Spring Day of My Life Ep 4: Who Did Love Find?

Love isn’t Something you Find.
Love is Something that Finds You

– Loretta Young



Words fail DH after Dr. K drops the bomb: “Bom Yi-Sshi is my girlfriend.” DH has tumbled into deep feels for BY already, and if he wasn’t clued in how far gone he was, his brother’s announcement certainly imploded something within. As a straight shooter, DH has to internalize the crumbling feeling before he can congratulate Dr. K on his choice for a life partner.

The heartbreaking moment is seeing how in tune PR is to her dad’s true nature as she could see the Kabuki mask DH had to put on almost instantaneously. She knows Dad has fallen for BY, and it took him more than 5 years to let someone  else into his heart…

DH looks back and forth between Dr. K and BY, mouth open in disbelief. PR looks Dad, heart shattering.  He confirms that BY is the daughter to the Director and Chairwoman with Dr. K. PR asks if BY is a dietician, and BY answers yes to that too. BY apologizes swiftly to DH. She delayed self-introduction because of previous unfavorable episodes and she wanted to build up a more positive impression as they are becoming family.

Both Dr. K and BY apologize again for springing a surprise on him, and DH casually brushes it off saying that he’s okay with it. However, his shaky hands slip the cup of water all over him and he quickly dashes to the Gents’. PR gazes steadily on her father, knowing exactly how he feels inside. Dr. K attempts to converse with PR, but it is clear they are not close to even hold a decent chat. She awkwardly excuses herself to find Dad. BY can sense the crackling tension and the wall that went up around PR.

BY worries that she started off on the wrong foot and DH doesn’t like her. Dr. K disagrees because he can read from his brother’s eyes and expression 😮

Men’s Washroom

DH is cooling off his emotions at the basin, couldn’t believe BY is Dr. K’s girlfriend, a woman who finally made a dent on his heart. He finds PR waiting for him on the bench outside the restroom, crying.

DH:  Why are you crying, Honey? Huh?

PR:  (shakes her head) I don’t know why I’m crying. I don’t know either.

DH:  I think your Dad knows.

PR:  How do you know?

DH:  You were hanging out with Unnie like this and you liked it. So you want me and Unnie to keep seeing each other. Days like today, you should just enjoy and forget. If you keep wishing for it to happen you’re being greedy.

AWWW!! 😥 DH Sweetie… that’s what your ❤ is telling you 😥

PR:  Then, did you want it too dad?

DH:  (gently smiling) No. Today was enough for me.

PR:  You’re lying.

And down at the end of the corridor is Dr. K watching father and daughter consoling each other.

Everyone is ready to part ways, PR standing in a corner apart from the adults, still sulking. DH joins the two, handing the free gift to BY, but her hands are full of shopping bags so the thermos ends up with Dr. K. BY now addreesses DH as hyungnim and gives him his present and gave the others to PR. DH remembers the hat he got for her and BY suggests to pass it when the meet the next day. Dr. K thinks why bother meeting again when they have met? He is more peeved with the ease BY and DH slips in when they converse. It’s like Dr. K is invisible and he doesn’t want BY to spend time unnecessarily with DH either.

DH agrees they do not have to meet again because BY’s mother has met their mother. WHAT? She DID? It’s BY’s turn to be surprised. DH politely says his farewell and holds PR’s hand as they walk towards the escalator.

Chairwoman MH

MH is headed somewhere with BY barking on the phone demanding exactly what she did when she visited DH’s parent.

BY:  You asked his brother to MEET a woman?! (Dr. K is standing next to her) What do you mean? Why so suddenly?

MH says she will continue the conversation later with BY. Hangs up just as she steps into a private dining room and her guest stands up to greet her: It’s JW.

BY is livid with her mother’s gall to suggest such a thing for the elder brother, DH. But more so on the manner she did so. Chairwoman has no right meddling with DH’s status as a single father.

