Spring Day of My Life Ep 14: Cry Me A Han River

I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.

– Corazon Aquino


BY has just opened the door to allow DH exit from her life and she walks back to a very uncertain future…

BY’s voiceover:

I was confident… I was confident of everything. I thought I’m allowed… I thought I’m allowed to meet you. Thank you I’ve been really happy… I made too many promises I can’t keep… I’m so sorry

Once… just for once… please hold me.

DH’s voiceover:

Don’t go anywhere from now and stay with me.

DH:  Hello (This is Lee Hyuk Soo, BY’s father – Dad) Ah, hello. (I’m sorry, but I was wondering if you met BY by any chance – Dad) Yes. (You met her? I can’t reach her so… Is she ok? Are you with her? – Dad) Not now. (No? She left? – Dad) Yes.

Dad:  When? Where to?.. Hold on. I have an incoming call. Okay. Thank you. Bye.

BY’s house

DH drives to her house. Disturbed that he couldn’t get hold of BY since she left him at the cafe. He rings the bell a few times, but no one is home. He recalls BY telling him about her checkup she has planned at the hospital. Something just doesn’t sit right and he calls Dr. K. About time too 😮

DH asks Dr. K why he inquired if something happened to him yesterday. It was a rather strange phone call. He continues with BY feeling fine the whole time until that afternoon when she acted strangely. Dr. K cuts to the chase and tells DH that BY is at Hae Gil.

Dr. K:  She was given a shock treatment with an immunosupressant, so if it works.. I mean if her heart function improves, she’ll wake up.

DH:  What if it doesn’t work?

Dr. K:  We’ll do whatever treatment necessary for her to make it… until she can find a new heart… Go in and see her. She may not come around again.

Seeing DH cry like that gets to me in my ❤ 😥

CW:  Why hasn’t she woken up yet? Huh? Is she okay?

DH:  I’m sorry… I’ll wait outside

He sits on a bench all by himself and pray… for a miracle. DH remembers the time he fished her out of the sea at Udo Island. BY was sinking fast, but a pair of hands stop her descend and nudges her upwards. BY looks down to see SJ waving goodbye at her… she wakes up.

JW searched for DH and finds him at the bench where he has been praying all this while: BY-Sshi woke up. She’s been moved to a normal hospital ward. Dr. K had asked her to relay the update to DH.

Both parents are fussing over BY and tells her to focus on getting better first so that she can undergo surgery.


Mum tells BY that DH is in the hospital, but she already knew that. She just… knows, but she shakes her head indicating she doesn’t want DH to see her just yet. She must look fragile and too dependable, the anti-thesis of the person DH knows her to be. Dad finds DH waiting patiently in the corridor just outside BY’s room.

Director’s Office


Dad thought BY wouldn’t make it, but some how she pulled through and he thanks DH for being there. She is temporarily better but they still need to monitor her. Dad hints to DH to leave BY to recover on her own.

BY tells mum she had asked DH to leave her. She was so confident she could love him, but now she’s not confident of even living. 😥

Dr. K informs BY she needs to get the doctor when she experiences severe pain. BY believes she is being punished for ending her relationship with Dr. K. He tells her DH has been waiting in the hospital all night and all day to see her. “No one knows how long he has to wait for me,” BY says quietly. “If I die… if I die like his wife, I’ll always be sorry to him.”

BY sends a text message to DH:

I think it’d be better if we’d stopped seeing each other after we met on Udo Island. I didn’t know I’d become a star that would pass through the sky of your life and then disappear from you forever. I’m sorry.


DH’s reply:

The shepherd did his best to protect Stephanette forever no matter how strong the wind was and no matter how heavy the rain or snow became.

BY leaves her room to look for DH at the bench, but he is no longer there. He was called away by his mother. She looks around to see if anyone was keeping an eye on her. And then she does the unthinkable…


DH’s mum wants him to walk away from BY so that he doesn’t go through the loneliness he experienced when he lost SJ. He remains steadfast on staying by BY’s side. He changes into comfortable clothing and packs an overnight bag. Walks over to SJ’s photoframe and says:


“We were torn apart so suddenly there’s so much I wanted to say but I couldn’t. There were so many things I wanted to do with you. That’s why it hurt more. This is the decision I’ve made not for BY but for my own sake. I want to be with her so I won’t have these regrets again. I just hope my time with her won’t be too short.”

