First Impression: Mr. Baek


MBC has been pretty much on a good roll. The global juggernaut called Fated To Love You brought many viewers on board a magical ride which then switched to a melo- tempo ride in Spring Days. And now, it picks up raucous speed in Mr Baek/ Back. Fresh off the gates, it has recorded the highest premiere ratings ever. Guess many campers from FTLY have shifted to this part of the camping grounds XD

A huge pothole appears on a quiet road at night and two vehicles avoid at all costs falling straight into it. One is a chauffeured sedan with scrooge Hotelier  Choi Go Bong in the back seat, the other a small van with Eun Ha Soo in the driver’s seat.

GB is murmuring in his sleep on his four-poster bed. A group in white marches stealthily into his bedroom, presumably Angels of Death for living things rot as they pass them by. They crowd over GB who is gasping for air/ fighting out of his nightmare. He flails for his glasses which end up on the floor. He finally opens his eyes to look and the figures vanish.

The household crew wakes up and rush towards GB’s room, including his personal doctor and PA. GB is still struggling for breath, wondering if the others had also heard “them”.

Next day

Very fashionable guests, driven in equally luxurious cars are brought to a mansion. It’s GB’s 70th birthday, and his immediate family members have all come to celebrate the momentous occasion. Grumps finally shows up at the dining room and both brother, Young Dal and sister, Mi Hye, vie to give their super-difficult-to-attain delicacies meant for health. Despite the bountiful spread on the table, GB is served his specially prepared food due to his health. Someone is not pleased with the fact but has to accept the reality.

Everyone knows the one important person has not showed up: GB’s son, Dae Han. PA Ji Yoon joins them and updates GB of his schedule. He asks her about DH instead…

GB:   What is it? Did he get into trouble again? You’re not going to tell me?

JY:   Last week in Las Vegas –

GB:  How much did he lose?

JY:  Actually, it’s about a woman this time. (What? – GB) It seems that he lost his money and borrowed some from her as well. But now the woman says she’s pregnant (PREGNANT? – GB) She says she’ll tell the media about her pregnancy. I’lll verify that right away.

YD:  Oh, if she’s pregnant –

YD Wife:  Don’t we have to get them married?

GB:  Let that bastard handle it on his own!

JY:  Also in the newspapers, there are paparazzi photos taken in Las Vegas and at the airport. We will try to bury the story as much as we can, but the money he borrowed this time is allegedly 1 billion won.

GB:  O..One BILLION? What a rotten nuisance! Tell him I won’t pay a dime of that! (Chairman, Director Choi is on the line – ) PUT HIM THROUGH! Where the HECK are you?!

DH:  On top of your head, father!! (What? – GB) (Where? On top of his head? – YD)

GB:  Get in here NOW! Did I give you that title so you can go play?!

DH:  Hi family! If you missed me that badly, hang tight! I’ll be right there!!

GB:  Choi Dae Han! Choi Dae Han! Answer me!!

YD:  Over there outside the window. Out the window, brother.

DH:  Happy Birthday, Father!!

Some parts of the stick-on words blow off the fabric as DH descends and it now reads: Father, Your Birthday is Dead XD XD XD

YD:  Oh my God, brother!

DH:  Strike! (Such a bastard – BG) HI.

GB:  What is it? Is is a fatal disease?

Dr. : Yes… Ah! No… Since you had surgery after your heart attack the last time, your condition is quite serious, but if you make more of an effort

GB:  What more effort do I need to put it in? (No alcohol – Dr.) No alcohol nor greasy food! You tell me to eat fish and vegetables everyday! I even smell like fish now!

DH:  Then eat whatever you like to eat. It’s no fun if you can’t even eat what you like. How much longer can you live, y’know? GEEZ this boy! o_O LOL!!

YD:  Dae Han!

Outdoor community stadium

Petite Eun Ha Soo is competing with a handful of ahjussis in terms of fitness: If she passes, she’s qualified to get apply for proper part time jobs. Her friend (HEY! She also played her sister in FTLY!!) cheers her from the stands. During the weighted sprint (ie carrying a heavy sack while running 50 meters or so) HS has only one rival to beat to the finish line, but he gasps telling her he has 4 kids to feed, an another on the way. She couldn’t bear rob the man of a job so she purposely drops her sack and sits on the track. Awww… you kind-hearted soul.