Back to the private dining room, MH reminisces on the moment she first met JW at the hospital entrance. Always smiling and left a deep impression on MH. A few years past and JW was under the radar until she “returned” with Chairman Song. MH knows JW’s real master is Song, the person she reports diligently to about the what goes on in the hospital. Going into actual reason for the meeeting: MH passes a calling card to JW. She wants JW to meet DH.

JW:  What would happen to me if I reject your request?

BY’s household

BY apparently has complained to Dad about MH’s ill-mannered meeting with future in-law. He scolds her for making the first move without roping them in. So cute to see dad siding BY 😀 MH simply walks on disregarding all accusations coming from her husband.

You may hold the higher position in Hae Gil, but dayum woman, he is your husband! o_O No need to be so disrespectful like dat!

BY stops MH from marching off into her room and asks her for the exact words she spewed when she met DH’s mother.  She basically said she knows a good “matchmaker” and she can help arrange for him to meet a woman. And goes into her room. BY is not appeased by that answer, barges into MH’s room:

BY:  If you really care about manners how could you do that?

MH:  What did I do so wrong?

BY:  You don’t know what you did wrong? You told her directly that you don’t like the children without their mother.  You’re just making it worse. They’re already hurt.

MH:  My daughter’s health is at risk because of someone else’s children. I had to do it because I was so worried.

BY:  They aren’t just someone else’s children. They’ll be my family too. I can handle it just fine without damaging my health.

DH’s room

He reads a message sent by his mom:  The woman you’re meeting will call you. He calls mom, but gets his head bit off for calling her instead of texting back. LOL! They go back and forth about texting instead of calling at late hours, and why she doesn’t visit them often. But then DH gets to the reason for his phone call: He met DW’s girlfriend.

DH:  I already knew her actually. She’s a nice person.


DH Mum:  I don’t expect anything much from her. I just need her to be bright and healthy.

DH:  She is bright and healthy, so meet her sometime.

DH Mum:  I’ll meet her when the time comes. I’m hanging up now. (She gave me a gift for you – DH) I don’t need any gifts. Bye!

He takes out a jar of Fermented Pine Needle tea from one of the gift bags.  Next is a big box of Hovenia Juice (PPL time peeps 😀 ) He remembers BY informing him that deep sleep alludes when he is drunk, so hovenia juice is good for hangover, and pine tree is good for insomnia. What a thoughtful gift from the fighting rooster XD Oh! And one more gift for DH, a book: Conversation Skills with Children That All Wise Parents Should Have. Tee Hee!!

Next morning at DH’s household

DH is in a happy mood 🙂 Makes his way to the breakfast table, teases SJ’s mother even. She’s wearing BY’s gift first thing in the morning. BD shows off the soft toy BY got him. OK, pretty much “show and tell time” of what BY giften them! He’s happy that BY will be his aunt. DH tells BD to talk less and eat more at the table, a beep goes off and BD squeezes his soft toy again and it repeated DH’s sentence.

Peeps! I have A FEELING about this toy’s inclusion in the show! XD XD

DH’s Factory

DH is making his rounds at the stable, HW trudges in pinching his nose, “Mr. CEO! What do you want me to do with this?” shaking a file in his hand.”It’s the supply contract for Hae Gil Hospital”

DH tells HW to give to BY, “Go now. It’s urgent”. But we can see HW dilly-dallies, trying his best to get DH to send it instead, still in Fairy Godmother mode 😀 DH just turns around and walks ahead, continuing his inspection. HW senses something is amiss, leaves him be and walks back towards the office when DH’s jacket laid carelessly on bales of hay caught his attention. Moves closer and picks out DH’s cellphone. OMO! LOL!! XD

Hae Gil Pantry

SeNa and BY are checking inventories but BY’s mind is kilometers away, still fretting about the awkward outcome of BY’s introduction to his family as well as her mother’s obnoxious intrusion into DH’s personal life. She thinks she ought to apologize again to DH.  Incoming message on her phone!

Text from “DH” : Would you like to come here to pick up the contract?

