Spring Day of My Life Ep 6: What a Mighty, Mighty Good Man



BY is puzzled with DH’s rather cold treatment of her. Why did he just leave if he wanted to meet her in the first place? Dr. K reaches into his pocket and produces the bracelet DH left behind for BY. Why is he returning the bracelet? Why does he refuse to accept anything from BY? Dr. K asks BY to stop fretting over DH and cease thinking so much about him.

BY:  He got hurt because of me. Isn’t it normal for me to be worried about him?

Hae Gil

Mum calls Dr. K and asks why he did not inform her of BY’s heart surgery, and is told of the cancelled wedding too. How in the world did she find out?

In the Chairwoman’s office, she scolds BY for being careless with her secret and the wedding is jeopardized because of it. Dr. K sides with BY stating it’s not really her fault. His mum has always been sensitive with health issues, especially after SJ’s death.

Director asks about the drama in the kitchen. BY stays silent but looks at her mum instead. Chairwoman brings up that DH helped sort out the situation. Is he alright? “Of course he is. It’s not a big deal,” answers Dr. K.

In the corridor @ Hae Gil

BY questions Dr. K how is it not a big deal when his own flesh and blood is hurt in the altercation. The staff in the kitchen would’ve been in greater danger if it wasn’t for DH’s assistance. So why try to hide his participation and say it was no big deal? He didn’t want the others to be worried, but what is eating him up is the fact that she’s DH has been in her thoughts way more than necessary for such a minor wound.

BY:  He was hurt. How is our wedding what’s important now? [Dr. K is taken aback, certainly not expecting their wedding plans to be pushed to lower priority]

DH’s office

HW is upset DH got hurt in an unexpected fight. JW had informed HW of the incident and asks for special care be given to DH. HW says if he was there with DH he would have been able to protect DH, after all, HW has picked up Muay Thai XD

Hae Gil Kitchen

Everyone is diligently cleaning up the after-fight mess.


SN informs BY that Deputy Manager has gone to the Police Station and asks how DH is doing? BY doesn’t know much else except for the few stitches. She still feels bad for DH though. What can she do?

DH is leaving the office at the end of the day…

BY:  I came because I was worried about you. How’s your arm? (It’s okay – DH) This is black sesame porridge. Eat it for dinner and breakfast too.

DH:  Didn’t I tell you not to do this?

BY:  I can’t even do this? You got hurt because of me, and I can’t even do this for you? (No, you can’t – DH) Why not? Why can’t I do what I’m supposed to do? Is it because Dr. K hates it? Or is it because you’re seeing Ms. Bae?

DH:  No. It’s because of me. I’m the one who has a problem with it. Your kindness is hard for me.

BY:  Do I give you a hard time?

DH:  Yes, you do. (Why… – BY) Don’t you get it? I like you Bom Yi-Sshi. I like you, BY.
OMOMOMO!! o_O DH is DA MAN!! ❤ ❤ XD

DH:  So don’t give me anything and don’t come near me.

BY:  Then, is that why you returned the bracelet to me? Is it because you won’t see me from now on? Why do you like me? SWEETIE!! What?! Is your blood sugar level low? HE SAID HE LIKES YOU! Not Like You as a Sister-In-Law!

DH:  I don’t know why I’m like this either. We meet accidentally very often and I enjoy my time with you very much. We even met a long time ago, so I’m starting to think we share some sort of fate. I think that’s why I like you but I shouldn’t.  I’m sorry that I like you.

BY: Why are you sorry for that? Liking someone isn’t something you’re supposed to be sorry about.

DH:  Give me some time. I’ll get better as time passes.

Dr.K’s house

BY visits her Oppa at his place, and her first sentence packs a powerful hook, “did you know your brother likes me?” o_O Dr. K carefully chooses his words, “Did my brother tell you that he likes you?”BY thinks it’s DH’s way of putting a stop to her visits and she can’t help but still worry about him. She holds the container of black sesame porridge in her hands, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Dr. K didn’t want BY to think DH might be weird about it. “Your brother is weird” LOL!! It is such a TASK to hold a conversation with BY. “He didn’t know I was your girlfriend then, so it’s not weird for him to start liking me even then”

Dr. K:  So why did you hide about us from him then? Why did you meet him and spend time with his children and let him misunderstand you?

