Secret Door Ep 7: The Truth Is Still Out There

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;
the point is to discover them.

-Galileo Galilei



The Scooby Gang are at Dowhasun looking into paintings for clues, especially when LS had a revelation about Hwabootado being a *Googyul (*Chinese characters used for grammatical purposes) rather an actual Hangeul word. It is an actual reference to BanChado, a document that records the country’s or royal family’s ceremonies which is the Euigye (ie the drawings in Euigye are BanChado).

All four of them are scouring HB’s last BanChado he completed before his untimely death…


LS traces over all the individuals in the BanChado…


and finds the odd man out…


The person who always stood there is…


Kang Seo Won from The Crown Prince’s palace.

JG thinks that KSW had to watch over LS without orders from the Princess’ Palace. However they do not have evidence to bring him in for questioning. JD comes up with the idea of fabricating evidence so at least they can search his place for the Saechek book which is still missing.

LS remembers HB’s review of a novel he had just read:


“A Murder at Moon Yeso” was an incredible read, especially the part where Woo Yuk Chun was sharpening the sickle. I almost had goosebumps.

But, HB usually DOES not read Mystery stories. Could this have been a clue HB left for LS? JD says the part that HB writes about is only the introduction, so what is so special about it that HB got goosebumps?

Next day, Eunuch and Royal Bodyguards visit KSW’s residence to search for “evidence”. The wanted man is not at home, but double agent PJ is with the search party.


PJ, “Has KSW committed a serious crime? Why was he dismissed from the government and why are we trying to catch him now?” Eunuch – “Don’t try to know everything. You might get hurt” Oh dear. PJ knows more than you Sweetie o_O

The search came up empty. No KSW, no novel, no Saechek book. Plan B: question those who were close to him and put up a wanted notice.


PJ informs KT of KSW’s disappearance, and he thinks someone is hiding him and it may be the ones who attacked him last night. And they’re skilled at using Traditional Korean swordsmanship. KT’s mind links that information to a group he knows…

KT asks YJ point-blank if he’s harboring the fugitive. He sarcastically says he’s hiding KSW, a man who couldn’t even possibly have the intelligence to go against KT. Which other government official would be involved? Why is LS looking for KSW then?


“The artist HB has placed some kind of clue in the BanChado. The prince believes the clue will lead him to the criminal. If the prince loses his track, wouldn’t that be good news for you? Hurry up and find the Maenge… and finish this up quickly.”

JD’s dad is mad with WS for not telling him about last night’s incident at her gibang. She assures him she has sent JD to a safe place. Where?! JD is now at CJ’s place. She has sent message to LS to not worry about her and that she’ll investigate how the East and West gangs are involved in their case.

She skews CJ about his sudden appearance last night. Why was he there? But he seems immersed in a book which she snatches away to gain his attention. His eyes are teary when he looks up. What was he reading? Choon Hyang Jeon? Mong Ryong just met ChoonHyang at the prison…ย  LOL!! XD

CJ confirms the dead man had connections with the West gang and tried to frame CJ’s men with the dagger. JD knows it’s not CJ’s style to kill a man behind his back, and he gladly continues reading. The boss of the West gang is a shadow, no one knows who he is or how he looks like. CJ tells JD she is not allowed to snoop around and be a detective wannabe when the case has become even more dangerous. Try writing Love stories instead. LOL!!

JG is reminding LS of the day’s schedule but LS’ mind is still on KWS. Did someone get to him?


“The list of names from HB’s sketch book were all from the same party. Captain Hong also made HB’s death like a suicide to curry favor with the Old Learning Faction.” LS has a feeling KWS is held by them. “Why don’t we bait them with Min Woo Seob (the upright officer) He ignored JD’s letter and left the capital. But when Captain Hong ignored the letter, he was the only one who objected. And his own father doesn’t want the truth to be told either. Why don’t we invite MWS to Yoonde?”

