The Three Musketeers Ep 11: It’s About Friggin’ Time Too

 Words Are NOT Needed XD
❤ ❤ ❤



The minister is shocked to hear an official is in town to retrieve the Crown Prince. What? The prince is here? Where could he – Oh. Mai. Gad. Is he in jail with the other two troublemakers? He skedaddles to the holding cell and profusely apologizes for his inability to recognize him. CP asks why is he bowing to MS? “I’m the prince.” 😀

CP wants to talk privately with him and informs him that PDH is indeed alive and will inform HQ of how Anju is pathetically managed by incompetent men. “So if you want to keep your position and stay alive, listen to me carefully,” says CP.


After a month leaving Anju, Samchongsa safely escorted General GD back to his country of origin. CP’s eunuch is relieved to see him safe but is freaking out at the same time because the King paid a visit during CP’s absence. So, eunuch tells the King that the three of them when to Hanyang to gamble. LOL!! XD

SP:  Three? You put us too?! o_O

The reason: Believability factor. SP whines they are still on probation since their jail time ordered by the King. So, in their exhausted state, eunuch suggest they make haste to Hanyang right now because the King is scouring every gambling room for CP and his boys. Aish

And the manage to beat the guards to a gambling room, complete with accessories and such. CP is about to fall asleep at the table when the search team finally reaches their room. The head guard is surprised to see CP there (he was hoping the rumors weren’t true).

Wrath of the King

“You stupid idiots! I let you go to take care of your body even when you’re on probation but you lied again to me and gambled! I tried and tried to keep you guys apart, but you guys always gather again somehow.”  Minister Choi is also present and tries his best to absorb as much blame as possible 🙂

“Look. There’s a man who was punished as much as you but changed into a loyal servant.” The three of them look at the new guest in the room. DH enters in Primary Royal Guard uniform. The three of them are probably sharing the same though: Whut in HECK? BWAHAHAHAHA!! XD XD

DH’s recount of One Month after Anju

KJJ was arrested by the officials after Samchongsa reported his shady dealings. It was the Minister that CP spoke to in the cell and they got the dirt on KJJ via General GD. The King wants to meet DH as he was initially reported to be dead at the hands of GD, “Is it true you survived by hiding under the floor? Is it true you heard KJJ saying the Princess will be dethroned by killing you?” Yes to both questions. DH tells more of his survival and the moments he had to endure. King is mightily impressed with DH’s courage and lightning-speed thinking skills. He promotes DH to 6th Primary Royal Guard.

King uses DH as an example of what CP, SP and MS ought to aspire to be. While they were cocooned in their gambling den, DH saved the Princess, found the culprit and saved the entire nation, all by himself.

You can just picture the “you-gotta-be-kidding” expressions on CP, SP and MS’ faces! XD XD XD

At this moment DH’s words have more weight than CP, so the three of them need to curry favor from their maknae who did good.

Crown Princess’ Palace

CP is noticeably happy when he steps into the compound. He remembers how brave Princess was when she whisked away for her safety, knowing that she might not step back in the Palace again. Something has stirred in his heart. He wanted to surprise her in her quarters, but it is CP who was surprised. The court lady explains Princess had gone to the temple for the anniversary of the Queen’s death. She just left. Oh-ho! Someone’s missing his sweetie after being away for more than a month 😀

A dejected CP returns to his quarters, exhaustion finally seeping into his bones. But! Princess’ court lady comes to inform CP she hasn’t left the palace yet. YAY! XD Shall I inform her of your impending visit? NO need. He waits until no one is at his door and he goes out “for a walk.” BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Princess:  The weather is very nice today –

Lady:  Yes, we shall have a great day to the temple today.

Court Lady:  The Prince is here

Princess:  Your Highness!

Court Lady:  Are you alright, Your Highness?

Princess: When did you come? (Just now – CP) I didn’t know you were coming, so I was about to leave. What should I do? Oh! The King thinks you went to gamble again. I wanted to tell him something but no good excuse came up.

CP:  I’ve already been yelled at.

Princess:  Already?! (Is everything okay” – CP) Yes, sure… You know about it, right? The hairpin is right here. PDH brought it to me. It was so close though! I thought I was dead that day, and he showed up right before I entered the party. What a miracle he’s still alive! The timing was just perfect!!

Somebody’s eyes turn green XD XD

CP:  I sent him (Excuse me? – Princess) I sent DH to save you. (Right, I know it – Princess) Well, I’m just saying. Then, have a safe trip.

