The Three Musketeers Ep 8: Birth of A True Joseon Fellowship

 Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.

– Jean de la Fontaine



Princess awaits for CP with much anxiety. She is informed of SP, MS and DH’s arrest, they will not escape severe punishment. Just then she sees CP being carried into the Palace. His injury looks more serious this time around. She is adamant on staying by his side as he is treated by the Royal doctor but faints when CP’s blood sprays on her face.

She suddenly awakens in the room but is clearly still worried about CP. Depsite her weakened condition, she makes haste to his quarters. The maid who has been tending to CP freezes when Princess’ presence is announced. She makes a beeline for the sleeping prince and asks for the towel so that she can tend to him instead.

MR hands over the towel…

MR sees how genuinely concerned Princess is of CP’s condition, and she continues to openly stare at her until Princess asks her why she does so. She takes her leave, but Princess is quick to make a connection to the lady she bumped into during the installation ceremony. That lady too was not shy about looking at the Princess directly in the face. Is she a Royal nurse? Yes. WHAT? Princess quickly runs after the retreating MR.

Princess: Are you HS? (silence) HS right? (How do you know me? – MR) I’ve heard about you. How dare… How dare you come here! You should live quietly after committing a sin. How can you just show up like this?

MR:  I was worried that the Prince was dead. Funny, right? I tried to kill him. But I couldn’t leave because I was worried. Yes. I stabbed him. But he let me stab him, he never even moved. He said he missed me even after I stabbed him. I forgave him everything because of that. [smirks] I decided to forgive him. My life is pathetic, but so is yours. You had someone you loved but was forced to become a wife in title only. And I am jealous of your life. The world has a sense of humor. Let me go. I don’t know what I might do. You heard about me, so you know me. I’m not raised like you. I can easily do things you can’t even imagine. Because I was born so low. [Princess releases her grip on MR’s arm. She faces Princess, and bows] HS is really leaving now. Please live a happy life with him.

Wow. MR finally gets a hefty monologue after eight episodes in o_O


DH is escorted by guards to his cell. His other fellow musketeers are already behind bars, but not looking terribly worried at all despite being in grubby conditions. PS is happy to see DH too, but I think he’s happy just to hang out with the cool guys 😀


1780, 4th year of Jungjo’s reign

Back to the beginning of this story, Park Ji Won, the scholar who stumbled upon DH’s journal who eventually becomes the author of *Yeolha’s Diary (*journal on Yun Kyung), continues to copy DH’s notes. From there we learn that DH has been in jail for almost a month. He only received updates by word of mouth (notably via CP’s eunuch) so his entries from then on were not based on his observation or actual experience:

Lord Choi meets Princess and asks for her help. The three musketeers are still in jail, and no one can help CP on this matter except for her.

Outside palace entrance, Princess arrives with her entourage, along with a “monk” from Hwasun, who is actually General GD. She helped General GD maintain his identity and smuggled him out.

King is still in paranoia mode. He is suspicious of KJJ. Why did he suddenly turn up in Hanyang? Lord Choi urges the king to not prolong the YGD issue as it will deepen the disharmony within the government. Lord Choi is confident of YGD’s capture, and it’s important to keep him alive and reconcile with him. That is the only way to clamp down on any conspiracies. Pride enters and king does not agree to reconciliation. Lord Choi assures him the people know how much he cares for them when he ordered for YGD’s death on that day, but now being practical is the utmost importance: And the king, finally, cancels his order to behead YGD.

However, the General made it very easy for his “recapture”.  This is recorded in the books as a misinterpretation of the King’s order. He re-enters the palace, meets the King and he reciprocates with a Royal reply to Later Jin’s king. YGD met CP and they both worked closely to avoid a war.

KJJ lost his credibility and given a demotion in rank…


Princess visits DH. She stops him from rousing the others from sleep and asks for some privacy from the guard. DH inquires CP’s health. He is getting much better. Princess is not happy he is still around, but DH is glad as he feels he is destined to be with his “buddies” 🙂

DH:  I found the letter [smiles] I burned it. So you don’t need to worry.  (Who took the letter? – Princess) That… uhmm… KJJ’s spy. He was one-eyed, very cruel man. He’s long gone by now, so you have nothing to worry about.

