Spring Day of My Life Ep 10: Get a Mop, I’m a Mess on the Floor

From caring comes courage.

– Lao Tze


BY says to SJ she now knows how to live and hears that familiar heartwarming voice that belongs to her DH. She turns to him locks her gaze on him. She never wavers when she answers his query regarding her presence in Udo, “Because I miss you.” She offers her hand to him. DH walks up to her, and puts his hand in hers. It’s as though BY is saying to him, “It’s okay. I want to have you next to me. Hold onto me. I will wait until you offer your hand to me.”

And they simply hold hands for a moment, looking into each others’ eyes, sharing unspoken longing for each other…


BY:  I’m sorry for visiting. I was wondering whether you liked me because of my heart or not. I don’t. I really believe my feelings are genuine.

DH:  Why do you think that? BY-Sshi, the reason you’re attracted to me, I think it’s because of your heart. When you came here the last time, and when you fell into the sea, didn’t you tell me that you saw someone in the water? (That’s – BY) What you’re doing now… your feelings aren’t real. My wife’s heart remembers me and it’s moving you. I also –

BY:  That’s not true. I know that isn’t true.

DH:  You’ll be fine if we’re apart from each other for a while.

BY:  I’m not okay being apart from you. Not at all.

DH:  I’m thankful that you came to see me, but I just want you to leave.

Udo home

DH’s bestie shouts his frustration at DH who missed an important meeting with the Education office, but immediately stops his ranting when he sees BY tagging along behind DH. Oh oh oh? Whuzgoinon? XD

DH tells BY to rest in the children’s room while he prepares food in the kitchen. DH tells GD to zip it and not let a word out if he values his life. Wash some rice and cook it 😀
DH goes in BY’s room to tell her about his bare pantry, but finds her asleep instead. He closes the door but overhears her saying something in her sleep, “Don’t go… he’s gone… where is he… ”

Dr. K’s office

Dr. K gets a call from HS and she inquires about BY’s well-being. She doesn’t understand why BY felt so bad that she even cried. He uses that moment to break the news to HS: BY and him had ended their relationship. He asks her to treat BY as usual if she returns to work.

SN and HW

He’s hiding behind a low wall, waiting for his sweetheart to arrive, “God… Korean time.” LOL! ❤ him! She sneaks from behind and surprises him. SN is curious about BY and DH’s absence from work that day. She overheard BY apologized to Plant Manager and that she broke up with Dr. K. Omomomo! Did BY go to DH?!

HW:  Of course she would. Our CEO is good at relationships. I’m really amazed he’s got such talent with his appearance. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING HW? XD XD


BY wakes up and finds a blanket over her. She quickly gets up to look for DH, feeling rather unsettled just as she had when she went searching for DH at Hanu Haon. Relief pours over when she sees him walking up from the road with a plastic bag in hand.

BY:  I thought you left me again. (I went to buy tofu – DH)

BY looks at the humble spread on the dining table. In a soft voice BY shares with DH that loves it when someone prepares food for her, and talks about other things she likes:

the smell of leaves after the rain, the sound of the kitchen when she wakes up in the morning, eat roasted chestnuts on the bus, eat freshly made rice cakes with honey dip, the way breath frosts on a winter morning, paper smell of old books.

These are the things she liked from childhood and still does. She hasn’t changed despite having a new heart. If her feelings aren’t hers then she should hate those things she liked when she was a child or at least be indifferent about it.

BY:  You said this heart was a gift to me. That means it’s mine. Even if you like because of this heart, those are still my feelings. (BY-Sshi – DH) I like you. Not my heart, but… I like you.

He implores her to stop saying such words to him, or else it will become very difficult for him. He leaves her despite BY’s pleas to accept her, “Don’t do that… Once. Just for once… please hold me.”

He steps out of the house, into his shoes, and stops short. BY had tied the shoelaces on her shoes with his XD He unties them, cleans her sneakers before placing them back near the door, facing outwards.

Hae Gil

Dr. K drops a bomb on Director: BY knows about the heart she has. And she is in Udo to see DH. There is nothing else Dr. K can do to salvage his relationship with BY. He knew it the moment BY walked away from him to catch a flight to Jejudo. BY’s dad is NOT a happy camper.

Meeting with Chairman Song

CS pesters Chairwoman about the new project plans. He wants current Director to step down. Dr. K will fill in because he’s getting married to BY anyway. If that’s the case will the Organ Transplant Center be opened as stipulated in the contract? He exchanges side glances with JW, “Of course. That’s how it’s written in the contract. Appoint Dr. Kang as Director first and then we’ll hurry to open the Organ Transplant Center. Okay? Hurry the wedding.” Excuse me while I rinse off the the slime that just fell on me :/


GD and DH walk our of the meeting venue and the former asks if BY would have returned to Seoul by now. DH goes home and sees her shoes are no longer where he placed them. He goes to the docks…

BY’s voiceover:  I like you. Not my heart, but… I like you. Once.. just for once… please hold me.

