Spring Day of My Life Ep 11: You are My Shepherd

A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.

– Bil Keane


Y’all know this is coming. So this is just to feast our eyes a little bit longer 😀


They are sitting on a bench in a park nearby and BY confesses she thought it might take awhile before DH would show up in front of her again, but she thanks him regardless, for returning to her so quickly. DH doesn’t think BY should thank him for that. Later, she might think “whatever happened on Udo, stays in Udo.” It was just that perfect. She shakes her head slightly and smiles.

DH:  Are you cold? (No – BY) I think Santa Claus will call you to work for him on Christmas. (Eh? – BY) Because your nose is red like Rudolph the Reindeer. Your nose is red… Don’t laugh. If you do I’ll keep making jokes because I’ll think you enjoy them (I do – BY) Really?… No, no… we’re not in a situation to laugh.

Aaahh… the night air is cold [are you hinting you wanna hold the girl’s hand, Mr. CEO? Tee Hee!! 😀 ] Wear this…

BY:  I’m fine… This is much warmer [you Go gurl! XD ]

DH:  Why did you run away from home?

BY:  I didn’t run away from home… I just haven’t gone back yet.

DH:  I knew you weren’t good at a lot of things, but you’re a lousy liar too. Are your parents worried because of me?

BY:  No. They didn’t know I broke up with DW Oppa… but they do now. DW is a very important person to our hospital. That’s why they care so much.

DH:  Even though you’re an adult, BY… I’m much older than you. So, there will be some things I have to take care of. I’ll take care of them one at a time, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

He walks her back to SN’s place and before they part, he leans forward and says in a low voice…


“Wanna take a walk around the neighborhood one more time?”

OOOHH!! You Smooth, DH! LOL!!

BY whispers back he must be tired from the all the travelling, so go home and get some rest. Gurl, you know how to let a man SIMMER! Hahahahaha XD DH inquires if BY is really staying the night at SN’s. It’s best to avoid mother when she’s still angry, she might say regrettable things. He leaves, and BY gets a call just as she was about to step in. Her expression turns wee bit serious when she sees who the caller is.

DH waits in front of Dr. K’s house, clearly one of the “things” he has to take care of. Dr. K walks from afar and sees DH standing by his car. He’s not ready yet to face his brother, and turns to walk away. This is not gonna be easy, DH.

BY and Dad are sitting at the corner of a convenient store. Mother is still angry with BY. Dad asks BY about Udo Island. BY stays quiet for a bit, and he says that he knows everything. He brings up the cellular memory theory and – be stops when he sees BY’s expression. “And this isn’t the case with you, right?” She nods. BY asks will Hae Gil be in trouble if she doesn’t marry Dr. K. “Don’t make me sound like someone who wants to sell you! Just forget what she said, okay? ” Awww, Dad!

BY knows dad cut in line for the heart. She apologizes for being the cause of his action and holds his hand with much gratitude. He tells her not to worry too much about her decision to break up with Dr. K, he will find a way to get through to his wife. However, he opposes BY’s relationship with DH. “Let’s end it before your mother finds out.”

BY gets a text message from her sweetheart: Goodnight.


She replies by sending an emoji of a brown dog hugging a blue cat 🙂

His immediate response: “This is… how does she do that?” BWAHAHAHAHA! Need lessons in using emojis?

BY receives his reply: I don’t know how to do this emoticon, so teach me later.

BY’s house

Chairwoman walks into the living room and finds Director sleeping on the sofa, he was afraid she might get mad at him too and instantly tells her BY is at SN’s. He asks her to sit, “Honey, I’ve given some thought. Let’s appoint DW as the director of Hae Gil. I’m fine with it.” She thinks he’s naive to make such decision.

CW:  If BY doesn’t marry DW, he’s not staying at Hae Gil because he’d feel uncomfortable. (Well, about that… we can do much about it – Dad) Why don’t you persuade BY?

Director:  Remember what you told me a long time ago? You told me to save our daughter first. So, I chose to being a father over being a doctor. That’s my burden. Why should I ask BY to carry it?

CW:  It’s not your burden. It’s what I did.

Director:  I know that you forced BY more because you felt badly about it for my sake. But still… please… Don’t do this. Let your husband have this last shred of pride. Alright?

SN’s apartment

BY goes through SN’s fridge to find something to make breakfast with. Instead, she’s shocked to see how messy and understocked it is and nags SN out of sleep.

DH’s crib

Somebody woke up on cloud 8.5 XD …

PR:  Dad. When did you come back? (I came back last night – DH) Why didn’t you wake me up? (Why would I? – DH) I met BY unnie yesterday (Did you? – DH) I’ll meet her again (Don’t bother her too much – DH) You’re saying that again? Don’t forget breakfast.

