Thank God Weekend’s Here 05

Anyong Yarobun!

Whew! What a week it has been!!

The new drama-watch cycle began last week when two new shows premiered (Spring Days and Iron Man). And this week, another joins the club with SBS’ ‘My Lovely Girl’ or She’s So Loveable or She’s Lovely… can they just choose one and stick with it? o_O

Heard of the quote “Life is like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get.” ?

Definitely apt to describe the three-way fight between these guys.




Honestly, my time has been invested more in MBC’s Spring Day (a lovely production… pray it doesn’t steer into extreme makjang and eventually off the cliff 😮 ) and I thought Iron Man would be a bat shiatz crazy drama that would be shelved under “Watch when there’s absolutely nothing else left, including re-runs” but it surprisingly didn’t turn out that way.

My Lovely Girl? Rain, you know I ❤ you, but it’s mentally tiring to make it past 5 minutes into Episode 1. Perhaps because I’m short on personal rec time that I’m more discerning with dramas to follow now. I actually started a couple of paragraphs into “First Impression” for MLG, but covered my palms and tired fingers over my face, crying “I just can’t for this one” Le Sigh.

미안 해요 Rain-Sshi 😦


And let’s also not forget the fourth contender dropping in on Monday night…


mon Dieu o_O



  1. I just watched the second episode of Rain and I like it. Eh…okay more like when I am bored then I might be in tuned? I guess I find the plot hard to grasped. His dead gf’s sister? I mean… Its just not normal! He’s hot and she’s cute but not when he was dating the older sister. I understand the fact that he is trying to help her but the poor girl is falling in love him. Ah…I don’t know.


    1. Hello KDrama BFF!! Long time no hear from you! I MISS our chats and spazzing over hawt actors! LOL!! Seems we have to wait for “The One” when we get to do that again 😀

      Thanks for sharing dramas that you’re keeping in touch with. I haven’t had the chance to fully enjoy Iron/ Blade Man, but the impression I got from Ep 1 was it’s Out There Crazy yet it Somehow Works XD

      There’s been a lot of buzz on Secret Door. I AM thankful that it’s in the Mon-Tues slot, otherwise definitely going bonkers!

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      1. I know!! I miss you too!! Actually I have been sad without you in my life! Haha! I can’t wait until we do but like I said, nothing has really caught my eyes yet. I was watching SISL and for a moment, I was like..just maybe? Just Maybe with all those cute moments but then, I am like No! No! No! He is not our Gun. I don’t know what to do, I think FTYL might have been my all time favorite drama and nothing is right anymore. HAHA! I keep comparing and wanting…something like FTYL. What are you currently watching?


      2. Ah… Geonnie… Do not get me started on my Beautiful Man ❤ LOL!! XD

        I'm enjoying the rather organic chemistry of Spring Days of My Life (I swore FTLY's replacement won't even cast a shadow), but hey, Drama Gods work in mysterious ways 😮

        I'm anticipating Secret Door to blast out of the gates like a Badass Joseon heavyweight… so scrubbing my feelers again for Mon night.

        Otherwise, it's fairly casual watch of The Three Musketeers, Surplus Princess (or read recaps if I can't sit through the entire hour)

        I've also belatedly tumbled into a wormhole called Good Daughter Hana. 122 episodes in all o_O This one is purely autopilot mode viewing and enjoying the multiple drama tropes thrown in for good measure 😀


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