BY:  That’s … Fine. It’s my fault. It isn’t your brother’s fault.

Dr. K wants to know how she feels about DH especially after knowing how DH feels about her.

BY:  Your brother is a good person [an unexpected answer which frustrates Dr. K] Then, what do you want me to say? I think she hasn’t realized DH made an actual confession. He sees her as a woman. But she sees him as Dr. K’s elder brother. Don’t do this to me. Things are already complicated for me.

Dr. K:  Things are complicated? What about your feelings?

BY:  What do you want to hear? (Dr. K is thisclose to ripping his hair out)

Hae Gil

A notice of tender for outsourcing hospital’s cafeteria is put up. Oh dear! What does this mean to the entire Kitchen crew? To BY?

Dr. K is playing baduk with Director in the latter’s office, but his mind is clearly not on the game at hand. Dr. K’s not happy with the opposition from his Mum and BY’s immaturity. Dad shares an insight into BY’s workaholic side and worries depression may set in if she stops working. Dr. K is not told that BY has been fired.

BY is campaigning at her mother’s office to restore the rest of the staff who were not involved in the Deputy Manager’s scam. Chairwoman thinks it is a timely break for BY to use her time to prepare for her wedding and learn the ropes of being a wife to the Nation’s top surgeon. But BY thinks she still can have a career AND be a good wife. But there’s no way BY can remain as a staff at Hae Gil.

Hanu Haon Office

HW updates DH of the plans laid out for their Chinese buyers. Then he asks if BY asked him about outsourcing the cafeteria. It’s news to DH who thought it was managed by the hospital all along. HW says a notice was put up that morning because of the incident in the kitchen and the embezzlement of deputy manager, everyone has been placed on the chopping board.

DH sits alone outdoors remembering how passionate BY becomes when she talks about what she does as a dietician. She truly cares for the welfare of others and genuinely offers a helping hand to those in need. And now she’s out of her dream job.

Ms Bae joins him on the deck, upon his invite to his office. She thanks him for accepting the employment succession (ie restaurant at Hae Gil), but DH wants to add a condition. Can she insert his request but dress it up as though it came from her?

Hae Gil

HW walks to the entrance but notices Dr. K and BY sitting by the side of the pathway. BY rises to exchange hellos. Dr. K’s behind is still stuck to the bench. I know your big bro is the CEO, but is your behind too heavy for you to lift off the bench you’re sitting on? o_O

HW tells BY that Hanu Haon will take over Hae Gil’s cafeteria operations, and of course that includes employment succession. Surprise!! BY is still cautiously reserved, because Dr. K is still within earshot. “Your reaction disappoints me. You should be saying something like ‘Wow! REALLY?!’ Then I could give a nice report to the CEO” LOL!

Dr. K runs back into the circle and demands if this was DH’s suggestion? Of course, actually he wanted it to be a secret, but HW thinks he wasn’t serious about wanting to keep it as a secret. OH NO NO NO HW!! WW3 is gonna erupt 😮 BY is very grateful but Dr. K’s expression is the total opposite.

Police Station

Dr. K accompanies BY to the Police Station for questioning regarding the embezzlement scandal. DH is there too. As the officer questions BY, it is clear that she has no connections with the former supplier. As for DH, who sits a few tables away from BY and Dr. K, informs the officer that he has decided not to press further charges against the assailant in this case. It was not a big deal.

BY:  How is it not a big deal? (BY! – Dr. K warns her) He got hurt because of me. Why is everyone saying it’s not a big deal? (DH’s officer asks who BY is – she doesn’t seem to be his girlfriend – hee hee hee!! ) I’m a witness! I’m a clinical dietician at Hae Gil Hospital.

DH Officer:  Ahh… So, why was the CEO of Hanu Haon in the hospital’s kitchen? (diggin’ a very big hole now…)

DH:  I know the dietician over there, so I went to the kitchen to see her.

Officer:  Ahh… so you knew her before the incident

BY:  He’s the older brother of my boyfriend here.

Officer:  Ahh… so he’s your boyfriend.

