Spring Day of My Life Ep 16: To Keep You In My Eyes and Heart

Life is so impermanent that it’s not about somebody else or things around me, it’s about knowing you are completely alone in this world and being content inside.

– K.D. Lang


From the Windy Hill, they return to the spot where their fate was sealed in Udo. BY and DH stroll along the path that leads to the lighthouse. BY wants to have a chat with SJ, probably for the last time. DH helps her to the big rocks, and leaves her by herself for her heart-to-heart chat.

BY’s ward

Dad asks who the nicely wrapped gifts are for. His wife says it’s for DH’s mother. Aww, she has accepted the fact that BY is truly DH’s wife and it’s only appropriate to follow through. The hospital is in a financial crisis and she has put up their home for sale and secured a loan too. A rather accountable Chairperson of an organization, yes?

BY, DH and Dr. K enter the room and her parents are happy to see her. BY smiles broadly and shares her achievement of reaching the Windy Hill. Mum shoots a worried look to DH. BY assures them the DH carried her most of the way.

DH apologizes to BY’s mum, promising a proper wedding when BY gets better.

Dr. K’s office

DH reports to his brother that BY loses consciousness and collapses often. He definitely looks less hopeful for BY’s recovery. Dr. K reveals he received report from Udo regarding BY. Her current condition is considered a miracle. What are BY’s options? Mechanical heart? Real Heart transplant yet again? The former solution would be difficult as the operation alone costs hundreds of millions and the hospital is in financial dire. DH begins to offer to cover the cost, but Dr. K explains it’s not handled in that manner. The mechanical heart is still in trial stages and the hospital has to fund it along with the Board’s approval.

BY and Mum

Mum asks if BY informed HS of their marriage. BY’ll meet her in person and inform her. DH enters ans BY whispers “Where did you go?” He came from Dr. K’s office. Mum tells DH the gift on the coffee table is for his mother, the other box is for BY. Then she hands over a small glossy black bag to DH and leaves them alone.

BY opens her gift: It’s a beautiful Hanbok, the attire she has to wear when she greets DH’s mum. BY tears up and asks to see DH’s gift. It is a beautiful watch. He suddenly feels bad for not doing anything for them. BY reaches out for the bottle of happy pills. DH inquires if she is sad. BY says she will no longer open the bottle when she feels down, but will fill it up whenever she is happy.

JW and Chairman Song

She apologizes to him for her deception and will accept punishment. He states that he had picked the “wrong” person from the get go. It was a mistake to bring her back to Hae Gil even when he was aware of her relationship with Dr. K. He’s pulling out of Hae Gil from now henceforth.

Dr. K meets JW as she steps out of her meeting with Chairman Song. He had a feeling she needed his support, and he tells her Chairwoman rejected her resignation. He appeals to JW to stay on at Hae Gil, for he is staying on for her. Dr. K is clearly stating his intention to pursue a relationship with JW.

SN and BY

BFF is placing framed pictures of her recent visit at Udo, spreading happiness all around the ward.

SN:  These are pictures from your wedding. I’ll put it right here. You can see it well right? And this… where shall I put this one? .. it looks good here. Hello Mr. Ceo and Ms. Plant Manager.

HS:  Hey. Sit, sit. What are you doing?

DH:  We’re late. We had to stop by somewhere. (It’s okay, let me bow for you Omeonim – BY)

HS:  Let’s just pretend that you did, alright?

BY:  I’m sorry. I know you have many concerns about me but I rushed the wedding.

HS:  Regardless of the order, it has already happened, and I’m happy about it, so don’t worry. I didn’t have much time for this, so I don’t know if you like it or not.

BY:  I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…

Just went through half a box of my Kleenex… 😥

HS:  Don’t be sorry. I just want you to get better. (Thank you – BY)

HS:  I appreciate the gift you sent me.

CW:  I had to do it because I know how disappointed you must be.

HS:  I’m not disappointed. She’s the only daughter you have. I’m only worried you might be disappointed in this marriage.

CW:  My husband and I are doing our best. We’ll do our best for her so she can be healthy again.

HS:  I came to see you because I have something to discuss with you. Our company’s budget for this year’s social work has already been allocated, so it’ll have to be in a form of a donation this year. But starting next year, I’d like to support your hospital financially.

Tissue! Tissue! 😥

HS:  This kind of support is a part of our company’s annual social work so I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable about it. My former daughter-in-law worked very hard for to make this kind of social work possible. If you use the funds for sick people she’d be very happy. Please do me this favor.

CW:  I don’t know… what to say.

Board Meeting

They are discussing the feasibility of performing a mechanical heart transplant for BY. Opposing board members bring up the issue of tainted reputation of Hae Gil should the operation be a failure, high risk of infection when re-transplanting the heart, and the fact that BY is Director’s daughter. Dr. K argues that BY is the best candidate for a mechanical heart transplant as she is critical need of one.

BY and DH

He sits next her on the bed while she writes happy notes for her new batch of happy pills:

Not every day is good. But there is something good in every day.

DH:  Who said that?

BY:  Pooh

DH:  Pooh? (Winne the Pooh – BY)


BY is happy to see her parents get to know DH’s children. BD greets Director as Harabeoji 😀


Kids and DH’s art decorate BY’s walls, along with her Udo map…

Her Happy Pills bottle gets filled up as moments spent with family and friends happen more often.


PR takes over story telling duties…

BY has just finished knitting a purple glove and places it in a gift box. She begins to cough… and coughs out blood


DH quickly masks his expression when BY looks up to him fearing for the worst. In Director’s office, the three men meet and Dr. K surmises there’s something wrong with BY’s lungs. Dad says BY has pulmonary hypertension and pneumonia too. That means she can’t have the mechanical heart transplant. Dad suggests to move BY to ICU and arrange for the surgery soon.

