Spring Day of My Life Ep 5: Someone Needs A TimeOut

 There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed

–  Napoleon Bonaparte


“There’s already a woman he likes” are definitely not the words Dr. K wants to hear. JW warns Dr. K of a possible coup de coeur by DH yet again.

“This bracelet, where did you get it?” the drunken fog has cleared as DH demands BY about the one-of-a-kind bracelet.

BY:  Someone gave it to me. Can you let go of me before we talk about it? That hurts.

DH:  I’m sorry… that bracelet, I think I know this bracelet.

BY thinks the bracelet is a common accessory and can be found anywhere. She takes it off and allows DH to inspect it closer.

DH tears up, and explains it is a one-of-a-kind bracelet because he made it.

Udo Island

DH takes his time to choose tiny shells along the beach to string them into a bracelet. SJ brings over conch she caught for dinner. He is glad for the harvest but gently teases her the conchs would be happier if SJ retires from her day job. It’s sweet to see both of them use something from nature and turn them into gifts for each other. He mentions they will move to Seoul after the wedding, and she can’t possibly dive as often. What about going back to study? SJ had always wanted to do so.

DH gave the bracelet to SJ when he proposed to her. The dots have connected in BY’s mind. The little girl lost was PR. Doesn’t DH remember meeting BY when she returned PR to them many years ago?

Both SJ and DH were beside themselves at the Police Station, urging the officers to search for their missing daughter. They were asked to return home and will be notified of any leads. They leave the station anyway with heavy hearts until someone calls out to them…



SJ:  PR! Do you know how hard we looked? Where did you go? Oh my God, my Sweetie [relief beyond belief]. Are you okay? Did you get hurt? (I’m sorry – PR cries) Both SJ and DH hug the sobbing PR.

Only then does DH realize that the girl who returned PR safely to them was BY.

He sends BY home, as requested by Dr. K earlier, and BY selflessly returns the bracelet to DH which still holds significant memory for him. BY requests for PR’s number because she misses chatting with her and tells DH to drive on straight home and not drink again.

BY’s room

This is the first time we get to see how big BY’s room is. In fact it seems like there are two separate sleeping zones, one more accessorized as it is currently BY’s domain.

She calls Dr.K asking for his whereabouts and what his conversation with Ms. Bae was about. Dr. K says it was work-related. I’m back home safely – Dr.K looks out his car window – and sees DH still standing outside the gates looking in. Hoo boy o_O Dr.K watches DH’s luxury car roll past by.

BY:  Hello? (Talk to me – Dr. K) I want to tell you an amazing story! (What is it – Dr. K) Your brother and I met a long time ago. Remember the story I told you about the girl who ran away? It was PR! Isn’t it amazing, Oppa?

Somebody’s not as the same page as you, honey! XD

BY:  That means the lady who gave me the bracelet was you sister-in-law. I heard that your brother gave it to her when he proposed to her.

Dr. K’s expression says it all. What kind of shiatz karma is this?! 😡 And his response to such amazing news is “BY, I have something to do right now so I’ll call you back”. Thanks for raining on the parade, Dr. K 😦 In actual fact, his “something to do” was stepping out of the car and stand near BY’s fence. Director comes out and is surprised to see him there. They are out of beer, so he was on his way to re-stock their supply.

Neighborhood convenient store

Director and Dr. K are enjoying their downtime, and they seem to have been discussing about cellular memory. Director doesn’t believe it exists, perhaps only the fictional world of novels, movies and dramas 😀

Dr. K:  Regardless of whether it is cellular memory, coincidence or fate, isn’t better to tell them the truth instead of keeping it a secret? Whoa! Hey now. That wasn’t the tune you were whistling to two episodes back dude :/

Director:  Hey! Hey! No Way! Don’t even think about it. I don’t know your brother, but if BY knew, the minute she figures it out, she’d go straight to your brother’s house and try to be his wife and mother to his children. Bwahahaha!! Not helping Dr. K at all! XD

Dr. K reveals he has proposed to BY. Maybe he should speed up the wedding.

DH’s house

He walks up the road towards his home and is taken aback for a minute seeing a little PR sitting on the stairs waiting for him – but it’s actually present day PR. It’s sweet to insert the universal belief that Dads will always remember their daughters as their sweet little girls.