Minister Min faces LS and the prince informs him he is relieving the minister from his office. Minister Hong objects to the sudden decree, but LS says it’s his own doing. Why did Officer MWS resign from office? No one can provide a viable reason for MWS’ departure. LS gets up from his seat and crouches in front of Minister Min (following his father’s trademark of gentle coercion) and encourages the minister to cajole his son back into service, otherwise it would mean the end of his career in the Royal Court. LS tells Minister Hong he will send his two personal bodyguards over to his department to make way for MS’ return to active duty. OHO! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

As expected, the Usual Suspects of KT’s men gathered at his place for an emergency meeting. Now, the faceless Old Learning Faction have faces of the possible masterminds. KT calmly informs his men LS is still investigating HB’s death.


KT “It’s not MWS. It must be the girl.” That means the prince knows HB was murdered and the investigation manipulated? “He’s getting serious about getting the real criminal.”

JG updates LS on the enemies’ strategy on the need for a backup plan.


YJ is carefully studying the BanChado with a magnifying glass. How did LS notice the clue left behind by HB in such a short time? “If my prediction is right, there must be someone looking for these paintings.”

YJ’s right. It’s KT and he tells PJ to look for it: The ceremony that took place last June at the Royal Tomb. KT wonders why would HB mark KWS instead of PJ?


“It IS me. The prince is on the right track. It’s only a matter of time before he finds me. Stop the investigation. If you can’t stop it, you should kill him. You should take care of things quickly. If not, you will have a bigger enemy than you ever could have imagined.”

Later that night, PJ sneaks into the Dowhaseo Office and steals the record book that lists his name on that particular event depicted in the BanChado.


PJ shoots a note to the Minister who has agreed to partake in the Maenge, “Give me 10,000 nyangs and the Maenge will be delivered to the Young Learning Faction. I will see you at Gwangjin.”


Back in his room, PJ is back to his confident self as he destroys *Nungheng Myungboo (*Dowhaseo’s Registers).


They question MS the content of the Maenge, for it is the evidence that the former King was murdered and did not die of natural causes. Does it really have a list of names? They tell MS of the deal offered for the Maenge. MS is very concerned.And someone has been eavesdropping on their conversation… and reports back to KT.

Eunuch tells YJ no one turned up at the Dowhaseo last night. YJ is surprised KT didn’t fall for his bait. Well, just change the bait then: Release KSW.


KSW is literally dropped of in the middle of town, still encased in a gunny sack. He demands to know what is going on and someone directs him to a notice pasted on the wall: 100 nyang?

He finds himself in LS’ office, being interrogated by the Prince with JG and Eunuch looking on. KSW knows of HB, but he did not kill him. He was finally released on those grounds. Released? The piqued LS’ interest.


“I was kidnapped at night and taken to a place I don’t know of. I didn’t escape. I was released in the streets by the same people who took me. I was released in front of this [poster]. And on the night HB was killed, I was on night duty at the palace.”

Eunuch walks KSW out but did not pay him the 100 nyang reward. LH’s dad sidles in and offers to pay the amount instead for information.


Looks like LS is going after the Old Learning Faction. We need to stay away from them for the time being. Just make the prince think you stepped away from them. Then, the prince might entrust you with vital information that could benefit Old Learning Faction. It’s a win-win for you, Ahbeoji.

JG makes haste to LS and informs him KSW had been telling the truth. Then why did HB draw him in the BanChado? Minister MS is in a dilemma. Who should he help? His party or YJ? He recalls YJ’s plea to get the Maenge back for him “for the sake of the people.” The People? A hunch went of in his head and he checks the housing registry at HoJo…


He copies a page from a directory, satisfied that this could be a leap in improving the situation…

Minister MS bumps into men who deal in Real Estate.

Minister MS bumps into old friends who are now well-off due to theirย  Real Estate knowledge. He asks a favor from them to locate house owners on the list (which he copied at HoJo), because many people register under fake names.

MS tells YJ he has sent trustworthy men to locate the Maenge, but YJ is still suspicious of the Old Faction Learning as well as LH and her father. But the most troublesome comes from the Prince’s palace, MS worries LS is walking down a dangerous path. YJ will take of LS.

LS joins YJ for tea at the pavilion in the garden. YJ tells him to stop his investigations and start real work with People’s Law. You need to be able to maintain good health while oversee the country. That is what Kings should do.


“Find someone you trust and let them handle things. Ah! How about your teacher Minister MS? I am your father, but MS could be like a second father. More than anyone else, don’t you think he will be able to understand you the best?”