DH:  Excuse me, talk to me please.

Officer:  What kind of business do you have with your brother’s girlfriend? OH LAWD! This is turning into a Gag skit of somekind! XD

DH:  I have something to return, so I went to see her. Is that enough?

Officer:  Well, why didn’t you ask your brother to do it? Why are getting involved with them?  See? You’re interfering with their relationship. That’s why you got hurt in such an unfortunate accident. This is encroaching into private zone, no? o_O DH is likely praying for a hole to fall in at that moment.

BY:  Mister. (stands up, getting fed-up with the Officer’s insinuation) What are you talking about? Who’s interfering? What kind of misfortune are you talking about? (BY-ah -Dr. K tries to calm her down) Why do you keep talking like he came to see me with bad intention or something? In your eyes, officer, does everyone have bad intentions when they meet? (Let’s leave – Dr. K) Why do I have to leave? What did I do wrong? What did he do wrong? He just helped me out. Why does he have to sit through this? Your brother got hurt because of me. Is that a good reason for him to be mistreated? Is it a reason for him to sit through this?

Dr. K:  The situation could be misinterpreted by others. It might look strange to them.

BY:  Then others can criticize him, but not you. Why are you letting him (officer) talk to your brother like that? The way you treat him disappoints me more than others do [ and walks off ] BOO YAH!

Outside the Police Station

Both brothers walk out the main entrance, and Dr. K tells DH he should’ve kept his feelings hidden and not confess to BY. And he hates to see DH play the Knight in Shining Armor yet again regarding the hospital cafeteria. Oi! It’s not just for BY, dude! 😡 DH knows how important the job is to BY but Dr. K insists that he should be the one to rescue her and help her when she needs it, not DH. Dude, your brother can see her passion for her work without being pointed out by BY’s dad. GEEEzz…

DH sincerely apologizes to Dr. K for overstepping the line. When SJ died, the one thing DH regrets is not allowing her to finish her studies. She had to take care of the family and household so less time was available to invest in herself.

Dr. K:  Don’t ever mention SJ in front of me again. This is all because of SJ.

DH:  (puzzled) Because of SJ?

He realizes he’s very close to revealing the big secret, but he turns into this pathetic self where BY is concerned, so it’s best if he doesn’t see DH for a while, just like how it used to be.


DH meets BY for a much needed “clear the air” session. He sits down and sees the mug of coffee with a side of sugar cubes. She remembers how he takes his hot drinks 🙂 Her tirade at the police station certainly surprised DH. She didn’t want to accidentally bump into him right after the station incident, so she actually arranged for their meeting.

BY apologizes for showing her Goddess of War mode but DH says it didn’t look bad at all. And then awkward silence. DH still has his eyes downcast, not directly seeing BY in the eye. She proceeds to the employment succession matter, and DH quickly explains it was a company decision, not a personal one.

What did I do for you? BY wants to know:

After my wife died, there were lots of things I was afraid of. BD is still a young boy but PR will be a teenager soon. Also, she’s a girl… so I didn’t know what to do when that day came. But there you were. You took care of her and even gave her a present. You became her friend. And I was really grateful for it.

BY says they settled that matter over a drink already.

You chose clothes for me…

He gave her the thermos which he really didn’t want to in the first place, she smiles.

BY:  You always give me more in return. I like you too. I’ve thought about it, and I enjoy my time with you too. I’ve also thought that it might be fate. I thought about it all night What will happen to me if I reject you over this? What will I do for a living then? Should I close my eyes for a moment and accept your help? If I do that, how can I repay you? There’s nothing I can do for you anymore.

DH:  Why do you think you always have to pay me back? You can just take it.

BY:  (shakes her head) I’m already living my life for free so I’m trying not to rack up more debt.  He asks her to accept this last gift from him. She can’t because his gift is an expression of his feelings for her and she doesn’t want to use those feelings as means for her end. She thanks him, and rejects the offer to work at the cafeteria.

Hae Gil

BY is carrying a big cardboard box, Dr. K sees her from the stairs and makes his way to help her with the load. She apologizes for making a mess of the situation, so her leaving Hae Gil is all on her, and nothing to do with DH.