DH:  Sweetie. How’s this? (So-so – PR) Just so-so? Hey, how old do I look to you? (About 50 – PR) Seriously. (Seriously – PR) BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! XD

PR:  When you came to my school last time my classmates all said you looked young and handsome. (Really? – DH) No, Uncle HW said that… Why are you asking about ties? You don’t usually care (I can’t ignore it anymore – DH)

SN:  What- What is this? Who parks a car at the front entrance to a building? I haven’t seen this car before – OMO! CE- Good morning 🙂

DH:  Get in. Please get in (Oh! No thank you. I’d rather suffer with the bus crowd than be tortured by you two being lovey-dovey. I’ll take the bus. See you later – SN)


DH:  Wait a second. Should I fasten the seat belt for you? Hee hee hee hee!! You must need more space since your legs are so long. HEE HEE HEE HEE XD Hold on a second… (I’m… I’m okay… Wait! I don’t.. think this is right – BY) Just a moment. (Wait… wait.. I can… I can do it – BY) It looks the same… uhh that wasn’t the right one… BWAHAHAHAHA!! XD XD

BY:  It’s so warm in the car.

DH:  I turned the heat on so your nose won’t turn red again. Are you hot? You want me to turn it off? (No, I like it – BY) What about breakfast? Did you eat? (I… had boiled eggs and bread – BY) That’s not enough for you, isn’t it? (No, it isnt – BY) Let’s grab a bite to eat on our way to work [Did YOU skip Your breakfast DH-Sshi? XD ]

BY:  You look a little different (I shaved – DH)

Hanu Haon

BY gets off at the main entrance and SN walks to her, “Why did you get off here?” BY didn’t want to make DH uncomfortable by displaying their relationship out in the open at their work place.

DH drives the car to a stop at the cul-de-sac where the ever dependable Secretary HW greets him, “My love, My darling, My friend, My brother. I missed you.”  LORD! I missed You HW Sweetie!! ❤ XD XD HW gives a bear hug to DH, “Don’t ever leave me again. Understand? “


DH:  Ya! People are watching [pushes him away good-naturedly] What are you doing…

DH looks across and locks gaze with BY and exchange tiny smiles. HW walks over to his SN, “My baby, good morning” SN gives a cold reply and walks past him. Whuzgoinon? o_O

BY and HS

Plant Manager asks BY how she got sick.

BY:  There was something wrong with my heart, so I needed someone else’s. Fortunately I was able to find a new one.

HS comments the donor did a such a nice thing before passing on, “After my daughter-in-law died, my mind was unwell. That’s why I was strongly opposed to having a sick daughter-in-law. Now I’m worried I may have hurt you and your mother. I’m afraid that you broke up with DW because of me, so I feel rather uneasy. I think it’d be good if I could meet your mother.

BY explains her break up had nothing to do with HS.

DH’s office

HW hands over reports of their franchise and blabs about brand image, management systems when DH’s phone beeps with an incoming message, “You’ve finally started dating someone.. You should know it’s the best time of a relationship… speaking of which, why has my girl been annoyed with me the whole day? ” DH’s face looks grim when he reads the message and leaves his office.

BY waits for him and floors him with her decision to leave Hanu Haon. She met with HS, but did not disclose their relationship, “if she knew, she’d be very disappointed. But I can’t stay here without telling her the truth either.” DH offers to tell her, but BY says it’s all about timing and she’d rather they both inform her together. DH feels sorry towards BY, but like a trooper she assures him it’s all good and she can always look for a job elsewhere and invites him to dinner.

Hae Gil

Dr. K sees Director sneaking out from his office, startling him in the process. Are you here to talk about something? Director just looks at him and walks off. Dr. K walks to his desk and finds a gift bag with a note:

I wasn’t mad at you.
I’m sorry I raised my voice at you anyway.
From your best friend.

And inside the bag is a nice Big red apple = “sagwa” = sorry.

Dr. K spends more time now with JW. They both take a break at Hae Gil’s cafe, he buys her caffe latte [much to her surprise that he remembers]. He asks JW directly what would become of Hae Gil if he does not take up Directorship. To make a complicated story short: The hospital won’t be able to recover. Chairman Song will withdraw his funds too [Aaah, no wonder he’s been throwing his weight around… ]

JW:  If… IF BY ends up marrying your brother, will you still remain in this hospital?

She reminded Dr. K of his dream to have a family just like DH’s. Can a person with heart transplant withstand the pressure of pregnancy and child birth? With meds and constant care, yes and if she can’t have kids, they were willing to adopt. That bit hurt JW because he was willing to be with BY despite her health challenges.


BY is looking for a particular book: Alphonse Daudet’s Short Stories… and writes a note to go with it.

Hanu Haon

DH is having a chat with his mother outdoors, “Mother, BY-Sshi decided to leave our company” She thinks BY is uncomfortable seeing the both of them after breaking up with DW. DH says they broke up because of him, “I’m seeing BY” Oof! He DA Man! Does DW know about this? Yes.

BY’s parents don’t know about it yet, and he will inform them soon. Plant Manager is speechless. This will create a deeper wedge between the brothers and BY’s parents will worry even more about BY taking care of a family.

Dinner date

DH sees BY waiting at the restaurant and smiles, and then realizes his children are there too. BD announces they invited him to THEIR dinner. Hee hee hee! You thought you’d get some one-on-one with BY-Sshi? XD BY whispers to DH as a mean to explain the situation: she broke her promise once about having dinner with them.

