Misaeng Ep 3: Enter The Eye of the Storm

 Life is always at some turning point.

– Irwin Edman


GR leaves home all decked out in his office attire at the crack of dawn. He remembers leaving at the same hour for Go-Academy when he was a student. But he is never alone, there are always people doing the chores already in the streets.

At the office, GR approaches Suk Yool and announces his decision to be his partner. SY indicates a rooftop meeting, and he wants to know why GR changed his mind. He didn’t. GR simply delayed his decision. But SY asks his reason to be partners. GR believes with SY’s on site experience, their presentation would be a bonus. SY agrees. And the news travels to the Bully and his Cronies as well as Devil Incarnate…

Office Pantry

They laughed and kept mentioning SY’s nickname “The Arrogant Dog with the Bob.” Why such a nickname though? Bully explains SY comes to work an hour early to recce the female employees at the main lobby. The interns are looking forward to the imploding partnership between SY and GR.


GR is already thinking of what to present, but SY tells him to decide on it himself and update his progress via email. HEY! You SHIRKIN’ from your portion already, SY? You, DOG! 😡 SY says he trusts GR’s discernment and even gives him autonomy to prepare the presentation itself. This whole scene was witnessed by BK who happened to be near the entrance to the elevators. GR’s no idiot, Dawg.

BK stops by YY’s cubicle and sees that she hasn’t chosen a partner yet. When GR walks by, he informs that SY is GR’s partner. YY is surprised, and before BK could extend his invite, the Bully Sang Hyun waltzes in and proclaims they simply have to be partners because they are the only ones left.

GR:  Hello.

DS:  You came early.

Chief Oh:  DS,they said they’d send the Vietnamese container data.

DS:  Yes, sir. Let’s see… You were so full of energy yesterday, ‘Do it for me! Do it! Let’s do it!’ Anyways… what is this?

Chief Oh:  What’s this?

GR:  I sent it since we have a new system and all. See you later.

GR’s letter to both of them:

Hello, I’m Jang Geu Rae.
I had intestine for the first time, thanks to you, Mr. Oh.
I never eat mutton since I don’t like meat.
But as I ate mutton intestines for the first time yesterday, I felt the feeling of camaraderie.
I was also able to learn Mr. Oh’s true feelings.

Chief Oh:  What is he saying? Mutton intestines?

I’ll do you proud as a team –

Chief Oh:  What a crazy start of the day… Did he come too?

DS:  You don’t remember?

Chief Oh:  I remember eating it for the second round. Why’d he go?

DS:  Well then,… do you remember seeing Mr. Ko?

Chief Oh:  What? I met Mr. Ko?

DS:  You don’t remember fighting about glue?

Chief Oh:  I’m no kid to be playing with glue.

DS:  Geez! You were sulky like a child because he had great results.

Chief Oh:  Ya! Cut the nonsense. Follow me. Let’s go for a smoke.

GR voiceover:  It’s a good morning. Good morning.


DS notices Chief Oh is refining some details on a previous proposal which the Boss didn’t want changed. They both return to their corner and Chief Oh sees GR polishing the table top. He recalls GR’s earnest plea to teach him the ropes at work. He decides to give a task to GR, dig out the contract/ MoU with a specific client and GR is already stumped, not understanding a word what Chief Oh said. He shoves a reference book to GR to look up the meanings of the jargon he just spewed.

GR sits outdoors and is very likely reading every page of the thick book and his partner texts a message reminding him to prepare the presentation in any which way GR wants to, and he hints that he has already been accepted already (ie no need to put in as much effort). YY joins GR under the sunbrella, clearly wanting to chat with him. Unfortunately, Bully Intern turns up with a file in hand and presumes she has agreed to be his presentation partner and almost drags her to the Senior Lounge to discuss. She peruses the file which SH took from a senior, not wanting to work on something new. Thanks, but no thanks. She will not be his partner. Enter BK who so happen has two cups of steaming hot coffee. He casually mentions how GR must be faring since he was such in high demand the other day. What made him choose SY? Could it be that they wanted to use GR to make themselves stand out? A lightbulb moment for YY. Perhaps that is why he turned her down.

Absorb like a sponge

GR studies the reference book in the office, and continues to do so at home…


Chief Oh makes time to test GR on specific terms/ phrases from the reference book, and he spits out the definition word for word. He even knows certain jargon the only their company uses and understands the need for such. Chief Oh and DS are stupefied. How did GR memorize the entire book within 3 days and even knows codes that are specific to the company? Is he a genius?