DH receives a text message from Ms. Bae on BY’s resignation. He must be concerned about what BY will have to face without a job.

Yet another cafe

Being out of work, BY and BFF SeNa are whiling their time “planning” BY’s wedding. However, the bride feels that everything feels rushed, as though pressured into marrying Dr. K. SeNa agrees, their energies should be focused on job hunting before anything else! She invites BY to have a meal, but BY sighs that she has to meet Dr. K soon. SN notes BY sighs whenever Dr. K is mentioned. BY looks past SN at an Ahjussi who is pumping syrup into his coffee, similar to someone We all know 😀

DH and HW are walking on the ranch with Chinese buyers/ potential investors and DH remembers the time he did for BY. ❤

Outside Hae Gil

BY is waiting for Dr. K, she feels awkward to wait indoors as she is no longer on Hae Gil’s payroll. Personal time is definitely a commodity that is rare for Dr. K and BY is resigned to the fact that she won’t be able to see him as often as she used to. He receives a call from an unknown number, answers it anyway and it’s PR. BY perks up when she hears the name. Seems that BD is being a pill because of a picnic that has yet to happen. What timing for BY to be there when he got the call. When he sees how happy BY becomes at the mention of the children, he relents and agrees to make time for the picnic.

BY goes to do some grocery shopping in preparation for the picnic, and as she reaches for a bunch of vegetables, someone else has her hand on the same pack simultaneously. It’s SJ’s Mum. 😮 OMO! BY smiles at her and takes another pack and continues with her shopping.  SJ Mum keeps looking at BY and for some inexplicable reason her heart rate increases. Are you telling me a heart recognizes another now, KDrama writer-nim?

Oh Happy Picnic Day!


This is a segment on how BY is so comfortable with someone else’s kids and their own Uncle is such an awkward turtle who’s is below novice when it comes to tent set-up and kite playing XD XD





While the kids are napping in the tent, Dr. K wants to snap portraits of BY. She’d rather he took pictures of the kids than herself and she finds it hard to just smile for a shot. However, her face becomes animated when the kids wake up.  Dr. K can see very clearly the happiness she radiates when the kids are interacting with her and she’s otherwise when it’s just him and BY. His phone goes off – he’s needed at the hospital. PR offers to call dad to help pack up the stuff (hope brimming in her heart, pouring through her eyes 🙂 ).

Dr. K calls DH up on his way to the car and asks to store all equipment at his place for the time being and that BY will be taking a cab back. Heaven’s sake Dr. K! Did you REALLY have to mention that fine print? o_O DH thanks his brother for spending time with his children.

DH goes to the bathroom for a quick wash-up… about to shave but stops in his tracks. Why is he going through all this trouble for? Just to meet BY?

BD is crying when it is time to go home. BY soothes him and promises to see him again. BY waves goodbye to the kids, letting them make their own way towards DH who is waiting by the car. DH walks over to where BY is and picks up the remaining bags/ cooler to be placed in the car.

DH:  Are you… really okay taking a cab? 🙂

BY:  Yes, of course… I should.


DH:  Thank you for your time.

BY:  I have more than enough time these days…


He looks back at the car, she turns to the opposite direction…


DH:  Why did you quit? (BY looks at him expectantly) I’ll give up on you as time passes. It’s not a big deal. Why did you quit the job you love because of me? The BY I know does her best at her job and passionately loves her job more than anything else. I liked seeing you that way. After you quit your job I’m actually a bit disappointed.

BY: (smiles with tears pooling at her eyes) Thank you. I really wanted to hear that. Thank you for understanding me. I hoped that someone would be disappointed and upset with me for quitting my job, but everyone else just told me that it was a good thing.

DH:  So why did you quit?

BY:  Everyone around me wanted me to.

DH:  You should do what you want, BY, no matter what other people tell you.

DH is back at home and re-organizing the equipment used at the picnic and finds a camera at the bottom of the bag. He scans through the photos and stops and stares at the solo portrait of a not-so-smiley BY. Someone else is also rifling through old photos of past patients she helped nurse back to health. BY comes across a card written by a patient thanking her for making delicious meals during her hospital stay. Remembering DH’s words of encouragement she realizes her happiness is within her control, and not others’. She opens the box containing DH’s one-of-a-kind bracelet. Decision made.

