Spring Day of My Life Ep 9: Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

What we yearn for as human beings
is to be visible to each other.

– Jacqueline Novogratz


DH leaves DW at the entrance of Hae Gil, telling him the Shepherd gives up Stephanette. When DW returns to his office, Director is already there with two cups of coffee. Dad is worried about BY being in close working proximity with DH. He is more concerned that she might find out about the heart donor.

Dr. K assures Director that BY won’t find out about it because aside from the both of them, only DH knows about it and he will very likely not tell BY either.

BY is flummoxed with DH’s disappearance at Hanu Haon. She sees HW (YAY!), “Did something happen between the two of you? Mr. CEO suddenly went on a business trip. It wasn’t urgent… and he didn’t even tell me when he’d be back. Nothing happened, right? (Right – BY) This is strange… very strange… Okay.” And he continues walking towards his destination.

BY thinks back on the INTENSE staring she experienced last night. Gurl, I KNOW you melted! So did I!! XD

Udo Island

DH, carrying an overnight bag, walks along the road that leads to the convenient store and looks over to the spot where he stood talking to SJ on the anniversary of her death.

DH:  I came here with the kids. They’ve grown so much. They’ve grown up well without my help. I mean, you don’t need to worry… Oh, that’s right [takes out a note from his pocket] Our children wrote a letter for you. Let me read it for you…  ‘Dear Mom, hello. I’m Kang Ba Da from *Somang class (*hope) Did you see me eat my anchovies at dinner? – Lord! That little brat. He spelled everything wrong! Okay, we’ll deal with that later – Grandmother told me that you’re always watching us from heaven but. I can’t see you Mom [pauses]… even though I miss you.

He tears up the letter and throws into the sea, sending the heartfelt words BD wrote for his mother. And that is also the exact moment BY sees DH in Udo for the first time, mistaking his actions for littering in the pristine Udo sea.

Present DH remembers that moment BY bulldozed her way into his life.

Every step he takes, everywhere he looks, he remembers BY. So, the plan was to forget BY by hiding in Udo, yet all you see around you in your “cave” is BY? Hmmm… how’s that working out for ya? 😀

BY at work

She brings a file to Plant Manager in her office and simply stands there. Her usual cheery self is on “vacation”. Even the Manager asks if BY’s alright. The phone rings.

HS:  Yes, Mr. CEO [BY is instantly alert] … (turns to BY and tells her she’ll review the notes later so BY may leave) Yes, I know you’re fine… That’s why you can call me right now. [BY is taking a veeeerry long time to leave] By the way what was so urgent on Udo Island that you’d miss important things going on here?

DH:  I told you, I have that seminar and I need to have a meeting with Jeju Municipal Office.

HS:  You don’t need to do those things in person. Mr. Jo could’ve done it for you. [BY is just arriving at the door – which normally takes 4 steps from where she stood XD XD ] Is there something troubling you?

DH:  No, not at all. Nothing’s wrong.

HS:  Okay. I won’t ask anymore.

BY has been standing next to the door all the while and someone from the outside pushes it without knowing someone might be in the way. She is startled by the impact. HS sees BY “BY-Sshi, are you alright?” and DH hears this over the phone 😀

Zombie BY, Start!


Enters the gents without realizing. Thank goodness for SN who stopped BY in time.


Hallucinating DH, Start!

He nags like an Ahjumma about how dusty the house is as he sweeps the floor… with a rather short broomstick o_O He looks at the kitchen and sees BY in a white dress cooking at the stove. “Aigoo.. cham.. I see her everywhere!”

DH’s friend hears the rustling near the kitchen area. Thinking it may be intruders, he arms himself with a stick and roars into the kitchen telling the ghosts to dispel. Was he surprised to see Mr. CEO in the house, unannounced. DH scolds him for not taking care of the house, and how can he remain in such pig-sty conditions? No woman will want to marry him then. Bestie says it’s His decision not wanting to get married. And what brings you back to Udo?