Princess:  Your Highness… Did I make mistakes? (No – CP) Then why… (What is it? – CP)  You seemed upset. (No, nothing like that – CP)

CP:  Actually… a bit maybe… (Why? – Princess) I’m not even sure. (What? – Princess) I’m not sure what this feeling is.

Princess:  What feeling are you talking about?

CP:  I’m not sure. So don’t ask me why. I don’t know the answer either.

YOU MISSED HER DO DAMN MUCH CP! You are Fallin’ in ❤ with your Wifey!! XD

Princess makes her way back to the waiting palanquin, but she struggles not to smile widely. LOL!! Within the privacy of the sedan she allows herself to replay the kiss in her head as she touches her lips. Happy, happy, happy 🙂

A eunuch passes DH’s letter to CP: This is what I had to report to you separately. I’ve captured MR.

The Party of Reckoning

Princess walks in confidently with the hairpin secured safely in her coiffure. The King notices it the moment she walks into the venue. One of the Court Ladies closest to CP’s sister also notes the hairpin. Later, she covertly makes her way around town to meet MR, but she was caught by DH.

The suspect enters MR’s room and informs her that the Princess didn’t turn up at the party. Really? MR’s hopes have shot up sky high. People are whispering that it’s because of the hairpin and the King got very upset. She’s probably being punished right now. She leaves at end of her report.

MR has another visitor with news from Anju. Enter PS! LOL!! XD

“A man with a horse gave this to me. He was a one-eyed man.” MR snatches the letter from PS:

Everything went well in Anju. The Prince signed the paper stating he will accept you as his wife. So go to the hot spring and rest. This is the address. Get ready. The Prince will  be there to meet you soon.

DH actually placed her as far as possible from the city so that it’s difficult to hear the latest news. So, she doesn’t know anything till now. DH is waiting for his next order from CP.

MR’s current residence

CP shows up at the place DH had indicated in the letter. MR believes he is there to welcome her into his life. She asks if he had just arrived from Anju. Yes. MR had been at that place for 10 days and counting.

MR:  I heard you signed the paper.

CP:  Yes I did

MR:  You’re disappointed about me, right? I know you are. But.. I tried to keep my promise. I mean it. It wasn’t my plan. KJJ sold me off. I was kidnapped and threatened. He insisted he’ll make me a princess. I thought he went crazy.

CP:  You could’ve said no.

MR:  Of course I said no at first. I thought it wasn’t possible. Also, I even made a promise with you. He didn’t even listen to me. I was just played like a chess pawn. I’m a victim too. Please don’t get me wrong. The result turns out this way.

CP:  So, do you like this result? No matter how the process was, the result is you’ll become the Princess. Do you like it? (How about you? – MR) When I think about it, it won’t be too bad.

MR:  [Smiles broadly and hugs CP tightly] Right? You think so too? That’s right. This is correct. This is how it should’ve went [aegyo actions come bubbling to the surface] If you weren’t mean to me at that time we would’ve been a couple already. Then everyone would’ve been happy.

Man… I can feel the HUGE slap in the ego coming from MR’s blindside…

MR:  I don’t know why we wasted time when things will turn out like this anyways. That woman won’t be punished like that either. (Do you think so? – CP) Yes, I feel so bad for her. She didn’t do anything wrong, you know. So I got worried and gave her advice. She ignored me though. (What advice? – CP) I told her dying with grace will be better than being dethroned and abandoned. She insisted she wouldn’t be abandoned. I gave her that advice but she played stupid. She doesn’t know anything about us. I told her we can’t be disconnected.

Okay sweetie. You did a bang-up job of digging your own grave. But of course, it’s someone else’s fault that drove you to do unspeakable things :/

CP finally disengages MR from her tight embrace and smiles with satisfaction.

CP:  Thank God you didn’t cross the border as promised, and I meet you here again. The flaw of my life will be solved now. Let’s go to Hanyang. Get ready.

MR:  Right now? (Yes, right now. Let’s go with me  – CP)

She gets into the palanquin, while CP follows in the rear. She is bursting with joy thinking she will become the new Crown Princess. They’ve reached their destination. The door opens… to a palace prison. She will be interrogated. BOO-YAH! She demands for CP to vouch for her. She is supposed to be the next Princess. Eunuch roars back this IS CP’s order.

“No, he didn’t (sign the paper). He didn’t have to,” DH enters the prison in full Royal Guard regalia to MR’s utter shock. DH spits out MR’s MO in drugging GD so that he’d kill DH, lying to Princess so she’d commit suicide. Essentially, MR is out of any ‘Get Out of Jail’ cards and no more favors can be bartered.

