Spring Day of My Life Ep 12: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…

It’s not the winning that teaches you how to be resilient.
It’s the setback. It’s the loss.

– Beth Brookes


Mum misses the hug scene entirely, but she is no less surprised to catch BY with Mr. CEO in a rather intimate moment. BY was caught off guard and stutters to introduce DH who had already taken a few steps forward to “rectify” the situation once he knew who the visitor was.

CW:  Pack up and come down.

She does not want to know anymore than what she has seen. DH advises BY to follow as requested and squeezes BY’s arm a couple of times to reassure her that everything will sort themselves out…


BY is rather worried to face the inevitable, but she knows this moment with her parents will come sooner or later. CW asks BY is the man upstairs the reason for breaking up with Dr. K. How old is he? Let’s talk at home. Get in.

BY’s house

Dad didn’t expect his wife to  return home with BY but he can sense the great weight BY carries on her shoulders. Her posture bracing for impact. Dad looks at the light pout on BY’s face and knows immediately the cat has clawed out of the gunny sack…


CW:  You disappointed us badly by breaking up with Dr. Kang, and this man was the reason for it?

BY:  Mom, I understand you’re mad, but why do talk about it so badly? He isn’t a bad person who deserves you talking about him like that.

CW:  He isn’t a bad person? He tempted the woman who had a fiancee and is much younger than he is. He even hugged you on the street where anyone could see you [uhh, it was the corridor, maam. Not street o_O ] How and where did you meet him? He looks like your father’s age. Did you meet him at you job?

BY:  [taking her time] He is the CEO of my company. (Honey – Dad)

CW:  CEO? Your company’s CEO is Dr. Kang’s brother. (That’s right. It’s him. – Dad) I can’t believe… how absurd…

Dad:  Honey, I met him. And told him how we feel, so he’ll end the relationship well. [BY is astounded by her Dad’s presumption] Let’s trust that our BY will follow our will as well. Okay?

CW:  My daughter would not do such a thing to me.

Dr. K’s house

ep12_DHwaitDWOnce again, DH waits for his younger brother to have a much-needed conversation. Dr. K sees DH, and decides to continue walking towards his home, not saying a word. He tells DH there’s nothing he wants to hear from him that he already knows. Although DH still has something to say, he backs off from shoving Dr. K and lets the door open for a bro-to-bro chat when he’s ready.

Dr. K dinner with Mum


Mum calls her second son out for dinner, worried that he might face another bout of angst and depression with BY out of his life and in DH’s. She tells him to talk to her when he needs to and not be constantly upset with his elder brother.

DH’s home

He had just parked his car when he receives a call from BY…

DH:  Yes, BY-Sshi. Hello? Can you hear me?

BY:  I can hear you, and I can see you too [touche! LOL!! ]


My lovely BY is here… (bursting with happiness within)


Peek-a-boo! I see you! XD

They walk to the neighborhood playground and DH asks if she’s doing alright after she was “out-ted” by her mother. Why did you come over so late at night? Did you get kicked out of the house? 😀 She came to comfort him afraid he would feel slighted at how her parents treated him.

DH:  Your entire existence comforts me.

BY:  I think you’re a bit cheesy though

DH:  Now you know? My nickname is Margarine Kang BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! XD XD

BY:  Really?… I love to eat margarine mixed rice…

DH:  Whatever I say you always our topic of conversation to food

BY:  You know… my mother was a rude to you because she was caught by surprise.

DH:  I know. Your father seems to be a nice person.

BY:  My relationship with my father is as good as yours with PR. My dad is like a friend to Dr. K too.

Director treats Dr. K like a son often times because BY is his only child. DH is grateful for BY’s dad stepping in as a father-figure to Dr. K as their own dad passed away when they were still young. DH suggests to have supper [more like prolonging their impromptu date night] at BY’s favorite tteobeoki stall in front of her Middle School. He remembers what she said about things she liked since childhood! ❤

DH:  Will you keep wearing this bracelet?

BY:  Why? You don’t want me to?

DH:  No, I just mean it’s a really old one. It’ll probably break soon.

