Spring Day of My Life Ep 13: Love Is Blind… and Determined

Sad things happen. They Do.
But we don’t need to live sad forever.

– Mattie Stepanek


DH waits and waits at the restaurant for BY, but she is already admitted to the ER due to her sudden breathing difficulty. He is the last customer still seated at his dining table. Finally, a text message comes through:

I’m sorry. Something urgent came up. It’ll take some time. If you go home first, I’ll call you later. I’m sorry.


Dr. K tells BY her heart was temporarily distressed due to recent events. He tells to rest in the hospital for the night and they will perform a biopsy on BY the next day. BY tries to wiggle out of the overnight stay and affirms of her return to the hospital tomorrow instead. We know she wants to see DH so badly. Dr. K relents and will prescribe her some meds, reminding her to not overthink or get herself distressed over matters that may affect her heart…

DH’s home

He places the gift bag containing the bracelet on the coffee table, pondering on what could’ve happened to BY. He changes into comfortable clothing and joins his kids at the kitchen for a bite. He then receives a call from BY and the first thing to come out of his mouth, “Are you alright? Where are you now?” She’s just outside his house. And the manner in which he extricates himself from family dinner was so CUTE! BD and SJ’s mother were curious and he simply looks to PR for some intervention! LOL!! XD

He is SO happy to see her, and vice versa. He wants to know what happened to her and BY says she overslept at the Sauna. He saw through her fib immediately. He reminds her to tell her everything, just as they had agreed.

BY’s dad

Dr. K informs him BY has breathing difficulty. He had given her some medication but Director needs to bring BY in to the hospital the next day for more tests.


DH brings BY out anyway and asks is she wants a drink (earlier she declined having a bite with him since she is supposed to fast for her biopsy the next day).

BY:  Actually, I have a check up tomorrow morning, so I’m supposed to fast tonight. (What kind of checkup? – DH) A regular checkup. I do it once a year.

DH:  You must be really hungry. Why didn’t you tell me? Let’s not stay here. Let’s leave…

BY:  I’m okay. I like the aroma of coffee. (No you wouldn’t. You can even smell baking here. It’ll make it hard for you. Let’s leave – DH) We can’t just leave. The server is coming now.

DH:  I have something to tell you today. PR wants me to tell you for sure. (Tell me. What about PR? – BY) I couldn’t have a child until five years after I got married. (Yes… Yes? PR is twelve years old isn’t she? – BY)  I met PR for the first time when she was four. As part of my company’s social work, we support facilities for single mothers and orphanages. My wife participated too. That’s how we met our PR.

BY:  I never would have guessed it. She’s so much like you.

DH:  Are you okay with it? (With what? – BY) PR’s adoption.

BY:  What do you mean by asking me if I’m okay with it or not? (Nevermind – DH)  Huu huu huu!! Our Mr. CEO is suddenly Shy Boy!! XD What would you do if I said I wasn’t okay with it?

DH:  Then we couldn’t see each other anymore because PR is my daughter no matter what. If I disappointed you, I’m sorry.

BY:  I’m not disappointed. If you hadn’t answered me like that I’d be disappointed in you.

DH walks back home and Dr. K calls to ask if something/ nothing happened. DH of course replies the latter and Dr. K doesn’t elaborate on his reason to call. When he enters his room, he realizes he had forgotten to give BY the present. She calls to make sure he got home safely and he goes into setting their next date. BY prefers low-key places and suggests a place that has lots of books since he loves them and she loves the smell of books. Go on camping with the kids. Make kimchi with DH… Kimchi? Also to walk up the windy hills on Udo Island. They bid goodnight to each other. DH scoots over to his desk and quickly writes down things BY likes to do together with him:


This better NOT be a bucket list 😥

Next Day

BY wakes up to see her dad sleeping in the corner next to her bed. Awwww! He wanted to be close by to check on her during the night. She realizes Dr. K had informed him of her situation, and she asks him not to inform mother yet.

SN tells HW anyway about BY’s visit to the ER on her supposed date night with Mr .CEO. She warns loose lips HW to NOT spill anything to DH.