SN notices the tone of the message and believes DH is not upset with BY at all. A-hah! That IS good…

BY:  I guess he wouldn’t ask me to come if he hates me. Right?

Text from “DH” : I’m sorry to ask you to come over even though I promised a visit. In return I shall show you around the ranch if you come.

BY:  Wow! He’s So COOL! See? Mature adults are so different! [texts back: I’ll be right there!]

HW: OMOMOMO. [texts his reply to BY]

BY receives an emoticon of a dog with an A-Ok hand sign. BWAHAHAHAHA!! SN thinks not only is DH cool but is HAWT too!

Chairwoman MH’s Office

MH, Director, Chairman Song, JW and Dr. K are present to discuss about his contract, but his concern is still on the plans for an Organ Transplant Center the Director wants. Director quickly tries to diffuse the tension by acknowledging the need to get out of deficit first and then develop Hae Gil. Chairman Song assures as long as the hospital’s financial situation is recovered, the OTC will be re-opened. Ever sharp Dr. K requests for that clause to be written into his contract, and only then will he sign the contract. Song and MH exchange looks.

Chairman Song instructs JW to include the clause into Dr. K’s contract.

Director:  (whispers to Dr. K) You’re the only one for me.

Dr. K:  Same here

Song:  You must be happy. You have such a thoughtful son-in-law,

Director:  Did you hear us? You’re jealous right?

MH then hints at the possible meeting between JW and DH. What? Even Director didn’t know of this plan. Dr. K drags JW out of the room, full of anger, to the stairwell. Essentially throws her into the corner.

Dr. K:  Did you breakup with Chairman Song?

JW:  Why do you care whether or not I broke up with the Chairman?

Dr. K:  I don’t care whether you did or not. What I care about is you meeting my brother. (Why do you care about that? – JW) You had a relationship with an older man and the whole hospital knows about it. Of course I’d hate the idea of you being with my brother.

JW:  I have no choice. This is the best I can do. Do you think it was easy to get where I am from being a clerk? I can’t give up now. I’ll do what they ask me to do. Ugh Madame MH…

Dr. K:  Don’t meet my brother. You don’t deserve my brother.

JW:  You asked me to keep it a secret from Lee Bom Yi-Sshi that we lived together for old times’ sake. I’ll do this favor for you but you shouldn’t disturb me either.

DH’s Office Grounds

DH is on the phone, walking back to his office, but pauses near the cul-de-sac staring at the sudden vision of his Bom-tepanette. Why is she here?

BY:  I hurried here. Were you waiting for me? You surprised me [HW walks towards them in the background] I thought you’d be mad at me because of my mother. (Excuse Me? – DH) You sent me a text and asked me to come here.

DH:  I sent you a text message?

BY:  I was curious.. why you were acting so cool. [DH is about to clear up the misunderstanding] I’m glad it turned out this way, and you’ve given me the chance, so I’d like to apologize to you.

DH only then checks his cell phone and sees the sms trail HW did “on his behalf” LOL! He somehow has his HW radar on and turns around to look at his ever resourceful assistant. She continues her monolog of an apology while DH pieces the puzzle together. He excuses himself for a moment, walks over to the grinning HW and asks “It was you, wasn’t it? What’s up with this emoticon? And how do you know my password?” DH will have a word or two with HW later.

He returns to BY who continues to apologize and also inserts the fact that she was sick but she’s healthy now. BY assumes DH does not like her.

DH:  No way. Why would I dislike you? (They look into each others’ eyes) If I disliked you, I wouldn’t visit you or go shopping or have a meal with you. (Pauses) I like you Lee Bom Yi-Sshi. (REALLY?- BY) I even messaged you.. yes I did.. But I think I forgot because I’m old.

SQUEEE!!! XD OH. MAI. GAD!! I would like to believe that is DH’s confession, although masked in the pretext of “liking” her to part of his family.

He hands her the contract, offers to bring her around the ranch but remembers to get the hat for her. What a gentleman! As he walks away, we see the toll on his heart as tried his best to not cross that line with BY.

