The Three Musketeers Ep 12: It’s Au Revoir, Not Goodbye…

 The ego is a fascinating monster.

– Alanis Morissette


CP finds it so difficult to leave his lovely wife, but he knows he has to go. Before he mounts his horse, he notices his bow and arrow are missing from the saddle. In the moonlit night, an arrow whizzes past CP and heads straight for Princess. She’s been hit. CP is utterly shocked. He looks back into the forest and sees a shadow retreating into the foliage.

He carries her all the way back to the temple quarters, orders the Court Lady to wake everyone up and get a doctor, STAT. Princess grips his collar, she’s fighting the pain. He encourages her to hang on. She will be fine. He keeps his confident demeanor, but his eyes speak otherwise.

MS arrives and is wondering what could cause such hyperactivity at the temple. He stops a guard who tells him that Princess had been shot and is in critical condition. He was on his way to inform the palace. CP finally reaches her room and gently places her down, “Don’t worry. I won’t let you go. I’ll be next to you.” Princess faints and CP fears for the worse.

CP staggers out and seems to be out of sorts. MS finds him and asks if he knows who shot the Princess. It was too dark, CP couldn’t see and MS informs him of HS’ breakout from jail. She also sent a poisoned drink to DH’s father.

DH is overcome with grief. SP hands the tainted bottle to PS and tells him to report a murder.

MS deduces it must be HS. CP has just transformed into a man on a mission to end a problem once and for all. He takes off on a trail that leads back to his horse, into the woods, with his sword unsheathed. “Where are you? I’m alone. Come out.”

HS emerges from behind a boulder and lowers her hood.

CP:  I… I… regretted everyday and questioned myself if ruling the evil with anger was too hasty of a decision. If it was the best choice 5 years ago. So when you appeared alive, I was sincerely glad. I had another chance to rule it with good deed. I thought it was the right thing to do! I thought you’d change too! If you changed, I thought I’d be happy too! But… look at us now. Is this the result of my sincerity?! How… how an ill-fated relationship we have.

HS:  I… I came here to talk to you (By shooting an arrow into the Princess? A wee bit Mental, yes? o_O ) I thought you’d at least be sad. But.. you were having fun with that woman (Ahem. That’s his WIFE 😡 ) After putting me in jail. How could you do that?

CP:  Okay. I understand. You can’t see me happy. I can’t forgive you. [Grips his sword] Right. Let’s die together. Our deaths will save everyone. Others have no fault. [Takes a few steps closer towards HS].

HS:  Don’t come.  [aims the arrow at him] Good lord, she’s beyond Mental! o_O You don’t think I can shoot you? Don’t come near!! [releases the arrow and hits CP in his torso]

He keeps walking towards her, with the arrow struck into his body, and he finally swings his sword and slashes her.



He falls on his back, losing blood, as he looks at the full moon  shining brightly in the night sky.


CP stirs awake, SP asks if CP can hear him. SP informs CP he is back in the Palace, so not to worry much. CP asks about Princess and SP says she’s hanging in there too. And he falls back to sleep.

Next day, CP wakes up and SP is still there by his side. First thing he says, “Princess?” SP repeats “Princess is fine!” and falls back to sleep yet again.

Night time, CP rouses from sleep and this time it’s his Eunuch next to him, “Princess?” He tells CP she is much better now. CP wants to see her, but the King sent her home to recover quickly. CP falls back to sleep.


A white coffin is laid into the ground and DH’s mother is sobbing uncontrollably. She didn’t want him to go to Hanyang. He had never been there before. And DH remembers how proud his father was of his achievement being the 6th Primary Royal Guard. DH receives a letter from SP:

How are you doing over there? I’m sorry I’m not with you now. I have some news.

[When MS found CP, he saw HS escaping through the woods. He directed the guards to catch her. But as she stumbles all the way to the end, it is an eight meter drop into a lake. She looks back at the guards who already prepared their bow and arrow. Two shots into her torso, she falls into the lake… and a body was washed up downstream few days after]

I know it won’t be of much comfort but I hope it will ease your anger somewhat.

HS is dead, but everything left is badly hurt. He’s recovering, but there’s something he doesn’t know. I couldn’t tell him. They said the Princess won’t make it.

DH is floored.

And now we’re arrested and interrogated. Everything is revealing because of that woman. I’m letting you know because it might affect you too. Please hide for a while. I hope you survive.

Just as he finishes reading the letter, a crew of officials make their way towards DH and the messenger confirms he is so.


KJJ is kept abreast of events: CP will recover, but Princess will not make it. He is impressed with HS’ craziness which in turn is helping him. During his interrogation, he lets slip that what happened in Anju was a personal one between her and CP and this tidbit reaches the King who then orders a reinvestigation of the Anju incident.

Minister Kim swears the Samchongsa made him rewrite the letter. And all other witnesses share the same list of names who orchestrated the Anju event: HSP, AMS, PDH. King is livid: ARREST THEM ALL!!