BY:  Why did you come here?

DH:  I want to know… if you left without saying goodbye… What were you doing over there? (Talking – BY) What talk? What will you do? You don’t know how difficult it is, BY-Sshi.

BY:  I do know. I’m an adult too. I can be responsible for my decisions. Do you want me to leave now? Do you want me to leave?

DH:  Come here (OOOH! XD )

BY:  For today, let’s not think too much and just be together. Let’s go on a normal date, and spend time together just for a day. Okay?



She had to slow him down while on the beach, complaining she doesn’t know the area well. He teases her about her long legs XD She’s curious about the sand, it’s not typical of other places. DH proceeds his National Geographic explanation of the components that make up Udo shoreline, “Why? Am I boring you?” She walks off muttering she doesn’t understand a word he was saying. He smiles broadly behind her back.

Move on to Udo peanut Ice-cream! They enter a quaint grocery store while enjoying their ice cream. She’s astounded with his ability to take huge bites without getting brain freeze. BY laughs at how boyish he is when it comes to eating desserts, and wipes off the ice cream on the side of his mouth with the back of her wrist.


Someone just experienced brain freeze and heat wave at the same time!


DH shows he knows his seafood and BY learns how to haggle for a discount in Jeju dialect. The aisle between the fish section and display racks is rather narrow, and BY almost “fangirled” on the spot when DH protected her back from others who were squeezing past.
LOL!! It’s that graze on your back from your mega crush and all you feel is the HEAT emanating from the point of contact! Know whut I’m saying, peeps? YEEESH!! XD XD

BY’s home

Chairwoman prepares wine and turns down the lights in the house. Ooh. Some alone time with the hubby at home? Director senses something is amiss with his wife. Or some important news that is not favorable to him.

CW:  I thought I wouldn’t regret what happened five years ago. I didn’t hesitate to do it at all. But, how you’ve lived afterwards… Watching you live like this is like torture to me. Seeing BY living well and healthy, doesn’t offset it to me.

Director:  We expected that. (Still – CW) Why? I heard that Chairman Song is back. Did he change his word? Is the International Clinic project not going well?

CW:  He wants you to resign. [He nods his head, understanding] Can you let Dr. K take over your position as Director after they get married? [He sighs… hooboy.]


Dr. K is perplexed why JW wants him to be the Director. She’s not telling him, but asking him to make a choice. He can’t delay the wedding and he must make a decision. If you’re not marrying her, you don’t have to stay at Hae Gil.


Bestie GD is peeping from the main entrance of DH’s house. What CAN he possibly see from there? o_O

DH and BY are in the kitchen with the namja cooking dinner 🙂 He asks if she’s okay staying in his house, well a bit late to ask now since the ferries have ceased operations for the day. She walks over to the sink and washes her hands. He grabs something and adds into his stew.

BY: Did you wash your hands?

DH:  My hands make it taste better. Of course I didn’t wash them. (Are you serious? – BY) [DH takes a spoonful of the stew to taste]

BY: Do you want me to taste it? [he takes another spoonful and gently blows to cool down the mixture] It’s pretty good! It smells really nice.


DH:  Why don’t you ask me whether or not I washed the spoon? [He licks it for good measure and stirs the pot with it]


BY:  Jjincha! AAH!!

But, BY… you just had an indirect kiss with Mr. CEO! And he licked the entire spoon after you tasted!! DIES! DIES!

At the dining table, BY clasps her hands in thanks for the spread. She urges DH to do likewise. He begins to recite but stops, asks BY who does she send her thanks to?

BY:  To the farmers for the rice, to the fishermen for the fish, the sun for sunshine, the rain for water.


BY knows he doesn’t drink soup with a spoon, so she made him comfortable by drinking from her bowl first. DH appreciates her gesture. She wants to talk, he wants a quiet dinner, but of course BY wins:

BY:  When did you start liking me? (What are you saying? Who likes you? – DH) You’re shy, Abeonnim 🙂

DH:  Women should be modest. Don’t… talk like that.

BY:  Tell me? Please? Since when?

DH:  When you came to buy meat. Who you were, where you were from… when we didn’t know anything about each other… I felt the same way you did. I see how those cows are born and raised but they’re still only a source of food to others so it’s not easy for people to feel that way. That’s why I was curious how a young lady like you could think that way.

BY:  Is that why you pushed me like that?

DH:  [sighs] That’s why I don’t talk while I eat.

BY:  By the way, what do you want me to call you from now on? Orabeoni? Dong Ha-Sshi –

DH:  Mr. CEO.


