Spring Day of My Life Ep 15: In Sickness and in Health…

Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance.

– Jane Austen


In BY’s ward, they both enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of a couple who have decided to take the next big leap being husband and wife. She fingers the bracelet and surmises it must’ve been expensive. “Of course it was expensive!” DH says and inquires if she wants the wedding to happen after she has recovered somewhat. She doesn’t mind skipping the wedding ceremony, but DH says the event is also an expression of thanking her parents for raising her well.

DR. K’s office

He gives DH a list of medication for BY in case she slips into one of her heart-stopping episodes again. Don’t be flustered and be stable by her side. Dr. K even offers to stay over at DH’s place once in a while since he spends most of his nights with BY. He confirms that BY needs to stay in the hospital a while longer and he is there to protect her. PR agrees he should do so, and she hopes to marry someone just like her Dad. My eyes are smarting… 😥

DH’s room

He returns home for a short while and gets updates from PR. Seems DH’s mum has been visiting them regularly. She gives a hand-crafted posy to DH for BY since she can’t have real flowers in her ward. PR wants to know how serious BY’s illness is.

BY’s Ward

DH places the posy next to her pillow as she sleeps. Fusses with the covers and gently kiss her forehead. When BY wakes up, it’s SN greeting her cutely. DH requested SN to accompany BY, so he gave her a day off at work. BY notices the posy next to her. An idea crosses her mind and she asks SN to bring over the laptop. SN looks at the site BY shows her, “Really?!”

Discussion with BY’s doctor

DH and BY’s dad are discussing about organ transplant recipient’s state of health after such surgeries with a surgeon. BY’s dad is impressed that DH had actually done some research before attending this informal meeting.

He continues his search while accompanying BY in her ward. She wakes up and looks intently at the taciturn man who does all he can to help her.

Dr. K’s office

He is reviewing some notes when JW enters with take out. She knew he hadn’t had a chance to eat since he had just came out of OT. He asks her to stay a while longer and enjoy the meal with him. As he feeds JW an eggroll, DH the Man of Impeccable timing comes in. Startling JW into sudden shyness, and promptly excuses herself.

DH wants some clarification from Dr. K on some of the information he had gathered thus far about patients that have similar conditions to BY’s. He doesn’t look hopeful.

He quickly makes his way back to BY’s ward where SN and HW are waiting. She tells DH to see BY who has been antsy for him. He goes into a semi-darkened ward… and sees flowers and balloons on the bed. He turns to see BY in her hospital gown with a simple flower garland and veil, holding the posy made lovingly by PR and BD.

DH:  BY-Sshi. Don’t do this. I want to give you a proper wedding. (When? – BY) When you get better.

BY:  Then I’ll just be a patient to you until then, DH.  I want to be your wife, not a patient even if I live for another minute.

BY:  I’m sorry. I know that you want to make me the happiest and prettiest bride ever, but I’m so happy now, please forgive me even if I’m not pretty. (You are pretty – DH) Even if I become your wife now I won’t be able to do anything for you. I can’t make a delicious meal for you, find your missing socks, and I can’t do anything for your children. Only thing I can do now is tell you how I feel about you. I’m sorry.

I, Lee Bom Yi, take you, Kang Dong Ha, the sweetest and nicest man in the world to be my husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Even though I can’t live for a long time whether I live a day or eternity, I’ll love you and honor you, all the days of my life.

It’s your turn, my groom.

DH:  I promise too

My dam has just crumbled to pieces! I cannot hold back the flooding from my eyes hearing that waver in his voice 😥

BY:  Then,… you may kiss the bride.

And then he breaks down in one of the most heartbreaking ways, alone in the hallway 😥 😥


He returns to BY as if nothing happens and she says she looks forward to the honeymoon: The windy hills of Udo Island.

DH has a quick discussion with BY’s dad and Dr. K about bringing BY to Udo. Dad is naturally against it, but Dr. K says it’ll be manageable since he knows the thoracic surgeon at Udo. And BY can travel to Udo via helicopter.


DH’s BFF and the surgeon with a special Med Kit are waiting for the guests from Seoul.


After taking a few steps from the heli, DH loosens his upper body muscles before scooping BY up and carries her to their Udo home. AWWW!! 😀 “Don’t move too much, you’ll make it harder for me. I haven’t had breakfast yet” LOL!!

Oh? They changed the sofa and the armchair? GD can’t help but giggle like schoolgirl knowing their status as newly weds. DH asks if he cleaned up the house nicely. GD says yes, but DH replies he will check under the rugs. Then HW calls, “Did you clean the house?” BWAHAHAHAHA!!

DH makes a quick phone call on BY’s behalf to inform her parents that they have arrived safely. Her mum breaks down when she hears BY’s voice. BY then wants to call DH’s mother as well but he says she doesn’t even know they’re married and when she hears DH didn’t give a proper wedding, he’ll have an earful too. BY plans to inform his mum of their status when they return to Seoul.