BY’s parents and Dr. K are freaking out when they see BY’s empty bed. Where could she have gone to?

DH:  What happened? How did you get here?

BY:  I… I miss you. Where are you going?

DH:  To you.

BY:  After I told you to leave me… I was so afraid that you’d already left me… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Dad:  Are you okay?

Mum:  Why are you doing this? This could put you in serious trouble. Do you want to die?

BY:  I want to live. Mom, I want to live. I… want to be healthy and live happily ever after with him Mum. Oppa, save me.  You can save me right? Please save me…

My vision is very blurred… 😥 😥

Director’s office

DH asks for permission to accompany BY in her ward. With a deep sigh, dad comes clean with BY’s prognosis. The battle may take years but it could also end tomorrow. DH acknowledges the fact, and only then does Dad give in to his request.

BY’s ward



You look prettier without make-up on

BY apologizes to DH for running away from him without telling him the truth. He wouldn’t had let her leave him like that if he had sensed something was amiss.

Cupid and Aphrodite

Armed with goodies, they tearily make their way to visit BY at the hospital.


HW:  I’m sorry. I get emotional at night. BWAHAHAHAHA! Thank you for some comic relief HW baby! XD

SN:  I know that you cry easily because you have a lot to regret, but don’t ever do this in front of BY and Mr. CEO. Let’s believe that everything will be okay. Alright?

HW:  But this hospital is too big [sob, sob]

SN:  All hospitals are big

HW:  Does she have to be hospitalized in such a big hospital?


SN:  Your nose is running. Let me wipe it for you. [he blows his nose hard… eeewww] XD XD

Foursome in BY’s ward

SN sticks the Jeju/ Udo island map on the wall, she tells BY where she packed extra clothing and cosmetics, brings over the medication BY usually takes everyday (those are the happy pills from PR and BD) and then the Cute Show begins: Couple slippers, Couple fuzzy socks, Couple blankets, and Couple mugs that can even hug! XD


AWWWW!!! XD ❤ ❤ ❤

HW brought over hot roasted chestnuts, rice cakes and honey, [DH then winks at BY] and old books.

The gathering has ended and DH helps BY reposition in bed for a good night’s sleep, switches off the general light and slides over the guest bed next to hers.


BY senses SN and HW might marry soon, unlike her. DH tells her to think about getting better and nothing else. She asks if DH wants to sit on her bedside for a while. He laughs it off saying she’s punking him. “Goodnight. We’ll meet tomorrow for sure.”

Morning. BY wakes up with a start, looks around the room to get her bearings. And then to her right to see…






When DH wakes up, he finds BY’s bed empty, but she comes in just as he was about to look for her. She had gone for a walk in the corridor. In the bathroom, BY struggles to tie her hair up in a ponytail but DH steps in to help her and squeezes toothpaste onto her toothbrush. She doesn’t brush her teeth immediately and wobbles slightly in place. DH who is at the doorway notices her condition… and then…


Dad and Dr. K are tending to BY who is given diuretics and oxygen. DH is still in shock…


He pleads with Dr. K to save BY. When he returns to BY’s side, she wants him to tell her what hurts him most so that she can comfort him: “The woman I love is very sick, and that hurts me the most.”


BD and PR visit BY too along with DH’s mum. The kids pester DH to add in his magic wish into the dish they had brought for BY. PR sees the bottle of Happy Pills on her night stand. She wants BY to read one so that she can get better faster. PR chooses one and asks DH to read the message:

This moment we’re together is a miracle.

DH:  Are you cold? (Is my nose red again? – BY) No. Would you like me to get you some warn water?

BY:  I love you

DH:  I love you too

BY:  Being sick isn’t all that bad, right?

DH:  Will you do this for me when I’m sick? (Even when you’re not sick, I’ll do it for you. I’d do anything for you – BY)

DH:  Then, would you marry me? Hot Dang! That was SUAVE!

BY:  I may die soon.

DH:  I know. I’d be alright with it even if it were your last day of your life. I’d be fine even if you only live for another minute… just live with me. I’m not a shepherd who will just watch over you without being able to do anything for you. I want to be your guardian who can really protect you.

BY and DH:  To keep you in my eyes, and in my heart so I can engrave you there.



This has been one of the more distracting episodes to recap peeps.
I had to get another box of tissues halfway through!!




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