PR:  Why are you so late?

DH:  Why are you out here? Why aren’t you sleeping?

PR:  I was worried about you. Are you prepared to come to our school tomorrow?

DH:  Of course. HW prepared it all. (Dinner? Have you eaten? – PR) Yes. My daughter… let me hug you. AWWWW!!

PR:  Eeew! You smell like alcohol.

And they remain in hug mode for a while longer on the stairs.

BY’s room

Excited to find out about SJ being from Udo Island too, she asks her “Donor Map” on the wall whether he/she knew SJ too. She lies down on her bed, but her mind is still furiously active and operating at the optimum level of connecting even more dots from the past.

I met PR seven years ago, and he lived in Seoul then. I had the surgery five years ago… and she’s fro Udo Island too. Then, the two of you know each other? I wonder how PR’s mother died…. I shouldn’t be curious about something like that.

She remembers the time she fell into the sea and someone stopped her from continuing her downward journey. Someone pushed her upwards.

BY sits up, “The person in the sea… was that PR’s mom? Am I right? Or am I confused?”… the connections are crystallizing now. “Wait a minute… you aren’t… the same person are you?” she looks at the map on the wall. Oh, please! This happens only in dramas! Pfft! She lies back down.

DH’s room

He places the bracelet next to SJ’s picture frame, “You felt sorry for her because you couldn’t buy her a meal even though she found our lost PR. So you gave her the bracelet secretly instead? You said you’d return the favor if you met her again. How can you return the favor now? You’ll find out how she has paid DH.

PR’s school

BY is glowing with happiness as she walks through the school grounds. She finds PR sitting on the swing, just like she did years before. PR is pleasantly surprised to see BY at ther school.  They have a chat in the playground.

BY:  I’m sorry for letting you misunderstand about my relationship with your father.

Before PR could answer, a couple of nosy girls call out to her asking if BY is her mom. It’s amazing how loud young girls can whisper – one says PR doesn’t have a mum. But BY just tells them with a smile on her face “I AM PR’s mom!” PR’s reaction was priceless – Whut?! BY laughs, she is like an aunt-mum to her. She’ll wait for PR to finish her last class for the day and wants to go on a girl’s timeout with PR after school.

DH’s car rolls in. OMO! The way these two keep meeting at crossroads is like fate! PR says DH is the guest teacher today. This will be a hoot! XD

HW:  Aigoo! Did you even invite for fan club here? [opens the door for DH]

DH:  What are you talking about? [checks himself out in the window screen]

PR calls out for her dad, and he sees BY there with her. HW the godmother is the happiest of them all 😀 DH asks why BY is at PR’s school. She returns with a “Do you hate seeing me?”

HW:  Of course not! You’re staying for the lecture, right? (She’s a busy woman – DH) It’ll be fun! He even took something for his nerves. Hahaha! Let’s go. Nice scarf (to BY) 😀 Hurry up (and takes DH’s hand) He’s adorbs! XD

Hae Gil Hospital

SN meets Dr. K in the elevator, “Aren’t you on a date with BY?” He’s at a loss. “She left on her lunch break” Oh-oh o_O He does have a date with BY but it’s at night. SN casually pours salt on the wound in a sing-song voice “I wonder who she is dating then…”

PR’s Classroom

DH is sweating bullets. Mr Ceo is scared of facing one of the world’s worst critics: school kids 😀


Home room teacher gets their attention and introduces the day’s guest teacher: Kang Poo Reum’s Dad, the CEO of Hanu Haon, Mr. Kang Dong Ha! Applause, applause! He takes off his jacket and walks to the front (more like walks the plank XD ) PR is worried for her dad. He’s SO gonna Tank! LOL!! BY remains in the hallway, next to the class, watching Guest Teacher perform his magic to entire room of kids.

He starts off in his usual monotonous voice:

DH:  Hello everyone (Hello – kids) I’m the father of KPR.. (looks at the notes in this hand, kids are apathetic) Today, I’ll tell you the excellence of Korean beef. It is part of the Korean heritage which has 50 years of history [can you sense the possible Zzzs happening soon? – BY sees PR glancing worriedly at the other kids who are already unimpressed with the speech] Humans and cattle have been living together since a long time ago.