Enjoying the greenery and the cooling breeze under the warmth of the Autumn sun, BY learns DH is ten years older than Dr. K and that makes it 18 years age gap between BY and DH. He uses that moment to advice her not to talk back to elders 🙂 Dr. K sometimes treats BY as a kid too due to the age gap but she says he can be cheesier and more childish than her at times.

BY and DH’s interaction is so calming. So natural. So unpretentious. Genuine connections made. ❤

A gust of wind blows BY’s hat off and DH snatches it in time, and he whirls around trying to locate the laughter. Huh? It’s HW’s spell taking effect on DH! LOL!

DH:  Hold it tightly. No, I mean (stops himself – playing a scene from HW’s vivid fantasy)

BY:  Can I make cheese here? I like cheese a lot (Yeah sure. Let’s go – DH)

DH:  No thank you (Try it please – BY) I’m okay (I made it so – BY) I said I’m okay – SPLASH!

BY:  You did it on purpose right?

DH:  I told you that I had a reason. Why?

BY:  What kind of reason? Tell me. Let’s hear it.

DH:  That’s… I had a daydream about something like it (Daydream? – BY) Well, it wasn’t really me… someone else asked me to do it.

BY:  What kind of daydream? What did you imagine?

DH:  That’s…. Aaahh! Let’s just say that I did it intentionally.

BY:  Well, we’ll say this terror offsets my Mother’s mistakes. (Terror? – DH) Yes, it’s milk terror.

DH:  Okay. Offset it or whatever…

BY:  Then I’ll change clothes there

DH:  Thank god you have a change of clothes

BY:  I know right? After I fell into the sea at Udo Island because of someone I always bring extra clothes with me, because I don’t know when it’ll happen to me again. Bye then.

GD:  Hey! That lady… isn’t she the one I met on Udo Island?  (So what? – DH) Why is she here? (Where’s mother? – DH) She isn’t back yet? She left earlier than me in a separate car from Kimpo Ranch. Don’t change the subject. Did you meet her again? Are you keeping in touch with her?

DH:  Don’t get me wrong. She’s DW’s girlfriend.

GD:  Then, why is DW’s girlfriend here? LOL!! XD

Locker Room

BY walks into the locker area, greets the other occupant: DH’s mother (unbeknownst to BY). Mother inquires who she is, BY is visiting the meat supplier, and she has to change her clothes since milk was spilled onto her. BY complements Mother on her good health which allows her to continue working hard on the ranch. Mother comments on how talkative BY is despite them being strangers 😀

BY begins to take off her soiled blouse and mother walks past her, and sees the scar on her chest “Oh my God. Were you seriously sick?” BY admits she used to have heart disease, and the scar is from the surgery. However, BY’s doing well now, and wishes Mother to maintain good health. Mother thanks BY for being concerned about well-being.

BY walks off the ranch, with GD and DH resting along the stone walls looking on at her.

GD likes her but is saddened by the fact she is DW’s.

DH:  Such a good woman is DW’s partner. It’s fortunate, isn’t it? (Aren’t you disappointed? – GD) No.

Ever since SJ died, DH has never gone to the sea but he jumped right in to pull BY out of it on the anniversary of SJ’s death. GD believes it is fate.

DH’s house

DH drinks soju and eats leftovers in the living room. After downing two bottles, he falls asleep on the sofa with the TV news blaring in the background. He dreams again, sitting on the stairs in anguish, SJ leaning over him from behind caressing his head. This time he senses her presence. Slowly, he turns to look up – and sees BY smiling at him with unshed tears in her eyes.

DH wakes up, “Jesus Christ. Jeez… why – ” And PR asks whether he drank again, she brought water for him anyways. Both kids have joined him at the living room. PR chastises him for drinking too much when Uncle DW is getting marries. DH wonders how could those subjects be connected? He’s fine having his kids like him, but he also mentions that he will be meeting a woman soon. PR is sad at the finality of it all: Unnie is marrying uncle DW and Dad is meeting someone else.

