Secret Door Ep 8: The Gauntlet is Thrown


Double-faced officer is informed of KPJ’s imminent death by the soon-to-be head of the West gang. It is the Minister’s will. Follow our instructions and your life will change for the better. KT tells his cronies not to worry about the Maenge issue anymore: Left-Side Police is with them and the assassin is his illegitimate son. All’s good.

And at the same time Minister MS tells CJ to eliminate PJ and bring him the smoke pipe.

And LS is galloping at breakneck speed towards KPJ’s house.

PJ is all set for the exchange with the Sorons and heads out of his house, to be silently attacked by KT’s assassin: Poisoned dart to the neck. When PJ stirs awake, he finds himself bound and prepped for torture. A bowl placed under his right hand to contain the blood that will surely be a result of the said torture.

CJ stealthily arrives at PJ’s residence. He enters the PJ’s private room and begins his search for the widest smoke pipe. But he finds a blood trail on the floor instead…


With Jedi-sense, CJ stabs into the screen behind the desk and nearly hits the assassin. He splits the screen into half revealing the killer and the begin to fight in earnest. PJ is still alive, but barely. As PJ struggles to move away, he falls to his side, revealing the smoke pipe securely tied to his back. CJ sees this and his priority changes to getting the pipe instead. Assassin sees the bewildering shift and goes over to PJ and finish him off.


LH is torturing information out of LS’ court lady. Where is the prince? I know not, Princess. She’s acting out more on hurt pride as LS left her alone in his palace. It was supposed to be an auspicious date for… expanding the Royal Family and she unleashes her displeasure on LS’ court lady. LS’ maid stays true to him and doesn’t divulge whatever is going on in LS’ personal life nor the activities in his palace to LH. “If you insist, I will punish you until you tell me” Lordy. When did she turn into a Sadist? o_O

ep8_LSat PJ

Too late. LS arrives at PJ’s only to find him dead. LS checks for his pulse at his slit neck (that’s how the blood got onto his hands). He tells one of the servants to report a murder has occurred. But can you be more specific about the fact You FOUND the body and NOT caused the said death? Man… details, DETAILS!

Noron assassin faces CJ and they exchange greetings. WHUT? Them Chinggus? o_O And they continue to fight over the Maenge.

Left-Side Police team arrives at the murder site and is astounded to find LS covered in blood. LS just realized his gruesome appearance and explained he did a search on the dead man, but why is his team here? This place is under the Capital Bureau jurisdiction. Double face officer says it’s a murder case so he should  – and a Soron Minister barges in and proclaims the case to be under Capital Bureau’s care.

JD sees the Left-Side Police trio and overhears the leader complaining about LS’ sudden appearance. Something isn’t right. KT is also informed of the murder case being handled by the Sorons. YJ continues his anxiety swings in his quarters. Headache all around.

LS asks Minister Jo to secure the place and update him or his palace of his findings. JG and Eunuch meet LS and tells him JD needs to speak with him.


JD: I think I know who killed PJ. Minister MS hired a swordsman… I think you know which one. Minister asked him to go the West, kill the Shadow and get the pipe. LS doesn’t believe the PJ’s murder was done by MS or his man. MS used to be a Royal Secret Inspector so he is used to talking to swordsmen. If he killed PJ it means he’s the mastermind to all the previous murders. But what is his motive? He has none. So it can’t be him.

JG:  Isn’t the document his motive? The document which HB and JW saw? In order to maintain our trust in him, we need to search his house.

JD and her dad are placed at JG’s house for their safety, but someone sees this over the fence…

I wonder how the King’s eunuch gets Breaking News at LTE speed in Joseon times o_O. He informs YJ of LS’ search order at Minister MS’s house and that he hired Na Chul Soo to kill someone. YJ is hopeful that MS’s mas got to retrieve the Maenge before LS arrived at the scene.

CJ meets MS and hands over the pipe. He informs MS someone got to PJ before him. MS quickly enters his room trying to figure out how to open the smoke pipe and finds blood at one end of it. Oh no. CJ is injured? CJ finally gives into the pain caused by the injury, and the assassin finds CJ catching a breather under the tree. He brings CJ to an unknown place and repeats the torture pattern with CJ asking what is the content in the smoke pipe. But oh! He doesn’t harm CJ (cuz them chinggus) but warns him his days will be tougher starting tomorrow.

