound good. At all. He quickly pushes the gift under his desk, out of sight… just in case 😀

“What the hell did you do with Mr. Mun?!”

Oh. Mai. Gad…

“He wants to DOUBLE our contract!!!”


Finally!! A break for our overworked Sales Manager!! MANSE! And he happily take off work, along with his bagful of dried eel. GR is given the task to clear Chief’s desk of any information about Mr. M. GR sees Chief’s research material: Mrs. Mun is the one responsible for the company, not the sleaze ball.

Next morning

Sales Team 3 are making their way into the corporate building and GR notices BK meeting a lady in one of the lounge areas, and also notices BK’s boss seeing BK and the head hunter as well. Chief turns back to follow GR’s line of sight and tsks that BK is being hasty.

DS:  When will we get more people? I heard Mr. Kim would get us a pro on the Middle East.

Chief:  He will soon.

DS:  Who’s coming? (Don’t know – Chief)

GR:  Who’s coming? (Don’t know – DS)

Chief:  You need experience to be quick.

DS;  Who do you wish would come? (YY.  She should’ve come to begin with – Chief)

Stranger:  Hello, Mr. Oh.  We’re on the same team.



Me not Gettin’ Good Vibes from this Ahjussi… :/



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