The Three Musketeers Ep 9: Just Wanna Smack KJJ Upside Down

Love begins by taking care of the closest ones –
the ones at home.

– Mother Theresa


“Please, .. dethrone me,” Princess makes her plea to CP as she truly wants to live a happy life, and being a Crown Princess cooped up in the Palace is not. She craves to live a life with a man who truly loves her, even if it lasted only one day. However, CP can’t grant her that wish, because he can’t allow another man take his place and lavish her with care and love. He takes his leave, but realizes that everyone expects him to stay the night with Princess and his entourage definitely will not allow him to leave Princess’ quarters without performing his… errr… duties 🙂

Princess finishes the entire pot of alcohol all by herself and is decidedly drunk. She leaves her room, in her royal night clothes, and proceeds to join the waiting entourage in her most elegantly drunk manner. However, she still ends up falling on her tush as she “walks” down the stairs. Rather hazardous there, Princess o_O She goes over the her eunuch and asks him to escort her to see the king. She wants Out right NOW.

Princess:  There’s no hope! I’m not qualified to be a Crown Princess. The king will not see a grandson. I’m going to ask him to dethrone me! So cute to hear her slurring XD

Princess:  There was a time that I had my name and a dream. Now I will retrieve my name.

CP:  Let’s go back in. (No. Lemme go. We’re not a married couple. We can’t say we’re a couple!- Princess) Let’s talk inside.

Princess:  I don’t want to! Your words without sincerity –

CP:  It’s been a while, so we drank too much. Don’t let anyone know. (Yes, of course – Eunuch Song)

Princess:  Let me down. Let me… down.(Does this happen often here? – Eunuch Song)

Maid:  This is really the first time. She has never been like this before (Open the door – CP)

Princess:  What happened? I have to go greet the King for the morning –

Maid:  I have informed the King that you have high fever. How do you feel? I ordered some medicine and they will bring it shortly.

Princess:  What happened last night? I remember drinking a few

Maid:  Not a few, you drank the whole pot. You don’t remember? [Flashback] Everyone was so shocked. Why dod you do that? I’m afraid the word will spread. The Prince ordered the people to be silent, but – (How about the Prince? – Princess) He went to Pyungsan hot spring this morning. (Hot spring? – Princess) He wanted to go heal his wound. The King has given him special permission. And the Prince left a letter for you. Please stay here. I’ll get your medicine.

If we’re in the same palace, we’re both under the King’s watch. I’ll leave for a while so you don’t have to feel the pressured. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s entirely my fault. But,… I can’t control myself even with my recognition.

MR is a flaw in my life I can’t even understand.

I’m sorry and I understand you, but I need some more time. Let’s take some time for us.

This time I wrote this letter with my sincerity. I do mean it. Believe me.

So, it was Eunuch’s idea to snuff out the Maid Who Wants to be Princess. It wasn’t Minister Yoon’s fault for the deception, and the tragedy cannot reach the palace’s ears. And to MR/HS, she sees it as CP’s orders to kill herself.

Fifteen days later, YGD’s envoy arrives at Anju where they will rest for four days. A young girl of a rich Manchu family has been sending “signals” to DH that she’s interested in him 😀 PS shows his interpreter skills and informs DH that the girl is 15 years old and is called Tani. DH is impressed with PS’ hidden skills.

KJJ receives word of DH’s presence at Anju with YGD’s envoy. He is glad the persons he has grudges against are walking into his plan. Project “internal strife” commences.

Another budding bromance alert: Between YGD and DH ❤ ! XD XD

DH goes into GD’s office to get his signature on a document. GD offers him a cup of tea which DH politely declines. As GD is about to sign, he notices CP’s sword hung on DH’s hip. He inquires about it by writing down his thoughts for DH to read. GD insinuates why DH carries a great sword when his skills are so lacking. “Do you want to learn from me? The Prince won over you with my advice. Nevermind, … if you don’t want to…” DH picks up the brush and writes in GD’s journal: “When?” LOL!! GD tells DH to return to the office after the party.

