Mr. Baek Ep 2: Baek to 30s

 We all have big changes in our lives
that are more or less a second chance.

– Harrison Ford


GB and HS are unconscious on the ground, while Manager Sung climbs out of the sinkhole to safety. He calls 911. Help comes and GB notices HS being wheeled off into another ambulance. As the medics rushed toward heir vehicles, the cars inside the sinkhole explode, along with GB’s crazy amount of cash.

Breaking news: Around 10pm, a sinkhole suddenly appeared in the middle of the road in Seoul. A commercial truck and a sedan fell into the sinkhole. Later, both cars exploded, creating quite a commotion. Fortunately, the three victims were rescued by paramedics and taken to the hospital, where they are reported to be in stable condition. Their identities have yet to be confirmed, and the police are currently investigating the source of the cash and diesel in the car.

An identified man is at the scene, picks up a burnt 50,000W note and calls his partner. He was waiting for Chairman Choi’s car at the intersection, but the sinkhole was a stroke of luck for them.

Whoa! Someone DID plan for GB’s death? o_O

GB’s chambers

DH stands vigil next to his father’s bed with a serious look on his face along with GB’s doctor when GB’s siblings enter crying fat crocodile tears for his tragedy. They are more concerned about the future of DaeHan (and also theirs) but was rather taken aback to see GB alert and looking at them questioningly. Doctor tells them GB is extremely lucky to escape unhurt.

HS in hospital

She has a neck brace on and struggles to sit up to call DH. She insists on giving back his necklace after all the trouble she went through, but more importantly to get her job back. DH texts her his home address.

Bathtub of Youth

GB is relaxing in his bathtub after a harrowing experience. He wonders who grabbed his hand when he was fighting for consciousness in the sinkhole.

Outside, the taxi brings HS to DH’s humongous home. She is brought upstairs to meet DH. GB submerges into his tub… HS waits in the living room, GB steps out of the tub and walks to his closet, in naked glory.

He walks past a mirror and gets a Shock of his LIFE!

While he gapes at the incredulous transformation, HS sees GB through the French Doors that lead to the area where GB is standing. Naked. In her shock she drops the necklace and flees. GB heard the anguished cries and only realizes his state of undress. DH hears too and leaves his room.

HS thinks the man she saw is DH and curses him for calling her over and then exhibit his.. err… manliness. What a Perve!! She makes a beeline for the waiting taxi.

HS:  What do I do? Don’t call me! Sir, can you speed up a little please?

DH:  What’s going on with this woman? Hello Manager Hong. Yes, he’s good.  My father? Father… Father are you asleep? Manager Hong is on the phone. Do you want to take it? Father. Father are you asleep? You don’t want to take her call?

GB:  What is it about?

DH:  He seems tired. Is it urgent? What?! Search Warrant? (Search warrant? – GB) You’re saying the officers will come search the house tomorrow morning? (What are they talking about? – GB) Okay. Father. The reporters are asking about the money in the car (Money? What money? – GB) Manager Hong wants to get the lawyers together to take measures..

GB:  I got it. Just leave.

HS’ home

Mum wonders what could be keeping HS out so late. She sees the news about the sinkhole and nags they should be more careful of them these days. HS’ brother notices the similarity of the truck at the scene with theirs. HS enters into the darkened living room like a ghost, scaring her mum and brother. They are glad to find her unscathed.

HS is about to rest for the night when she realizes she no longer has the necklace.


He is in a conundrum. What is going on with him biologically and what is going on with a search warrant? WHAT IS GOING ON? o_O He switches the tv on to see the news. Geez. It wasn’t a dream. It was real money burnt in the explosion? The lights in the living room is suddenly switched on. GB quickly crouches to the ground, making himself as small as possible… and he finds DH’s necklace on the floor.

Next morning

Police officers visit HS’ home and asks for her presence at the police station.

GB’s room

It’s 8am and he’s shocked he could sleep at this hour. He scrambles to his window and sees a couple of black sedans arriving at the foyer. It’s the “sleazy” unidentified man at the scene last night. He walks into the house with an air of pompous authority. GB is frantically trying to get dressed and hide out of sight.

Director Jung stops him just before he opens GB’s bedroom doors. JY is also there. Pompous A$$ shows a warrant to question GB about the cash in his car. Doors open. No GB.


GB is slurping a cup of coffee, and enjoys each moment sipping wonderful concoction that has been on his ban list for so long. DH calls him on his outdated cellphone, but he doesn’t answer him.

Panic stations at GB Manor. Siblings are worried about how the company stocks will suffer with news of his unknown whereabouts. DH is miffed with their selfishness. He is genuinely concerned for his father’s safety. DH goes to the cafe where GB’s phone was last traced to. No GB around.

DH asks a waiter if he had seen a harabeoji there. No such person. Who was the last person to leave this table? It was a guy who treated him like a servant and ordered around, but it’s a self-service place. His speech seems to be off too. DH knows it sounds very much like his dad, “How did he look like?.” He looked like a young man. DH:  o_O ??

GB meets his physician

He wants to know what was in the emergency pills. If he had known those pills would turn him to be like this – His doctor is still in the dark. Who in heck is this man?

