The Three Musketeers Ep 7: One For All

 What would you do to protect your country?



Eunuch is at the police station for identification purposes, “Is she a court lady from the Princess’ court?” It is Kim Sanggung. He then informs the Princess of her death and the fact that she may be the culprit who stole her damning letter. However, he told the others that she was robbed. Princess is in a state of shock. Someone that close to her could betray her. Who can she trust in her court then?

She has had it and demands the eunuch to tell her who is the mysterious woman CP is mum about. Eunuch relents and explains it is MR, who was selected to be the Crown Princess before her.

Princess:  But didn’t she die? I thought that’s why I was selected instead. (She’s alive – Eunuch) I heard she hung herself. Then it wasn’t true?

Eunuch:  Princess, that MR we knew is dead for sure but her servant, Hyang Sun is alive..  o_O ??

A quick recall of CP visiting MR in her room, whose real name is Hyang Sun. But everyone knows her as MR.

MR asks CP whether he was curious about how she has been the past five years or how did she not die five years ago? CP was told she hung herself, and indeed she did, with the help of servants who hung her on the rafter – acting on the Prince’s order.

Eunuch and his men tied the noose around her and set the room on fire. Only after she had fainted from smoke inhalation, the Eunuch screams FIRE! He leaves the scene, and a man sneaks into the burning room to save HS. The savior tells her she is no longer MR nor HS anymore, but she now belongs to him.

Whut? Leap from the frying pan into another fire pit? o_O

MR learned the hard way the real nature of Men. So in the end, to order to save herself, she killed the savior and made it look like he committed suicide, which in turn strengthened her “death”. She never wanted to be MR but was forced to by the master. She is after all, one of their many slaves.

She decided to flee Joseon and the only way she could do was to trade her body for every action that brought her closer to her goal. She even became a sixth wife of one of the wealthiest Manchu men.

Bedroom in Manchu

A scream pierces the night, a servant quickly enters the room from where the scream came from. MR in her nightclothes steps back from the bed, crying, “Something is wrong with him! He won’t wake up!” The servant checks his master and then shouts “Master is dead!” and runs out of the room to announce the sad news to the rest of the household. MR stops crying, calmly wipes off her tears and dumps the needle into the vase.

Once MR had amassed some wealth, she thought of meeting CP again, the first man who made her into the deadly woman she is now. That was why she met KJJ, a connection to CP. And KJJ needed a spy who could speak Manchu. But she didn’t expect to cross paths with CP again so easily. Must have been horrible to see someone he thought dead is alive and well.

CP:  No. I was glad to see you alive. I regretted the last 5 years everyday. For having ordered your death like that. [MR doesn’t believe him]. So you came here to pay me back? Fine. This is your chance.

MR:  [Exhales] Do you still think I’m that innocent MR? Do you even know how I’m going to pay you? Either way – (I have no words for you – CP). Yeah? So, you’re okay with whatever? You’ll regret this.

She stabs CP in the chest… They both stagger backwards, with CP’s right hand on MR’s back. That is how DH finds them when he enters the room to investigate the cause of the commotion. DH moves to help CP when he finally notices the blood spreading over his clothes. Eye Patch enters and holds DH back with his sword. CP tells DH to stand down – whatever is going on, is between him and MR.

Even with a dagger in his chest and MR venting her revengeful words, CP wipes her tears away and whispers that he missed her.

KJJ’s residence

He is enjoying the fresh evening air while waiting for CP’s decision. His messenger informs his CP has not made any response, and the deadline given was night time. Messenger staked out near the library, and CP has not returned to the palace after his meeting with KJJ. The leader of the rebellion is willing to wait for CP, believing that the prince has no other options anyway.


Night has fallen, DH and EP still waiting in the faux room above and CP finally emerges from the secret wall entrance looking a bit wan. He walks over the EP and tells him to leave with MR. KJJ will attack soon, so they must make haste to the borderline and never return to Joseon. CP and DH leave Seryungguan.

EP rushes to MR asking for an explanation about KJJ’s attack.

DH wants to find a doctor to treat CP but he says the bleeding has ceased and not to fret about it. DH asks him to wait for a moment but CP could read DH’s intent. He stops him and tells DH to let them go. They poisoned court ladies, killed Kim Sanggung, stabbed CP twice – don’t let them go?