At PJ’s home, the search party finds a suspicious book: Memoirs of Jung Soo Gyum (Painter). Minister Jo skims through the last pages and is aghast at what he reads.

LS, JG and Eunuch are searching MS’ meeting room for clues/ evidence. Look for secret hiding places. JG gets a stroke of inspiration and checks the walls – voila! A safe. Eunuch breaks the lock and LS dashes forward, preparing himself to find the inevitable (likely praying that MS will be absolved) before opening the safe…


Erhmerhgerd. LS finds HB’s saechek book “A Murder at Moon Yeso” along with his tag. JG suggests HB may have left a message in that book, and that is why MS kept the book under lock and key. LS: Be silent for a second. And give me some time… Do Not follow me. LS reminisces the past when MS had always been his teacher, and also a Father-figure. All that he has learnt was from this great man. But, to find this incontrovertible evidence in his safe was utterly devastating.

MS finally pulls out the Maenge from the smoke pipe. The darn document finally in his hands. Again.

LS leafs through HB’s novel with a soft smile, and he remembers HB’s comment about the story. The part about sharpening the sickle. Something must have been scary to the hero of the story. LS now carefully looks through the pages for such clues.


He places the page close enough to the candlelight to get some heat… and something happens…


Words written in invisible ink began to appear. Literally reading “between the lines”…


LS continues the treatment on following pages…

MS unfurls The Maenge and reads through the document:

Now there is only one way to save the country. A wise vassal should stand up and make a wise man King, so we can make a firm resolution. If we can make 400 years of our country stronger by crowning a new king, killing the present king will not be a sin. This is all for our country, so it will not be a sin.

For the greater good, we are doing the right thing. We will be acknowledged by history.

Signed: Chook Pa [nickname given by MS to YJ which means become King where justice flows like water]

Finally, MS knows the truth about YJ’s anxiety over the Maenge. He is in collusion with the Norons and basically bought the throne. He too, is devastated by the truth.


HB was a genius to copy the entire Maenge with invisible ink, and now, LS KNOWS the source of the entire Power struggle and more importantly, the secret his father so badly needed to hide from him…

MS meets YJ and informs him of the Maenge’s fate. It is in his hands, but he WILL NOT give it to YJ. How dare you! What are you going to do? Tell everyone?

MS:  Everything is in your hands. 30 years ago at Hwanchijung after the king had passed away, in the process of you becoming King, illegal actions were taken. Don’t you think we need to straighten things out? We should punish the man who was in charge. No one who signed the Maenge should be able to avoid punishment.

YJ:  Are you saying we should punish the Norons including KT? Me? Even ME?

MS:  If you think you should also be included that might be the way.

YJ goes into crazy mode, gets his sword and threatens MS. What do you want?! MS goes down on his knees and says he just wants to correct history. And what does THAT mean? Abdicate? Shall I step down? If I’m the past, who’s the future? THE PRINCE?

MS:  I will give you some time. Use that time to think of what to do in order to fix our history and how to punish those who signed the Maenge. Please… make a wise decision. I will return. I will await your answer. I will let you know one thing, if you hurt me or try to search my house, copies of the Maenge will be distributed everywhere.

LS asks JG to bring MS to him secretly and properly (which of course is relayed to YJ at LTE speed). LS tells MS of his favorite mystery series called “Bingeu Geosa” and the first book was on Royal Inspector PMS. It wasn’t a popular book, only 10 people have read it.

But there’s another book that is quite different. It was even hidden in MS’ office. LS places HB’s novel on the table between them. Why do you have this book? Is the man in front of me a teacher or a criminal?

MS:  I’m a sinner. (What is your sin? – LS) With my own hands I threw HB’s body into the well.

Minister Jo enters the room and states he is there to arrest the criminal (PJ’s murder) “It is you, Your Highness”




Can the Crown Prince withstand another beating?

I, for one, am not surprised if he suddenly turns Huge and Green and obliterates everyone who pisses him off


That said, (with a heavy ❤ ) this shall be my last recap of Secret Door. Real life just keeps buttin’ into my schedule, peeps XD In any case, there are even more fabulous recaps of SD on sites, such as the Grand-Daddy/ Momma of KEntertainment: Dramabeans



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