BY meets Dr. K

BY:  SeNa is looking for a job, so I asked her to look for me too. (Looking for a job? – DH) I want to work. I can’t live like this because I feel guilty about my heart.

Dr. K:  You own your body. The heart is nothing special. Why do you care about it so much? … Get a job. I worried about your heart too… but let’s get married first and then find you a job.

BY:  Why do you get to decide all of this? I’m the owner of myself and I’m the owner of my heart. (she takes out the jewelry box that contains his proposal necklace and slides it across the table) OMO! (and the hand that returned his box had the humble bracelet from Udo on it) OMOMOMO!! 😮

Dr. K:  Is it because of hyung? You… is this because you met hyung? What did he say? What did he do to you in such a short time? Why are you doing this so suddenly?

BY:  It’s not sudden. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I just couldn’t tell you.

Dr. K:  Since when? Since hyung confessed his feelings to you? Or.. since the first time you met him?

BY:  Why do you keep blaming him for this? (Is there another reason? – Dr. K) It’s because of you, Oppa. You’ve been acting strange lately. You feel like a stranger to me and it’s uncomfortable. Marriage isn’t just about us. Two families become one. Your mother is opposed to our marriage and my mother’s begging her like she’s a sinner. You forbid me from seeing your brother and I need your permission if I want to see his children. Now you’re pushing me to get married. I… really don’t know why I should marry you and I’m not sure whether I should or not. (Bom Yi-ah – Dr. K)

I’ll explain everything to my mother. It was a bad decision on my part, so I’ll take care of things. I’ve regretted it a lot. It was my decision… but it wasn’t what I wanted. From now on, instead of for anyone else, I want to live for myself and I want to live how I want to. I’m sorry.

Traditional watering hole spot

Dr. K must’ve called DH out for a bro-one-on-one chat. DH puts a reassuring hand on DW’s shoulder before taking a seat next to him. Dr. K wants to know what DH said to BY. DH didn’t see her on his own. He went to pick up his kids when DW asked a favor from him the other day and that was it. But he must’ve met her briefly anyway when the kids were handed over. What did DH do to make her change so suddenly?

DH advises Dr.K to tell BY the reason why he gets nervous when the topic of discussion centers on DH: He too liked SJ.

Dr. K:  Right. I liked SJ, but only because my first love married you doesn’t mean my second will. Now he’s being petulant :/ Am I that bad compared to you? I’m younger than you but I have a successful career and I’m confident I can make her happy.

DH:  Yes, that’s who you are. It’s true that you’re superior than me. So why are you so pathetically worried about your brother?

Dr. K:  It’s because that’s not all… There’s a different reason I think that I can’t just win against you.

DH:  What is it? What’s the reason? Tell me.

Dr. K:  BY… (don’t go where I think you’re going dude. SO. NOT. COOL 😡 ) was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy five years ago. Her life was at risk without an immediate heart transplant. [DH looks intently at his brother] Miraculously… a woman… with a height and build similar to BY.. appeared from Udo Island (DUDE!! SO NOT ETHICAL!) That woman… She… used to be a diver. She quit her job after getting married, but once a year on her husband’s birthday she went to the sea because her husband liked conch.

DH:  Wait a minute –

Dr. K:  Well, she went to gather conchs and there was an accident. SJ donated her organs. You knew, right? You should know because you signed the papers for it. Yes. SJ’s heart is BY’s now.



Dr. K, you may be the Nation’s Surgeon and all that jazz, but Goodness Gracious,

you’re NOT the Master of the Universe or of someone elses’ happiness!





  1. right!very unethical. it is not good to disclose the receiver. bad doctor bad:-(.
    also grandma knew bom yi’s heart cuz she saw it in the farm while BY is changing clothes:-)


    1. I think it’s a given for most doctors in KDrama land: “Let’s leak confidential info, it won’t matter much anyway” XD

      It would be interesting though to see haelmoni’s reaction when she finds out BY has SJ’s heart 😮 … dun, dun, DUUUN!


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