Misaeng Ep 6: Beware of Hubris, It’s Rather Sneaky

Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back.

– Publilius Syrus


BK loves being the early bird in the office. First one in, no one to bother him, makes his cup of coffee and goes through the various schedules for the day, and reads latest news online. Very organized and ready to conquer the world… that is, until his immediate boss struts in.

Sales Team 3 erupts into raucous joy in their corner, having successfully close their Uzbekistan deal. Chief Oh is on cloud nine and wants to treat his team: A cup of coffee 😀 . They all arrive in the pantry where BK is alone minding his business. The camaraderie within Sales Team 3 is palpable, something that doesn’t exist in BK’s team, and he may be jealous of GR’s luck in that.

Someone is being chewed by his superior for always giving in to the client’s needs rather than protecting theirs in the seating area next to the pantry. Is this a normal occurrence in South Korea to be publicly maligned by superiors in office settings? o_O

DS notes it’s Mr. Park from IT who is genuinely a nice guy. Chief Oh adds Mr. Park is a great employee who cooperates well with his clients. Apparently, the newbies will have a task rotation at IT department as well and BK mentions Mr. Lee (the One who just chewed off Mr. Park) will lead their training.

Resource Team

Mr. Jung is belittling YY’s intelligence regarding her documentation. How can rubber trees grow in Siberia? She explains she basically referred to Mr. Ha’s document for an MoU (who is shooting lasers from his eyes at her) and she quickly shifts to the possibility of her mixing it up with the Indonesian papers. She will rectify it.

ep6_ResTeamSY witnesses the demeaning session from afar. Mr. Jung continues his shouting drill at YY who remains silent, until he changes his tune to accusing her of informing Sales Team 3 about the B\L. YY keeps mum. Frustration brimming within, Mr. Jung throws the papers onto the table and says that is why he doesn’t trust women. Get out! You are not needed in here! Pick up the papers and revise your mistakes! What do the other male co-workers do? Smirk and fill their shells with smugness.

SY dashes to Sales Team 3 corner and whispers to GR that YY is in trouble because of the B\L. She’s cool to stand up for justice, but will that bite her back? DS returns to their corner whining about a complication. SY asks if it has something to do with their Wilmart account. SY the ever charming narrator says (in a not so subtle way) that if Team 3 gets to pull off this job, Teams 1 and 2 will get the credit. But none for Team 3, yet it’s something they must do. It’s discouraging, isn’t it? SY sighs. “Is there anything you DON’T know?” DS looks at SY suspiciously.

IS SY campaigning himself to be surrogate member of Team 3? LOL!! XD XD

Just as SY takes a few steps out of Team 3’s corner, DS exclaims they’ve received contact from Wilmart. SY skips over to Chief “We have information!” BWAHAHAHAHA!! This guy is precious! XD Four of them crowd over DS’ computer. Chief scrolls down the email and then shouts out with joy. The boss of Wilmart is his schoolmate who didn’t do well academically back then but look where he is today. YEAH!!

Chief:  YY-Sshi, samples? That won’t be easy to move them alone.

YY:  Mr. Ha is going to come, but he’s running late. He’ll come soon. (Really? Good luck. Let’s go – Chief) Go ahead.

GR:  Are you okay? (Yes, I can handle it – YY) Not this… (Go ahead. I’m fine – YY)… Shouldn’t we help her?

Chief Oh:  We’re running late too.

GR:  She ended like that helping us –

Chief:  Mr. Ha is going to come. There he is. If he sees us helping her, he won’t like it.

Mr. Ha:  What? You should’ve asked for help. They really owe you big time. What? Got ignored?  (Jab, Cross, Elbow and a high kick for you! 😡 )

YY:  Why should I ask for their help when you will help? I’m in Resources-

Ha:  Then why did you do that? What’s in your brain? You know what our boss said? He said this is probably what adultery feels like! (Another candidate to be thrown into the cage for some ‘realignment’ )


Ha:  How dare you yell at me? Do your work! What? (Nothing – YY) So many problems… Go to the medical office. I Said GO!… Is she doing that on purpose?

YY:  Why’d I bring this? I’m an idiot.

BK:  What’s with your foot? (It’s nothing… BK, give it to me – YY) I told you it’d be tough. (Give it to me – YY) Weren’t you going to the medical office?

YY:  I can go by myself. Please leave those on my desk.

Wilmart Conference Room

Chief Oh remarks his friend hasn’t changed, still sticks to his “Korean Time” (ie 30 minutes past the appointed time). He finally turns up and the old friends greet each other enthusiastically. He excuses himself for a short while to approve some documents. Chief Oh is over the moon with his great luck seeing his friend after all this time and who will help them achieve their Sales target as well.

Wilmart boss in his own room has a different expression all together, “Friends? He must be crazy!” and continues a game of online Baduk.

He made them wait for hours in the conference room. When he does finally show up, he shows a different demeanor. Rather cold and aloof, telling Oh Sang Sik that he will review the data and contact him when he can. His assistant drops him to remind him of an executive meeting he has to attend to, but he needs to put a tie on before that. Chief Oh quickly undoes his and offers his tie to his “friend”. It was a tie his children had saved their money as a gift for him, a fact GR knew.

