The Three Musketeers Ep 10: All For One



General GD fights earnestly with DH under the influence of some drug MR had mixed into his tea. DH is totally taken aback by the seriousness of the fight when he thinks GD called him in for a lessson/ sparring session. GD overpowers DH and as his sword swathes downwards, he slices across DH’s right thigh.

After hurting DH, GD immediately plants his sword into the floorboard and DH takes this chance to knock him off cold with a pot to the head. An officer comes into GD’s room and DH asks him to get reinforcements. The man, however, is one of KJJ’s in disguise and he moves in to finish off DH. Unfortunately for him, DH is a superior swordsman and he gets fatally injured but before he passes on DH managed to eke information that he was ordered to check whether YGD had killed DH yet.

He succumbs to his injury and someone else is coming towards their bloody party…

DH buys some time by locking the doors and sets up the scene of the crime by beheading the dead man and placing his sword (given by CP) in the dead man’s hand. Smart thinkin’ 😮 Eye Patch and his assistant breaks down the door and see two bodies on the floor. One decidedly very dead. They carry GD to his chair and places his bloody sword in his hand. Injured DH and the Head are keeping mum under the floorboards and passes out. EP plants Princess’ binyeo in the drawer and the supposed incriminating letter in “DH’s” jacket.

By now everyone knows about the “murder” and the hunt for DH’s head takes place. EP has a hunch the dead man may not be DH after all. He returns to GD’s room the next day and inspects the area, and even “tests” for possible hiding place under the floorboards by randomly stabbing the sword through the cracks. That definitely woke DH up o_O He stabs again. And hits DH’s side… he draws blood and smirks.

Samchongsa meet KJJ

CP wants to know what happened to GD and DH. KJJ recounts just as GD’s execution was about to take place, a group of archers on rooftops attacked the place and GD was saved by an unknown person. He has run into hiding. KJJ asks his men to bring forward a box (supposedly containing something of DH’s) and asks SP to make a confirmation. SP only saw the top of the head and hastily closes the lid back on. The officer found the head under the floor in GD’s office.

KJJ:  Since we’ve checked, please take care of it on your end. [Samchongsa are still in shock and cannot believe DH is dead] I’m sorry. Your man… Your trusted man died in vain. I’m so sorry to hear that. So the hardest thing to do in the world is lead your men –


Fight breaks out until the other minister steps in to stop the brawl, orders his men to arrest CP and his men [not knowing CP’s real identity] and KJJ laughs like a maniac. His plan has come to fruition beautifully.

Princess’ palace

Her mother worries about Princess’ position in the palace. Is there something wrong in her marriage? Is there another woman involved? Princess assures her mother that is not the case. Alas, a court lady enters and states that someone called MR wants to meet Princess.

Princess:  That day, I thought you said you’d leave forever (Yeah! :x) Why are you here again?

MR:  I have something to tell you. I’ve just come from Anju. [places an ID tag on the desk] It’s PDH’s. He died in Anju.

Anju Prison

Samchonga are chained in a cell along with the box containing DH’s ‘head’. SP worries his deal with Eunuch Kim will come to naught: prove PDH is alive, return Princess’ binyeo and forget everything that had happened. But now with DH’s head in the box, Princess will not be safe either.

They still do not know CP’s identity and want to interrogate him seperately, but KJJ enters and say it’s alright to leave him be. He just lost his cool momentarily when he learnt of his friend’s death. That’s all. KJJ wants to speak with them privately and all the officers leave the cell. KJJ still wants to make a deal with CP going into the future, YGD is in his care. And he won’t behead the Princess after she is dethroned. CP reins in his anger. He will NOT be cornered by the likes of KJJ.

Princess and MR

MR continues with her report: CP is in Anju. Her hairpin is with Eunuch Kim. Princess will be dethroned. And she will step in as the next Crown Princess.

She was sincere in leaving at the beginning but when someone told her it was possible to regain the dream she had held on before, she began to believe in the possibility. Or more in the delusion really! :/

So, she’s here to give Princess the heads up that she will not have the hairpin back and to help her find other means to solve the issue. What? To help Princess commit suicide? 😮

Samchongsa and PS prepare to bury what’s left of DH. The three men stand vigilantly over the tomb from dusk till night.

Princess paces in her room. She had confirmed MR’s recount of the event with Lord Choi. And when the realization of DH’s death hits her, she breaks down knowing her future as Princess will come to an end soon. CP will eventually accept MR as his consort because that’s the only way to protect GD… and CP will not push MR away forever, for they have a deep connection from the very beginning… Awww Princess! I’m sending you big hugs! ;'(

Yoon Sanggung comes to the Princess’ quarters for the evening wash up and was shocked to see noose tied to the beam over her desk. She frantically searches for the missing Princess and finds her calmly standing, seemingly waiting for her arrival “Prepare my things. I’m returning to the Palace”

CP meets KJJ and asks what are his terms: KJJ will not harm CP, but he must marry the woman of his choice – HS/ MR.