Swanky Movie Theater

BY walks in tentatively, looking for someone and glances at her wrist watch, “Isn’t it this place?” Someone seems to be running late. Dr. K calls BY to apologize for being stuck in traffic and will not arrive in time to catch the movie with her. So he tells her to start the movie without him, but he will join her shortly. In actual fact, DW is already at the said place, one floor up and he has been watching BY all this while.

BY:  God… you’re unbelievable!

Text on video:

It’s a miracle that I could meet you
You make my heart flutter
… and I learned what real love is after meeting youMy time with you is like a dream, not reality
What’s obvious to me is how I smile when I’m with you

Will you marry me?

Dr. K:  (cell phone buzzes) Yeah, what is it? Blood pressure? Take a CT and if you confirm an aortic rupture start surgery right away. Call Dr. Choi and the Director as soon as possible.

Caller:  I don’t think I can do that. (Why not? – Dr. K) Dr. Choi is in surgery right now and the patient doesn’t want the Director to operate on him. He said he’d rather change hospitals.

Dr. K:  Alright. I’m coming back now.

BY:  Who are you?

Lady:  I’m sorry. Your boyfriend left urgently for an emergency operation (Oh, is that right? – BY) He said he won’t be coming back. (He probably wouldn’t – BY) However, what would you like me to do with the meal he ordered?

DH matseon with JW

DH reaches for a sugar cube for his coffee when BY’s voice enters his mind unbidden, reminding him the lack of health benefits it has. He plops it back in its place. JW notes DH looks very different from Dr. K.

DH:  Do I?

JW:  Actually, I didn’t want to come here.

DH:  Why did you come out if you didn’t want to?

JW:  You wouldn’t understand since you’re a CEO. Some people just have to do what they’re asked. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a matter whether I like you or not it’s because I’m not willing to get married.

DH:  Okay. Even though I didn’t intend for it I’m sorry that I put you in such an uncomfortable situation.  Your boss suggested this meeting to me. I wasn’t aware of your situation.

JW:  Even if I turn you down, Ms. Chairman will keep arranging meetings for you with other women. So, can I suggest something? Why don’t we tell her that we meet today and we like each other so we’ve decided to keep seeing each other? Then we can avoid having this kind of uncomfortable situation again.

DH:  (weighing his options) Let’s do that.

JW:  Thank you. Then, I’d like to leave now.

DH:  Why don’t you have a meal with me before you go? This isn’t a normal date, but I think I should still buy you dinner

You Are the G! XD

JW:  (compromises) What about a drink?

They adjourn to another watering hole.

DH:  By the way, why don’t you want to get married? You sounded very decisive when you said it.

JW:  Since you accepted my suggestion, I’ll answer you honestly. I loved someone so passionately once, that I have no regrets left. I think I gave him all my love then. After I broke up with him I’ve been empty and I haven’t had feelings since.

DH:  That makes me wonder what kind of man he is

JW:  He’s a very nice man. When a man becomes the best in his field, he looks great when he works. But compared to him I was just shabby. So, I think I tried too hard to become like him.

DH:  It doesn’t seem like you’re completely over him yet

JW:  I should get over him now. It’s over now. He’s getting married soon to another woman.

BY’s office

Catching up on paperwork, BY works through the night at Hae Gil. Dr. K calls out to her, rushes into her office and apologizes for ruining the proposal he had planned. BY thinks it went just fine and her answer is “Yes”.

They adjourn to the kitchen and BY serves him a slice of cake she saved for him at the swanky theater. What about the two pieces of steak? BY grins 😀 Dr. K takes his cake in one hand and prepares to bite into it but BY warns him to be careful, there might be “something” in it because her slice didn’t have “anything” in it. BWAHAHAHAHA! XD

Clueless Dr. K gobbles with BY watching very closely, “Nothing?” He shakes his head “Nope”

BY:  I thought [glances pointedly at the ring finger of her left hand] that something might be in there… (pouts)

Dr. K:  (smiling at the transparent BY) You can’t wear accessories on your hand anyway.

