Thank God Weekend’s Here 11

Anyong Yarobun!

It has been a rather draining week, work-wise, but a non-stop water works one, drama-wise.

Man, we could see the ducks lined up for the home stretch in Spring Days and the way the writer left it in-definitive ending initially put me in the What-The-Frankenstein mode. However, after watching the last 5 minutes again, it embodied the continuation of hope for another recipient worthy of a second lease at life.

What was your reaction to the ending of Spring Days? Continuous questioning of the writer’s decision to take that “open” path?

Still, I felt the PAYNE for DH and PR especially… better not dwell too much on that. I have a dinner to attend in an hour and my swollen eyes have just settled back to normal, with Balenciaga eyebags o_O

SO! Birth of a Beauty premieres tonight, and yes, I need some FUNNIES to rid of the melancholic cobwebs. Perhaps I need to stay away from dramas that scream MELO  XD


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 🙂


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