Spring Day of My Life Ep 7: You’re Our Hope and Future…

 A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.

– Jean de la Fontaine



We return to the point where the brothers took different paths when the person they loved had left this world. But the part she left behind, beats strongly in a woman who has brought both of them back in an all-too-familiar conflict.

DH is in shock listening to Dr. K’s admission of BY being the recipient of  SJ’s heart.

Dr. K:  That’s right. SJ’s heart is BY’s now… Yes, It’s all because of  SJ’s heart. You and BY’s fate, the coincidences and your feelings for her… None of it is real. It’s only because SJ’s heart remembers you and your children. I think SJ’s heart sent BY to you.

Dr. K needs to be SMACKED DOWN! 😡  What kind of a WOoWOo explanation coming from the Nation’s Top Surgeon is this? Dude! Come mooaan! o_O

DH is left alone at the bar, reaches out for the unfinished bottle of soju, and downs a glass. He tries hard not to tear up as he remembers all those moments he thought he saw SJ whenever BY is around: her in Udo wearing SJ’s white dress, the night in front of Hae Gil when she caressed his hair, and the night where she fell asleep on his shoulder under the blanket of stars in Udo.

BY is asleep and her left hand reaches out to “caress DH’s hair.” She is dreaming of that scene again, her in the white dress comforting the distraught DH on the stairs at the hospital. She wakes up and looks at her hand and realizes there must be some connection with the bracelet she is wearing.

Day after the “Reveal”

BD and PR are worried about their dad who seems to be unwell. DH says he is fine (but clearly he’s not) and tells the kids to get ready for school.

DW falls asleep in his office, still in the clothes he wore the other night. JW sits by, watching over him for a moment before gently wakes him up. She brought breakfast for him as he has 3 surgeries in a row that day. Dr. K calls DH first, likely to be concerned with how he took last night’s “Breaking News.” DH is too sick to answer though.

BD and PR are at the breakfast table but have no appetite for the meal as both are worried about dad. BD is worried Dad is dying, but PR calms hims down saying Dad is just sick, and he won’t die. She makes an excuse to go the the bathroom, and within that privacy, she breaks down too. Aww, poor girl wants to be strong for her little brother, but she herself is concerned something may be beyond her control. She calls DW, but no reply; he’s in the OT. Then she calls BY.

BY:  PR! What’s up at this hour? (Unnie… [crying her eyes out] – PR) PR! Are you crying? Why? What happened?

PR:  Dad.. [sobs] Dad is really sick

No one is at home. Uncle DW didn’t pick up his phone. BD is scaring her with those morbid thoughts…

DH’s Home

BY finds her way to their household with a bag of medicine for DH. She sees the worried kids sitting on the steps, waiting for her arrival. Both the kids are glad to see BY. Relief!

BY enters DH’s sanctuary, carrying a basin of water and some towels.

DH:  SJ? Is that you SJ?

BY:  It’s me, BY. Are you alright?

DH:  Why are you here?

BY:  The children ate breakfast. It was too late to send them to school so I called their teacher.

DH:  I asked you why you’re in my house.

BY:  PR called me because she was worried

DH:  So? You came here because she asked you?

BY:  Actually, I saw you in my dreams last night. You were crying, so I was worried about you anyway.  Then, PR called me, so… I’ll bring you some soup. Have it with the medicine –

DH:  Leave. Don’t stay here. (You’re too much – BY) I told you to leave

BY:  I heard you. But I can’t leave the children like this.

DH:  Why are you so nice to a stranger’s children?

DH! Why you so COLD? You bought into your brother’s crap last night? 😡

BY:  A stranger’s children? Yeah BY! Tell it to him, Sista! I’m friends with PR. You even gave me permission. Don’t you remember?

DH:  Do you pity us? Both I and my children have lived without a mother. Is that why you pity us?