CP takes out a letter from his robe: I’ve retrieved the letter. So, let them go. And let the authorities handle the murderers. You said this belongs to you [letter] so you take care of it.

He hands it over to DH, and slowly walks over to his steed. DH takes a moment before throwing the letter he had held on for the past 5 years into the fire…

CP:  Now you’ve learned about Hanyang. In this city, you never reminisce about your first love. Look what happened to me by doing that. (Where are you going? – DH) I’m headed towards teacher’s house. You’ve completed your mission. You may continue your journey. You’ve done it well, faster than I expected. I was going to include you in my team once you completed this mission, but I guess our destiny ends here. Too bad. Actually the Princess asked to keep you away from me. Though I’m not sure who that’s for. Good bye.

DH offers to accompany him to teacher’s home but CP politely refuses, he wants to go alone.

Narration: Then later, PDH makes an entry in his journal…

The Prince’s words were all correct. The King’s order was only an excuse. I didn’t like him from the start. I was upset that he took my woman. And he didn’t even love her. It seemed he didn’t deserve my loyalty or my woman’s devotion.

But that day, I changed my mind… seeing him covered in blood.

I knew that his first love was like mine, was in his heart. Maybe that woman, MR, was the same.

After shadowing CP some distance, DH turns to proceed to his own destination but it also the point when CP falls forward onto the horse’s nape. He has lost too much blood. DH quickly goes over to CP who is already unconscious and notices a bloodstained note on the ground. DH piggybacks CP all the way to teacher’s house.

Lord MG’s residence

SP and MS were in discussion with Lord MG when the servant brings in DH and CP. SP and MS quickly rush to help CP off DH’s back and he explains to teacher that CP has been stabbed and bled a lot.

KJJ’ s private room

It’s night time. Still no news from CP. JJ has made a decision, “Is anyone out there?!” His messenger enters the room. JJ believes by keeping quiet, CP has chosen the wrong side. KJJ wants to go to the palace and asks to prepare his entourage. He is not quite ready to use the General YGD card, but he is abandoning the prince as of that moment. JJ wants to deepen the suspicion and has sent a “warning” to the king.

King Injo at Great Hall

With shaking hands, he opens the scroll that was sent by KJJ:

In order to capture Yong Gol Dae, we must identify the betrayers within. Our real enemy is not Later Jin, but the traitors! Maybe they are in a higher position than we think. Maybe they are inside the palace even now.

He walks down from his throne and looks at the images of Ministers in their official position during their meetings, eliminating those who are least likely to be a saboteur. He wonders about Choi Myung Gil… no. He’s a straight forward man. He can’t be. King Injo summons for CP to his chambers – and he stops short. What are the chances of CP being against him? o_O Threads of suspicion begin to spin within King’s mind…

Princess’ quarters

She’s working on her embroidery, but her mind wanders to a conversation she had with the Eunuch:

The real MR’s body was found in the well. A court lady seeks forgiveness from Princess, she should’ve perished, but instead her daughter, Hyang Sun did.

Eunuch’s presence is announced. She reminds him not to clue in CP that she knows about HS. He understands, but he is there because the King asked for her. Oh? How come? Simply because CP is at teacher’s house, not at his quarters.

Lord MG’s residence

CP’s wounds are attended to, SP and MS are in deep discussion and DH is pacing outdoors thinking about would be his next steps. DH still holds the blood-stained letter that would’ve fallen out of CP’s robes.

The palace should be informed of CP’s condition. Although the wound is not deep, he has bled too much and in a serious situation. Lord MG wants SP & MS to call the Royal doctors and inform them of CP’s condition. SP is especially worried because the potential betrayer has been hinted at someone who is wounded and KJJ is on his way to the palace as they speak. King Injo will suspect his own son.

DH folds back the letter as Lord MG joins him outside, he wants to know where they went and what had led to CP’s injury. He insists DH shares whatever he knows because CP’s health is in critical condition. DH reluctantly hands over the stained letter to Lord MG, “He jeopardized his life for this.” He scans the content of the letter, “who did you buy off? How did you get this information?”