DH and eunuch bump into KJJ who has been arrested. DH says hello, sorry I’m still alive, HS is also in prison, so you guys can discuss what to say during interrogation. Have a nice day. XD

A guard runs after DH and relays the message that MR/ HS wants to see him. She insists that DH help her get CP to see her in prison. It was all a misunderstanding. He will not abandon her. Their connection is too deep. She has loved him so much for so long. DH tells her, it is not love for CP, but her obsession on becoming a Princess. She threatens to kill him this time for refusing to help her. He challenges her to do so because once he is provoked, he will go to the end with whomever.

DH feels he has accomplished something big and wants to have drinks with his dad who is in town.


Pacing, pacing, pacing. His eunuch enters CP’s chambers to update him on MR’s arrest. One issue taken care of. One more he still has to name it to solve it XD ❤

DH and Dad

It’s so sweet to see how much DH misses his dad and how proud the father is of his son’s accomplishments. Dad’s journey to Hanyang took 2 months.

Crazy MR stages yet another suicide in her cell and this time she kills the medic who was about to treat her in the infirmary. DH is on the hunt for MR the soon-to-be serial killer. Where would she go, DH? Think! … oh no… no, no..

CP trying to sleep

Someone’s tossing and turning, and then gives up entirely on the pretense of sleeping. Something is bugging him so badly that he needs to find a solution to the problem he has in his heart. He walks all the way to Princess’ quarters, looking at her desk, at the place where she would usually sit when greeting guests. Eunuch sees CP and asks why he is there. Princess will only return tomorrow. “Tomorrow takes too long.” EHRMERHGERD!! XD XD ❤

CP realizes he has been wasting too much time 😀 “I need to get out. What excuse can I use?”

DH’s place

PS is keeping Dad company late into the night, the latter is still basking in happiness over DH’s position in the Royal Guard. A lady hurries over with a bottle of alcohol saying it’s from Ho Seung Po. Waitaminute. You look familiar, lady… like the one who was caught by DH earlier in the episode… I DO NOT Like the warning buzz I’m gettin’ right now…

Eunuch:  Why are you here so late?

DH:  Things happened. MR escaped from prison. (How could – Eunuch) She wanted to meet the Prince. She must be here. Is everything okay? (The Prince… left – Eunuch) To where? (He didn’t mention – EN) Did he get her letter? (No way – EN) Find hims first. He may be in danger. She wasn’t sane. She’d do anything.

EN:  We need to find the Prince. The guards went with him right? (3 went with him) Find out where they went! (Yes, sir)

KJJ:  HS broke out? (She pretended to hang herself and left. People are looking for her – guard) That witch went crazy after losing the Princess position. She’s insane. She has the upper hand. Who will win over the crazy woman?

PS:  Are you here now?

DH:  I’m here to pick up my arrow and sword. Bring them out. (Is everything okay? – PS) We have no time! Hurry! Is father sleeping?

PS:  He’s still drinking. Mr. Ho sent a drink. (Drink? – DH) Yes. He sent it as a gift.

SP:  Hey! Why are you out here? (Sir! – PS) Did you know we were coming? We came by since you have yet to treat us to a decent meal.

MS:  DH, I thought you were going to invite us. Where are you going?

MR:  I don’t know how you survived but I’ll kill you for sure. (Go ahead. We’ll see who dies first – DH)

DH:  Father… Father?… Father… Father

His worst fear comes true: DH’s dad is dead. Poisoned. PS, SP and MS enter DH’s humble room and witness the tearful scene.


Princess can’t sleep either, keeps thinking about that unexpected kiss from CP 😀 Someone enters her bedroom. It is her Lead Court Lady. She whispers into Princess’ ear (not wanting to disturb the other lady sleeping in the room) and escorts Princess to an assignation.

CP is in his hunting gear, with his bow and arrow perched securely on his horse’s saddle. He paces back and forth, anticipating his meeting with his sweet wife.

Princess:  Your Highness!

He sees her and as though caught in a tractor beam, he briskly walks towards Princess with contained excitement.

Princess:  You stopped on your way to go hunting? At this late hour?

CP:  It’s all excuses. (What? Then why – Princess)

OMO&94#!T-P^@:)@MLI!!P(LvKJ!)J*  AAAAACCCKKKK!!!!! XD XD ❤ ❤ ❤

CP:  Do you want to know why I’m like this? I didn’t know yesterday, but I know now. I won’t tell you though. (Why not – Princess) It’s too stupid. I need to keep my pride too. Come tomorrow already. Don’t let me wait. I don’t like to stay alone in my room.


Princess:  Your room? Now you’re saying that?

CP:  I’m sorry. I regret it too. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.



Mi Ryung. You. Are. SOOOO. Dead!


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