YJ casually asks if LS has found anything new, and LS expertly dodges the bullet and says he will share once he has concrete evidence. “I am always on your side. If you need any help, tell me.” Hoo boy. Very ominous. Rather prophesying.


That’s CJ doing a badass mountain climbing Joseon style with zero harness o_O


MS compliments CJ’s extraordinary skills, but warns him not to partake in politics. It may just cost him his life. MS apologizes for dragging him into his hostile world of politicking. CJ returns his thanks to MS for saving him when he was locked up in prison years ago when he was a teen. CJ can never forget the meal MS gave him when no one else cared whether he lived or otherwise. So what he does for him now is to repay the meal that very likely saved his life.


A man cleans his hands and feeds fresh meat to his pet, a falcon. KT stands at the entrance and commends the man’s capabilities. This man sounds like someone who used to serve KT in the past, but he doesn’t do those sort of work anymore. KT asks him to follow him out.


KT brings him to his mother’s tomb. She was an entertainer. If the case goes well, he will grant her dying wish: Clear her son’s name and be formally adopted by KT. Ooh.. he is KT’s illegitimate son ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

MS finally gets a breakthrough from real estate research:


Three names were iffy, but one stood out: Kang Pil Jae. Isn’t he an official at the prince’s palace? His pay isn’t great but how could be afford that house?


MS bumps into PJ at a shop that makes smoke pipes. He jokes he may take up smoking to ease his stress. Can you recommend me one? Shopkeeper says PJ can’t be of much help since he himself is still inexperienced. PJ, getting uncomfortable by the second, excuses himself.


Choi Sanggung announces “It is Yesi [9pm], you should begin now” … as in like ‘gettin it down’? o_O LS begins to loosen his robe, but something made him think of the ceremony at the royal tomb… They drew the BanChado before it happened?


Princess is at a loss. What is he muttering about BanChado? LS continues talking to himself “If KSW was on night duty, then the next day would be *Nung Heng Soo Ga (*Serving the king on the march to the royal tomb)…


I am sorry, Wife. Forgive me Princess! And LS dashes of to Dowhaseo…


It wasn’t KSW that HB marked. They draw the BanChado before the march since they can’t do a rehearsal with that many people. They draw it in advance to prevent any problems.


“That’s why… that’s why you did this!”


That means HB didn’t draw the person there. He drew the man who WOULD be there, but wasn’t able to because he committed a murder the night before. KSW had to stand in his stead. We have to find the register.


Sorry, Your Highness. Someone stole the directory last night.

KT gifts a box filled to the brim with silver ingots “A gift for the leader of the West gang.” The recipient is hesitant to accept because he is not the leader. Shadow is. KT says Shadow is the past. I want to do business with the Future. First simple task: get a few of your trusted men and kill KSW from the prince’s palace.


So the person who destroyed the register is likely the culprit. Who will be next to be eliminated? Eunuch pipes “KSW?” Get the prince his horse!

JD walks around CJ’s compound thinking what would be something that he didn’t want JD to see? She walks by a room and overhears a female sobbing within.


Stop crying! I’ll let you go after this. CS cries out who else do you want to get killed? I know your boss MS took out my JW? Oops. JD heard it very clearly.

LS and Eunuch arrive at KSW’s house in time to see a basketball team of assassins in the process of killing him off. The target manages to run into the streets followed by a group of Men in Black and LS runs over to his quiver and bow and takes aim… 2 down, 4 more to go… LS gets on his horse, gallops ahead and pulls KSW onto his horse to safety.


On the day of the march, who did you go in stead of? Kang Pil Jae. o_O

PJ is in his office, neatly rolling the Maenge so that it fits nicely into the body of the long smoke pipe. JD sneaks outside CJ’s house and sees MS and CJ prepare to go somewhere in the night. MS wants CJ to kill PJ and bring back the smoke pipe.

Eunuch runs back to the palace and asks for back up from YJ. Of course he should help his son! Because it’s all about the Maenge. A scream pierces through the night. A group of police officers arrive at the scene, and see LS staggering out with blood on his hands…


The intrigue has just shifted to higher gear.
Dang… it’s getting better.




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