GB:  I’m Choi Go Bong. Don’t you recognize me? [Doctor peers at him for a while, and both men burst into laughter at the same time]

Doc:  [Presses the intercom button] Come in right now…

GB:  That’s right man. You made me this way [Shows off his incredible washboard abs]

Doc:  [to the assistants] Get this man out of my office!!He is escorted out of the doctor’s office and sees the latest development of his accident on the tv: Chairman Choi is still missing, but the driver has been called in for questioning. What is going on and whose money was in the car?

GB:  Damn it! Watch it when you’re driving! (Did I just dodge that? Wait a second… By any chance did I gain any other powers? ) … I guess not.

Old Man:  Are you out of your mind?

GB:  What? What did you say buddy?

Old Man:  Did you call me ‘buddy’? Watch it! When you’re so young…

GB:  How rude! Hang on, did he just call me a young man?

GB:  Young man, can I ask you for directions? I’m trying to go this way. Where should I get on the bus?

YMan: Gosh, don’t you have GPS? Just look it up.

GB:  Did he just tell me to ask my father for it or what? Young kids are so rude these days. Oh my goodness! … Excuse me! Excuse me lady!! Taxi!! (Where to – cabby) Follow that bus!

DaeHan Hotel

Hoards of reporters bombard JY the moment she steps out but she states they are not at liberty to make any statements, but will make an official one soon. The taxi brings GB to DaeHan and he sees for himself the crazy that’s going on. Gracious. What can he do in his state? He looks to the side by chance…

Reporter:  Excuse me. You’re the one who fell in the sinkhole last night, right? (Yes – HS)  How do you know Chairman Choi? Have you known him for a while?

HS:  I happened to help him out at Silver House

Reporter:  Ah… Then you got into an accident while trying to help him this time?

Others:  OH! That’s her! She’s the one who got into the accident with Chairman Choi, right? Yeah that’s her! She’s the one!

HS:  Who are you? (Me? – GB) (Reporter – Excuse me… It won’t take long!) Looks like he’s gone. By the way, who are you? (Huh? – GB) My memory’s pretty bad, so … what’s your name?

GB:  (My name?) It was just that you seemed to be in a tough situation. (Oh, thank you – HS) By the way, why do you talk to the reporters? Don’t you know what their motive is for talking to you? (What do you mean by that? – HS) They say they found money in the car. Isn’t that why they are suspicious? You’re the one who runs money errands for Chairman Choi. As his employee .. (Pardon? – HS)  Why do you answer all their questions? Telling them you met him once and knew him – Gosh!HS:  Who are you to talk to me this way right now? Ran money errands for him? Why would I help a nasty old coot transfer his dirty money? It’s none of your business, so continue on with your day. I can’t believe you’d say such nonsense when I’m just trying to thank you.GB:  What the heck – … hold on. How are you feeling, by the way? Did you take a bath yesterday or not? BWAHAHAHAHA!! Dude! You need to learn to ask questions effectively! XD XDHS:  Do I smell now?…GB:  While you’re taking a bath you suddenly feel hot and there’s heat coming out of your body and everything BWAHAHAHAHA XD XD You don’t feel like yourself and suddenly feel like you’re younger. Did your face always looked like this? (What are you doing? – HS) By any chance, were you the one who grabbed my hand..HS:  Who on earth ARE YOU?! … There are perverts everywhere!GB:  You’er such a cheeky lady! Then it was just me? I was the only one who changed? Why?LobbyHS runs into DH who is smarting from the hit against the pillar. She turns around but DH sees and stops her in time. He barks at her for losing his necklace. But she fires back at him for blaming others for his own doings and not being responsible for it. She’s no errand or delivery girl, but she did it anyway because she thought he would honor their deal of giving her job back. She gives him the money he threw at her after their first encounter in the hotel room. He asks for the other two notes. She knows it was only three – he was just joshing with her.Ugh! She walks off but he stops her again, asking her why she left the house after making such a trip out and not giving him his necklace. She saw a naked man, and thinks he called her over for some boom-boom time. DH says he will hire her as his runner instead. He has so many trivial matters to take care of.HS meets JY in her office and she informs her of some good news: She can resume her duties in the hotel until Chairman Choi surfaces and says otherwise. DH enters the office as well and bumps into HS who begrudgingly nodded out of respect to him. He requests JY for HS to be personally trained by him.

GB is on a quest to look for Manager Sung… he sees the man pacing outside along the parking bay and GB excitedly runs out and sits next to him on the pavement. And of course the cycle of disbelief continues. However, GB shares some events only he and Mgr Sung know about. The latter turns around and looks at him incredulously.

They go to a corner, not visible to traffic and GB apologizes to Mgr. Sung about the money in the car and the hardship he went through during police investigation. He himself is trying to find out who is behind this scam.

GB:  That’s why… I need your help.. (Look – Mgr Sung)  Look carefully at my face. What do you think? Is it better than Alain Delon?

Mgr. Sung:  Are you really? How could this possibly happen? Does this even make sense?