Flimsy excuse of a seminar is given which bestie sees through immediately, “Even if you farted silently, I’d still know.” BWAHAHAHAHA! XD XD

BY’s office

Someone can’t concentrate on her job, mooning over the bunting that is hung in the corner. SN slides over to have a serious “wake up” talk…


SN told her she didn’t black out last night. All the while when BY was talking about her eyes, ears, hands coming alive, she was referring to Mr. CEO DH. Right? OMONA! Snap out of it BY. He’s seeing Ms Bae now. Nothing good will come out if you go after him.

Alfresco dinner @ Udo

DH is on the phone with PR, seems their uncle paid a visit. She’s wary about his sudden gesture but DH tells her to use this time to get to know Dr. K. Even bestie is surprised Dr. K is at DH’s house, “He must have met a good woman. People say when a good woman becomes part of your family, she makes the family peaceful. [notices the mood change] Ah right… It’s her…”
Oh dear lord! 😀

DH’s house

Dr. K has not been around children much has he? At the dinner table, he apologizes for not getting them toys due to his tight schedule, so he forks out cash for PR and BD. I wouldn’t mind THAT at all XD Kids didn’t know how to react to that. SJ’s mom tells them to accept the gift and thank Dr. K.

BD pushes his favorite dish towards Dr. K. It’s his way of thanking him for hosting the picnic for them the other day.  Dr. K enjoys home cooked meal with his “family.” As SJ’s mum walks him out to his car, she encourages him to come by more often and bring along his girlfriend. Don’t come separately. Uh?

SJ Mum:  When DH was sick, she came here to make soup and took care of the children. You asked her to, right?

DH and Bestie

What do you do when you’re drunk? Sing of course! It’s such a mellow song though, and bestie asks him the real reason for his visit. “I came here to forget everything”.

DH:  I wish I could go back to the time before I fell asleep over there if I slept there again tonight. I wish that this were all a dream after a good night’s sleep.


GD:  You aren’t good at forgetting things.

DH:  What can I do? I should do it slowly. I’ll forget yesterday tomorrow. I’ll forget the day before yesterday on the day after tomorrow… and I’ll forget the two days before yesterday, two days after tomorrow. If I forget things backwards like that, I’ll forget everything someday… But when I try to forget, it makes me think of her more. Wherever I look, I see her.

BY’s room

She lays down on her bed, imagining a phone conversation with her DH…

BY:  It’s me, BY. I got home safely. I’ll take a shower and go to sleep. Where are you now? Oh… Udo Island? I really want to be there too… What’s wrong with me?… PR-ah!

PR:  Unnie, can you have dinner with us tomorrow? We got an allowance.  BD wants to eat pizza so I was wondering if you could come.

BY:  I’ll come, but I’ll buy the pizza so you can spend your money on something you need.

PR:  No. Dad says that friends have to be fair to each other so I shouldn’t take favors from you. (Did he? – BY) We’re already grateful to you so let us buy you pizza. Text me later so we can decide where to meet.

BY:  PR-ah… (Yes? – PR) Your dad isn’t home. Are you alright? (It’s okay. I talk to him often over the phone. Grandmother is with us too – PR) I’m sorry…

PR:  Why are you sorry, Unnie?

BY:  Just because…Well. See you tomorrow. Good night.

BY:  [wakes up from her dream] … He’s gone.

Zombie BY and DH, Tashi!

She trudges downstairs listlessly and mom asks what is wrong with her. Uh?



Uses her phone thinking it’s the pass card 🙂


While on Udo, someone forgets how to park within the box and even leaves the truck running! XD XD


BY is late for work!


Enjoying the sunshine during break

BY sits across from HW and SN who have moved on to second base in their relationship. They are heady in their own romantic bubble and BY just takes in the surroundings of Hanu Haon, passively listening in…

HW:  Sweetheart, did you sleep wall last night?  (Why do you ask? – SN) You look so pretty today I just assumed you must have slept well… but I’m a little disappointed. How could you sleep? Didn’t you miss me?