BY:  So I’ll wear it only for special occasions. Ah! Did you read the book I gave you?

DH:  Yes I did, and I don’t think you should write, BY-Sshi. Alphonse Daudet’s “The Stars” is written from a first -person perspective. The shepherd is the narrator so it should be from his point of view. Your writing is a mess. (How dare you call me a mess? Your face is a mess – BY) Because I’m sweating? Do I have something on my face? (You’re clumsy Mr. CEO – BY) You could have just told me.

BY:  Ajummeoni, I’d like some tteobeoki and fritters to go. (You already ate this much. You’ll eat more at home too? – DH) The children might still be awake. Take some for them.

DH:  What will you do tomorrow?

BY:  Hmmm… I’ll look for a job. I’ll talk to my mother too.

DH:  I want to meet your parents again.

BY:  Let me talk to them again. If I fail, then I’ll ask for your help. You have plenty to take care of too. Let’s take care of our own problems.

DH:  I’ll tell you everything from now on, so I want you to do the same. If you’re upset or sick… tell me everything. Okay?

BY:  I do that already. I’m not good at lying or hiding my feelings. (Go in – DH) Good bye.

Hit me baby, one more time XD ❤ ❤ ❤ :


Daughter-Mom chat

BY floats into her room, but snaps out of her romantic mood when she sees her Mother sitting on her bed…

CW:  Where did you go? Did you miss him so much already that you had to go see him? He must be really out of his mind. How can he be so irrational?

BY:  I went to his place. I went to see him. He rejected me, and he did his best to push me away. But mom,… I held him and I followed him. I felt like I would die because I miss him too much. I like him. I like him much more than he does me. I like his so much that I’m afraid he will disappear from me again.

I’m sorry, mom.

CW:  Don’t you know who he is? He is the older brother of the man who was your fiance.

BY:  I know. I know better than anyone. (If you know then how can you do this? It doesn’t make sense. Were you not thinking? – CW) I couldn’t think. I had no time to think rationally. When I woke up, I… My body… and my heart were with him. I know there are many people who are hurt by me. I know that this is wrong, but I want to live this way for once in my life. Just for once, I want to live the way I want. When I was sick, I thought I should recover quickly for my parents who were so worried about me. After I did recover, I thought I should live my life to the fullest because it’s not completely mine.

But now, I’m so happy, mom. This is the first time in my life I’ve felt that I was really alive. I’m so happy and thankful that I’m alive.

DH’s home


PR asks if he fought with Unnie.  DH says he can’t fight with her because he always loses 😀 PR the ever wise one for her age, asks if BY parents are opposed to their relationship because of her (being an adopted daughter). She offers to move to Udo and live with Haelmoni. DH tells her it’s utter nonsense to still think of herself as an adopted child, because he certainly doesn’t.

BY’s parents are still at odds with BY’s relationship with DH. Dad tells CW not talk badly of Mr. CEO, in fact they should be grateful. For what? Another cat is about to let out of the sack… but Dad doesn’t reveal just yet.

BY looks at the gift she received from DH’s kids, and opens one more pill: It’s okay. Everything will be alright. And she repeats the sentence outloud.

DH re-reads BY revised ending of “The Stars,” and writes something else on his post-it to add on to the tale.

BY is asleep, but having breathing difficulty [Oh-Oh o_O ] And has dizzy spells too… [I don’t like the path we’re on now peeps…] Since she can’t go back to sleep, BY prepares sumptuous breakfast for her parents. CW walks to the kitchen and tells BY to stay at home. And not see him again. Ever.

DH lunch with Mum


HS:  Take care of DW first. You always saved things for your brother even when you were a child. So I don’t understand how you could do this to him again. I’ve thought about it and even if I forget the issues between you and your brother, BY-Sshi is too young for you. If you want to marry again, a woman who’s older and who has more life experience like you would be a better mother for the children too.

If I think about how her parents must feel this is like a disaster to them. No one will be on your side. That’s what hurts me as your mother. I’ve never been disappointed in your decisions. I’ll believe that you’ll handle this matter wisely too.