Dr. K reminds him they haven’t received approval yet and not to be hopeful for a positive outcome.

DH walks in the hallway and knows with certainty that BY’s days are definitely numbered. He is fighting very hard to not crumble within. Tissue! 😥

BY:  It’s done. (Here – DH)

DH:  Wow. Look at this. Happiness overflows.

Dr. K:  Free her airway… Bring it.


DH’s voiceover:  You have to save her. Save her! Save her!! Why can’t you save her? Why can’t you save her you bastard?!

DH:  You can do it. You can save her, DW.

DW:  Defibrillator… One, two, clear! …. Send her to ICU

DH and CW are waiting outside the ICU for Cardiovascular patients. Dr. K and Director walk out to meet them and update BY’s situation: Her heart and lung are in critical condition.


BY dreams of the time they were on Windy Hill when she was not confident of making to the top. DH tells her not to worry, he will always be next to her. As though she heard his voice in reality, she wakes up to see him next to her in the ICU.

Back to normal ward

Dad informs BY she will get the mechanical heart while waiting for a real one. A tired BY tells her dad she doesn’t want another surgery. If the surgery fails, she knows her father will be in deep trouble. Give the opportunity to someone who has a better chance of outliving her.

After her parents have left, DH quietly asks her if this was getting too much for her…


I want to live too. I want to stay with you. But I know I won’t be able to.


This is the spring time of my life, because I’m with you who I love dearly

DH asks what did BY tell SJ on her last day at Udo. She thanked her and if she didn’t have SJ’s heart, BY would blame the world and would have died 5 years ago, wishing it wasn’t her. If that would have happened, BY and DH wouldn’t have met and couldn’t love each other as they do now. And she also SJ if there was something else she could do for her.

DH tells BY she has accomplished it: DH and DW are on good terms now, his mother visits them more often, her parents got to know his children and vice versa. She’s mended many relationships between the families.

BY:  There’s someone I have to say goodbye to. She’s the one I can’t comfort with any kind of words.

SJ’s mum receives the gift of purple hand-knitted gloves. She reads the card:

Omma, your hands are always chapped so I wanted to make this for you. Thank you for giving birth to me and raising me. Be healthy, Omma. I love you.

BY’s ward


BY takes off the monitor to go somewhere…


…and finds this sweet gesture under her bed


PR asks why her Dad is home when he said he’ll protect BY in the hospital. DH hasn’t given up, but he thinks he should let her go. Would she die soon? PR is not one to mince words. She requests to say her farewell to BY.

BY:  Don’t let dad do the operation. I don’t want him to have a hard time again because of me.

Mum:  Don’t do this. Let’s have the operation. After the operation, if you’ll wait, we can get a donor. I want to cheer you up a little more. The people you love and the people who love you, there are so many of us.

BY:  I’ve had enough.

Mum:  But you’re the only one who has. What about me? What about your father? A parent’s love is endless.

BY:  If… If mum, … if I die by any chance, and your love for me lingers, but has nowhere to go, don’t bury it in your heart and suffer. Give it all to PR and BD.

DH brings PR to see BY


PR:  I’m glad I have a chance to say goodbye to you, because I couldn’t say goodbye to my mother. [PR holds BY’s hand] Don’t worry. Don’t worry about me and BD. We’re okay. We’re just going back to where we were, except it’ll be very different from the time before I met you. I was really happy to meet you, Unnie. (Me too – BY) I’ll explain to BD later. You told me that you’ll be in my heart even if I can’t see you.

BY hands over her bottle of happy pills to PR, and in return gives BY’s necklace hoping it’ll give her luck during her surgery. BY tells PR the necklace is hers to keep.


Next day

BY wakes up and DH is already by her side. Did you sleep well? BY wants a hug.


She tells him she dreamt of working on a tangerine farm in Jeju. PR and BY were filling baskets with tangerines and BD turned on the tap and was playing on the ground. DH caught 2 big fish and came home bragging about it.


DH:  What did I do?

BY:  You were a fisherman catching fish.

DH:  I’m busy because I have to be both the shepherd and fisherman.

BY:  Thank you for being with me.

DH:  I want to thank you too, for being with me. Sleep some more, I’ll stay with you.

BY:  You remember that we said goodbye to each other in advance, right? Thank you. (Thank you too – DH) I love you (I love you too – DH) Goodbye (Goodbye – DH)

At the moment she left me, she looked happy. It was as if she knew she’d provide a miraculous spring day for someone else.

BY – It was the spring time of my life because I was with you who I love dearly.



😥 😥 😥


Note to self: Do not watch waterfall-of-tears – inducing episode before a sparring session with trainer at the gym o_O


  1. I will always remember this drama, I will always pray and pray to have my own Kang Dong Ha , I learned alot from this drama but one of the best things I learned from you and this drama is:

    I would rather die a meaningful death than live a meaningless life
    Corazon Aquino
    Thanx thanx a million times

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anyeong! Thank you for getting on my Spring Day bandwagon. Hope we get to enjoy another quality drama in the near future! 😀 And I’m glad you loved the quote by Corazon Aquino too ❤


      1. 아년 진구
        I really enjoyed your recap and specially the quotes you wrote in the begining of each episode , I think I’m done with romantic dramas I’m so heart broken ….I’m cryin’ since yesterday 😦 I loved this couple so much … And I will miss them so much and your nice quotes off course .. Best wishes for you


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