DH:  Let me ask you a question. What is it ‘to protect a country’? (What? – MG) You asked me to think how I’d protect our country. I’ve thought long and hard, but there was no answer. The more I thought, the more confused I became. Yes, I understand that the government is full of opportunists but, I don’t know what’s the right way. Is what the Prince is doing right? Is protecting Yong Gol Dae worth the life of the Prince? I know it’s to prevent the war but it’s also deceiving the king. Can the purpose overrule the process?

Lord MG:  History will judge if our choice was right. But we can’t say those who let others die are right either. I won’t forgive them. That’s my answer. (Even if it’s the king? – DH) That’s for you to answer. I have my answer. You make your own answer. You have the choice. If you take their justification you serve the government with all your heart and take the opportunistic path, you through KJJ and you’ll likely to be successful. If you take practicality, you’ll help us. If you don’t want any of them you may leave here as a commoner. Decisions, decisions for wuri DH..

SP and MS join the duo and MG says they have found a way out, and gives the letter to SP. He says to them, punishment is due for failing to protect CP. MG turns to DH and asks what would he do to protect his country? Decide now.

Mission: Save CP, START!

MS enters the room and asks the healer to step aside. He pours alcohol all over CP to the horror of the healer. MS calmly tells him to pack everything up and prepare to leave – for the palace. SP enters into an armory and chooses a rifle and an axe, tells PS to follow the group, they need numbers, “By the way, is my wife sleeping?”

He wakes his voluptuous wife, whom he has not seen in a while, and promptly asks for 300 nyang.
Lawdy! And not even batting an eyelid! XD

Of course she gets riled up seeing SP asking money after not seeing her for days! SP in his sexy baritone weaves his spell over her as her slides his thumb over her lips, “Relax. Wow… you look so.. sexy. [scoots closer to her] Let me hug you… ” and he works his charm over his wife for the loan XD

SP and his two servants join MS and his attendant somewhere in town. SP passes a pouch (of money ?) to MS and he gives a bottle of alcohol to SP, who guzzles carelessly, even letting the liquid spill over his clothes. He hands over the bottle to PS and addresses them, “Are you all ready to die with your Masters tonight?”

PS:  What’s this in the middle of the night?! I should’ve gone with PDH!

SP tells him DH is still in town, so it doesn’t matter which Master he follows.

DH intercepts KJJ

KJJ’s entourage is getting close to the city gates when DH races towards them and halts their progress. DH is there with the Prince’s reply. “He just now made his decision?” KJJ laughs as fingers the letter. He takes a closer look at DH and mentions he has never seen him around before. DH introduces himself. He has no official position, but is intriguing enough to be a runner for CP. DH encourages JJ to read the letter.

JJ can tell CP didn’t write the letter. DH explains it was Lord MG who wrote on CP’s behalf:

I have a list of all the names and money sources who promised their loyalty to Later Jin. Who has the upper hand now?

Second letter:  Now, we both know each other’s weaknesses. So let’s keep quiet. The Prince politely refuses you offer. This is his answer.

KJJ:  So he took his time just to say this? He thinks he can threaten me with it? How? How is this proof? It’s only a copy.

DH:  Of course not. That’s why we gave it to you. (What? – JJ) The real one with your signature is in the hands of the Prince.

SP and the “Troublemakers”

SP:  Open the door! Open it! (Hello sir – guards) Is your master here? (He’s on the way to the palace. You should head that way – guard) No. I’m not here for him. I’m here for the money that belongs to me. (Money?) My lost money. 300 nyang. (What are you saying? Are you drunk? – guard) Yep. So what? GUYS! Go in and get my money!

Ruckus in the courtyard. Chaos everywhere. XD XD PS’ accidental shot attracts the attention of the night patrol men… Oh dear..

But SP’s real target is KJJ’s safe in his private office.

DH:  The real one you hid in your room

PS:  Sir! The guards are here! What should we do now?

SP:  You go out and hand this to the Teacher. You’ll die if you lose this.  I finally found it! My 300 nyang!

DH:  Then…

KJJ:  Wait. So I’ve had it all this time. I admit it, but let me ask you one thing. Who is it that gave you this information?

DH:  My father used to tell me back home “Be careful of a woman”

KJJ recalls meeting MR in his private office when he took out the said document from his hiding place. He is confident CP will follow his plan and everything is proceeding as expected, and makes a copy of the said document. KJJ makes the connection to HS.