As predicted, DH is sinking fast. BY tries to catch his attention through the glass pane. She gestures to him, and he totally throws away the prepared notes onto the floor. He begins to add in different tones in his story-telling voice, which would definitely attract children’s attention. He receives encouragement from the positive turnaround. PR begins to burst with pride seeing her dad made a breakthrough with her class mates.


Why is Korean Beef excellent?


These are ribs!


What is this called? The person who gets it right will receive a gift. Hands shoot up in the air 😀 … and HW is probably thinking since when did I sign up for this? o_O


This is the flank! And proceeds to massage his point too. Bwahahahaha!!


Dr. K’s office

Ms. Bae drops by to hand in the latest version of his contract, Organ Transplant Center included in the clause. She also explains to him that DH and her will pretend to continue to see each other as a means to protect him from Chairwoman’s future meddling. Aigoo… why Ms. Bae? Wae? o_O But she also told him DH agreed to meet her because of Dr. K so please do not make him feel uncomfortable as well.

However, behind the scenes while revising Dr. K’s contract, Ms Bae knows that although the Center may be given a new life, but Dr. K is not guaranteed to head that operation.

BY:  Would you like to go to the aquarium? (I like aquarium! – PR) Have you been there before?

PR:  I don’t remember, but I heard I went there with my mother many times. My mother liked the aquarium too. She went there whenever she missed Udo Island because she wanted to see the sea.

BY:  Then let’s go to the aquarium. [PR hesitates to answer] Why? Is it because of BaDa? (He’d be upset if he found out – PR) We can go somewhere else with BD next time. Why don’t we go on a picnic with BD? (OK! – PR) Let’s go!

HW:  PR must be happy. She’ll have a mother who goes to the aquarium with her and on picnics with her… Is it really okay to rush your relationship?

DH:  Take PR to the car first.

HW:  Excuse me? OK, I’ll leave you two alone. How could you wait until now? PR-ah! Go on to the car with me. Dad has something to talk about with Mother – Ah! No, I mean Unnie

BY:  What do you want to tell me? You look so serious now.

DH:  I know why you’re doing this, …  and I understand it too, but I don’t want you to be too close to my children. PR can barely manage her feelings for you, and if you keep appearing before her like this… You know that I met a woman, right?

BY:  Yes. My mother forced you to meet her.

DH:  Ji Won-Sshi and I have decided to keep seeing each other

BY:  Ah… good for you… That’s very good.

DH:  That’s why.. I think if we keep meeting each other like this both DW and JW will be concerned about it.

BY:  What do you mean? Are you saying we shouldn’t see each other from now on?

DH:  We’ll be family, so that won’t happen. I just think it’s best not to see each other as often as possible.

BY:  We didn’t meet each other intentionally. We just accidentally a long time ago. Is this really necessary?… Then what about today’s aquarium?

DH:  I’ll take her.

Aww 😥

BY and Dr. K’s date

BY is already at the classy restaurant waiting for Dr. K. Her schedule got freed up sooner than expected. Dr. K nonchalantly asks whether she went somewhere. He knew she had a lunch date thanks to SN. She tells a white lie: she went somewhere to buy something before their date.

The usual robust eater BY picks her food, can hardly eat half of the steak on her plate. Dr. K asks why she gave her necklace to PR. He noticed it when he joined them at the restaurant near the department store. It was a gift BY bought for herself after the surgery.

BY:  I did give her something precious, but I don’t regret it at all. PR’s mother gave me something precious too.

DW fishes out a small jewelry box from his jacket and places it in front of BY. It’s a necklace. because BY can’t wear rings to work. So, where do you want to hold the wedding? How about the honeymoon? BY feels he’s rushing the marriage, but he thinks otherwise. Our BY might have second thoughts about DH’s bro now?

DH’s room

Both kids are doing a puzzle on his bed. BD brings up BY with dad, saying that they’ll be going on a picnic with Noona. PR throws a nervous sideways glance at her father. PR is sulking because she didn’t get to spend time with BY at the aquarium. “Yes you can”… but he won’t be joining them.

End of date

Dr. K sends BY back home and notices she has been rather quiet the entire night. BY finally fesses up that she met up with PR earlier that day, and by chance met DH as well. He was a guest teacher for the day. She doesn’t understand herself why she hesitated to tell DH when he asked her during their date.

Dr. K:  Did anything happen that I should feel bad about?

