Spring Day of My Life Ep 3: The Girl is Mine

Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire
My love is blind, Can’t you see my desire?
That’s the way love goes

– Janet Jackson “That’s The Way Love Goes”


The “Swindler” gets a kick in the shin and BY demands to know why he did not mention “knowing” her when they first met in Udo. He did, many times in fact! Flashback: When he walked up to her at the Udo convenient store, at the clinic when he had piggy-backed her all the way from the beach, and on the field beneath the starry skies. And he adds in the apology he had also made back then. However she insisted that he should properly apologized after he has made it known who he really is to her. The bickering never ends… and Dr. K walks into this parking bay diorama…


DH:  I asked you why you didn’t recognize me. Didn’t I? (Flashbacks) Don’t you remember? Also, I clearly apologized to you.

BY:  Still, if I didn’t recognize you, you should’ve explained yourself properly before apologizing! Instead, you try to brush it all off like a coward.

DH:  Did you just call me a coward, lady? I tried to explain to you, but you were drunk and started to talk about a novel. Then you leaned on me and fell asleep. OOOOPPSss!! XD

BY:  Can’t you be quiet? [now both realize the audience that’s enraptured by their argument]

DH:  Your voice is louder, Miss Lee Bom Yi.

BY:  I’ll pull the posting, but nor for you. It’s for the children’s sake, but I’ll still never forgive you, Abunnim.

JW:  (to Dr. K) What are you doing? Go and help him out.

DH:  How much do you want? (Excuse Me? – BY) At what price do I have to supply Hanu Haon brand meat to make you forgive me?

HW:  That’s right.  I ❤ this guy!

DH:  Do you want it at no margin pricing?

BY:  Who are you to make this kind of offer? Can you do that, Abunnim?

DH:  Why do you keep calling me Abunnim? (reaches out for his name card from his jacket) My name is Kang Dong Ha. (I don’t want to know – BY) When your elder gives you something, just say yes and take it. Please.

BY:  Yes, Abunnim – ‘CEO Kang Dong Ha of Hanu Haon. ‘ Fine? DANG! Are you really… the CEO of Hanu Haon?

Dr. K:  Hyung! (Ah! Dong Wook-ah! – DH) Why did you come here in person?

BY:  Are you saying that the two of you are brothers?

DH:  It’s good to see you. Do you Miss Lee Bom Yi?  (Yes, I do – Dr. K) I told you that my brother was at this hospital. Dr. Kang Dong Wook is my younger brother.

BY:  Oh… I see [cringing inside as she remembers how she had caused so much inconvenience for him! 😀 ]

Dr.K:  I wanted to introduce her anyway. Hyung, this is – Ugh! [BY pinches Dr.K’s side]

BY:  You said you came to apologize,right? I accept you apology and I forgive you. But, the meat you brought, take it back with you. I never expected this kind of compensation.

DH:  But I already brought it here…

BY:  I said it’s ok – … I shouldn’t do this [to herself] Yes, I mean I’m really ok so please leave now.

DH:  You want me to leave?

BY:  Yes, please leave. I mean it.

Dr. K:  I was going to introduce you to him anyway, so

BY:  Excuse Me! Wait a moment [anything to make a beeline out of the Mess! XD ]

Dr.K:  Why is running away like that?

Dr. K was about to explain who BY is to DH when his phone goes off and he reads a text message from BY warning him NOT to tell DH about their relationship. DH tells HW to pack up the meat they had brought over. Dr. K wants to know if something did indeed happen between the two of them. He has yet to realize that the one who interacted with BY at Hanu Haon was him, and not his staff. DH is the type of CEO who doesn’t mind doing actual work with his staff.

Outdoor garden, Hae Gil Hospital

BY is hiding behind shrubs hoping to not cross paths with either brother, but her BFF finds her and smacks her behind 🙂 She finds it rather interesting that the man BY spent the night with turns out to be her future brother-in-law.


The aftermath of having a loud argument in the parking bay has just surfaced in BY’s mind, praying that Dr. K didn’t hear it. BFF’s reponse is “You think its was just him, honey?  By now, the ENTIRE hospital knows about it” WHERE’S THE PANIC BUTTON? 😮 Okay, first pull down the posting. Yes. And BFF reminds her to apologize too. For What? The very hard kick-in-the-shin, Bom Yi-Sshi!

Inside the hospital, BY is looking for someone to pacify the niggling worries taking over her sanity. She finds her father at one of the nurses’ stations and inquires if he has seen Dr. K.

Director:  [smiling] I heard that you slept with Dong Wook’s brother, huh? BWAHAHAHAHA XD !! BY is mortified! (Nothing like that, dad!) Oh, nothing like that? Okay, okay. Don’t worry. I’ll tell the nurses not to talk about it. OK? (immediately faces the nurses’ station) She says it’s nothing like that. LOL!!