Chairman GB is whisked to his appointments and his PA wonders if she should scale down his tasks for the day due to his health. He sticks to his plan. Since when did he work according to his health? But his doctor had advised him earlier to not work that day and gave him a bottle of medication filled with just-in-case-you-feel-tightness-in-your-chest pills.


GB arrives at his hotel and the front service crew quickly lines up to greet him. Note: The uniform is pink and light grey 😀 A female employee has totally forgotten to change out of her comfy pink-white striped slippers! o_O A man (who must’ve have been recently let go) begs for a job at the hotel. He needs funds for his daughter’s surgery.

GB crouches down to explain to the ex-employee that he is at the age where he is no longer productive nor contributing much to the company. So shouldn’t he be taken off the team? Bodyguards swoop in to escort the distraught man away.

As GB and his PA walks away, Nam Hee of the pink-white striped slippers mentions of the rumors that GB baths in gold bars and enjoys wine within the confines of his safe, filled to the brim with his wealth.

Lawyer Jung Yi Gun hands over a document to GB in his office and asks if he has decided on ratios of inheritance in his will. GB wished YG was his son, then everything would be much easier.

JY updates GB they’re trying their best to quash any news written about DH. Perhaps they can bury this story with something else: Places a bundle on his desk and reveals a set of brown clothing with white shoes and a pair of white socks stuffed into it.

DH is at the hotel, but quickly goes into covert mode when he spots his father and his entourage. Oh.Mai.Gad. This is like an homage to LG of FTLY, but instead of looking suave in pulling off stunts, DH is the total opposite and ends up looking very un-cool. BWAHAHAHAHA!! XD

He thinks he’s safe but JY stops him and asks why is he not making his way for the meeting. DH knows his presence in the meeting will only increase the discomfort with the employees, “I’ll pick something tasty or You on my way back” and pats her upper arm. He warns her if she wants to check up on him in the future, do a thorough job of it. It’s true he borrowed money from a lady but it was to help out his friend’s business. Why would he have wasted all on her? Pregnancy? There was not even a single kiss involved, how could she be pregnant?

JY informs DH his father will not bail him out this time and his property in Chungdamdong will be sold off to pay off the debt.

Community Service @ Old Folks’ Home

Ah… so this was the deflector JY was alluding to. GB is dressed like a Harabeoji but with Alain Delon’s debonair. Hee hee hee!! The hotel has planned a kimchi-making session with the elders and HS and her friend Woo Young are volunteers at this event.

HS is carrying heavy grocery bags back to the site when it suddenly pours. GB tries his best to run for shelter but a motorcyclist clips him and he falls, his glasses thrown to the side, broken on the sodden road. HS sees him and rushes to help him. Of course Mr. Grumps shoves her away and complains non-stop. He’s crawling on all fours looking for his glasses. She finds them, bags it and helps him up.

Once dried off, GB is dressed in clean but Ahjumma fashion (BWAHAHAHA!!) and barks at HS that he is fine when she calls him out. The other folks wonder who this new addition is. GB said he built this place. Oh really? So you carried the bricks? LOL!! Someone says he may have Alzheimer’s, he seems to be a bit “off”. A Haelmoni comes over to place a blanket over him, and another towel for his hair, but GB’s fuse suddenly goes off.

HS:  Harabeoji! How could you ignore someone’s kind gesture? [GB asks for employees of the home.] You need to towel off your wet hair – [GB shouts, grabs the towel and throws it into HS’s face.] You’re just a nasty old man.

He screams for Manager Sung, who is dozing off in the car, and he walks away in a huff when the group continues to tease him.

Kimchi-making is underway outdoors and the Haelmoni (who probably has a crush on him) drags him to a table to taste on fresh batch. Another tries to feed him from her fingers and he swats her hand away, only to have the said kimchi land on his forehead. And he screams like a spoiled brat.