Reunion at Interrogation

SP, MS and DH are rounded up for questioning but before the officer could begin, the King arrives. He wants to talk with them directly. Everybody OUT. The King wants to know one thing: Who is the third that makes up Samchongsa? Is it the Prince? They remain silent. TELL ME!! ISN’T IT THE PRINCE?!

DH:  It’s me. I’ll tell you everything. Us three used the Prince’s name. I wanted to be successful faster and have a better life. I thought people wouldn’t know if I told them I was the Prince.

SP and MS catch onto DH’s strategy and support his story by confirming they were the ones who planned the event at Anju. SP apologizes for using CP’s name so freely as they have been close friends for many years.

The King is pacing in his quarters, not quite believing their story. His eunuch announces CP has woken up (thinking the King would want to check on CP) but he asks for the Investigating Officer. King orders the officer to kill the Samchongsa NOW.

CP’s eunuch runs like an Olympian across the Royal court and alerts him to the King’s death penalty on Samchongsa on that day. What should we do?

DH, MS and SP are escorted to the punishment site, and they gulp in horror when they see three noose prepared for them. Oh. Mai. Gad. Is this REALLY happening? o_O

Eunuch tells CP that his men lied to protect him. Just as CP was about to mention something about the king, he notices two Courtiers making their way towards the Princess’ palace. He turns to his eunuch, “What is going on? Is there something else you haven’t told me?”

Princess’ room

He walks in quietly and sees his sweetheart, pale and swarthed under thick blankets. She hasn’t recovered from her wounds. He is extremely worried. Kneels down next to her and caresses her cheek. She hasn’t woken up since that night.

Hanging Site

The King arrives, proclaims he is extremely angry with the whole situation, so proceed with the death penalty! The three of them still cannot believe this is ACTUALLY happening to them. SP asks DH if he regrets opening his big mouth. No, at least he doesn’t die alone. Everyone will die at some point anyway. The noose is brought over their heads. MS begins praying, DH looks on calmly, SP chants “this is crazy, this is crazy.”

WAIT!! CP’s eunuch zooms into the picture, “The Crown Prince is here!”

SP:  Man! Why is he always late?!

DH:  Are we going to live?

The King doesn’t heed the announcement and tells them to proceed. Officers take away the the beam the men were standing on. They are now choking to death. Literally. CP runs and stands before the King. “I am the other member of Samchongsa!” Only then does the King order to stop the execution. Geez. This mental King is a sadist.

CP kneels before the King, saying his men were merely following his orders, so he will accept the punishment. Whatever accusations/ theories/ conspiracies the King throws at CP, he accepts responsibilities for all. “Are you even qualified to be a Prince?!” No, I’m not.

King:  Whoever the member is, it’s still the Three Musketeers who manipulated the case. So if you’re one of them you must be punished too. The Three Musketeer’s act should be ruled a death. PDH should also die for his false testimony. Hang all four of them!

Do I need to drag His Majesty’s behind into The Cage and reboot his system? o_O

Minister:  Your Majesty, he just recovered himself. You can investigate this later.

Minister:  This won’t solve anything, Your Majesty. We should discuss first –

King:  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Get the Prince up there now!

All Ministers:  Your Majesty, please forgive the Prince! You can’t do this, Your Majesty.

King:  He confessed himself, so there’s no chance. Proceed.

SP:  What the – Who told you to die with us?! Do you think we’ll be grateful?! This is a meaningless death!

DH:  Then I confessed what I didn’t have to. Why did you come? You should have rested.

CP:  I’m sorry.

King:  Do you all want to die? What are you doing?! … How do you feel up there? Are you scared? Now you see how big your crime is? What do you think up there?

CP:  I regret it. (Regret what? – King) I made them die when they’re innocent. I put my wife’s life in danger. I couldn’t see her sincerity. I ruled the evil with evil. Also, I killed someone as a prince. I also had them deceive the government. It’s all my fault.

King:  So are you saying you want to die alone?

CP:  If that’s possible, … Yes, Your Majesty.

Minister:  Your Majesty. He’s reflecting himself. Please forgive him.

King:  Proceed. Now. This is more about bruised ego more than anything 😡 Stop. Cheonna, I can help fix that throbbing at your frontal lobe. Really. Bring Choi Myung Gil. The teacher is at fault for all this. We’ll discuss about the Prince’s dethronement and their punishment. Come back inside.

Eunuch piggybacks CP all the way to his quarters and asks for the doctor. His wound had reopened. The other three are moved back to their cell, in the same place as KJJ.

Meeting the King

Lord Choi and KJJ (both are bound) are brought in to face the King. He called them both because he wanted to talk to them: He is scared of CP. He brought CP out to the execution site to gauge his reaction. He wanted to see CP beg and cry for forgiveness. King thought CP would blame others. He wanted to teach his son a lesson.