KJJ joins the feast and is introduced for the first time to GD.  The General remembers his name and warns his second in command to not get involved in any of KJJ’s nefarious plans. One of GD’s soldiers runs up to whisper of a guest who has arrived to see him. GD sideglances at KJJ. Is this one of his plans?

MR meets GD in his office to deliver KJJ’s order: Drug GD. As she said those words, he realizes the tea he had just downed was already drugged by MR. In his state, MR begins to play mindgames with GD saying that she has a secret to tell him about DH’s real identity. After she leaves GD, a guard enters to find out if the General was alright, and GD orders for DH to be brought into his room.

DH arrives, but no guards to be seen at all. He enters thinking it was lesson time. It was actual Fight-To-the-Death time o_O


SP and MS arrive at Anju as well, to PS’ surprise. MS wants to know where GD is. Screams break the jovial mood of the night’s fete. Big problem: A man has been killed in GD’s office. Park Dal Hyang.

Five days ago at Pyungsan, officials from the Palace came to bring CP back to the Palace ASAP. King’s order. Apparently, the King got wind of CP and Princess’ night performance and also the rumor about the Princess and YGD. Huh? Whut? o_O

Princess Jung Myung (King’s eldest daughter) shares some palace gossip about Princess meeting YGD at the temple where they were staying. Crown Princess supposedly went there to pray for CP’s health but instead it was a tryst with YGD. She even gave her ornamental hairpin to YGD (which was in KJJ’s hand earlier in this episode). This is news to CP.

He quickly makes his way to Princess and asks if she has been looking for his Mother’s hairpin (and she has.. how did he know?) CP knows someone has engaged a sabotage against the Princess. He grabs her wrist…

CP:  Find SP and MS. I have an urgent mission for them. (I’m sorry… Where would they be? – Eunuch) That’s why I’m telling you to find them. Hurry.

Princess:  What’s going on? You just arrived here and how did you know about my hairpin? I thought it was strange that His Majesty wanted to see it.

CP:  Never tell him that you lost it. As soon as you say that you’ll be dethroned. Listen to me carefully. I know how bad you are at lying, but you must be very good this time. Don’t stutter not hesitate. If you do so it will come to an end for everyone.

MS:  What brings you all the way here? (I have an urgent message from the Prince – Eunuch) Urgent message?

Eunuch:  Where’s Sir Heo Seong Po by the way? I can’t find him. The family said he’s been out for 4 days.

SP:  Don’t talk to me. This is an important game – (You have a visitor – servant) Are you crazy? Why did you tell them where I am? I’m supposed to be grounded! (Hey, it’s me – MS) Oh! Hey. What’s up? I thought you were praying at the temple. (Come out. We have an issue – MS) What is it this time? I wanted to have some fun!

What is it? … This is absurd.

You need to go to Anju immediately. Someone is spreading the rumor about Princess and YGD. It must be KJJ since he knew the Princess hid YGD at the temple.

CP to Princess: This is not only about you but everyone’s stake is on it. If things get out of hand everything including you hiding YGD will be revealed too. Then we’re all going to die. Do you understand me?

Princess:  Pardon Your Majesty, I’ve sent the hairpin for cleaning. My apology that I didn’t inform you earlier. (For cleaning? – King) Yes, I was going to wear it on Princess Jung Myung’s birthday. I forgot about cleaning and I told Your Majesty that I have it. It will be ready before the birthday. May I show it to Your Majesty on that day?

CP:  We lied and now we have 15 days until the birthday.

King:  I think the Prince is too naive and he believes what she says. But I’m still suspicious. She wants to buy some time so she can get it back from YGD.

CP:  Just as I thought he sent Eunuch Kim to the envoy team out of his suspicions. So you must run there and get that hairpin before Eunuch Kim does. The hairpin is probably with KJJ now and he’ll put it in the General’s belongings. They’ll carry out this plan once the envoy arrives at Anju. So you must go get them before they get there.

