Misaeng Ep 5: We’re the “Whoa” in Man

Show respect to all people, but grovel to none.

– Tecumseh


It has been a week since the four of them became official new employees of Global One International. However, the Super Performing Interns are reduced to nobodies in their respective departments. Hands-on Supremo SY is like a fish out of water in the office, BK is rendered useless by his Seniors, and super efficient YY is now a fantastic delivery/ coffee girl. GR remains as is, but Chief still gets riled up by little mistakes made by Sales Team 3’s new addition.

GR and YY are waiting for an escalator at the main lobby and Chief Oh brisk walks towards them with a smile on his face. GR prepares to return the warm smile but he soon finds out Chief was looking only at YY. Ms Sun Ji Young from Sales Team 1 joins the waiting crowd and Oh comments her tardiness. She had to drop her daughter off at the daycare center as her husband is working. Oh compliments Ms Sun by saying she was the most popular employee whom most guys wanted to have drinks with… until YY joined.

Chief Oh instructs GR on the method of effectively updating DS and himself: Summary of what is sent to where and when.

In another corner of the office, Mr. Ma of Resources is chewing Mr. Jung for the missing original B/L from the Turkmenistan file. The cowardly Mr. J calls Chief Oh and loudly demands for the said document and berates him for not training his team well enough and hangs up. Chief Oh, still bewildered from the sudden attack, calls him back and says, “Are you with Mr. Ma now?” He knew. That idiot was simply puffing hot air in front of his boss, but to accuse his team of sloppy work? “Do you WANT me to GO there or should You COME to ME?”

He comes, still thinking he is in the right, brings up the past that caused much problem for Oh, and the Chief loses it. The other teams close to their corner witnessed the incident and Oh was separately pulled aside by his superior for his unprofessional reaction.

Mr. Ma insists on a public apology from Oh and it must be posted on the company’s intranet. His motive is clear: To embarrass Chief Oh.

GR crosses path with YY and inquires if Mr. J is alright. GR explains his boss was sure he sent the original B/L to Resources. YY understands GR’s meaning but says she can’t look into that matter.

Conference Room

The newbies are assembled in a conference room for their training session with Ms. Sun. SY apologizes to GR about what he said at the rooftop regarding Chief Oh. He was about to share Chief Oh’s past but Ms. Sun enters the room, all bright and cheery to start off training. While Ms. Sun begins the session, her phone vibrates – call from husband, which she declines. Few seconds after, a text message pops from husband asking her to pick their daughter up because he has a funeral to attend. It was a directive, not a request to find out if she could actually take care of it. She continues, “Lesson for the day: Understand and learn the importance of written communication. ” Precisely o_O

After training

The foursome go their separate ways, and GR keeps sneaking looks at Chief Oh while he types in forms at this cubicle. Due to his lapse in concentration, the may have mistakenly typed Condom export instead of Condo export. LOL! Oh-oh, hope this doesn’t bite back later! XD

GR sees SY to get the scoop on Chief Oh’s past: Someone died because of Chief Oh. He was an assistant manager then. Something his subordinate did went wrong. Mr. Oh must’ve been at fault too. He ignored the subordinate when he resigned. The ex-colleague opened a small shop with his mother, but he died in an accident while making a delivery. So they’re saying it wouldn’t have happened if Chief had taken responsibility.

Hmmm… methinks there’s more to this. Office gossip can never be taken at face value :/

GR knows Chief Oh is someone who wouldn’t shirk his responsibilities. YEAH!

Rooftop (s)

GR goes to get some air after hearing SY’s story, and DS suddenly enters the rooftop as well, but it’s the lower floor rooftop (Ohh… I didn’t know there were two rooftops 🙂 ) followed by Chief. GR quickly steps out of sight, but listens in…

DS:  They’re thinking whatever they want! Why won’t you say something?!

Chief:  What are they thinking wrong?

DS:  The ED signed a contract with a bad company. You know it was an absurd contract. You know everyone knew it was a bad company. I heard he even got a commission while Eun Jae took all the blame. His death has nothing to do with you, so just tell them the truth!

Chief:  Nothing will change whether it was my fault or his. That time, I didn’t take the responsibility. How I didn’t say I would take responsibility won’t change.

DS:  Chief, how many people could take responsibility in  that situation? Everyone would’ve done the same.

Chief:  Let’s go… Ya! We need to prepare for the training meeting.