… and the Melo punches keep on coming… o_O

HW is talking about parents meddling in their childrens’ lives and it’s even more so in Korea than anywhere else in the world. DH tells HW he talks too much, that’s why he is not tall.

HW:  Did you just insult me? BWAHAHAHAHA!! ❤

BY calls DH, and he signals HW to give him some privacy, much to HW’s reluctance XD


Are you busy Mr. CEO? How are you? My mum still nags me.


I’m not hiding anything from you BY-Sshi: I just got scolded by my mum. And I plan to meet with your father too.


DH at Director’s office


DH knows how worried Director is but he has come to a point where he can’t push BY away anymore.  He has revealed his heart to BY and she reciprocated his feelings as well. In the beginning he tried to push her away, tried to deny his feelings by making an excuse out of her heart (which came from SJ) but by doing such a cowardly act, he was hurting BY. So he gathered his courage to be brave with her. He doesn’t want to run away anymore, and wants to embrace her into his life.

Chairman Song and Dr. K

CS knows Dr. K is no longer affianced to BY and there’s no reason for him to continue funding Hae Gil as CW will not make Dr. K the Director. He’s shifting his money to a Heart Center in the Middle East. He offers Dr. K a lucrative job there and JW will follow suit.

CW:  Timing is great. It’s time for you to stop misunderstanding her, so comfort her instead. (Why would I? – Dr. K) You’ll remember you couldn’t reach her for a few days when you broke up with her. Yes, she was with me… because she was very sick.

CS:  Are you okay? Hey! Let’s get you inside. Stand up. (No – JW) What? ( I’m sorry, but… please take me to a different hospital – JW) Oh my God… Hey! Open the door! Lean on me…

During the time you couldn’t reach her she was admitted at another hospital. During her surgery and recovery, I saw your name on her cellphone, so I assumed you were her boyfriend. She desperately begged me not to tell you or ever let you know what happened. (Why… How… was she sick? – Dr. K) She had a large adenomyoma. Since she was unmarried, we tried to avoid hysterectomy, but she doesn’t have parents or any other family so she was rather pitiful. She was suffering so much after the two of you broke up.

I supported her financially so that she could study abroad, but that’s the extent of my relationship with her.

JW:  Did you meet the Chairman? What’s wrong?

Dr. K:  Why did you hide it? If I’d known earlier, I could’ve done something.

JW:  It’s in the past. (JW-ah – Dr. K) I was scared because I couldn’t make your dream come true. (My dream? What is my dream? – Dr. K) You wanted to live happily with children just like your brother’s family.

Dr. K:  Is that all? Even if you can’t have children, so what? We could have adopted. It’s not a big deal at all. Was I a man so hard to talk to that you couldn’t even tell me this?

JW:  You were suffering a lot because of your sister-in-law. I didn’t want to hurt you too… so I couldn’t tell you.

Dr. K:  Losing you hurt me more. I felt like dying. Why didn’t you tell me about CS? Why did you let me assume the worst?

JW:  Because you didn’t try to listen to me. You believed the rumors about me and CS… and you… didn’t even look at me. You didn’t want to hear anything I had to say.

Bro meets Bro


Dr. K learns his lesson and waits for DH at his home for a chat. They adjourn to their regular bro bar 🙂


DH begins to apologize to Dr. K about SJ, not BY. Little bro says he was only friends (he has a crush on her) with SJ and didn’t know she was DH’s sweetheart. Being the elder, DH feels he should have comforted Dr. K, but he didn’t know how hurt he really was.

And regarding the current issue, although Dr. K will not forgive him no matter what he says, DH still expresses his apologies.

Dr. K says his relationship with BY had ties with issues at Hae Gil and that’s why her parents wanted to marry them off. He rushed the wedding because he could see the attraction between BY and DH. But the truth is, BY sees Dr. K as her savior, nothing more than that. He’s alright, so DH shouldn’t be too concerned about him.


She rouses from sleep due to breathing difficulty again. This time she feels stuffiness in her nose. Her phone goes off and she smiled when she sees the caller ID.