Princess:  Come closer [wipes off the trail of blood on his cheekbones] Are you smiling right now?

DH:  I’m glad I’m in prison. When I write my journal later I’ll make sure to write about this. That the Princess wiped my wound.

Princess:  Thank you. I came here to console you, but you’ve consoled me. No one ever thanks me.

DH:  I… want you to be happy. I really mean that.

He is now the second person within the same episode to tell Princess to live a happy life.

And then the rest wake up from slumber, why are you here Princess?

Princess:  [smiles fondly at them] I’m here on behalf of the Prince. Endure this just a bit longer.

After 1 month

The musketeers and their aides are brought into the gookchung where they will be “punished”. Where are we going? SP who is the first inmate in line stops in his tracks when he sees the tableau in front of him.


Stop! Stop! What’s up with these platforms and paddles all laid out nicely? Holy moly.

Is this fer reals? o_O


SP:  WAIT! WAIT! This can’t be right… They must talk about us up there.

Officer:  Talk about what?

DH:  Is the Prince not awake? (He didn’t mention anything about us? – MS)

Officer:  I don’t know anything about that. Didn’t hear anything.

Lead Officer:  What are you doing? Bring them in here already! (Hurry up if you don’t want anymore hits! – Officer) Han Seung Po and Ahn Min Seo, you’ve failed to protect the Prince. As his guards you gambled and tarnished your positions. You also barged into KJJ’s house and made a mess with no proof. Each of you will get 60 hits!

WHAT?! o_O Jaws drop in disbelief. SP is about to faint.

SP:  60? Is he crazy?

LO:  PDH, as he was not properly assigned yet, he has no liability in this affair. Since he confessed himself he’ll receive 20 hits. The slaves Moo Do, Pan Swe, Pa Rang simply followed the order of their masters. So one month of imprisonment  is enough and they are free to go.

SP:  What is this? Why are we getting 60? They’re trying to kill us.

LO:  Tie them down! (Yes Sir! – guards)

DH:  Have you ever been hit this way before. Does it hurt a lot? (It’s my first time too. I heard you can’t walk for days – MS)

SP:  Prince you heartless jerk… I knew it. He must be sleeping and we’re doing this for that jerk. (We’ll start with Ho Seung Po! – Officer) Why? Why me first?! THWACK!!

MS:  Does it hurt a lot?

DH:  How much?

After 7 hits, an announcement is made: “THE PRINCE IS HERE!”

CP:  Hold the punishment for a moment.

LO:  Hold it!

CP:  I’ve heard about this late (yeeaahh riiigghht! LOL) They just followed my order. I’m going to ask my father to release them now. So hold off on the punishment for a while.

LO:  But Your Highness, their sins are clear…

CP:  Let me talk to the King first. We’ll talk soon, so put it off for now.

LO:  Yes, sir. We’ll stop this for now. Let them down.

SP:  Wait! Wait… So only I get hit? How about them? (Can you walk? Help your master – officer) Why just me? I’ve already gotten 7 hits. What’s with that?! Wait! It’s not fair at all. What is this?

CP:  Were you hit a lot?  You’re out of luck. I tried my best to be here on time. (Are you kidding me? – SP) Get some rest. I’ll pay you a visit.

MS:  Are you okay?

CP:  Thank you. I’ll see you again.

Before CP heads back out, he turns around to look at DH one more time, and whispers an instruction to his eunuch. What’s going on now?

CP and King Injo

Cp meets with the king to negotiate the release of his men. “How can you act so stupidly? You’re the heir to to this throne and you gambled during a critical situation? Aren’t you afraid of the people’s opinion?” CP apologizes, but the king is not done venting his wrath. Because of CP he had to recant his order for YGD’s death and even wrote a letter to the king of Later Jin. CP thinks the king did stupendously with regards to YGD.