Once BY’s check up is over, she calls DH who is relieved to hear everything went well for her. She quickly ends her call when Dad walks up to her, “Do you like him that much?” BY couldn’t tamp down her wide smile. They have to wait for the results of the biopsy to know her current condition. Dad tells her to go home straight and eat something. BY has a sandwich at the hospital’s cafe and her mother joins her. BY explains her presence in the hospital: get the last few bits of her stuff from her old office. Mother still goes on her anti-DH campaign. How can BY be a wife and take of two young kids on her own? BY asks her to teach her to be the best and strongest mum because she was simply that when BY was sick.

BY walks slowly on the pavement, sitting on the side when her breathing became difficult again. She looks up and sees a Photo store across from where she sat to take a breather.

HW enters the meeting room when it just ended. Excited out of his Italian designer suit about “Someone” who is waiting for Mr. CEO. He even did a mini jig to  “Bom! Bom! Bom!” and DH quickly signalled to him to stop the antics… Plant Manager is still in her seat 🙂

HW escorts DH to BY who was accompanied by SN. The big smile on DH’s face is such a RARE treat XD . Why is she in Hanu Haon? BY came over with a gift for Plant Manager:

DH:  You’re embarrassing her Mother.

HS:  Why did you come out with her?

DH:  Because I was worried you’d say bad things to her.

HS:  What do your parents think of your relationship? (I’ve been persuading them – BY) It won’t be easy to change their minds. You might be hoping I’ll back you up, but I’m sorry I that can’t do it. This is not the right thing to do. If I let you continue a relationship like this it could hurt the children. (Mother – DH) This isn’t something you can bear BY-Sshi. This burden is too heavy for you to carry so I have to stop you.

BY:  I’ve never thought of children as something I should bear or heavy burden that I have to carry. I’m… loved by the children. Up until now what I’ve received from them is more than what I’ve provided them. When I’m with the children I’m very happy. I love them dearly. That’s why I want to be with them. I know that I’m unsatisfactory and lousy as a mother. But I’ll do my best to learn from you.


Dr. K walks in and joins JW at the bar, placing a small gift bag in front of her too. He bought her a “handwarmer” (and it looks rather pricey too). She sarcastically asks if she’s pitiful enough for him to do such a thing. Dr. K explains it’s his way of apologizing. One thing he learnt from DH though, is to simply say he is sorry when he wants to apologize, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry JW. It was my fault.” But she’s uncomfortable with his attitude change (more like she’s afraid of liking him again)

DH’s mother

Once alone, she finally opens BY’s gift for her:


After seeing the photos, HS sends a text to CW asking to meet her at the same place where they were supposed to the first time round. CW is not enthusiastic.

Night time

DH:  Sleeping? (No I’m about to sleep – BY) Today was quite hard, wasn’t it? You did a good job. I think that you’re more matured than I am.

BY:  No way. It’s unfair to me.

DH:  Go to sleep. You must be tired [OMO! Did you see the dimple when he sniggered? Aish!! XD ❤ ] LOL!!

BY:  You aren’t disappointed because I told your mother that I love your children only, are you?

DH:  Of course I’m disappointed, you should tell her that you can’t live without me [hee hee hee!!] Do you have a cold? (No, something got caught in my throat – BY) I have something to give you and I couldn’t give it to you today again. (Then would you give it to me tomorrow? – BY) Tomorrow? (I think I can meet you in the afternoon. Ah! You aren’t available in the afternoon, right? – BY)

DH:  I can make it. I’m the CEO of the company. I can just have a day off tomorrow. XD XD XD

BY:  Then, can you have half day off tomorrow? Let’s meet up in the afternoon. (Okay – DH)  By the way, what will you give me that you even tell it to me in advance? I have nothing for you.

DH:  You’re all I want [AuNG!! ❤ ❤ ]

BY: Don’t do that. Actually, I don’t know what you like.

DH:  There’s not much I like… I just need you BY. [AuNG! AuNG!! BWAHAHAHAHA!! ]

BY:  You like syrup, but you don’t like ice cream, so that means you don’t like all sweets.

DH:  I like all kinds of sweets, but I just don’t like to eat them on the street.

BY:  Ah.. is that right? Then, what is your favorite color? (Green – DH) What is your favorite song?

DH:  Song? In terms of song… Kim Hyun Sik’s song is the best. His voice is great when he sings a song named Soju shot. Do you know him? Do you know any of his songs?

BY:  I do. ‘My Love Be with Me’. It’s my father’s favorite song XD XD XD

DH:  It makes me realize our generation gap though.

BY:  Then, when we meet tomorrow let’s not go to the place I want to go but let’s meet up at a place you want to go to.