BY:  I’ve thought about it and I realized that your brother and I meet too often. (It’s only a coincidence – Dr. K) But there are too many coincidences. We even met 7 years ago too.

Dr. K:  That’s how you know you and I share a destiny (you’re reachin, dude o_O )

BY:  Really, it seems like your brother and I do (dude better not go to the ‘heart’ of things :/ ) I’m sorry. You must feel bad.

Dr.K:  I feel worse that you didn’t tell me about it. It isn’t a big deal. Why did you hide it from me?

BY:  There’s nothing more to hide from you, because I won’t meet him again. He’s going to keep seeing JW. He told not to get close to PR because either you or JW might feel uncomfortable with it.

Dr. K:  Are you that disappointed? The fact that you can’t see my brother and his children.. Are you more concerned about that than your wedding gifts and our wedding plans?

BY: (can’t answer his question) I’m going in now. I’m a little tired.

Three-way montage of brooding

DH takes the bracelet and recalls his words he uttered that afternoon that must’ve hurt BY. She replays everything that happened at the school bench up until the end of the date. Dr. K basically is festering frustration and everything that can result in either constipation or heartburn. Or both. BWAHAHAHA! XD

Early morning at Hae Gil

BY and her Manager are going through a list of suppliers when the latter receives a call from Bal San Market. She refuses to answer the call.  The office phone goes off. This must be some persistent person at the end of the line. She finally relents to pick up the phone when BY argues the caller might be someone from the hospital. A man shouts from the other end: It’s the previous meat supplier who is unhappy with the change in contract.

Hanu Haon Corporate Office

DH ends a call just before HW enters to gladly report the on-track progress of the opening of Hanu Haon restaurant at Hae Gil and believes both parties will benefit from such dynamic synergy. DH leaves for Hae Gil, and HW naturally thinks it’s because he is finally showing his masculine side, like a wild stallion. LOL!! XD

Loading bay at Hae Gil

BY and SN are waiting for supplies to be sent to the hospital kitchens. A truck from Hanu Haon backs up to the loading dock, and an elderly Ahjumma/ Haelmoni steps out from the passenger side. Oh! It’s her! (DH’s mom). She remembers BY as The Talkative Girl. BY is genuinely happy to see her again, and introduces herself as a dietician at Hae Gil. Haelmoni usually sends the first order to new customers, but she was busy on the ranch and couldn’t do so with Hae Gil. She tells BY she is the Plant Manager.

JW waits for DH’s arrival at Hae Gil’s main entrance. So, it was her who called DH. She informs DH the Chairwoman will check on their “relationship progress”, so having DH visit her at the hospital could be an effective  ploy. Apparently, the Hae Gil grapevine is way more effective than CNN’s breaking news. Hence his presence in Hae Gil.

DH Mum:  You’re the one who needs it.

BY:  I drink it a lot. I have even more tea I keep secretly.

DH Mum:  Aren’t you tired from working like this?

BY:  Of course not. I’m totally healthy! (I guess you are – DH Mum) You look really healthy too. Oh! If you are the Plant Manager of Hanu Haon, you must know the CEO right? (Of course I do – DH Mum) That’s right. Of course you’d know your own CEO.

DH Mum:  This is where my son works, but it’s my first time here. I’ve never had a reason to visit.

BY:  REALLY?! Which department?

Chairwoman: Oh! You’re Dr. K’s mother. Hello.  DUN! DUN! DUN! o_O

BY:  Dr. K’s mother?

DH Mum:  My second son is Dr. Kang. (Kang who? – BY)

Chairwoman: Who do you think? It’s Dr. Kang Dong Wook.

BY:  What are you talking about, Mother?

DH Mum:  Huh? Mother?

Chairwoman:  You haven’t introduced yourself yet?

BY:  You’re… Oppa’s mother?

DH Mum:  Then… you’re my son’s girlfriend.

Chairwoman: Yes, this is my daughter. She works at my hospital. (She knows that I had surgery – BY whispers) Did you tell her about it? (I didn’t – BY)

DH Mum:  Can we talk privately?

Chairwoman: Yes, of course.

BY:  Oh God! What should I do? I should tell Oppa about this.

Manager:  What are you DOING?! Call security!

