Upcoming Dramas October 2014 Pt 2

My, my, my… Look at all these goodies coming our way o_O


Liar Game:


The successor to “My Secret Hotel” time slot is tvN’s version of the Japanese Manga, Liar Game.

Isn’t it interesting to see a common theme that sweeps through KDrama productions? First was the reunion of former OTPs (Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara/ Choi Ji Woo & Kwon Sang Woo/ Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae).

Now, its manga/ manhwa adaptations running into the last quarter of 2014.

In this version, various contestants take part in a game show that offers a prize of 10 billion won. The contestants who can cheat the others of their money win the prize.

  • Genre:             Adaptation/ Mystery
  • Episodes:        12
  • Broadcaster:  tvN
  • Start Date:     October 20 2014
  • Air time:         Mon-Tues 23:00hrs


Legendary Witch:


Soo-In, Bok-Nyeo, Poong-Geum and Mi-O were cellmates at a woman’s prison. These four women have their own reasons for being imprisoned, but through bakery lessons in the slammer, they open a bakery shop and compete against a large bakery company.

  • Genre:             Human interest/ Family
  • Episodes:        36
  • Broadcaster:  MBC
  • Start Date:     October 25 2014
  • Air time:         Sat – Sun 21:55hrs


Rosy Lovers:


This drama revolves around a guy who suffered a major setback in his youth. Ever the optimist, he doesn’t let s obstacles hinder his progress. He continues to search for happiness and answers to Life while finding hope through his family.

Rosy Lovers takes over “Come! Jang Bo Ri!”‘s time slot

  • Genre:             Romance/ Family
  • Episodes:        50
  • Broadcaster:  MBC
  • Start Date:     October 18 2014
  • Air time:         Sat – Sun 20:50hrs



    1. And to think I have to SCALE down on my posts!! LOL XD . I agree Liar Game looks worthy to invest our precious time in.

      Lee Sang Yoon (Angel Eyes) is definitely renting a small space in my heart too XD although that recent drama of his was a pill o_O



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