King:  SHUT YOUR MOUTH! You Don’t have the right to say that! You only pretend to worry about the country and me with your words! How could you fool me like that?

Lord Choi:  Your Highness, it is my fault as his teacher. He has repented. He won’t make the same mistake.

Then the King brings up the matter of CP not having an heir yet. The Princess prays for CP everyday, yet he doesn’t put in enough effort in taking care of his own marriage. “Don’t come and see me until you get a baby.” LOL! XD

The King agrees to release CP’s men, but that cannot hang around CP anymore.

SP’s home

Three servants help SP indoors as he cries for ice packs, food and doctor… in that order. He’s still miffed with the fact that only he got beaten on his tush. MS teases, CP could’ve dropped in after 50 hits XD

SP’s wife enters the room, SP resumes his “woe is me” posture. DH stands at attention, formerly introduces himself, and proceeds to perform a formal deep bow – to SP’s surprise “I should pay respect to your Omeoni – ..”  MS hits DH’s side and whispers it is not SP’s mother, but his wife! BWAHAHAHA!! She leaves the room in a huff.

Next, his four young children enter the room. DH looks shocked, “You have four children?!” SP tells him that being the first son in his family, he had to enter the room – and work to get a son after three daughters. HEE HEE HEE!

PS rushes in and asks SP to step out of his room. Before they could even think further, a stern voice calls out all three of them to receive the King’s order. Oh-oh?

Officer:  I forgive you and have released you from jail under the following conditions: *Wooikchan Heo Seung Po [*Prince’s guard on the Right side] will be banned from working for 100 days. (That’s good. I need it. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. – SP)

*Jwaikchan Ahn Min Seo [*Prince’s guard on the Left side] will also be banned from working for 100 days. (Thank you – MS) PDH will return to service immediately and serve the King (Thank you – DH) You’ll work at the envoy guard department (Yes sir – DH) I mean NOW. The envoy team is leaving Hanyang now. You’ll leave now and escort them to the border. (Right now? To the border? – DH) Right NOW! (But I just got released from jail – DH) I said the envoy team will leave now. If you don’t run to Mohwaguan now you’ll lose them.

MS:  Go now, or you’ll be imprisoned again.

SP:  Take care! We’ll rest – I mean we’ll repent here. (Poor man – PS) What are you doing here? You go where your master goes. Your master is PDH, remember?

GD:  How have you been, kid? (What? – DH) You’ll guard me with your skill? Or should I guard you? (What is he saying? – DH) ❤ THAT WINK!!

DH:  Why is he So Bossy? You’re alive thanks to me. I saved you okay?

Eunuch:  Are you here now? I thought you weren’t coming.

DH:  It was so sudden. I had to run. Why are you here?

Eunuch:  I have something from the Prince. (This is His sword – DH) Yes, he gave that to you.

CP’s voiceover:

You dear boy. You swore you loyalty to me on you own. I guess I have no choice but to take you in. Use this sword only for good. You’re touched, right? I know. I’m too awesome.

Eunuch:  Then, have a safe trip.


He is not a happy man seeing General GD alive and working closely with CP. He should’ve eliminated GD when he had the chance. Now he’s out of options. His bodyguard enters his room with contained excitement “You should come out and see who is outside”

It’s Eye Patch. KJJ orders for his men to give him a beating for ruining his plans, but Eye Patch is quick to tell him of the present he brought for him. He tells him it was al HS’ fault and he will bring her back to him. EP tells KJJ that HS/ MR is dying.

CP in palace

The King is serious about CP’s punishment this time. No night walks. No leaving his quarters except for visitations to the Princess. Let’s get it ON XD Eunuch advises him to put up a show of doing so. Meeting his men can always be done much much later in the night.

CP enters Princess’ abode:  Did you hear anything?

Princess: I heard you can’t leave here until we have a baby XD XD hee hee hee!!!

CP:  [pained smile] Father’s mad because of all the problems. I’m sorry it has affected you too. Don’t worry about it.

Princess:  Would you like some?

CP:  I’m good. I’m going to drink later.