SN:  We met in my dreams 🙂 (That’s right [LOL] I forgot about that – HW) By the way, this is the first time I’ve ever felt like this…

BY looks at a couple sitting where she sat with DH during her first visit to Hanu Haon.

SN: How is that?

HW:  Even if I’m apart from you for a moment, I long for you… I miss you… I hurt… and just thinking of you. What’s wrong with me?

SN:  That’s how you feel when you fall in love.

HW:  That’s correct [claps his hand gleefully] The right answer.

Thank you KDrama Lord for making BY sit by them and listening in to what she needs to hear because gurl hasn’t realize she has fallen in ❤ with Mr. CEO. HALLELUJAH!

HW and SN leave to get coffee together, and he forgets to take his phone along. Guess who calls him all the way from Udo and only BY is there to answer it? Hee hee hee!! She picks it up, but doesn’t say a word. She misses him THAT much 😥

The couple return to their table and HW notices the phone log. Mr. CEO called me? He dials DH’s number and he says BY was the one who picked up the earlier call. When are you coming back? BY-Shhi is so lonely. She doesn’t smile anymore. She cries if anyone touches her (Lord! Up the drama will you XD ) While HW talks to DH, a thought triggers in SN’s mind.

SN:  What do you mean BY and Mr. CEO are seeing each other?

HW: You didn’t know? You’re really slow, even though you have such big eyes… Come here [voice goes down a few octaves lower] The CEO likes BY very much (gasp!)

SN:  Come here [repeats HW’s method] but BY dated the CEO’s brother. Dun, dun, DUUUUUN! o_O

Dr. K and JW

He is being interviewed by a magazine and JW is at hand to assist. He asks her to stay on for lunch since he has many ops to take care of once he returns to the hospital. JW asks him if he has broken off with BY. He replies ” To BY yes, to me not yet”

Dude. You need to attend a class AND therapy for that. Know the clues. Understand body lamguage o_O

Although they started off as doctor-patient, he saw how energetic and positive she was when she started work at Hae Gil. That happy virus spread onto him and especially when she feels so indebted to her “savior” for extending her life, she puts him on the pedestal. So when he is with BY, who treats him like Zeus, he forgets how pathetic he is in reality.

BY and HS

Plant Manager enters the work lab and sees BY asleep on the table, “BY-Shhi, are you alright? Is this work too much for you?” BY replies she’s fine only that she has been bothered by something lately. Other than that, everything is peachy. She mentions about her planned dinner with BD and PR later and invites HS to join them.

BY remembers that she hasn’t had much contact with the family so she offers to show recent photos of them taken during the picnic. HS can’t hold back her tears as she sees how much they have grown.


BY:  Their names are so pretty, *PooReum BaDa (*Blue Sea). Did you name them?

HS:  Their mother named them. My daughter-in-law was a diver. Even though the work was hard, she loved the sea so much.

BY:  It’s true that the sea around Udo Island is beautiful

HS:  It isn’t beautiful. Damn that sea. No one could imagine that the sea she loved so much would eat her up.

BY recalls the first time she met the kids and how BD explained their mother died at sea. Her memory digs deeper into the moment when she fell into the sea herself… and felt someone pushed her upwards from beneath her. “She died.. in the sea… around Udo Island? (Yes she did – HS) She lived in Seoul 7 years ago, why did she go back to Udo Island 5 years ago?

HS:  Oh? It was my eldest’ son’s birthday so they were visiting the island.

BY remembers DH demanding her to take off the white dress. She tears up. The uncanny moments are lining up as though preordained. BY goes outside for some fresh air to clear her mind. Her instincts are telling her about the original owner of the heart. Dr. K must know about this. No wonder he has been acting strangely lately.

