First Impression: Misaeng


Hell-Oh! I did not expect the opening scene to be so riveting. So action-packed. So Raiders of the Lost Ark meet James Bond o_O !!

I was gaping for the first 5 minutes into Misaeng.

Meaning: this drama has the potential to suck me into YET another Kdrama wormhole…

Part of Opening Scene

Jang Geu Rae seems like a trouble-shooter extraordinaire, who is like a pit bull when given missions to complete. He displays confidence in communication and is able to think on his feet when things go awry. However, he was not all that and a bag of chips when his real story begins back in Seoul.

He works multiple part-time jobs just to keep his mother and himself afloat. A very affable young man who is meticulous and polite, but when he is told by his mum to begin work at a corporate place the next day, he becomes all thumbs and seems to be “an intern who got in due to his connections.” We’re not told explicitly how Geu Rae got the job, but with such insidious assumption, the word gets around the office at LTE speed.

Hence the dissatisfaction amongst other interns (you’ll always have the bully with his crony and one alpha namja who may seem to be magnanimous but may be the Devil Incarnate).  Kang Ha Neul plays the latter character.

Then we have Kang So Ra playing another intern extraordinaire, Yi Young. A no-nonsense, get to the point, sexy-up-only-for-good-reason, trilingual intern:

The premiere introduces some of the main characters who will carry most of the drama’s weight and I’m glad the 90- minute episode is justified in unveiling, a page at a time, Jang Geu Rae’s history. I’m rooting for this underdog who has yet to dazzle utilizing his genius in Baduk when solving work-related issues. Seriously, it didn’t feel 90 minutes at all 😮

Looking forward to watching episode 2… and then we’ll see where the road takes us XD


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