Who is this dead person? It’s Park Dal Hyang.

PS:  Master! Master!

MS:  Wait we need to check

SP:  Wait! We’re his friends…

YGD finally rouses from his blackout, and sees the headless body of a Joseon officer on the floor. What happened?

The body is moved to a makeshift autopsy room. SP demands for the rest of the body, namely the head. He, MS and PS are still in shock, unable to believe the body belongs to PDH despite the tag and sword left on the torso. MS notices a letter is kept inside the dead body’s outer jacket. Great timing – KJJ enters the room just when MS and SP are reading the letter. As the musketeers are forced out of the room, KJJ instructs the officer to take away the letter from MS as that could be used as evidence. (yeah, which YOU devised, KJJ 😡 )

KJJ reads aloud the “evidence” – This is the Prince’s secret letter. We need to confirm this – check YGD’s room.

YGD’s men are questioning him as well as to whether he really killed PDH. He can’t remember a thing. Joseon officials enter his room to look for the “conveniently planted evidence”. Under 1 minute, the hairpin is found in a drawer, carefully wrapped in purple silk. The look on YGD’s face: What the Hell is THAT? How in HELL did that come into my room? CRAP. This is SERIOUS trouble.

PS took the long journey from Anju all the way back to the palace to inform CP of DH’s demise and passes SP’s letter to him:

Things aren’t going well here. To tell you briefly, YGD was drugged and beheaded PDH. So, this is what happened.

KJJ:  The prince sent a secret letter to PDH which says The Princess and YGD had an affair and she gave a hairpin from the late Queen. And the King heard the rumor and told the Princess to show the hairpin. So the prince ordered PDH to find it

While PDH was in the room, the General came in and they fought, and PDH lost. This is the letter from the Prince, and this is the Princess’ hairpin from the late Queen. This sword proves this man was the Crown Prince’s. Since this is a grave issue between two nations, let’s agree on this statement: YGD was drunk and he killed a Joseon military officer.

This is the worse case scenario. PDH is dead, hairpin discovered and YGD arrested. To make it even worse, YGD AND the Princess aren’t safe anymore.

KJJ is trying to kill YGD with murder and adultery with the justification of protecting your name.

KJJ is in his snake-charming mode, instigating his fellow Minister to get rid of YGD once and for all.  SP and MS attempts to delay YGD’s execution – they have yet to determine the body belongs to PDH. KJJ is adamant regarding the evidence found and the two of them have no jurisdiction nor authority to interfere with the affairs of that territory.

Continuation of SP’s letter:  This is the only way for now. We need to prove that PDH didn’t die. And the entire case is framed. The body started decomposing so we had no choice but to bury it. But we still don’t believe that he’s dead. If he’s dead there’s no need to hide his head. He must be alive somewhere. It’s just that we didn’t find him yet. I’m looking for the woman who drugged the general. We must find her to solve this case. We have no lead on her except that her name is HS.

To say CP is enraged is an understatement. He needs to go to Anju, but under the guise of going to a location to heal himself. CP also needs to protect Princess while he is away, so he suggests to her to leave the Palace for the time being, otherwise the King will continue to pressure her about the hairpin.

She has a sinking feeling she will not return to the Palace, looking at her surroundings several times as though to imprint every nook and cranny into her memory. CP comes to see her before her convoy leaves the palace grounds. He knows she is worried, but jokes with her saying this is what she asked of him when she was drunk.

CP:  Don’t worry. Your wish won’t come true. You’ll come back even if you don’t want to… Go now.

And I think this is the moment CP realizes he does have deep affections for his wife 😥

CP:  Please be careful.

Lord Choi:  I just heard everything and got here. What’s going on? Where’s the Prince? (He went to Anju – Eunuch)

Officer:  YGD was drunk and killed a Joseon Military Officer and with other sin that cannot be publicly disclosed. Under Minister Kim’s authority YGD will be immediately beheaded.


Dayum. That is what I call a Pee-In-Your-Pants Cliffhanger o_O



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