GR is doing photocopying and receives SY’s constant texts. Looks like Mr. Lazy basically acts like an editor, telling GR to re-do the presentation because it’s not sexy enough. SY is on the streets (doesn’t look like he’s working though  o_O ) and is busy snapping photos of women dressed in hot pants and body-hugging outfits. GR calls him and SY tells him to loosen up. Sexy can mean edgy too, so their work needs to stand out from the rest. Be trendy.

GR questions him on his trust in GR’s discernment? Why is he editing GR’s work and not contributing to the deliverable? SY is so confident that One International needs a person like him, so he’s just giving advice to GR.

I don’t like this leech 😡

BK had been quietly sipping his drink on the seat closest to the photocopy room. He grins and says “The first bomb has exploded.”

GR’s room

He remembers giving up on Go Academy after many tries and his friends question his decision. He was even better than them, who were then new intakes of a higher institution. This time GR keeps his eyes on the prize and slogs the night away re-doing his presentation.


DS and Chief Oh see GR taking a nap at his desk, with presentation materials strewn all over his place. Chief inquires who is GR’s partner. SY from Ulsan. The slacker? Yeah! That Slacker Dawg! 😡

GR is dreaming of himself when he was a little boy, learning how to play Go. All his masters, the great teachers who taught him the skills and strategies were beginning to disappear from his life. GR is overcome with sadness, and tears trickle down from his still-sleep-induced eyes. YY walks past his cubicle and notices his tears. He whispers in his dream “Don’t go…” with much desolation. She leaves when GR stirs awake.

He checks the emails he had sent to SY, waiting for his response on the list of items to choose from. Guess who just stepped out of a restaurant saying he is too busy to check his messages.

YY is photocopying some documents when SH calls to postpone their supposed meeting. I’m just waiting to see the pie on his face when D-Day arrives XD He doesn’t give YY a chance to even respond to his chatter. She crosses path with GR as he enters into the room. They have a talk at the pantry, she mentions having a hard time with a partner who is stubborn. She also cleared up any misunderstanding when she first approached GR to be her partner before.


BK sees the two of them and joins in to get the latest scoop. IS there anything fun to share? Yes, YY says convincingly. GR has question marks all over his, and was told of the mini crisis that is brewing at his team’s corner. Chief Oh seems to be in a corner with a client and DS gets the brunt of his frustration. They continue their damage control discussion in a meeting room. GR stops Glue Intern Seok Ho the gist of it: Mr. Kim’s fine fiber duster export case, buyer wants them to meet FTA conditions but that was a verbal contract and Mr. Kim missed it. Client will annul the contract if it’s not fulfilled within the appointed date.

Chief Oh and DS are going through various scenario/ solutions to salvage the contract. They have no choice but to go to the factory and perform an audit trail to ensure product readiness to be delivered to the client. GR was enlisted to bring in a document Chief Oh left in the office. Upon arrival, he is given the task of searching for fabric information three years back. He finds a whole lot and carries them back to Chief, but he stumbles on SY who was copping a feel or two on a female employee. WHUT A PERV!! 😡

SY finally sits in front of a computer to check GR’s emails. He couldn’t believe GR could prepare more than 40 pages worth of each of the items he prepared. He deletes them. Chief Oh is exhausted checking all the paperwork but he asks GR how his presentation is coming along. Before GR could even say much, he is asked to perform other tasks. Chief Oh shares a bit of wisdom with GR regarding SY: That man has strong motives. Regardless whether you’re weak or strong, he will use you to his advantage. He is like a tornado, but his center is calm. So, aim for the center. Awww Chief! You DO Like GR! XD

GR meets SY at the warehouse, as requested by the former:

GR:  Did you see them?

SY:  I heard you’re here with Mr. Oh because of a team mistake.

GR:  How are the items?

SY:  This is all I did. There’s so much to do.

GR:  What did you think? (Well… – SY) Again?

SY:  Let’s go with the second item.

GR:  Are you sure? (Yes, but – SY) Then that’s it. We decided on the item together. You’re experienced and you shouldn’t suffer any loses because of me. You agreed on the item, so we’re set. I’ll create the presentation details. So it’s beneficial for me. I’ll share the data, but I won’t accept support. As promised. (Huh? – SY)

GR voiceover:

The world of Go is always a war. And… sometimes you retreat when approached, or try to survive together. But the winner and loser are clear.

GR:  How old are you? (Huh? – SY)

I lived in that world for over a decade. Over the years, my focus on winning has grown even when I’m a loser now. I’m a pro at it.