BY:  How can you say that? I don’t think anyone should pity other people. (Then, why are you here like this? Didn’t I clearly tell you not to do this? – DH) The children asked me. How could I be cruel enough to ignore them? Even if a stranger asked for my help, I couldn’t ignore them. I’m not even a stranger to her. How could I do that?! If you hate me being around that much, then get better quickly. As their father, you shouldn’t worry your own children so much.

BY leaves his room and overhears PR assuring BD dad will be okay now that BY is here. BY smiles down at PR.

In the kitchen, she makes magic porridge for the sick dad (Aside: ❤ the apron! ) The magic comes from BD and PR, sending their good wishes into the porridge. BY adds in her magic: please protect their dad so PR and BD won’t be scared again. And a quiet figure on the first floor witnesses the heartfelt moment.

PR brings the hearty porridge with small side dish of kimchi and a glass of water to DH. She knows dad is not happy with her decision getting BY’s help. Why didn’t she call Dr. K or the Ahjumma? PR says aunts are like mothers. DH snaps at her saying never to think BY as her mother. PR says this is the time she needs a mother. “What do you mean by that?”

PR:  Mom died when I was seven. Up until now, I’ve just taken care of BD like mom did for me. BD will turn 8 next year. I won’t know how to take care of him after he turns 8. Unnie told me to make a wish for the soup. Do you know what I wished for? Just for a day… No, even for one hour I wished to have a mother. I don’t have to meet her. I could just talk to her on the phone so I could ask her what I should do. [Cries and runs over to DH and hugs him] I won’t do it again. I’ll never call Unnie again, so please don’t get sick again, dad! I’m so scared!

In the garden, BY conducts Gardening 101 with BD and PR. They made their first pot of spinach and they are responsible for the well-being of the plant. DH stands the shadows watching how happy his children are around BY. He returns to his room and takes a spoonful of the magic porridge, choking back his sobs as he looks at the picture of SJ. Yes, she may not be alive anymore and her heart lives on in someone else. But it is that someone who brings joy to the household, and who made the humble porridge with the sincerest intent to nurse back his health.

Night falls, and it’s time for BY to go home. DH walks her out to the steps, but she tells him to get back indoors as he is still recovering. He stalls her, asks if they could talk for a few minutes. They sit on the steps, but it takes DH quite a while to start the conversation. BY simply asks if there was something he wanted to say to her.

He apologizes for getting mad at her earlier in the day, and he appreciates her being nice to both the children and him. BY says it’s fine, she does it because she wants to. DH tells her he knows about her heart transplant too.

DH:  You live a free life and you’re indebted to someone else. Is that why you said all of that?

BY:  Yes. It’s a debt I can never pay back. It’s a debt of gratitude.

BY:  The donor lost many things because of me. Her dreams, future, and her loved ones. If she was a married woman, she even lost her children because of me.

DH:  If… If I were the donor’s family I’d be really upset over how you think of it. They’d be appreciative enough that you’re living healthily like this. Live beautifully and brightly just like you are. I think that heart was a gift for you, BY.  (A gift? – BY) BY, you’re a very kind person. You’re very warmhearted. You’re always gentle and warm even to strangers. That’s right, you brought PR back to us. Even we were thankful for you. That’s because PR is also a very precious gift to us. Your heart was meant as a gift for you because you’ve done so many good things. I don’t want you to think you’re indebted in some way for it. It’s already been paid for.

This heart.. isn’t hers anymore. It’s yours now BY.

Back in his room, DH holds the picture frame of SJ and tells her to stop sending BY to him.

Hae Gil

Dr. K has just completed his surgery and only manages to check his phone. There is a message from PR saying dad is really sick.  He quickly drives over to their home with his doctor’s bag. DH is surprised to see his, but allows his brother to check his vital signs.

DH:  Is it possible? Can a heart really move someone’s mind?

Dr. K:  I don’t know. But, when I saw the two of you I thought that might be possible. I saw BY with you and the children. It looked… so sweet that it scared me. There’s no fate or coincidence between the two of us but you and BY seem to be drawn to each other.