Sales Team 3

DS is cheery when he sees Chief and GR return from the meeting, but notices the dourness emanating from his boss. Chief is not as optimistic with the Wilmart deal now. While he slurps his bowl of instant ramen at the rooftop, the “friend” calls and invites him and GR out for drinks. Hope floats again. Somehow, I don’t have a good feeling about this…


Chief brings the client to a famous Pigs Feet restaurant that was extremely difficult to get last-minute reservations. Byun scoffs at how the place is beneath him. Instead, he brings them to a high-end entertaining spot and introduces the owner of the place to them. Chief requests for their privacy for them to begin discussions, but Byun holds onto the owner’s arm and tells them she can stay on while they talk. And the said hand travels down to squeeze her thigh. It was not missed by Chief Oh and GR. UGH. Another SLIME BALL 😦

The night’s chat was pretty much putting Chief Oh in his place, the salesman who has to suck up to entrepreneurs like him to make small pittance. GR doesn’t like where this is headed. Throughout the night, Chief Oh had to endure all sorts of barbs and backhanded remarks about his station in life by laughing like a drunken mad man. But in reality, it was his only way of dealing with the humiliation. GR thoroughly understands the situation and helps Chief out the best way he can.


When the agonizing party is over, Chief Oh pays the taxi driver to send the prospective client home and what does Byun do? Throws the Chief Oh’s tie onto the road.

Mr. Park from IT is instructed to resolve an issue with a client who has been asking for delay one time too many. The client explains his daughter was in an accident, and promises he will iron out all issues.

A call from Wilmart Purchasing Team is dispatched to Sales Team 3. The outcome: Proposal Rejected.

Chief Oh calls Byun to find out what the reasons are. He said it was nothing much, perhaps more on the marketing side, but honestly, they didn’t have the intention to go their way. He just wanted Chief Oh to kiss up to him just like he did when they where kids. Yet another one for the cage 😡

DS can sense the disappointment in Chief. He webchats with GR telling him the hardest part of closing the sale is entertaining your friend. Entertaining someone inevitably happens in a vertical dynamic, and it’s more embarrassing when he’s your friend.

Mr. Park is told to bring the newbies along (as part of their training) when he visits the sub-contractors. BK is disappointed when he was informed of who will lead their IT attachment. Chief Oh sends GR to the rooftop to pick up the paper bits (which was the contract he ripped apart and threw) and he sees Mr. Park there as well. He introduces himself and mentions he will be accompanying him on the trip to meet the subcons.

Yeong Seong Industries

This is their client and they have been working with a Chinese semi-conductor firm but some problems have occurred recently: Delayed deliveries. They keep saying they have no goods in stock. BK suggests perhaps they may have another client, because existing clients usually think they’re safe. Mr. Park pooh-poohs the suggestion. They’ve built trust with him.

Voice behind doors:  We’re busy now, so leave One International for now. They’re new, so manage them well. Try to hold out One International on the phone as long as possible. Mr. Park? He’s soft, so he’s not much of a problem. So I’ll carry on with that. It’ll be awesome!

BK:  So they think of us as a pushover. Mr. Park, we’ll return to the office.

Mr. Park:  Oh, okay. Sorry. GR, I’m sorry. Go back.

GR:  I’ll stay a bit longer. (GR-Sshi, let’s talk – BK) What? (GR, I think we should leave now – BK)  Mr. Park was so perplexed… and the training isn’t over.

BK:  There’s nothing we can do for him here. The site trip is meaningless too now. Do whatever you want. I’ll get going.

Mr. Park voiceover:  Sure. They think of us as a pushover. Me and the company. I wasn’t cut out for this work to begin with.

Client:  Oh! Mr. Park! Are you done talking?  (I should resign – Voiceover) Why didn’t you call me in advance? Where did the other man go?

GR:  He had to return to the office

Client:  Oh. Let’s go in –  (When will you resolve our issue? – Mr. Park)  Right away! Of Course! I talked with you on the phone! (I’m a fool – Mr. Park)

Mr. Park:  Yes, you’re right. We talked on the phone.

Client:  Sorry. I was going to resolve it first, but choices increased because of new businesses. (Let’s leave – voiceover)

Flashback: You’re considerate of the interests among the companies – I said firmly – “Let’s do it by the book!”

GR: Show him what you’ve got. Show him. Show him What You’ve GOT!

Voiceover:  It was all lies. There’s no choice that will satisfy everyone. Take responsibility for your own choice. Did I want to become a nice guy who never complains? Did I ever take responsibilities at the workplace?

Client:  We made a mistake.

Mr. Park:  Will it be okay to do it by the book? (If I don’t do it now, it’ll be the same wherever I go)

They all meet the CEO of the company. Client rep apologizes again and will make sure their order will leave Incheon tomorrow. Mr. Park remains steadfast: We will do it by the book.