DH prepares the sleeping mat for BY in the kids’ room, leaves for a moment, and re-enters with a pot and a cup (in case she feels parched in the night). He warns her of the strong winds, so the windows might rattle. She asks where he will be sleeping. “I have my room and the living room” 🙂 As he pulls the door to close, he pauses and looks at BY just a smidge longer than necessary:


There isn’t anything else… is there?


KYAAAA!! I DIES AGAIN!! Of course a proper lady like BY says, “No” XD

They both toss and turn in their respective rooms, unable to fall asleep. DH gives up and goes outside to sit on the deck. BY sits up and switches on her cellphone: 25 new messages o_O Feeling guilty for the long silence, she calls SN… who is enjoying a TV program with HW who is sharing the armchair with her! These guys work at the Speed of Sound! XD

SN fibbed for BY when her mom called earlier. So now at least BY knows what she can work with when she returns home the next day.

BY walks across the field to join DH at this favorite rock, “Why are you here? Why aren’t you asleep? Can’t sleep because of your afternoon nap?” BY says it’s not because of that, time is precious, she wants it to be night forever so tomorrow won’t come. She wants to walk around the island one day.

DH:  Over there, the wind on the hills is quite strong. You’d be out of breath. (Why? You think I can’t do it? – BY) Your heart… Is okay now? Isn’t it sick anymore? (No – BY) Do you really think that you like me but not because of the heart?

BY:  I’ll tell you what I was talking about on the rocks this afternoon. If my heart sent me here, I’d be much more thankful than before. I don’t love you because of my heart, but I do love you more because of it. I’m more thankful because she sent me to you and not someone else. If it had been someone else I wouldn’t have been able to meet you.

If this heart has moved my mind up till now, let it be. But from now on, I’m doing it alone. Let’s go back to the day we were together here and I’ll love you from the start again. I don’t want to be the star that passes by you without ever knowing your name. I want to be the one who stays with you like this.

Next day

BY is ready to leave for home. She treads softly towards a sleeping DH on the sofa, covers a blanket over him and leaves a note on the armrest.


And he has been pretending to be asleep! He knows what that kiss from BY meant. The note says:

I know this is a difficult decision.
I’ll understand even if you don’t come back.
I’m happy and thankful enough for one day with you.

DH and GD

Bestie tells him he has spent enough time thinking and he knows why DH is hesitating and what he is worried about. But Just GO TO HER! YAY BESTIE!! He drums it into DH’s head that BY knew how hard it would be when she held her hand out to him. She’s too brave for a coward like DH.

Hae Gil

BY meets Dr. K at hospital grounds, apologizes to him for causing concerns on her well-being. He has informed BY’s dad everything, and asks if she met DH. She nods and he wonders why she is alone then. She understands DH has lots to worry about, yet… she apologizes profusely to Dr. K.

Director is about to tell CW of Dr. K and BY’s break up when BY herself enters her mother’s office. Oh? You’re here? BY has something to say, but dad tries to stall the inevitable. “I called off my marriage to DW Oppa”

CW: Why? (Because I can’t marry him – BY) WHY?

Parents are quibbling about the situation, CW asks BY if she knows what her actions will result in especially for her dad. Director firmly tells CW to stop harassing BY. “Is the hospital more important to you than BY’s feelings?”

Udo near the Light house

DH sits on the rocks, looking at the note for the umpteenth time and recalls BY’s last words to him last night.

SN’s apartment

HW is crying while watching a sad movie on TV when the doorbell rings. SN is not expecting any visitors at that hour. Who could that be? OMO! BY! What are you – BY apologizes to SN, but she just can’t go home at the moment.

HW gets kicked out of the house and he calls DH up and gives him an earful of “Don’t you know because of you she can’t go home? She has to spend the night at her friend’s house? Where are you? Will you come out of hiding? Seriously! Come over here and get your girl!” HAHAHAHAHA ❤ ❤ ❤

[Shepherd Father calling BY] 😀 ❤

SN:  What are you doing? Answer the phone.

BY:  Hello?  … Hello? Can you hear me?

DH:  I can hear you… and I can see you too

BY:  Why did you come here?

DH:  You told me to hold you. Don’t go anywhere from now on and stay me…





XD ❤ ❤ ❤




  1. Aacckkkk! Totally in love with this drama, esp this episode. How honest and real the the feelings being shown. Love love love!

    Thank you for the recap! I can’t watch it online rite now so your recap is a life-saver :))


  2. Un gusto leer tus reseñas. Me encanta como lo comentas.
    Este es un drama que me llena de amor. Un drama que te eriza la piel.


    1. ¡Hola! Monica 🙂

      Thanks for camping out on my site for Spring Day recap. I ❤ this drama too. Definitely a surprise to see the chemistry between Kam Woo Sung and Choi Soo Young 😀


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