Hae Gil Hospital

Dr. K:  BY! What’s up?… What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?

BY:  I think that… she died on the day I had my surgery… I mean your sister-in-law. I mean… I mean… He told me that it was his birthday. I even made him seaweed soup. He said he hadn’t had it in 5 years… and… I heard that his wife died on his birthday. Answer me. Was your sister-in-law my heart donor? … Did you know about it?

Did you know whose heart it was from the beginning? Who else knows about it? Your brother too? He knows right? He does, doesn’t he? Did you tell him? Why didn’t you tell me? If you told me, I wouldn’t have… He pushed me away so hard, and I didn’t know why.

Oppa,… the reason your brother likes me is my heart? The reason why PR and BD like me and that your mother is nice to me is because of my heart? You’d know the answer. You’re the doctor, so you’d know. Please tell me, okay?

Then, what about you? The reason you liked me… was because of my heart? You didn’t like me… but you liked my heart?

BY at pedestrian crossing

DH’s voice plays in BY’s mind, “Give me some time. I’ll get better as time passes. I’m sorry that I like you.” And she understands what he meant when he said, “Maybe… I was confused… It’s difficult for me, so go away.”

“This heart isn’t hers anymore. It’s yours now, BY.”

The children and SJ’s mum are waiting for BY at a restaurant. BY is actually on the sidewalk, looking at the waiting party above. She feels conflicted meeting them since she now knows whose heart beats within her. PR calls BY.

PR:  Unnie, where are you?

BY:  I’m sorry… I really wanted to come, but I can’t. Something important came up.

PR:  Oh… [deflated] is that right? But unnie, what’s wrong with your voice?

BY:  Nothing. I’m fine…. I’m sorry PR. I’m sorry BD. I’m sorry…

DH in his room talking to PR over the phone. The three of them enjoyed the pizza, Unnie didn’t come. She tells him BY sounded like she was crying and kept saying sorry to her.

BY in her bedroom

She takes her phone and DH’s phone receives an incoming message:

Now, I know… who donated the heart. Thank you. I didn’t know what you meant then, but I do appreciate your kind words even though you knew everything. I’m very sorry thinking about how difficult it was for you to see me when you knew all about it.

DH’s reply:

Are you alright? I told you not to be sorry. If you feel bad after receiving a gift the person who gave it to you will disappointed. I’m sorry that I left without saying goodbye. I hope that you can forget everything and be happy. Take care.

BY’s voiceover:

I know you liked me because of my heart, and not me. But I hope that you know my feelings were real.

Hanu Haon

HS is on the phone telling someone to come over quickly. BY wants to quit her job and she’s not budging from her seat. HS hangs up the phone and asks if BY is alright. Why is she quitting?

BY:  I’m sorry… It’s all because of me. I’m so sorry.

In Dr. K’s car

Dr. K:  You didn’t sleep at all? Did you have medicine?

BY:  Can you give me a ride home?

Dr. K:  Not me. I like you and not because of your heart. Not even for a moment did I think of you as a substitute for someone else. Your feelings aren’t fake either. Your feelings are real, but that means the time we spent together is meaningless now. Also, hyung’s feelings aren’t fake either. The reason why I told him about it was because I wanted to deny the attraction between you two. How he feels about you… I think it’s real.

Dr. K, you have REDEEMED yourself!! Amen!! 😀

Udo Island

DH receives a text message, stands rooted, multiple thoughts flying at the speed of light simultaneously in his mind, “BY… went to you.”

Back to the sea where BY came to say her thanks to her donor, “I think I know how to live now. I’ve realized it too late, haven’t I? If you really sent me here, would you allow it? [tears welling up in her eyes]

“What are you doing over there?” She controls the happiness that is bursting within her soul. DH came! “Why did you come here?”

BY:  Because I missed you.



AAACCK! Where’s my tissue box?!
My sleeves have too many wet spots already XD




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