Spring Day of My Life Ep 8: Oh. My. Lawd…

Love is not the feeling of happiness.
Love is a willingness to sacrifice.

– Michael Novak


BY stands in front of the map of Jeju and Udo Island pasted on her wall, places her hand over her heart, “You… are my heart now. From now on, I’ll go where I want to.”

She meets her parents in the living room who are glad to see her excited about her first day at a new workplace. Mother advises BY to behave like a lady, not create trouble so perhaps she might just get in Dr. K’s mum’s good books which would help them with the marriage plans. BY’s face conveys my exact sentiment: Why in heck are you talking about getting married to Dr. K?

Dad:  Since you’re working at the plant, you won’t have many chances to see the CEO, right?

Everybody, all together now: HELL-YEAH! XD XD

BY assures her father she will not have a chance to get close to the CEO.

Yeah. SURE you won’t 😀

Hanu Haon – Day 1 at work

BY regrets spewing all the harsh words the night before to DH and does her best to remain hidden at Hanu Haon. BY and SN make their way to their “office” where Haelmoni greets them happily.

Haelmoni:  Nice to meet all of you [claps her hands] As you know from the interview, I’m Na Hyun Soon, the plant manager of Hanu Haon. I manage the production and hygiene of our products. Our new retail line of seasoned grilled Korean beef will be sold in both Korea and China. That’s what we’ve hired all of you for. Please take responsibility at work.

SN whispers to BY Haelmoni may not be the one who hired BY. Suddenly, an announcement chime filters through the PA system and HS explains unless there’s a special occasion, they start the day by introducing a good story and a book. So awesome! 😀

DH narrates:

The inventor Thomas Edison once said “A ‘genius’ is often a merely talented person who has done all of his or her homework. All the employees at Hanu Haon who do their best at their jobs and show their talent are the greatest geniuses I’ve ever met in my life. I wish you all good luck today.

He is such an awesome CEO! XD

HS:  Why don’t we go and say hello to the CEO?

Oh no no no… BY must be cringing inside. They leave their office and join the other newbies, standing in a row waiting to meet DH.

Resting spot on Hanu Haon grounds

HS tells DH that Dr. K met her and asked for a favor, something which he has never done before. He didn’t ask for permission to get married, but to allow BY to stay close by her so that HS can observe her. She realized then that she allowed personal feelings to interfere with her decision during the interview. She tells DH to treat BY as an employee and not as a future sister-in-law.

DH’s office

DH is in a contemplative mood when HW walks in and reminds DH of lunch with Plant Manager and new employees (why am I grinning? 😀 ) DH wants to have lunch separately.

HW:  Why? I can’t really understand you. Why would you let her in and then keep your distance like a shy little girl? Anyway, I get it.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! You took the words right out of my mouth HW!! ❤ ❤ XD

BY is also avoiding meeting DH at lunch, so she snacks on an apple while continuing her work in the lab. SN came back with a take-out bag for BY and told her DH didn’t show up for group lunch either.

DH is in HS’s room looking over the process of creating a new sauce. The phone rings, “Yes, BY-Sshi? You already finished making the base sauce?” DH’s heart probably got lodged in his throat when he heard the phone conversation. “Then bring it to the ripening room” DH straightens up, ready to sprint in the name of Avoid The Girl at All Cost! “By the way, why didn’t you come to lunch? Come on… but still, you shouldn’t skip meals. Okay. Come quickly.”

DH:  Ms Plant Manager… (here it comes XD ) I have an important meeting. You can test the sauce with the beef I prepared without me

NS:  Why would you schedule and important meeting on a day like this?

BY’s worklab

BY pushes the sauce base to SN and asks her to bring it over to the ripening room instead. LAWD! These two are too much! XD SN bites back at BY reminding her to focus on being professional while on the job and not respond to situations based on personal reasons. Yay SN!

BY:  OH MY GOD!! I’m sorry, Mr. CEO! (Are you okay? – DH) I’m so sorry Mr CEO!

DH:  It’s okay. I can clean it up. Don’t worry.

BY:  I’m sorry. What should I do? Darn..

DH:  What did you put in this sauce? Mushroom?

BY:  Yes… wow, you really are a master.. (It smells good – DH) Thank you. But… what should I do with it? Why don’t you go take a shower? There’s a shower room in the back. I know because I used it the last time when I got milk all over me (touche BY! Hee hee hee) Go take a shower. Do you have spare clothes? (They are in my office – DH) I’ll bring them to you (It’s okay! I’ll ask Mr. Park – DH)

BY:  Mr CEO!