BY:  Actually, you’re right. I can’t wear it anyway. So there’s no point even if you give me one.


She asks if they are getting married for real. Dr. K senses it’s because of the “ring-less” proposal. BY denies it. She just did not envision herself being married ever since she was a child. Growing up, her busy parents left BY alone most of the time and she became lonely. Is that what being married is about? But what made her change her mind? She recalls a time when she bumped into a child in a playground who sat all alone on the swing.  No adults around. This child must’ve run away from home. BY nonchalantly asks pertinent questions to gain information from the child so that she can help reunite her with her family.

Girl:  They don’t worry about me. Now, mom and dad don’t need me anymore… Mom has a new baby.

Anyway, BY brought the girl to the nearest police station and her parents were already waiting there for her. Everybody just cried and hugged each other and kept saying “I Love You” to each other. What a sight! But to BY it was a beautiful vignette and she wants to get married just so she can have a family like theirs.

And the mother gave BY a bracelet to thank her. Dr. K says he too has a beautiful family, it made him jealous and he wants to have a family of his own just like so – like DH’s family. That’s his only wish: a nuclear family that would be the envy of others.


JW and DH continue their drinks by the road side and she shares more about her passionate relationship: They broke up because she couldn’t realize his dream of having a family. JW has some health issue, but it was easier to use the excuse of having an affair as a reason to break up.

JW realizes she has shared more than she intended with DH (he’s such a good listener, that’s why!) She asks DH whether he has been with anyone the past 5 years.

After my wife died, I felt similar to the way you do. I thought I couldn’t love someone like that again… but maybe that doesn’t have to be true. I’ve had that thought recently. I met someone and my heart fluttered. So I realized that I can do this again… I thought she was a really good match but I found out that she’s someone I can’t love as a woman.

JW can see the truth etched on his face: DH ❤ s BY.

Hae Gil Hospital

Dr. K is waiting for BY outside her office while she digs for something in her drawer. She finds the box, “Long time no see!” It’s SJ’s bracelet o_O OMO!

DH drives JW back to Hae Gil, wonders why she needs to return to office at such late hour in the night. They part ways amicably, but guess which duo joins them at the entrance? Aish…

Dr. K is not a happy camper when he sees JW with DH, especially after JW announces that today was their official “date”. Dude, you not happy if DH is with BY and JW? o_O  He wants a word with JW privately and asks DH to send BY home instead.

Awk to the Ward. BY knows DH must’ve had a couple of drinks and he ticks off the ingredients BY gifted him to take care of his hangover and insomnia. She offers him something better…

Dr. K is more worried about keeping his secret than anything else. JW assures him DH will not have any romantic feelings towards her, because there is already one that he likes, and Dr. K should know the identity of said female.

BY:  Here. I pureed some tomatoes and carrots (and she carried the libation in the thermos she got from DH 😀 ) Don’t be surprised. But I put some honey in it too. I put a lot of it. You like sweet things.

DH:  Thank you… You aren’t mad at me anymore? I poured milk on you. I really didn’t intend to do it.

BY:  Just don’t pour milk on me again.

DH:  Anyway, thank you. (For what? Tomatoes and Carrots? – BY) DW is disappointed in me. We don’t talk much and we’re always awkward even when we meet. But when he’s with you he smiles often and he looks comfortable so I’m happy for him. When I think about you there are lots of things I appreciate you for. I’m grateful for this juice, and I’m grateful for you and DW,… Anyway, thank you for being nice to my children even when they were strangers.. thank you for the seaweed soup on my birthday, I haven’t had it in 5 years. Also, thank you for reading a book to my children.  Actually they weren’t the only ones happy because of you. I was really grateful too.

BY:  I’m sorry

DH:  (sees the bracelet) This… (grabs her wrist) This… How can you

BY:  That hurts…

DH:  This bracelet is … Why… How can you have this? Why do you have this bracelet?!




 Yeah! It’s time to play Connect-The-Karmic-Dots! XD


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