CEO looks at Mr. Park in the eye and asks exactly what does he mean “by the book?” The assured IT salesman loses his confidence when he realizes he may be the cause of losing one long-standing client just because he had an inspiring moment to not be pushed again.

GR’s explanation of the situation:

The reason they were shocked and continued to persuade him is because Mr. Park was not like this before. It’s like they’re looking one way or another. He’s [CEO] looking at them but he is criticizing Mr. Park.

GR reaches for his phone and texts Mr. Kim to call him back on his phone. “Sorry, the company is calling me,” everyone stops making drama as they watch GR walk towards the door. He stands behind it, but leaves it ajar enough for them to hear his conversation:

Hello? Can you hear me? [excuse to speak even louder 😀 ]

When are we coming back? I think it’ll take a while. There’s a problem here. The President will visit us and explain himself.

He said so himself!

Voiceover: Clever moves [the clients bickering but criticizing in reality] are dealt by proper moves [bring them in for questioning].

I’ll report to you when we’re done.


IT is a FLURRY of activities back at One International the moment word got out that the CEO and his men will be dropping by HQ. SY, ever the intrepid breaking news person, stumbles into the frenzy and absorbs bits of information thrown all over the office: Yeong Seong is coming to One International, which is unheard of. Ever.

SY gets off the elevator at main lobby just in time to see THE group walking towards him. Daebak! He whispers excitedly to himself. SY holds the elevator doors while everyone hustles in. And he joins in as well. All the way to the intended floor, much to GR’s annoyance! XD XD

Everyone gets off on the 20th floor, and the clients are ushered to a guest room to rest while their team has a quick update from the men who visited their site. Mr. Park requests for GR’s involvement in the meeting as he was instrumental in getting the three top men of Yeong Seong to their office. SY is beside himself with disbelief. What in the world did GR do?! o_O Guess where he goes to poke for more info? 🙂

Office on 15th Floor

SY:  Baek Ki, Baek Ki, Baek Ki! [clap, clap, clap] Yeong Seong or whatever is here now! Our risk management [snap]and legal teams [snap] are all there.

BK:  I’m surprised. He didn’t seemed that brave.

SY:  It’s a big issue. GR went into that big meeting. (What? – BK) Young Yi-Sshi! There was a big issue today. GR is going into One International’s Big Meeting.

How was it possible a newbie could enter that meeting? Does that mean GR may be promoted earlier than them? GED Legend! What can he DO? YY asks why BK came back early then? SY hits it on the nail: Mr. Park is not exactly a role model for someone like BK.

Meeting with the Department Heads

Mr. Park’s confidence has vaporized and when he was questioned to report on his findings, he stumbles over his words. GR could see the man shrinking into hole and he scribbles a note and hands it to Mr. Park: The secret is to scrap unnecessary things when in a crisis. Be irresponsible! You can’t take care of everyone.

He starts off as per GR’s suggestion, and his report flows smoothly. However, he reaches a point where he bares his true self, someone who understands problems faced by others and his readiness in accepting responsibility over the debacle. A man who dares to meet head on whatever comes his way. GR cringes inside. Oh. Mai. Gad. This is the end of the line for Mr. Park.

However, the Department Heads’ reaction to Mr. Park’s conviction was the opposite of what GR and Mr. Park expected. They saw someone who was worthy to continue his services in One International. GR is humbled by what he learned in the meeting.

The meeting with Yeong Seong went well and they signed a new agreement that benefits both YS and One International.

Outside Main Entrance

BK walks over to GR who is sitting rather glumly by himself at the taxi stand. Did something bad happen? GR says he couldn’t be of any help. BK tells him, as newbies, they are not in a position to do much anyway. Mr. Park joins them and calls out GR by name. BK excuses himself but he catches Mr. Park thanking GR.

DS:  That’s how it’s like here. We can’t help from having various risks. No matter how you prepare, accidents happen. You can’t ask employees to take responsibility each time. So the company focuses on finding solutions for these issues.

GR:  When you were punished last time –

Chief:  That’s why it’s nonsense. Even if the firm protects you, you suffer. If you don’t write a thorough report they could ask you to take responsibility if something similar happens.

DS:  Mr. Oh, shall I write the Wilmart process report?

Chief:  It’s okay. I’ll do it.

Wilmart Ramen Report: Friggin, friggin, friggin, friggin…


[Text message from wife]: I sent you an email, so read it.


Teacher’s voice:  What’s a Tradingman?

Son:  Tradingman is the ultrabest hero in the world! He buys products for everyone on earth. They make poor countries rich. While supplying water to those without. Also, he beats Superman, Batman and Ironman. (Don’t lie! – other kid) I’m NOT! I’ll tell my dad and scold you!

Sales Team 2 Mgr: He’s a tough one. Have him work as one too.

DS:  Do it! Now! You! You! Totally like you!!

Chief:  Yeah… that’s why I work here.

GR’s voiceover:  Right. Everyone has their own game of Go.



I highly recommend Sisters around the world to take up a fantastic stress-releasing program of Kick Boxing.

Punch and kick all your angst out and adopt a Fighter stance when you get back to work the next day.



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