GB:  I think it’s odd too. How could this possibly happen? That medicine might have something to do with it. (Meds? – Mgr Sung) When I fell into the sinkhole I thought I was going to die, so I took that medicine. The emergency meds that Dr. Kim gave me.

Mgr Sung:  Does Dr. Kim know about this?… You’re Chairman Choi’s stalker, aren’t you? You’ve been planning this for years to get money from him, right?

JY:  Mgr Sung, where are you now? (Listen carefully Mgr S) Is everything okay? (It’s about Chairman Choi.. I got a call from him – Mgr S)  Really? Where is he?

Mgr S:  I don’t have the details either, but he wants you to know he is okay. He’ll come back to take care of what happened. He says not to worry too much.

JY:  All right then, that’s a relief.

Mgr S:  I was in the middle of a workout, so I’m out of breath. I’ll see you later. Okay then… Happy? Happy, Sir?

GB:  There’s a place you need to come with me. (What? .. Pardon me? – Mgr S)

Mgr S:  Here it is. All done. (Take it out and see if it’s working – GB) Can’t you do it your… This is a dream. A bad dream…

GB:  Shut it and do what I tell you! … Store your number in there. (Here it is – Mgr S) Seriously! (Here it is Sir – Mgr S) It’s nice. It’s the newest model, right? (Of course – Mgr S) [Choi Shin Hyung]  Say my name is Choi Shin Hyung! From now on my name is Choi Shin Hyung.

GB Manor

JY reports to DH that his father’s old phone is no longer traceable. He is hopeful that the phone is either lost or stolen, but his father is alright. YD comes barging in and scolds JY for involving Silver Home in the mess. DH asks him why is he acting like a nervous man? It’s just that Chairman Choi is missing and he is fielding so many calls. So why should that be burdensome than his father being missing? YD quickly covers his selfish behind.

Director Jung steps in and says Chairman Choi is not someone to take such an amount and go missing, but his son is. Oooh. I sense some competing mojo between Director Jung and DH. He has contacted the prosecutors and stalled for some time, but not much. Call for an emergency board meeting and come up with next plans.

Hhmmm, why do I smell a stench from Director Jung’s corner? Or have I watched too many KDramas to be able to sniff out the fishiness early on? XD XD

YD rushes into his office but stops short when he realizes his wife is there waiting for him. I guess I know now for sure who wears the pants in this marriage. YD gripes GB should’ve signed the papers before he went MIA, and THEY were the ones who siphoned that 5 billion won that went up in flames.

Flashback: It’s GB’s celebration at the hotel. Someone places two duffel bags stuffed with cash into a sedan. GB asks YD how the deal with Silver Town in Busan went. Good, good… if all things go to plan, the place will be ready by Spring. But when they opened the trunk of their car, no bags at all.

CCTV/ Security Room

Mgr. Sung enters and requests to check the parking bay for executives. He gives them money and asks them to enjoy a decent meal, instead of wolfing down black bean noodles. But it was his ploy to clear the room for GB to enter.

They go through the footage on the said date and finds a suspicious man carrying two duffel bags towards his car, but they can’t get a clear view of the culprit because of a van that keeps entering frame. Hold on. That looks like the truck that fell into the sinkhole too! HS!

GB begins to march off on a mission, but makes a quick detour back to sit as DH enters the room, “Who is he?”

Mgr S:  You! You came to collect the dishes! Why are you sitting there? BWAHAHAHA!! REVENGE!! XD Take them now! Go on!

Just as Mgr Sung thinks he and GB are in the clear, DH receives a text and video attachment of a man skulking near Chairman Choi’s manor. Oh? DH recognizes him as the man who just cleared the bowls and the one he bumped into  at the lobby. Why is this man loitering at this company? He recalls HS’ story of seeing a naked man in his house… He wants to track him down and hand the stalker to the police. Oh No 😮

GB:  CGB delivering black bean sauce noodles?!  What is it?! (In front of you!! – Mgr S) What? What did you say?

DH:  YOU! You stay right there!… Stop right there!

GB:  Where should I go? (if you open that door, it’s the laundry room! – Mgr S) Which door?! Where should I go now? You should tell me how to get out of here!

Mgr S:  Where’s the CCTV for the laundry room? (What a moron! – GB)

HS:  Thank you… Oh my God! (YOU! – GB)  What are you doing in there? (Camera! – GB) What are you doing?! (SSSHH!! – GB)

DH:  Have you seen a young guy here? (No) Lord… this is crazy.

HS:  Why in the world are you doing this to me?! MISTER! Please stop the car! Mister! Can’t you see me! Mister! Mister! This is nonsense!! This makes no SENSE!! What are YOU doing now? Are you kidnapping me?

GB:  What? Kidnapping?! It’s nothing like that! (Then MOVE over! – HS) Can we talk?

HS:  (What is the deal with this man? A stalker? ) If you keep doing this I will call the police.

GB:  By the way, do you work for a tailor too? (It’s true that he’s a stalker! – HS) Where is the van? (What do you do? Who are you? I asked you Who you were!- HS) My name is Choi Shin Hyung. (What is he saying? – HS)



Can’t wait for Wednesday to come! XD















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