Mad Ex-supplier:  You changed suppliers like you wanted – (WHAT? – Manager) … so I can do whatever I want to (What? Talk to me – Manager)

BY:  I’m the one who changed suppliers (Okay. I knew it was you – MES) You sell low quality beef. Why should we keep buying from you? (How dare you! – MES) What’s WRONG with you? What are you doing? (You’re dead today – MES)

DH:  What are you doing? What are you doing with all these women?

MES:  Who the hell are you? Go away!

DH:  BY-Sshi, call the police now.

MES:  Do you want to die? Get out of my way! Can’t you hear me?

BY:  It was your fault. How dare you try and threaten us?  (It’s ok, it’s ok, go call the police now – DH)

MES:  Where do you think you’re going!

DH Mum:  I heard she had heart surgery. You must worry a lot about her.

Chairwoman:  It was a painful time for me. Words can’t even describe it.

DH Mum:  That’s the problem with children. No matter how preciously I raised them, they don’t listen to me. No matter how gently and carefully we raise them, God takes them from us too soon.

Chairwoman:  How can I imagine such sorrow?

DH Mum:  You raised her very well after bearing such pain. Miss LBY is very sweet and kind unlike most young women these days, so I liked her. She was sweet to me even though I was a stranger. I understand now why you wanted to introduce my oldest son to someone and keep your daughter’s distance from my grandchildren.

Chairwoman:  Thank you for understanding me. Please understand that I had to hide her surgery. I’m really sorry.

DH Mum:  You don’t have to be sorry to me. I’m the one who should apologize.

Chairwoman:  What do you mean?

DH Mum:  I can’t met my son marry her. Let’s cancel our our decision about their wedding. DUN! DUN! o_O


DH:  I’m okay. (Is he really okay? – BY)

Doc:  Yes, the wound isn’t too deep… it’ll hurt a little…

Dr. K:  I’ll do it.  (How is he? Is he really okay? – BY) Go wait outside (Huh? -BY)

DH:  Listen to him. Stay outside… You’re good [to DW]

Dr.K:  I heard the story about SJ’s bracelet. BY found PR for you right? (Yes she did – DH) How about BY? Do you like her? (What did you say? – DH) We used to have the same taste in women, back in the day. (What do you mean? – DH) Do you like her? I mean my fiancee. Is is that difficult to answer me?

DH:  What do you want to tell me?

Dr. K:  I don’t know YES YOU DO, Dweeb :/

DH:  There seems to be a misunderstanding, but –

Dr. K:  It isn’t a misunderstanding. You meet BY too often, hyung. (It’s only by accident – DH) Even today?

DH:  Today… I came to see her because I have something to tell her

Dr.K :  I hate it. BY is a very good person. She has a lot of good qualities that I don’t, but there are lots of things she isn’t. She isn’t calculative and she can’t lie. She isn’t mature yet, and she’s not afraid of things. I’m different. I’m not as brave as BY, so I’m scared that you’ll take her from me again. I’m sorry for saying this. I’m really sorry.

DH:  I..  never stole anything from you.

Dr. K:  I know. SJ was never my woman. I had a crush on her. I’m even more scared… because you’ve always been better than me.

DH:  Why are you so serious? That’s your problem. I came to return this to her. SJ gave it to her so I don’t think I should keep it. Give it to BY. You know that I met a woman. She’s a nice person so we’ll keep seeing each other. Don’t worry about such pointless things. Bye.

Outside Emergency entrance

BY waits for DH and asks if he’s alright. He just looks at her. She hands him a piece of paper. He takes a tiny step to the side as if turning down whatever she is giving him. It’s a recipe for black sesame porridge which will help the wound to heal faster. She wanted to make some for him at the hospital kitchen, but it is currently in a messy state. Dr. K walks out and sees them.  DH politely refuses her recipe, but BY insists on giving it to him.

DH:  Don’t give me anything.

He drives back to his office, reflecting on his brother’s appeal. But one line lingers and gets him thinking just a little bit more:

I’m scared that you’ll take her from me again.

Again? o_O


Where was the “BOM YI-SSHI! I LIKE YOU!” declaration?

I was so hyped about it and waited for it and…
MBC totally trolled us!




  1. Fate is an amazing thing, and I think it will be big problem for any man to have a brother like Kang Dong Ha , He is irrisistable 😉 😉
    ❤ ❤ ❤


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