BY:  Look over here.

DH:  Ah… thank you

BY:  I’m really sorry.

DH:  Hey… let’s talk

Can I just use a phrase from this drama’s predecessor? HAMO HAMO XD XD

First day on the job, both sides try their darndest to not cross paths, but Murphy’s Law got into action Big Time. BY finds herself with DH alone 🙂 While waiting for DH to begin, she looks at his profile, notably his wavy hair and her hand automatically starts moving in a familiar fashion. He turns to her and says she must be disappointed in him, but he has a reason.

BY apologizes for turning up at his home last night and outright blaming him. She confirms with DH that he failed her at the interview. He tells her she got through because she deserves it. BY gathers her courage and tells him she understands why he wants to distance himself from her, but despite that knowledge she still feels hurt that he takes great effort not wanting to see her at all.

But she has decided to continue her passion in Hanu Haon and will try her very best not to bother DH. When BY thinks of the times she has spent with DH and the children, she is filled with happiness, but then she also misses him too. She believes it is fate that she made such a connection with DH and the children and apologizes for not being able to give that up easily. She asks DH’s consideration in allowing that aspect to continue. He agrees to think about it.

BY’s worklab

She returns to start on her base sauce again, but first walks over to the bunting in the corner of the room. It’s an advertisement on Hanu Haon. Trustworthy Korean Beef. CEO Kang Dong Ha. She starts to dreamily caress his hair again, but quickly remembers where she is.

Hae Gil

Dr. K bumps into JW who is on her way home and asks if she wants to go somewhere with him. He’s looking for a gift for BY since she has just begun work at Hanu Haon, so JW is basically the female adviser for picking the right gift for BY. Aish… he doesn’t even know which style goes with BY and he wants to make her his wife? o_O

They both continue the evening snacking on tteobokki and JW surmises that Dr. K must be feeling lonely if he’s actually spending time with JW at a place like that. He denies and tells her there’s nothing wrong in returning to places where they used to date. OH? o_O

BY still at work

Haelmoni peeps in to see BY still studying over books and countless notes strewn across her table. She smiles, “Why are you still here?” Oops! BY didn’t realize how late it was.

HS:  The base you made today was very good (Thank you – BY) Wrap up now and go home.

BY assures HS that she is healthy and thanks HS for allowing her to work at Hanu Haon.  DH decides to drive home himself and sees a lonely figure walking on the side of the road ahead of him. It’s BY 🙂

DH:  Get in (It’s okay. I can walk – BY) Get in. It’s dark out. It’s dangerous.

BY:  It’s okay. Walking is good for my health.

DH:  It’s a long way to the main road. Get in the car.

BY:  This is my first time in the car you’re driving.

HD:  Can’t you remember?

AWWWW!! He remembers every moment even when they were strangers!! AACK! So sweeeet!! XD

BY:  By the way, why does the Plant Manager live here?… I asked you something personal again…

DH:  She was really hurt when my wife died. She’s not good at saying goodbye to the people she loves, so she even keeps her distance from her family.

BY:  She must miss PR and BD.

DH:  She doesn’t show it. She asks me to see their pictures sometimes.

BY:  Mr. CEO, let me off here.

DH:  Let’s just go. It’s dangerous and your house is on my way home, so let’s just go. (Thank you – BY)

DH’s residence

Before entering his home, he walks over to the pot PR and BD planted together with BY. Within a few days, there are leaves sprouting from the soil already. PR greets DH as he enters. SJ’s mum wants to talk with DH privately, and walks away. DH mouths “Why?” to PR. She says Haelmoni saw the soup BY made in the freezer. So what? PR told her that BY is Uncle DW’s girlfriend but she doesn’t believe PR.

He enters her room saying her actions are making him nervous.

SJ Mum:  Tell me about the soup in the freezer and the flowerpot in the yard. Was there a woman here while I was away?

DH:  That’s… You heard about her from the children? She’s DW’s girlfriend. What’s wrong?

SJ Mum:  You know… why don’t I live on Udo Island with PR? I think you’re having a hard time meeting a woman because of us. (You’re starting this again – DH) What kind of woman would appreciate living with your mother-in-law and a child who isn’t your daughter? Huh?

DH:  Please don’t say things like that.

SJ Mum:  I feel sorry for your mum too. I should leave you so you can find a new woman and your mother can stop worrying. (You don’t like living with us? I like it very much – DH) Are you really not going to get married?

DH:  Aigoo.. you’re doing it again.