We took care of a team’s mistake. The certificate of origin was sent in time and the ship was successfully sent off from Ulsan.

YEE-essS! Man! When GR decides to enter the ring to fight, it is a sight to behold! 😀

A few days later

GR sees SY waiting for the elevator at One International main lobby. He’s looking rather smug (and I’d like to smack that smugness off his face) and holds up their resumes: GR was born in ’87, whereas SY was born ONE year earlier. UGH. UGH. UGH!!

Chief Oh is told he will face the Disciplinary Committee despite their sterling performance in ensuring the shipment met the deadline. He is Fuming 😡 !

GR and SY are working out the kinks in their presentation. SY is teaching GR to relay his ideas but in a creative and impactful way. Throw out dry, fact-filled sentences. Use catch words that are in trend and use that to talk about their products, but in a way that everyone would understand.

Chief Oh is on the rooftop thinking of the predicament he and his team will be in. GR is also at the rooftop because of SY, but he keeps himself hidden when he realizes the Chief is there too and then Manager Ko joins him. He suggests to put his pride away, talk to the ED and the worst DS will receive is a pay cut, relocation to the factory and sacrifice his promotion.

SY tells GR they’re ready to submit their presentation.

SY:  Ah, I thought about it. Let’s wrap it up in a sexier way. Let’s end it with a question. You don’t understand? I said “sexy” means “uncommon.” Not something everyone else does. We should end it with a meaningful question.

GR:  An interview should convey –

SY: That’s what I’m saying. You can infer his opinion through a question. So frustrating… Let’s think about the question. Refer to some books. (Sure – GR) Ask me questions if any. (Sure – GR) If you still need

Chief Oh:  Jang Geu Rae (Mr Oh! Hello – SY and GR) I didn’t get the meeting briefing.  Awww! Chief! You tryin to help your boy out!

GR:  Huh?… I’ll submit it soon.

Chief Oh: Soon?  How many times did I tell you not to let your presentation disturb your work? (I’m sorry – GR) Finally catches on! 😀

Chief:  You getting disregarded looks natural. Why just say “sure, sure” like that? Are you dumb or do you lack will power?

GR:  You told me to get into the center of the tornado. Because the center is calm. I could suffer damage next to him. Didn’t you mean I should get inside if I can’t move far away? Although he makes me mad I realized I need him. I have to acknowledge him. It’s something I can’t overlook with pride. I’m sure of that. I’m ashamed but I have to survive for now.

Awww… this is GR’s way of advising Chief Oh of his own issues with the ED, but done oh so subtly ❤

18th Floor

Chief Oh marches into the executive office, pride placed in his back pocket. However, the secretary says that ED is at Headquarters at the moment.

Chief Oh:  Oh! Are you okay? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD XD XD You should watch where you’re going. Your lower body is weak, huh? Pwahahahahaha!! Lower body… that’s important for men! XD XD ❤ Work out your lower body! Run on the stairs for now!

Back in his seat, Chief looks over GR and asks if he has practiced his presentation. His voice should be loud enough as though he is making an announcement. He shares some tips on controlling his nervousness when presenting and tricks on how to minimize them.

This time, GR requests to meet SY at the rooftop…

GR suggests they practice their presentation out loud on the rooftop, record it and time themselves. SY asks GR if he has forgotten of the fact that SY will do all the talking.

GR:  Let’s do it. Let’s check the length since it’ll be strict.

SY:  So? Will you shorten it if it’s too long? We can’t do that. I already memorized it. We can’t change… that will mess everything up. (We already submitted the slides – GR) YA! Don’t say whatever you want.

GR:  Watch what you say. Isn’t it good to find the issues beforehand? Mr. Oh (Mr. Oh… the guy who’s putting his responsibility on subordinates? – SY) What?

SY:  Why should he get in trouble for that? What happened to your team is all Mr. Oh’s fault. We all know that. (Are you done? – GR) He comes to our factory and messes up all the files. How could a pro do that? I can’t treat him like a boss

GR:  I told you to watch what you say. What do you know about my boss? (We’re both interns, man! – SY)

SY:  What do you mean, boss? Do you work here, jerk?

GR:  Don’t talk to me like that, idiot! (You don’t talk to me like that! – SY) Come here. (It didn’t hurt at all! – SY) Come here. (WAIT – SY)

Text:  Presentation task – What item would you sell to your partner and why?

Voiceover: Sell it to the last person…


SY needs to be squashed into the Dawg House NOW 😡



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