But, without hesitation, he went up there with his men and even asked if he could die alone. King doesn’t like that about CP. Lord Choi says to take it as CP’s bravery. But King doesn’t want others to see his son braver than he is.

FACE PALM! o_O I knew it was about the Ego. Always about the ego…

King is worried people will begin to follow CP who is braver than the current King. What would happen if he has more followers? KJJ can see where the King is going “Are you thinking of dethronement?”

KJJ suggests the King to keep all of them. He has built a decent relationship with Later Jin and if he dethrones the Prince, that may create confusion. So just watch over them and use the Prince to strengthen the bond with Later Jin.

Lord Choi concurs with KJJ’s suggestion, but he knows the latter does only things that will be to his benefit.

After many days and nights…

Eunuch:  We’re in the mourning period though. He doesn’t even know she’s –

CP’s Eunuch:  Let’s tell his later. He needs to recover first.

Eunuch:  He needs to know before the funeral ends. If he finds out later –

Princess:  Your Highness, are you crying? Why are you crying? Did you have a bad dream? Your Highness…

CP:  Am I dreaming now? (What? – Princess) Are you really alive?

Princess:  What?… Her Highness Jung Bin passed away last night. We worried since she was old, but all of a sudden… We couldn’t tell you because you weren’t awake. Did you cry thinking I was dead? I’m alive… You were the one who’s been sick for a long time. You cried because of me? Really?… Oh my! I’m glad I’m alive. Who’d ever know? You cried for me.

CP:  Forget it. (What? – Princess) Erase this from your memory forever. If you bring this up again, I won’t forgive you.

Princess:  I’ll think about it, it depends on how you do.

CP:  Did you just say you’ll think about it?

Princess:  I’m not scared of anything after I almost died. I’m not scared of you at all now.

CP:  Don’t smile. We’re in the period of mourning.

Princess:  Don’t smile. We’re in the period of mourning.

Shimyang, Later Jin

It’s snowing and General YGD enters an imperial court to meet his Emperor. He tells GD to get ready to attack Joseon once the river is frozen.

Four months later, Emperor and his battalion are marching into Joseon, and the King flees the palace, abandoning his people. CP and Princess were captured as hostages.

Two years later

DH arrives in Shimyang carrying out the King’s Order. DH’s assistant informs him they will visit Shimyangguan (place where CP and Princess are held hostage) tomorrow, but DH has sent a message of his arrival. SP should be at DH’s with a drink by now…

DH and his man enter a Club Shimyang for drinks since the three men he wanted most to meet were not available that evening. DH finds a spot for them to sit. A waiter comes by and asks for their order. Drinks. And he just leaves when he hears DH speak Hangeul. DH halts another waiter who was passing by their table:

DH:  What are you –

SP:  It has been awhile! You look better now? Not as much as me! How have you been? I missed you! (Me too – DH)  Tani waited for you for so long! Why did you come now? You didn’t get the letter? (What letter? – DH) I sent many Tani’s letters to you, but there was no reply.

DH:  It must be because I moved. By the way, who’s Tani?

SP:  Tani! Tani, the one you promised to get married to. (What? – DH)

PS:  Did you promise you’ll marry her if she saves you? She said you must keep that promise!

SP:  Now you’re here finally. Tani will be so joyful! Get married here, while you’re here! (What nonsense – DH)

Voice:  Samchongsa! Samchongsa are here!!

DH:  Isn’t that AMS? Look at him!

SP:  I’ll see you later.

DH’s Man:  I think they’re from Joseon. What are they? (Samchongsa – DH) What? The three what?

DH:  They’re my friends.

SP:  Look over there…

CP:  If you’re free, come on it… We’re short of staff here. (What’s going on? – DH)

SP:  You know we never do bad things…

DH:  Please wait here for a while. Let me help them.

CP:  How’ve you been?

DH:  I’ve been fine. I was worried about this place.  I didn’t know you were having fun.

CP:  We’re not going anywhere.

Gangsters:  The Three Musketeers. Are they The Three Musketeers? Yes, they’re The Three Musketeers.

Voiceover: The Three Musketeers were more popular on the Continent.

DH: They all know you?

CP:  They don’t know the face of the Prince anyways.

SP:  We can simply hit and run here.

MS:  They slaughtered Joseon’s servants. Let’s show them the price.

Gangster Lead:  Kill them all!

Voiceover: There seemed to be more things for them to do. As well as for me too.


KJJ returns to his homestead and notices a figure lurking in the dark. Who could that be. The person moves out from the shadows, shocking KJJ in the process.

Guess who has earned the nickname “The One Who Cannot DIE?”

HS meets with KJJ wants him to pay up his promise. She “died” because of her ambition to become the Princess.

So, you want to be a Princess again?

HS:  I want to be the King’s Woman.


Love to see the Bromance going on strong and I demand more SKINSHIP between CP and Princess in Season 2.

However, I’m thisclose to strangling writer-nim for granting HS her nth vial of life.



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