Resource Team

A female co-worker collapses, and Ms. Sun who happened to be there instructs the others to bring her to the imfirmary. Mr. Ma grumbles women are troublesome. She’s pregnant again? How many kids does she want? How selfish can she be? What’s the point for women to graduate from university, get married and be pregnant when others have to cover for her when she goes on maternity leave?


Sales and Resource Team have an expedient meeting on a particular client and everyone is clear on tasks at hand. Meeting can be wrapped up…

Ma: How can we wrap it up? There’s no B/L…

Jung:  Sir, you can talk about that later.

Ma:  You really won’t give it over?

Chief:  I told you it’s been given over.

Ma:  What company is on in this too? How much did you pocket?

Ms. Sun:  Sir! You know Mr. Oh wouldn’t do that.

Ma:  You be quiet. Women should know their place. (Sir! – Ms Sun)

Chief:  Then you should’ve talked to me in private.

Ma:  What?! Why aren’t you apologizing? Why won’t you upload it?

Chief:  Since there’s nothing to apologize about.

Ma:  Why not? After hitting a man? Gosh… you’ve aged, but you’re still irresponsible. Still… Irresponsible, what do kids say these days… (Irresman)… The irresman is evolving by the day.

Chief:  This isn’t about what happened last year is it? (What? – Ma) The complaint regarding the sexual harassment issue. When I stood witness.

Ma:  Ya! Oh Sang Sik! Why bring it up here? WHY BRING UP CHIEF OH’S MATTER, IDIOT? And sexual harassment? Why’s that sexual harassment? She shouldn’t have worn that low-cut shirt. Did I touch or look inside? ‘If you’re going to hide yourself each time you bend over why’d you wear that? Just let it all hang out.’ Is that sexual harassment? THAT’S sexual harassment? That was sarcasm. I meant don’t wear such stuff.

Ms Sun:  ‘There’s nothing worth seeing’ you added that.

Ma:  So, is that sexual harassment? Asking them for a cup of coffee is too. Worrying they can’t get married is too. I hate all these tough women. Young Yi. You tell me. Is that sexual harassment? Is it? Why can’t you answer me?

YY:  I think it is if the person who heard it was sexually offended.

Ma:  What? What did you just say? Put this imbecile in the cage and I’ll gladly beat his sorry behind 😡 Where are you going?!

Chief:  You told me to write an apology! I’m going to do that!

The other on-lookers in the room could see that Chief Oh is someone who would stand up for justice, and he does good work too. So, not everyone in the corporation sees him in an unfavorable light, but like most everyone in the office, they just keep such thoughts to themselves. SY asks BK if he ever saw the document since he had been an intern two months back. He denies it. But he knows he DID see the original B/L in the file sent by Sales Team 3.

YY confronts him: “Did you really not see it?”

Outside the office, BK tells YY to not get involved in the mess. He didn’t say outright that he saw it, but implies that even if he did, he would stay loyal to his team. Ugh. You’re another one who’s head is NOT screwed on properly.

SY:  Mr. Oh is a Real Man! [Frigging Sorry]

DS:  GR, read this. Come one. (Sorry – GR) All of it. (Sorry. Frigging Sorry – GR)

Ma:  Why that psycho –

DS:  Mr Oh… why did you do that?!

Chief:  What? Why? He wanted an apology so I gave one. I wanted to give a nice Granny Red but they’re out now. (Sir! – DS)

Ma:  OH SANG SIK!! You want to see this to the end?

Chief:  Come on. I wrote the apology.

Ma:  Hey! Do you need a lesson to come back to your senses? I said I’d wrap it up with an apology.

Chief:  That’s what I did. I said I’m really sorry.

GR:  Are you okay?… There was a big thug when he got hit…

Chief:  You want a piece of me?! How dare you! Who do you think you are?… Are you okay? Are your bones okay? Nothing broken? (I’ll go to the hospital – DS) Go ahead. Get CT Scans, MRI the works.. If your brain gets damaged it’s bad!

Jung:  Sir, let’s go… Call me if there are any problems.

DS:  It’s okay…. I’ll go to Accounting.

Chief:  Okay. GR, get me some water.

LOL!! ❤ the teamwork!

GR was the only one who genuinely believed DS was truly injured and was out of his brains worried for DS and Chief. Awww.

Crowd disperses from the spectacle and YY returns the file in the safe. She is sent off for a coffee delivery yet again, but this time the two men in Resources are worried that their cover-up of THEIR mistake is escalating to a dangerous level. Jung should’ve just said the truth from the beginning: HE forgot to include the original B/L in the file for Ma to sign.