Dr. K walks to his car and DH tells him that he may have been confused, perhaps a side-effect of not living with a woman for so long or that she was nice to the children – so he may have confused his gratefulness for liking BY. She’s nice to the family because she is a kind person by nature. DH passes the BY baton to Dr. K.

Face palm – here we go. Bring on the Melo and all that angsty tropes right now.

When DH signed the papers for Organ Donor, it didn’t matter to him where her parts would end up. To him SJ is already dead. Earth to Dr. K: Did you hear that? Do you Understand what your brother is saying?

Happy Morning

DH and kids leave the house singing a song, and HW is already waiting for his boss at the steps. He joins in the choir, and even improvises with an R&B twist to it. LOL!

HW: Boss! You should’ve called me if you were sick! Do you know how worried I was?

ep7_DHHWHugBWAHAHAHAHA!! I can’t even – ! XD

DH:  Let go of me and then talk.

HW:  There’s one thing a person can never get used to. That’s loneliness. You feel most lonely when you’re old and sick.

DH:  What the hell are you saying?

And he warns HW not to mention BY’s name to hime ever again. Arasso?


BY and SN are at the favorite coffee spot and to BY’s surprise Dr. K drops by. SN gets the hint and quickly moves to another table.

Dr. K:  Have you found a job?

BY:  I’m working on it.

Dr. K:  About us… Have you told your parents? (Not yet – BY) I’ve thought about it, and it’s my fault that I didn’t understand you. I just asked you to do whatever I wanted. I have a reason for being so sensitive about my brother, but I can’t tell you because it’s too embarrassing for me. I’d like you to give me some time.

BY:  What do you mean?

Dr. K:  I’m asking you to give me time so I can try harder to to make you want to marry me. I’ll wait for you. And I’ll love you much more than before in the mean time.

Make you want to? Dr. K, is your hearing affected? MAKE you Want To? o_O

BY:  Can we… just… be good friends?

BWAHAHAHA!! Dr. K, you’ve been goodfriend-zoned XD XD

Dr. K:  That’s a good start too. A Good start to retain a good friendship and NOTHING MORE.

Site Visit

HW updates DH and haelmoni of the new restaurant’s potential as one of their clients. DH explains further to haelmoni that the business structure is to share profits from seasoned grilled beef only which uses Hanu Haon’s sauce. Haelmoni sees the need to develop a menu as soon as possible and hire a crew.

On the way back, in the car, Haelmoni sneaks glances at her eldest and asks how sick DH was since he didn’t turn up for work yesterday. Nothing much. Just fever. DW came by to look after me. Haelmoni is surprised DW did check in on DH, and he even went on a picnic with PR and BD along with his girlfriend.

Chairwoman’s Office

Dr. K informs BY’s parents that he is delaying the wedding, but the duration of delay is up to BY. He wants to give time to BY to do whatever she wants since she is still young. But BY’s mother knows Haelmoni hasn’t accepted BY so is that the reason for the delay and allowing BY to work?

Maybe it’s just me. I must’ve misread BY’s reply to Dr. K o_O
Where’s my popcorn? This is a train ride headed for a nasty destination.

In addition, they ought not to worry about DH’s kids. Their grandma takes care of them. So with that said, Dr. K requests Chairwoman to cease introducing women to DH.

Job Hunting

BY finally finds one that fits them both perfectly. SN points out it is from Hanu Haon. What to do, what to do…

Hanu Haon

Perky HW meets the applicants, calls out their name and passes a slip to each of them along with finger-snapping “Fighting!”. He reads down the list and then “Lee Bom Yi-Sshi, Cho In – Lee Bom Yi… BY?!” His voice cracks an octave higher in disbelief “LEE BOM YI-SSHI?”

BY stand up and shyly waves at him. He looks like Christmas arrived waay early and with much gratitude, proclaims “Welcome” BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I TOTALLY ❤ THIS GUY! XD

Interview room

Son and mother are sitting at the Interviewer’s desk, DH looking at the resume of incoming applicant: Lee Bom Yi. WHUT? Fer REALS?