PR gives a present to BY. It’s a bottle filled with an assortment of pills. When BD was born, PR felt left out and jealous that she will get less love from her mother. So SJ made that gift for PR and now she passes it on to BY. Why? BY seemed to be down lately and because she has done so much for them, they decided to pass on the bottle of happiness and love to her.

Each pill contains notes. BY opens one:  You’re Precious.

BD:  Pee! Pee! (Let’s go! See you again – PR) HURRY!

BY:  I think we should tell PR about us. (Okay… She’d understand, so I’ll tell her – DH) By the way, why you don’t look so good? Did something happen?

DH:  I told mother about us. Why don’t we talk somewhere else?

BY:  What did your mother say? (She didn’t say much – DH) I said we should do it together.

DH:  BY-Sshi… I… like you… but I don’t need you. I don’t want you to fill in as a mother for my children. It’s like you work to hard for them. Don’t be disappointed. You’re still young. That’s why I don’t want to rush anything. I want you to live for yourself, and not for myself or my family. Do what you want and what you wish, and go wherever you want to go cheerfully and happily. That’s how I want you to live.

I have this book.

BY:  You don’t. This story has a different ending.

DH’s room

PR asks if BY got home safely. Yes, and DH sits next to PR on the bed, “PR-ah… I have something to tell you…”

PR:  I’m not stupid. You and unnie.. are seeing each other right? [DH nods] Is it okay? I like it, but… I really like it, but… I worry about uncle.

The odds seem to pile up against them. DH being a widower of two young children. “Steals” his younger brother’s girlfriend who is 18 years his junior… the molehill has become a mountain.

DH takes the book BY gifted him and skims through to the ending:


“Stephanette couldn’t forget the shepherd’s sweet voice when he told her about the stars or his warm shoulder she’d rested and slept on that night. So, she visited the shepherd again. Now, beside the shepherd and hearing the stories of many stars that brighten the night sky. She’ll live with him happily ever after.”

Next Day: Hae Gil

CW contemplates the future of the hospital being in Dr. K’s hands. Suddenly thinks of JW and believing she would know the reason why BY and Dr. K broke up. Director stops CW from calling JW. CW is still on a mission to reconcile BY and Dr. K.

Director leaves for his own office and finds Dr. K sitting in the armchair. He knows CW is worried about the hospital’s future. Director tells Dr. K he will respect whatever decision he makes, just do not include any other intention in his decision. Only think about you future. Arasso? Done.

The Meetings


Director:  I’m sure I surprised you… visiting without advanced notice.

DH:  It’s okay. I should have visited you first. I’m sorry.

Director:  It’s late, but I’d like to thank you before anything. Because of your precious decision my BY could survive. I’m truly grateful and I deeply respect you. Thank you.

L-O-N-G P-A-U-S-E…

Director never thought that he’d say things he is about to say: BY is the type to worry about her parents more despite her health challenges and because of the connection BY shares with DH, Director thinks her judgment is “influenced”. Aww, c’mon now! :/

The favor he is asking: Please push BY away.



BY:  I’m sorry. I should have told you earlier. (It’s my son’s fault, so I don’t blame you – HS) It’s my fault. Mr. CEO has no fault in this matter. I know that it shouldn’t have happened.. I know it in my mind, but I couldn’t control my heart. I know that this isn’t the right thing to do.

HS:  What will you do?

BY:  I don’t know for sure, but I think I can do this. I will try my best.

SN’s apartment

She comes home and BY is ready to leave for hers. SN suggests she shouldn’t just yet. SN tells BY she saw her father at Hanu Haon that day, ” You don’t know what is going to happen if you go home now.” DH calls BY out. He’s already waiting for her down the corridor, he smiles warmly at her when he sees her. BY can sense something is amiss.

BY tells DH she met his mother, waiting for him to say about his meeting with Director, but he evades.

SN:  Honey! You can come over tonight. BY is leaving… I have another call. Then come here quickly! Bye! Hello?

CW:  It’s me SN-Sshi, BY’s mother. (Ms CW! Hello! – SN) BY’s been staying at your place for too long. I gave her a ride there once, so I could find it again. What is your apartment number? BY’s not answering her phone. Okay.

SN:  Oh my!… No.. I’m really scared of the CW!

BY:  I can’t meet you like this anymore. (Is it too difficult? – DH) Why don’t you tell me about difficult things? Why aren’t you telling me about my father’s visit? (That’s… – DH) If you take care of everything alone and suffer alone and hide everything from me… what am I to you, Mr. CEO?

What people think of us, and our parents’ worries.. I’m not afraid of any of that. The only thing I’m afraid of is you becoming unhappy after meeting me. If you were happier before you met me. That’s what I’m most afraid of.

I’m not too young. I’m not a child. I want to be a woman who can comfort you when you have a hard time and when you’re lonely.

…. ooohhh nnoooeess….

DH:  I’m sorry

BY:  Don’t ever hide anything from me. Let’s do everything together from now on… Omma?






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