Chief Oh overhears Ms. Sun delaying the team meeting again because of her personal matter. Being sensitive to the challenges of a working mom, he sends GR over to her so that he can pick up her daughter instead. Plus he didn’t want GR to cause any more slip ups in the office when Chief saw GR loitering near Resource Team.


Ms. Sun had called ahead and the minder knew GR was picking up So Mi. He sees there are more than 10 kids also waiting for their parents to pick them up. GR offers to chaperone them in the playground, so they are not cooped in the room for the rest of the day. A young daycare guardian offers to go home late so that she can help look after the kids too… or does she have an ulterior motive? 🙂

One by one, the kids return with their parents until only So Mi is left.

Ms. Sun is still in the office, preparing a room for a meeting. YY helps her with the files and asks her whether she should so something that is right, but may complicate a situation even further. And will that be yet another criticism of her gender? Ms Sun asks “What does gender have to do with what is right? It has to do with your conscience.”

YY meets GR at the playground where he had piggybacked So Mi to sleep. She finally tells him about her discovery and apologizes for not taking any action then.


She gives GR the location of the file and offers to look after So Mi instead. GR thanks YY and takes off. Young teacher returns and to her dismay, YY has stepped in to take care of So Mi. She asks for GR’s phone number.

Resource Team

GR opens the file cabinet and searches for the document… however, it’s no longer there o_O

Mr. Jung catches GR in the act, and he checks the folder himself. He freaks out when he doesn’t see what was supposed to be there. He goes into his Mentor Ma mode and accuses Chief Oh of sending an incompetent newbie to do the dirty work of snooping. He shouts loudly for Chief, but everyone has gone home. He makes a phone call, threatening GR’s career-ending move and a phone rings behind them. Chief Oh has been watching from the back the whole time. Jung goes for the jugular but before he can complete his sentence, Chief shows the document he has in hand: The Original B/L. “Do you want to be embarrassed in front of a newbie?”


Jung can still be in denial mode even with the original document in plain sight. Oh says Someone knows it’s from Resources. He warns Jung “I won’t bring this up if you don’t bring up Eun Jae. Tell Mr. Ma you found it. And upload an apology. You dare screw Sales Team 3 again, I’ll kill you.”

Chief Oh returns to his corner and sees GR still working at his cubicle. He simply walks past and sits behind his desk. GR stands to attention and apologizes, waiting for the punishment for his actions.


Shall we go out for drinks?



GR shakes off what he thought he saw were heart-shaped lights glowing around his beloved grumpy, but wise boss. XD XD XD

At the restaurant Chief Oh pours a drink for GR and even places some dishes on his bowl of rice. GR wants to know who gave the heads up to Chief, but he refuses to say.

YY returns to the office with GR’s jacket and sees BK at the corner. He’s the likely informant, methinks.

Ms. Sun is finally home putting So Mi to sleep after a challenging day at work. Yet, she does the laundry, folds the clothes away, washes the dishes and organizes the mess in the living room. A working mom does not stop working even when she’s home. True dat.

Ms. Sun:  How come she didn’t draw my face? Why are you so late?

Hubby:  I’m sorry. Where’s So Mi? (Sleeping – MSun) She drew this? (Yeah..  She didn’t draw my face. I feel like a ghost – MSun) I have nothing to say either. I guess I’m always sleeping.

Ms. Sun: You have golf tomorrow right? Your clothes are ready. (Things will be smooth – hubby) I’ll take care of So Mi tomorrow. (I’ll come straight home – hubby) There’s no solution. We’re working hard for ourselves,  but we’re suffering because of it. (It’ll be better when So Mi grows a bit – hubby)

Ms. Sun:  Yes, that’s right. I’ll take it there before 10. It’s ready

Teacher:  Hello. So Mi you came!

Ms. Sun:  Yes, that’s no problem. We’re making the orders… I’ll call you back.

Voiceover:  You were always looking at me like that. The back of my head.

Ms. Sun:  See you later.

Voiceover:  I won’t push you away again.

Ms. Sun:  So Mi, will you draw me again today? (Okay, I’ll draw you – So Mi)

Chief:  Honey! Where are my socks? Socks… (Why did you drink so much? – wife)

Kids:  Bye dad

Chief:  Study hard. (Work hard dad! – kids) What? It won’t open… Why is he here? (What is it? – wife)

Wife:  He brought you here last night. But I guess he was too drunk to go.

Chief:  What?… Hey GR! What are you doing?

GR:  Oh? … Hello.


The Road to Bro-hood has been paved XD




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