DH’s bedroom

It’s so heartwarming to see his children all bundled up under the covers on his bed. They like it because it’s comfortable. PR tells DH to take a shower first before getting into bed (sounds like someone I know! 😀 )

PR:  How long did she nag you this time?

DH:  She did until the end. I’m tired of it.

PR tells her Dad Haelmoni nags at him for his own good, and then she notices the single brown button on his crisp white shirt. “What is that?”

DH:  The button came off… so I put on a different one. (It suits you – PR) Do you.. still keep in touch with Unnie?

PR:  No I don’t… because of you

DH:  Do it. She’s your friend. Call her or go see her. Do whatever you want. (Really?! – PR) That’s what she wants too. But… if she’s really a friend, you can’t ask for favors or rely on her anymore. Okay? (I know that! You’re the one who should do better. You owe her for being sick – PR)

BY’s room

She’s sewing a brown button on her lab coat (hee hee hee! New Couple fashion statement!) while thinking back on those quiet moments spent with Mr. CEO ❤

Breakfast table in BY’s house

Her appetite has improved to the point dad teases her about it. She shares the idea of using the PA system in Hae Gil to  share inspirational stories or quotations in the morning, just like Mr. CEO of Hanu Haon does. Mother thinks it’s rather old-fashioned, BY thinks it’s classic.

BY walks out to her front gate, excited to start Day 2 at Hanu Haon, and sees Dr. K waiting outside. He apologizes for not letting her know in advance of his visit. He hands over his gift to her, congratulating on her new career. How did you know? Oops… The CEO told me. “Don’t be uncomfortable with it. It wasn’t expensive and I got one for SN too. Is it still too much? We’re friends.”

He offers to drive BY to Hanu Haon, but she politely declines

BY’s worklab

SN is shocked to see the gift from Dr. K. How can BY still accept gifts from an ex-boyfriend, but it’s alright this time because he got SN one too. Her excitement falls flat when she sees the actual gift. It may not be branded, but it is equally special though as it is hand-made.

The PA system goes off, and BY listens intently to the story of the day:

American author Herman Melville once said “Life’s a voyage that’s homeward-bound!” The reason we can bear hard times and rough days is because of our families who always love and rely on us. I wish you all the best of luck today.

BY likes it because there’s good advice in the stories he shares, but SN just gives her the “I don’t believe the crap you’re trying to tell me!” XD

DH steps into his office and receives a call from JW, she has something important to tell him in person. They are sitting at the al fresco section of Hanu Haon’s cafe. JW shares with him some good news: They can stop pretending that they’re seeing each other. Dr. K doesn’t want DH to feel uncomfortable, so he told Chairwoman the truth about DH and JW.

JW:  It wouldn’t be bad to meet each other again as friends like this. (Sure. Let’s do that – DH)

SN:  How do you know the coffee is good here? (I’ve had it before – BY)

BY:  Unnie. let’s just go. I’ll make you fresh juice instead of coffee

SN:  You’re so fickle. Let’s just go… OMMOMOMMMO .. Isn’t that Ms Bae? (Unnie – BY) Is she still seeing the CEO?

JW:  I heard that she got a new job, but I didn’t know it was here. (It just happened – DH) It must be hard for you. (Yes – DH) Being around the person you shouldn’t like is like hell. A very sweet hell.

DH:  The doctor you used to like, does he work at the same hospital? Oooh, you very razor sharp 🙂 (Yes – JW) Are you okay with that?

SN:  Why are you sighing? (I don’t know, I just feel weird – BY) That’s a feeling called jealousy, darling. Got that?

BY:  I had some bruised fruit, so I made juice with them.

HS:  I was feeling thirsty. This’ll be nice. Thank you… Let’s see the sauces now.

BY:  I’ll help you!

HS:  Thank you… Be careful getting it.. Careful.. Good, good, good. That’s good enough.

Evening has come and HW is waiting for DH at the cul-de-sac. SN is already pouring the aegyo on HW, girl moves in like a hawk o_O . BY is also waiting by the side. DH walks past by BY without exchanging a single glance. She looks on at him anyway.

Product testing

A group of Chinese clients along with DH’s management team, plus BY and SN, are in a VIP room testing the new seasoned grill meat which will be included in the new menu. As they sample the meat, SN and BY explain the ingredients used in the seasoning/ sauce and their function when combined with korean beef. Needless to say, the Chinese contingent is extremely impressed with the meticulous preparation done by DH’s team.

Celebrate good times, Come On!