HS drags stubborn GB to a corner where she can help clean him up from the mess…

HS:  We’ll get the soap all over your hands. Oh my, the smell of kimchi! Like this, okay? Squeaky clean. Harabeoji, give me your palms. Your palms. There you go… All clean. Do your fingers like this. Wow, you’re listening so well. Now, shall we rinse? Wow, it feels so cool. All done…. Aigoo, you’re listening so well.

HS:  He should know how to thank people when they do nice things for him. He does whatever he wants. So stubborn. What a nasty old coot! I will be the bigger person here. I have to put up with it… I feel dizzy.. Can he really see in this?

GB:  What” I’m the nasty old coot? For goodness sake! She looks so mean to begin with!

HS:  Harabeoji. I tried to fix it. Can you see things clearly?  [Volunteer: Eun Ha Soo]  (What is this? – GB) My father liked mint candy. I took some for myself earlier.

WY:  HS! EHS! Can you come help me with this?

HS:  Okay!

GB:  Do you think I’d eat such a thing? Take this!

HS:  Lordy. Can’t you just eat it?

GB:  Eun Ha Soo. Who does she think she is? The Milky Way?

JY:  Chairman! (I’m okay. I’m okay – GB) I’ll bring you another paid of glasses. (Leave it. It’s okay – GB)

WY wonders why there are reporters at their event. She also informs HS that DaeHan (hotel is named after his son) is hiring interns too. The old folks gather at the main area with a banner hung across for a photo op. GB is placed at the center (in all his Ahjumma dressing glory) and he notices HS leaving. She sees him too, and gives a cursory bow before continuing her journey home. GB is rather impressed with our heroine.

HS’s home

WY, HS and her mother are in the living room. WY is massaging HS’s back and the latter asks mum shouldn’t elders act more dignified, generous, calm, kind, and  solemn? Mum replies it’s easier said than done. If someone has been hurt before and not realize it, they may age into that person without realizing it too.

GB at home

He thinks back to the day’s event, especially the moments he had with HS. Rose petals fall from above as he dreams of HS. He wakes up when HS’s voice repeats her disdain about him being a nasty old man. GB opens the drawer of his nightstand and takes out his broken glasses and candy. He unwraps the candy, but changes his mind about eating it. The temptation… XD

Next day

Both HS and WY receive great news early in the morning of their job status at DaeHan Hotel. Both are excited out of their minds. HS says they should buy a whole chicken when they get their first paycheck.

They meet the hotel rep at the lobby, and GB catches glimpses of HS when he enters the lobby from the opposite side.

Next thing, GB is causing a ruckus on one of the hotel room floors, hunting down his troublemaker of a son. JY is in the midst of training the new interns when Manager Sung calls her for back up. She tells the interns to check their assigned rooms first and then return to the office.

As she walks off, she calls DH, who is obviously still asleep in bed, “Do you know what time it is?! It’s check out time! Your dad is looking for you!” DH suddenly becomes wide awake and grabs his stuff…

GB:  Call the front desk to find out which rooms are still locked.

Mgr Sung:  Let’s stop it and go, please.

GB:  I don’t know about anything else, but I told him to be on time for work. See what happens when I catch him.

HS:  How may I help you? Excuse me… MOM! MOM! What are you doing?!

DH:  Hold on. Wait. (MOM!! – HS)

Mgr. Sung:  Chairman, do you really have to go this far?

JY:  Chairman, I just heard from Director Choi.

Mgr. Sung:  You did? Where is he?

JY:  He got into a small accident on his way to buy you a birthday present. (Is he really hurt? – Mgr. S) No, it seems to be a minor injury. Right now he’s at the hospital receiving treatment.

Mgr. S:  See? That’s why he couldn’t answer my calls. He was in an accident. It’s a relief that it was a minor injury.

GB:  Manager Sung (Yes, Chairman – Mgr. S) He’s still my son after all, you know. (Of course. He’s your son who only thinks of you – Mgr. S) I’m saying I know he’s not the type… who would go out to buy me a birthday present early in the morning!

HS:  Such a pervert. Don’t you know this qualifies as sexual harassment?

DH:  Sexual harassment? Then you’ll go on and say you’re pregnant. Do whatever you want.

HS:  You’re a piece of work! YA!! (Ya? – DH) Do you expect me to stay calm after something like that?