“Dong Ha-Sshi 🙂 “

DH:  Ya. You’re doing this again? [but he looks pleased XD ]

He asks if she has eaten. It’s a shame they can’t meet in person otherwise he would’ve taken her to places to eat. BY says she’s happy just listening to his voice and requests for a personal story telling session over the phone. She misses listening to the way he starts off the day at Hanu Haon.

He reads the memo he added into BY’s book:


The shepherd couldn’t believe that Stephanette was with him. The shepherd did his best to protect Stephanette forever, no matter how strong the wind was, and no matter how heavy the rain or snow became.

BY:  I miss you

DH:  Me too

LTE Couple 🙂

HW gifts SN a new phone (pink), but she thinks it’s too expensive a gift and they should save money. Little does she know that HW was telling the truth about his lineage and he does come from a wealthy family. It’s just that HW was drawn to DH’s laidback style when he was a student at George Washington U and he followed him all the way to Hanu Haon.

SN feels bad that she enjoys her time with HW but BY can’t enjoy her moments with her Mr. CEO.

Cupid! Aphrodite! CROSS!

HW goes to DH’s house, gives a bunch of hairtail (that’s fish, y’all 😀 ) to Haelmoni and appoints himself DH’s personal stylist for the evening. Do I smell an Ahjussi makeover? XD ❤ ❤ ❤ HW rifles through all his shirts and stops at the one BY chose for him saying it’s the most decent out of the lot. BWAHAHAHAHA! Whuzgoinon o_O

HW tells him it’s the weekend and he needs to get out and be spiffy because his sweetie is getting the same treatment and will meet him later. My powerful Aphrodite has some tricks up her sleeves 🙂

As they make their way to the waiting carriage, HW asks if DH has a gift ready for BY. Perhaps not since they’ve never REALLY gone on an official date. Forget I even asked! LOL!!

SN on the other hand, unprettifies BY so that she could sneak her out the front door, but both parents are still in the living room, “BY seems to have a stuffy nose, so we’ll just go the nearby sauna and we’ll be back in no time.”

Jewelry store/ Department store

DH browses the price tag of jeweled items on display, can’t believe how much a tiny one costs. HW just tsk-tsked behind his back. For a CEO of Hanu Haon, he sure can be thrifty. DH asks to see some bracelets. OH? OH? o_O

In a department store, SN the Fairygoddess Aphrodite, weaves her magic over BY, putting together a cute outfit and adds on make up to BY’s rather wan expression. She doesn’t look healthy peeps 😦

DH enters a restaurant, the designated point of their assignation 🙂

SN:  Hey let’s hurry. We’re gonna be late. We should’ve taken the cab. What are you doing? Hurry up…

BY:  Unnie… unnie… I can’t breathe… (Shall I call 911? – SN) Get a taxi…taxi. Hurry… (Oh my God! What’s wrong with you? Omomo.. SN) I’ll be fine (Wait here. Oh my God… SN)

SN:  What’s wrong with you? This has never happened before.

BY:  It happened several times after my surgery. Don’t worry.

Dr. K:  BY!

BY:  I’m okay, right? (Of course. You’ll be fine. What about Hyung?- Dr. K) Don’t tell him. It’s not serious right?


Bom Yi! This is NOT the time to be a noble idiot.
You asked for transparency. So, Give It!
Don’t leave your Shepherd waiting not knowing what happened 😥

On the slight upside, it’s only episode 12 of a 20-episode drama, so it ain’t so bad peeps. She’s the female lead in this story so there’s no way they’ll kill BY off so soon… unless that has something to do with the ‘unique ending’… CRAP 😮



  1. thanks for the recap!

    this is oh-so-frustrating! but i thought MSD’s gonna be 16 eps?are you sure there’s gonna be 20 of ’em? i hope BomHa will get their happy ending..please Drama God..pleaseeee

    now, i must figure out how to make 5,5 days feel closer. ack!


    1. Anyeong rurymayasari 🙂

      Yes, it’s 20 (thank goodness!) and there are thousands around the world who are rooting for a happy ending for Team BomHa… but I’m still perplexed with KWS’ letter where he wrote about a unique ending. Hmmm…


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