Princess and her entourage leaves for the Palace, but she stops when she sees MR standing on the side of the street. She asks Yoon Sanggung to call MR over. MR notices Princess is rather energized despite missing the opportunity to retain her honor.


No, you’re wrong. PDH won’t die that easily. You can’t fool me with his ID. Even if the Prince doesn’t love me, he’s not the type to kick me out and accept a murderer as his wife. I trust him. We’ll see who is right. Even if I die, I’ll die in the Palace as the Princess. Don’t you dare dictate my life for me. Let’s go.


KJJ is pressuring CP to accept his conditions and as he is about to sign to the devil, a girl’s voice wafts into their meeting room, “Samchongsa?” CP freezes immediately. SP and MS look at the doorway to see the young Manchu girl brought in. Even in that brief moment, CP knows in his gut it was a signal from DH. Could it be possible that he is ALIVE? The three of them exchange knowing expressions and SP and MS head out quickly. CP tries very hard to cover his smile.

Tani was the one who rescued DH from his hiding place with the help of her father ans his men. DH asks them notto report him otherwise he will surely be killed. He now knows KJJ’s nefarious plan to dethrone the Princess and hold CP hostage to his whims. They take DH back to their place. They themselves will be leaving Anju soon, and DH needs to be taken care of by people he can trust.

Merchant:  My man went to your grave and brought this. (Who would – DH) He said some guys came and put it there. He said the three men were crying but he didn’t tell them you’re alive since they’re Joseon people… (Three Musketeers – DH)

DH:  They’re here. They’re right here. Please find them. They’re the only people who would help me. (Where are they now? – Merchant) I’m not sure.. but they must be here. I’m sure they’re here looking for me. Just say three musketeers. It’s dangerous to say my name. Just say ‘Samchongsa. Do you know Samchongsa’.

KJJ:  Why all of a sudden?

CP:  Let’s say this never happened. This negotiation is over.

KJJ:  Your Highness, I won’t wait again. YGD’s head will be –

CJ:  You better keep your head first. I won’t stay quiet this time. Kill YGD? And change my Princess? Do as you wish but you better stay out unless you want to be ripped apart.

EP overhears the merchant asking around about Samchongsa and forces him to lead him to DH. Fight scene…

SP:  I told you. I said he’d still be alive. I read faces and he has a long life.

MS:  Why show up so late?

DH:  I’m sorry, it just happened

CP:  I’ll protect you so run as fast as you can. A horse is ready. Go straight to Hanyang. (By myself? – DH) We have to prove that you’re still alive to save the Princess. For today, your life is more important, so I’ll protect you this time. You should be honored. Don’t hesitate. We don’t have time.

SP:  Wait… wait, wait. Let me say goodbye to you. I was too sad you died without saying goodbye. Be careful everyone.

CP:  Go now. (Please stay safe – DH)

PS:  Master! Master! Master! You’re alive!! Get on. (Okay, I’ll see you later – DH) Master! She said you must keep your promise. (What? – DH)  Did you promise to marry her if she saved you? She said you must keep that promise! (When did I? – DH)

Hanyang Palace – everyone is waiting for the Crown Princess to turn up at the birthday party. Some courtiers were fanning gossip about the less than ideal marriage between CP and Princess. The party itself seems to be a set up to either humiliate Crown Princess or question her position as a loyal wife.

Princess knows she has to face the inevitable and bravely tells her court lady to use any hairpin from her collection.

Eunuch Kim rushes to see the King to show the hairpin he got from Anju, but the King has left to join the party. The eunuch almost catches up with the King but a guard stops him saying someone needs to talk to him urgently. He looks past the guard and gasps in shock.

The King arrives at the venue and sees the empty chair where the Princess is supposed to be. His daughter whines that she should be there already since her quarters is not far from the birthday venue. The doors open. But no one enters. For a while Princess stands to the side, praying silently for some miracle and plucking her courage to step into the lions’ den by herself… until someone places the hairpin in her hand. DH is there on his knees, smiling.


She is grateful that he is still alive and he tells her not to worry, he will live a long life and will forever protect her. Awww… 😥

The King and his daughter are surprised to see the hairpin securely placed in Princess’ coiffure. HAH!

DH:  I won’t die this early. Now keep your promise. Give me the letter for the King. (By the way, where’s the Prince? – Eunuch)

Officer:  Why are you here causing so much trouble? Who are you? (Who am I? – CP) Yes, who are you? (I’m the Prince of Joseon – CP) What? If you’re the Prince of Joseon, I’m the Minister of Joseon.

SP:  I told you this country is a real country. They won’t understand us…

Officer:  Come on! Answer me! Who are you?

CP:  Three Musketeers




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