Princess and King Injo

King asks where CP could be, and Princess explains he is at Lord MG’s house. “Are you telling me the truth?” 15 days ago did CP leave the Palace when everyone in his court said he was too drunk and in deep sleep to meet the king? His increasing decibel alarms Princess and her hesitancy in directly answering his questions is not helping matters either. He continues to berate the Princess and his suspicions of CP being part of the conspiracy maddeningly begins to take root in King’s mind.

Eunuch announces the presence of The Head Guard.

HG:  Your Majesty. There is someone who’d like to see you, saying the Prince is in danger.

King:  Danger? What kind?

HG:  It’s a secret he will tell only you. Come inside. [steps aside to allow DH to enter]

DH:  I’m PDH from Yungjubdogam department (He’s the one who shot the horse during the exam – HG)

King:  Ah yes. You’re the one who made a mess. What’s going on? He’s in danger?

DH:  He was stabbed and seriously injured.

King:  What did you just say?


After cancelling his planned trip and grand reveal  at the palace, KJJ and his men make a detour to a visit an old ally. KJJ’s bodyguard has prepared a secret meeting room “for her” – which is the faux room that has the secret wall entrance to MR’s place.

The room is in shambles, evidence of an impromptu escape. There is blood on the wall and the bloodied knife left on the floor. What in the world happened here? Bodyguard notices a body at the far end of the room. Both of them walked closer to find… CP?! o_O He’s lying on the bed with heavy blankets covering him. He’s not dead. Yet. KJJ is perplexed. Why would CP be in this room?

Suddenly a team of Royal Guards make their way into the secret room, swords drawn. Head Guard instructs the eunuchs to take care of CP first. The leader recognizes KJJ and asks the reason for him being in that location. He remains silent, but he has forgotten about the bloodied knife he still has in his hand which didn’t go unnoticed by the guard. He asks KJJ again, but this time DH answers for him, “I don’t even know why he’s here. Weren’t you at the parlor? I don’t remember, I was too drunk”  and winked subtly at KJJ. LOL!! XD

DH and King

DH explains to the King that CP got too sussed and ended up in a brawl. CP is also into gambling theses days, so no one could stop him. Poor Princess who is still seated on the floor, must be in quite a shock! He made a secret room and used to host big games. That night’s bet was considered for high rollers and players got into a fight. But the person did not recognize CP and he stabbed him. Lawdy! The fiction these guys can come up  with 😀

King demands the identity of said perpetrator. No names are exchanged in such high stakes game, only that he is a rich man. SP gave chase to the man for the money owed – cue tied up SP and MS being escorted by the guards. King is aghast CP can dabble in gambling when the nation is facing a possible crisis. Pathetic!


An officer updates the Team Lead on the capture of CP’s men at KJJ’s residence after causing ruckus.

Head Guard:  Let’s go with this first.

KJJ:  Where? WHY?

HG:  The King is furious now. He said he’s going to punish everyone involved today. You’d need to explain why you were here with him… Take him!… With him (DH) take them to the authorities.

KJJ:  Who are you again?

DH:  I’m PDH from Gangwon-do

KJJ:  PDH. I’ll remember that name. The Prince had his spies… I didn’t see that part. HS and PDH. It’s getting interesting… Right.. This is what the Prince is like. He can’t live by himself. He needs people. I’ll see you again. Get off me. Get off! I’ll go on my own.

Med guy:  Your highness. Are you alright?

Eunuch:  You highness… We’re on our way to the palace. Please stay strong.

CP:  What happened?

CP:  (carried out on a stretcher, sees DH standing on the side) Wait…

DH:  How are you feeling?

CP:  Why are you still here?

DH:  I’m not going home. I can’t go home.I heard how you tricked me, so that bet doesn’t count. When you get stronger, we’ll fight again.

CP:  You’ll live in a prison for the rest of your life. How will you compete with me again?

DH:  You’ll release me… since I’m your guy… You won’t leave me alone. (Who said you’re my guy? – CP) That’s what everyone is saying. MR, KJJ and the King. So you have no choice. I’m your man. I’m not that flexible of a person. So if I decide one way, I only see that way. So, please prove it.  That my choice was right.

Doc:  Your highness, we need to go. Let’s go. Hurry!





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    1. First, thank you for investing your time in my corner of KDrama blogsphere 😀

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