DH:  It’s tricky to me… I don’t know where we should go. (It’s your homework. Think about it – BY)

CW, Director, Dr. K and JW

The foursome are enjoying a meal together and Dr. K tells Director he will remain in Hae Gil so he needs to take over that position. BY’s parents are relieved to hear his decision to stay. But when Dr. K brings up the matter of the Organ Transplant Center, JW gets a tad worried. This was not Chairman Song’s agreement and he had left it to JW to take care of the matter, yet retaining Dr. K at Hae Gil. Storm is brewing…

The Two Mothers

HS waits for CW for their alleged meeting regarding BY and DH. She seems to have a change of heart on BY’s decision to pursue a relationship with DH, but CW is still against it and politely excuses herself from the restaurant.

BY in kitchen

She is in a baking mood, and happily listening to Kim Hyun Sik’s ‘My Love Be with Me’. Ah. She’s baking her present for DH who by chance calls her at that time informing her of their date venue. As she scours her ingredients, she suddenly struggles for breath o_O


BY has edema on her cardiovascular tissues and she has extensive inflammation… and even cardiac muscle cell damage.

The doctor who went through the tests personally met Director to inform him of BY’s dire state.


BY:  Why are you home at this hour? (BY, you need to pack up – Dad) Is something wrong with me? (I think you ave rejection symptom – Dad) If I have rejection symptom, what will happen to me?

Dad:  You’ll be fine. Let’s go to the hospital first and have more tests.

BY:  Dad… This is my heart. Why do I have rejection symptom? It finally becomes mine. I thought of it as mine after five years and why –

Dad:  Where’s your bag?… What are you doing?

BY:  Wait a moment. Dad… give me a moment.

Dad:  No. You should go to the hospital immediately.

BY:  I have to meet someone. (Call him – Dad) I can’t do that again. I can’t make him wait for me alone again. I have something to give him. I have something to get from him… this is our first date he decided where to go.

Dad:  You’re very sick. You can collapse anytime, anywhere. Do you understand? You can’t go… I packed up roughly and – BY!

Date No. 2

DH in his azure blue suit and dark pants, strolls into a retro-styled cafe filled with thousands of old records[I’d like to know where this place is myself!] … BTW, he looks SO HANDSOME!!


A noticeably excited DH awaits his Stephanette … finally giving the gift that holds so much meaning to him…

And BY struggles to reach her destination, each step takes a toll on her heart as she slowly crosses the road on a pedestrian bridge. She clutches her heart when the pain becomes unbearable, but the hand made chocolates fall down to the ground in the process. She sends a prayer, “… just for and hour…. just for ten minutes…”

DH strikes off an item from the list he wrote the other night: Soggy Fishcake. And looks satisfied. OHO! You’re usin’ Moleskine’s Reporter’s Notepad, eh? 🙂

BY FINALLY makes it, looking even worse than before, but DH doesn’t notice her pale lips and ashen face. All he sees is his Stephanette. You found the place! Rather cool isn’t it? Even requested a song for you. This soggy fishcake is for you. “Is this what you wanted to give me? I didn’t even prepare anything for you.”

DH controls his little-boy smile and brings out the real gift he has been waiting to give to her: A bracelet.

BY does not demonstrate the normal excited expression when one receives a gift. Such a bittersweet moment for her.

DH:  Are you touched? [BY continues to stare at him until he gets flustered] I feel embarrassed. Why do you look at me like that?

BY:  [to herself] To keep you in my eyes and in my heart so I can engrave you there.

DH:  Wear it…

BY:  I don’t think I should accept it.

DH:  Why? Something happened? Tell me. You promised me that you won’t hide anything from me

BY:  I was confident… of everything. I thought I’m allowed… I thought I’m allowed to meet you

DH:  Stop talking about that. I’m okay. We’ll be fine.

BY:  Thank you [formally] I’ve been really happy. I made too many promises I can’t keep. I’m so sorry.

She leaves. He is bewildered. What could have possibly happened overnight? BY is walking up the stairs, crying and struggling for breath at the same time… until her heart could take it anymore…


A crowd quickly swarms around her, tending aid and calling for help. DH emerges from the cafe, an ambulance rushes past him, but DH is oblivious to the bustling crowd as his mind is still in shock over BY’s surrender of their relationship.




Lemme grab my box of tissues peeps… 😥





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