BY refers to her as Omeonim, and HS doesn’t even blink when she hears that term. She is happy to hear from BY and reminds her that the body naturally heals itself when the mind is healthy. So think good thought! Awww, even the grumpy Plant Manager has accepted BY as one of the family already.

DH:  What did she tell you?

BY:  She told me to use you as much as I need.

DH:  Of course. There’s no one on my side in my whole family. How do you feel? If you’re up to it, why don’t we tour the island now?

BY:  You told me that it would take about 5 hours to walk around the island.

DH:  I didn’t say we’d walk…

BY’s voiceover: If my heart sent me here I’d be much more thankful than before. I don’t love you because of my heart, but I do love you more because of it.

DH:  Can you see the windy hills over there?

BY:  I can see them, but they look even taller than Halla Mountain to me. Don’t you think so?

DH:  Let’s rest for today and go there tomorrow, if you’re up for it.

Hae Gil

CW, Director, Dr. K and Chairman Song are in the former’s office. He expresses his concern for BY’s situation and feigns surprise with Dr. K’s request to begin work on the Organ Transplant Center. “It was never in your contract.” What? All three are surprised. Dr. K knows JW had something to do with it and leaves the room to track her down. CW and Director cannot believe Chairman Song would stoop to such trickery in the name of business.

In her office, JW calmly explains to Dr. K that the real contract he signed does have the clause. What Chairman Song has is a fake. She also has prepared her letter of resignation. Why did she take such a big risk that would have affected her career forever? JW was hoping Dr. K would follow Chairman Song, so that her real feelings for Dr. K will not be revealed.


DH fixes a healthy dinner for them and BY’s is thankful that she’s taken care of so well. He remembers to say a quick prayer of thanks as well 🙂 Once all dishes are washed, he asks what BY would like to do. She looks noticeably tired, her eyes drooping more often. She says she wants to rest as much as possible for her walk at the Windy Hills.

DH:  What was my friend saying about the room?

BY:  If you’re sleeping beside me I wouldn’t be scared even if I hear the wind.

DH:  Would you like me to bring you some water? (Yes – BY)

DH:  Head up. It’s ok. It’s ok. BY… Come on. I’m here. Don’t be scared. Slowly. Breathe slowly… slowly… That’s right. How are you? You’re okay, right?

The doctor makes a house call and commends DH’s quick action. However, he suggests they return to Seoul in the morning. What about Windy Hills? BY wonders. “No way.” Doctor replies and leaves. BY apologizes to DH for startling him. BY feels stuffy in the room and wants some fresh air..


DH: At first we sat here and talked about old stories. Then we sat here and talked about the future. So for now, let’s just talk about the present.

BY asks what if she doesn’t wake up tomorrow. DH takes his time to answer, controlling his emotions as he confidently says “that won’t happen.” BY clarifies she’s not saying it to hurt him, but it’s a fact that will happen. He asks if she wants to say goodbye to him in advance. Tell him at that moment. He will remember it:

Don’t come here again. I won’t become a star, so don’t come here to watch the night sky.
Don’t come here and drink alone, cry alone, or sleep alone.
I don’t want you to suffer alone in a dream when I’m not there.
It makes you too attractive.

I’m worried you’ll find another woman that way.

DH:  Then don’t leave. Stay here with me like this… forever.

BY:  If there’s a chance I’ll be reborn, I’ll make sure I’m healthy in the next life. Then I’ll love you much more and much longer than I did in this life. Then I’ll be the one to protect you.

They sit at the rock a little while longer, and DH can’t help but tear up as he looks at the night sky

Kleenex! Kleenex! 😥


Next day

BY wakes up to the sounds of someone preparing a meal in the kitchen (one of her favorites). As she gets up, she sees a yellow note left on DH’s side of the bed: Are you ready to go the Windy Hill?

They both take their time walking on the deck that leads to their destination. BY is not confident of her ability to complete the task. DH assures her it’s not that high. If she keeps thinking that she’ sick, then the hill looks more daunting than it is. Just take one step forward every 10 minutes. She takes about three steps and decides that she can’t make it all the way. DH will help her, so don’t give up: Piggyback Up the FREAKIN Windy Hill! WHAT A MIGHTY, MIGHTY GOOD MAN! XD

DH:  Are you okay? … BY-Sshi. Look here. You can do it. You’re almost there. Just a few more steps… BY-Sshi. BY-Sshi. Look at me. Don’t look anywhere else… BY-Sshi. Now, come to me. You can do it. Good… A little more… You can do it… Well done. Well done! You did a good job! Good job. See? You can do it.

BY:  Thank you

GD:  Hey! Look here! Now… One, two, three!


I need ice packs for my puffy eyes… o_O


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  1. For the past couple of month I enjoyed this drama with your Recap. Thank you so much , I think I won’t watch romance dramas anymore My heart is about to explode I’m really sad , why all true love stories end this way ? I’ve cried my eyes out
    Thank you again and again for the recap and believe me we all cried 😦


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