BY:  Hello. I’m Lee Bom Yi.

Q:  Tell me your reason for applying to Hanu Haon.

BY:  I… I know a lot about Hanu Haon’s mindset in providing food to its customers. I’m well aware of how Hanu Haon properly controls the quality of its products. Since I have faith in this company I wanted to work here. My goal is to make healthy food that fits well with Hanu Haon’s corporate philosophy.

Haelmoni:  This work may be harder than you think

BY:  As you can see from my resume, I didn’t have any trouble at my previous hospital job –

Haelmoni:  That’s because it’s the hospital your parents own. Things will be different here.

BY:  That’s true, but I didn’t get that job through any special favors I also never failed to fulfill my duty because of my health issue

Q:  The interview is over now. You may leave the room.

BY:  I’m not a sick person, but I am someone who has been sick before. As you can see, I’m very healthy. Please don’t hold that against me when you decide. If you hire me, I’ll do my best so you won’t regret your decision.

Q:  Please leave now.

BY:  What’s wrong with it? It was a gift for me.

DH in his office

It is night time and DH is still in his office, staring at BY’s resume, and after much deliberation, marks an “x” on BY’s interview scorecard.

Dr. K and mum

He visits her at the plant, much to her surprise, “Why are you here?” He inquires if she deliberately failed BY at the interview. Dr. K didn’t send BY to win her approval for their marriage. He explains that BY really loved her work and he feels bad she may have been at a disadvantage because of him. He asks her to place BY close to her so that she can observe BY.


Glum BY is with SN who seems fairly relaxed browsing a magazine. She had received a call from HW (a.k.a the cute sugarplum) the day before regarding her interview results. SN tells BY not to worry, she will get a call soon.

DH’s house

He finally reaches home after a long day at work, walks towards the steps and sees BY waiting on the side. She apologizes for meeting him at his home again, but there’s something she needs to know: Why did she fail the interview? Was it because of her health issue?

DH:  Of course not.

BY:  Does my career have any weaknesses compared to other applicants? If not… then.. is it really because you’re uncomfortable seeing me? Is that why you failed me? Why? Because of DW oppa? Remember what you told me? You said you were disappointed in me. You told me to live how I want to. So why aren’t you letting me? Then… what will you do from now on? Will you never see me again for the rest of your life? How… how can you do this? You said you liked me.

DH:  Maybe… I was confused.

BY:  That’s a lie… You’re so pathetic. I didn’t know you were such a pathetic man.

Early morning, next day

BY comes out of the bathroom, walks over to pick up her cellphone, “Miss Lee Bom Yi, this call is from Hanu Haon. Congratulations. You have been selected to be part of the Menu Development team.”

WOOT!! BY is hired! 😀

Hanu Haon

BY is extremely careful not to bump into DH after last night’s ‘Death’s Kissoff’ in front of the recipient’s house. He gets off his car at the vestibule and walks into the building. BY hides behind the pillar making sure she is scarce. SN bumps her and teases about not wanting to be seen in a gorgeous place like Hanu Haon.

Newbies are gathered into a room to be welcomed by the Management team. Standing in a line, they face Plant Manager who has been sitting at the front of the room waiting for the CEO to join her.

DH:  I’d like to sincerely welcome you all to the Hanu Haon family. [Applause]

HW tells the names of the newbies as DH hands their letter of appointment individually, “This is Mr. Lee Min Soo.”

DH:  Lee Min Woo-Sshi, you’re our hope and future. Welcome to Hanu Haon.

And he works down the line… until he sees BY. He pauses, wondering how this could have happened.

DH:  Lee Bom Yi-Sshi… You’re our hope and future. Welcome to Hanu Haon

And shakes one-third of her fingers o_O Scared of full-handclasp Ahbeonim?



What was that wussy handshake about?

Or maybe not… he’s sorta pressing into her fingers..


There better be some actual skinship from here onwards, Writers-nim 😮 !!








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