JY:  EHS-Sshi (Please take care of it. It’s your specialty – DH)

HS:  Look. What is this about?

GB and Manager Sung enter the room, with a disheveled HS peering from DH’s back. GB only has eyes for DH. HS remembers his as the nasty old coot. GB slaps DH, “How long has it been that you’d go chasing after women again?”

GB is displeased with JY for lying to him about DH as well. HS steps up to confirm if he’s the same harabeoji she met at the Silver House. He sees the money HS has in her hand and thinks that she has found an easy way to make a living. He walks away in a huff, and instructs JY to fire HS immediately.

HS runs after GB and tells him off while he waits for the elevator…

HS:  How could you possibly think of me in that way? (Watch your manners – Mgr S) I knew you were nasty but you sure can make people feel so lousy too. (Are you crazy? – Mgr S) Harabeoji, do you know anything about me? Do you have any idea what kind of a person I am and how I’ve lived my life? [JY comes by and calls out for HS]  I’ll just quit. I have no desire to work for such a nasty man like yourself.

Event for GB

A tenor fills the hall with his rendition of Sinatra’s “My Way” and GB is invited to say a word or two to the esteemed guests who have filled the hall. HS in her casual clothes looks in from the outside.

GB:  I came to Seoul in my early 20s. It feels like only yesterday when I started the company by my own hands. Time has flown by. In this business world, that is like a quiet battleground, there’s only been one sole reason why I’ve been able to survive this long. Because… I never trusted people. [Camera pans to YD, his wife and MY] By mistake, I trusted people at times so there were times I was almost betrayed. BUT! I tried not to repeat the same mistake. This is my way that I won’t regret for the past 70 years!

And DH, his only son, is drinking his unhappiness in a club.

He suddenly gets up from his seat and makes his way towards the bar. He sees someone he knows – The Lady who Screamed Pregnant. He drags her away despite her protests “Can’t you get fined a billion won for blackmail?”

HS’ Mum’s Shop

Her mum is a seamstress and she wants to know how HS’ first day of work went. Saved by her phone. DH asks if she saw his necklace from their previous encounter. It must mean much to DH seeing how frantic he is. He tells her to find it or else she’s fired. She takes a minute to calm herself, walks out of the shop and tells DH she had been fired over their misunderstanding. Why won’t he explain that to his father and get her job back?

She grabs the keys to her mum’s old van to fight for her job back. She got into the room, searches the bed, the living room, runs her hands underneath the sofa… FOUND IT! And kisses the gem stone.

Mgr. Sung looks up to the night sky, hoping to catch the purported meteor shower. News break: Expect more than 200 shooting stars per hour.

HS is on the phone making arrangements to meet DH to pass his necklace.

Then, just as the Prologue of this episode cracks begin to emerge on a quiet road and then a gaping pot hole appears all of a sudden. Exactly like in GB’s dream, only this time it is for real. Both vehicles fall into the hole, with GB’s sedan toppling over HS’ van.

GB is conscious, and falls out of his car. Mgr. Sung is still out and strapped in the drivers seat. And suddenly, GB gets chest pains, struggles to get his special bottle out for his emergency pills. He drops the opened case, spilling the pills on the ground and at the same time a tiny part of the shooting star, glowing blue dot, drops beside his pill. Oh no. Guess which one ends up in his system? o_O However, the gem attached to DH’s necklace glows too. o_O !!

GB:  What is this? Am I really dying? NO!! I can’t die like that! It’s not fair! So not fair! I’ve worked all my life to make money. I just can’t die like this!

GB:  Please give me more time. It’s okay to take all the money I made.

HS:  Mom…  Please help me… Help me…

GB:  Please let me go… I’ve done nothing at all with my life. I’ve never felt comfortable for a single day. I’ve never felt happy either. Please…

HS:  Please help me…

GB:  Please let me go this once… PLEASE!! (Please help me – HS)

Doctor’s voiceover:  It’s a miracle!  He only suffered a minor injury. His internal organs and his brain weren’t injured. Most of all, what he needs is rest.


A definite metamorphosis of pace in Mr. Baek.

I LIKE XD ❤ ❤ ❤










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