Princess:  Then, I’ll drink

CP:  What are you doing? You can’t even drink well. (I thought it would be better since I don’t normally do this – Princess) Don’t normally do what? What are you doing?

Princess:  I’m carrying out the King’s order.  I’ve met many women at the temple in the same situation. They said i should act like a gisaeng at night… Is this what they do? (What – CP) You’re avoiding me now? I’m your wife.

CP:  This isn’t something to cry over. This just wasn’t right for me. Men are perplexed when their wives act differently. Who told you to do this? How can they tell the Princess to be a gisaeng? Let’s think of another way. That’s your homework.

Princess:  You must have kissed her goodbye. How did you let her go when it hurt you so much?

CP:  What are you talking about?

Princess:  While you were sick HS was here.


He leaves for Yunsugwan, recalling the story EP told him about MR stabbing the Prince. But after stabbing him, MR gave KJJ’s document to CP. The Prince told the both of them to leave Joseon as KJJ can strike back at them. But EP couldn’t understand why MR went back to the palace when they should be running for their lives.

KJJ starts wondering what special relationship MR has with CP.

Background on HS/ MR:

MR, the daughter of Minister Yoon, wasn’t the beauty as the rumors said. She was crippled and mentally challenged. HS was her servant. She was the beauty, actually. One day as HS helps MR get ready, Mother comes in and asks HS to change into MR’s clothes. Minister Yoon’s wife made HS act as her daughter as she was ashamed of her real daughter.

That was the first point of misfortune. After HS’ “debut”, rumors spread fast, even to the Queen. She would like to have HS as a candidate for the Crown Prince’s wife. And HS overhears the conversation. What tremendous luck! However, Minister Yoon’s wife is in a dilemma, fooling other folks in one thing, but to the Queen, it could mean her head.

HS still wants to participate, as there are other candidates. So, it’s not a guarantee that the Crown Prince will choose her. So everybody can calm down.

HS is carried into the Palace on a covered palanquin. She looks at the amazing scene and couldn’t believe the position she is in. Crown Prince happens to walk in the same area as she was brought in. And sees her: Love at First Sight.

No one knew about their blossoming relationship. HS really wanted to be selected. Minister Yoon who has been out of town all this while only found out about HS’ plan. The King welcomes him as the Crown Prince’s Father-in-law. He returns home, distraught with the outcome of their “innocent” plan. How can their slave become a Princess? Minister Yoon wants to tell the truth to the King. And bear the consequences.

HS barges into their room, begging to swap identities with their real daughter. No one has seen the real MR anyway. The Queen likes her and the Crown Prince loves only her. We can send MR somewhere far away, so things will be fine.

How dare she forget her place? A slave telling them all this nonsense and even dare to proclaim she is the MR who will be Princess. SLAP!! That is the gift for someone who has forgotten her roots and became too greedy for her own good.

Blinded by her own desire and revenge, she lures the real MR out from her room and pushes her into the well… and the Crown Prince witnesses this entire episode.

EP had caught MR and secured her in a room. She does look sickly and he knows her obsession with CP is not over yet.

Princess and CP

She now knows a bit more about his past and has better understanding of who CP is, especially when he says he hates women. She wants to console him, but doesn’t know how to, and it hurts her. Because there is no room in CP’s heart for her.

Princess: Can you do me a favor? I saved YGD for you. I think I can ask you a favor. Can’t I? (I’ll decide after hearing it – CP) Please set me aside. It has been 5 years, and I’ve had no child. I should’ve been kicked out of here a long time ago. If you abandon me, no one will question you.

KJJ and MR

“Do you want to stay with the Prince? Has that been what’s bothered you this whole time? Then, I will make you the Princess. I’ll help you. So you can become the Princess”

Princess tells CP she is at the point in her life where she wants to live with a man who truly loves her, even just for one day, “So please, set me aside. That’s the favor I ask.”


Will there be a switcheroo or will SP and MS be enlisted to sort this mess out? Well CP, this is one of the many things that can bite you in the back for keeping your old flame alive in your heart for 5 years o_O




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