Drinks all around! Everybody did their part and it is a huge success! Reward: team dinner with free flow soju 🙂 A very sussed SN knows she can’t drink anymore, but BY teases HW about doing a love shot with SN. He mocks his surprise at such an atrocious request 😀


Can you feel the heat emanating from yonder? XD

Everyone at BY’s table is chanting “Love shot! Love shot,” even DH turns around to see the event, but really turns around to look at BY, who has been staring at his back this whole time XD ❤ ❤


DH excuses himself from his group and walks outside to clear his mind. SN returns to BY’s table.

BY:  Unnie. What’s wrong with me? I’m a little strange. My hands. My ears. My eyes. It feels like they all have lives of their own… I’ll take a walk outside.

BY joins DH on the stairs. His eyes were closed all the while, and he didn’t know it was BY who sat on the other side of the stairs.

DH:  You did a good job. I think I’ll get the contract because of you. (Are you okay? – BY) I get drunk quicker these days. It’s because I’m getting older.

BY:  So what? You look very young, Mr. CEO.

DH:  You said I look like I’m in my fifties!

BY:  You were like that at first but after seeing you more, I don’t think so. (I don’t buy that – DH) Are you still seeing Miss Bae?

DH:  She is a friend. Just a friend. (Why? -BY) Because you’re pretty. BY-Sshi, you’re very pretty. I mean your mind is. (Ah, yes – BY) Why is such a pretty woman getting close to me? It’s difficult for me, so go away.

BY:  No… I like you, so don’t push me away.

DH:  Do you like me that much? (Yes – BY) Those feelings aren’t real.

BY:  Why aren’t my feelings real?

DH:  The original owner of your heart might’ve liked an old man like me.

BY:  I can’t believe that. You told me that my heart is mine. That means my feelings are mine too.

DH:  That’s right… you’re right.

And then I dies. Oh. My. Lawd. Just LOOK at how he STARES OPENLY at her! ❤ ❤ ❤

BY:  Why are you looking at me like that?

DH:  To keep you… in my eyes and in my heart so I can engrave you there.


BY’s bedroom




Words are just NOT REQUIRED XD

DH’s Bedroom

He sits on his bed for quite a while, in deep thought. He looks up to SJ’s picture frame on the shelf and says, “I thought I liked her because of your heart… but now… I don’t think that’s true anymore. I’m sorry that it isn’t true.”

Next Day

Mother comes into BY’s room reminding her to have breakfast before she leaves for work. She notices the extra care BY has put into her appearance, even wearing more feminine clothes.

BY:  Mother, you want me to be happy, right? (Yes, of course. Why? – Mum) Nothing.

DH is already in his office and pulls out Alphonse Daudet’s Short Stories book from his bookshelf.

SN teases BY’s Spring-like fashion “It’s weirdly pretty”. PA story time:

I’d like to introduce you to a short story today. This story has the power to make us forget ourselves and draw us into the story. The story I want to introduce today is the tale of a shepherd in Provence and his master’s daughter, Stephanette.

It’s “The Stars” by Alphonse Daudet.

While I was guarding the flocks on Lubenan Mountain, and to those who asked what this meant to me, a poor mountain shepherd. I answered that Stephanette was the most beautiful maiden I’d seen all my life. Never had the heavens appeared to me so profound. Never were the stars so brilliant.

Stephanette rested thus without stirring. One of the most brilliant, most exquisite stars having lost its way alighted on my shoulder to sleep.


BY knows the story was meant for her, and she rushes over to DH’s office… and then outdoors…he’s no where to be found.

DH is waiting for Dr. K outside Hae Gil, “I’d like to ask you a favor. My children have their grandmother at home but I’m worried about them at night. Whenever you’re free, stop by some time, help take care of the kids… I just want to stay in Udo Island.”

What the what? o_O

DH:  Do you know the story of Alphonse Daudet’s “The Stars”? Do you know why it’s so beautiful? It’s because the shepherd is not greedy in the story. It’s because he let go of Stephanette.

BY is still searching for DH in Hanu Haon. DH enters his car, “I’m done talking. It’s all over” and holds onto the brown button BY sewed on his shirt. “Let’s go now.”



WAE? WAE ? WAE?!!!





    1. ¡Hola! Monica 😀

      Thank you for enjoying the quotes I start off most of my entries with 🙂

      Come to think of it, it is rather similar to how Dong Ha starts off everybody’s day at Hanu Haon, yes? Hee hee hee! 😀

      “Gracias por visitarnos XD ”


  1. Hello..i stumbled upon your blog while browsing about my spring days. So happy to know that you’ve been recapping this drama. Please please continue to do so..i’m so on board with #teamKangDongHa :))

    Thank you!


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