DH’s Office

HW believes the encounter with BY was rather positive. DH asks whether he was the only one there? She walked away from him! HW looks like someone with a “devious” plan. He reminds DH of their long-time intention of starting an ox bone soup restaurant and Hae Gil is a prime future client for such endeavor. Now that the scandal has been resolved, they have gotten to know the hospital’s PR team, his brother is also a well-known surgeon there, and now DH has feelings for BY, so it’s time to strike the iron while it’s hot!

OH. MAI. GAD. I FREAKIN’ ❤ Hyun Woo!! So slick in throwing in Love Potion #9!! XD XD XD

DH caught on HW’s plans and reminds him not to mix private matters with public ventures. HW says there’s no such thing as separating personal from public matters. They have to CONNECT! DH tells him to get some ointment instead:

HW:  The wound on your leg will heal without ointment… but what about the wound on your heart? LOL! If you don’t mind, I can give you a warm hug to comfort you.

DH:  Do you want me to beat you up?

HW:  I’ll be back.


Dr. K is enjoying his drink, alone – until JW sits next to him. He coldly tells her to patronize other bars or perhaps sit elsewhere since there are plenty other seats available. She remains in her seat and brings up the matter of BY meeting DH on Udo island. Reminds him of losing SJ to DH the first time, so is he worried about deja vu? Dr. K makes it clear he’s in no mood to entertain her jibes.

BY’s room

BY is frazzled with Dr.K’s “MIA” and even calls DH to find out about Dr. K’s whereabouts. Or ask him if he noticed her following up on her promise to pull down the posting. Ah! Not thinking straight! She ends the call, throws the phone on the bed and lies down, but hits the phone with the back of her head. Ouch! She shoves it to the side – BUT her head had re-dialled DH’s number. Tee Hee! 😀

DH’s dining room

He is having dinner with the kids and his phone goes off – “Hello?”

BY sits up, startled. OMG! What’s going on?! She sees her phone and quickly ends it.

DH is puzzled. Why did she call him, not say anything, and then hang up? BD tells him to call the person back. PR is interested to know who the caller is. DH remains silent, walks out to the balcony and calls BY back. BY is “explaining” to the phone if a person calls and then hangs up, you’re supposed to think it was a mis-call! AARRGH!

BY: Hello? Hello?

DH:  Stop saying hello. You called me, so talk to me. (I didn’t call you – BY) You just called me (I didn’t – BY) What is she saying? Do you want me to capture my call log and send it to you? (I didn’t mean that I didn’t call you. Are you calling me a liar? – BY)

WHY is it SO difficult to have a conversation without going into defensive mode? o_O

DH:  If you called to apologize for kicking me this afternoon, you could just say you’re sorry. Why do you have to keep denying it?

BY:  Denying it? I’m not denying it. I even pulled the posting down and wrote an explanation too. And honestly speaking, you deserved being kicked, didn’t you?

DH:  What? I deserved it? Fine, let’s start from the beginning. Stop anyone on the street and ask them whether or not I deserved it.

BY:  No one on the street has done anything to me (and I can see the deviation point here…)

DH:  You think that’s what I mean? What’s your IQ?

BY:  Don’t change the topic like that (That’s what YOU’re doing BY-Sshi! 😮 )

DH:  Am I the one changing the topic?

BY:  Anyway Abunnim, about the earlier call. I didn’t actually call you. It was an accident. You’re the one who’s calling me this time.

DH:  Okay, fine. Then you don’t have anything else to tell me, right? (None – BY)

He hangs up and walks back into the house, and his kids running back to their seats at the dining table 😀


She mopes in a corner, still can’t get hold of Dr. K. He, on the other hand, is still at the bar telling SJ about his relationship history: First one, nabbed by hyung. Second one, betrayed him with an affair. Third one… spent the night in Udo with hyung. JW tells him its pathetic to keep avoiding BY’s calls. She advises him to quickly marry BY since he has decided to have her in his life. JW affirms that she has no feelings anymore for Dr. Park, just like ashes. He agrees that just like ashes, she should fly from him like dust. He leaves the bar.

Yeowch! o_O

BY’s Room

BY:  Hello (drowsily)

Dr. K:  Are you sleeping?

BY:  Sleeping? I couldn’t sleep at a time like this.  (But you were sleeping – Dr.K) No, I wasn’t sleeping! Where are you? (I’m in front of your place – Dr. K) What are you doing out there? Why aren’t you coming in? (I’m really just outside – Dr. K)  Really? Okay! I’ll be there soon. Wait for me right there! [to herself – How could you sleep, LBY? I’m amazed you could sleep in this situation!]

Dr. K:  Let’s go see my family this weekend. You don’t want to?

BY:  It’s not that I don’t want to, but I’m worried your brother won’t like me.

Dr. K:  He won’t dislike you.

BY:  I… didn’t just kick him. I proved I’m really strange by calling him later. If you introduce me to your family like this now it’s not like he’d dance out of happiness.

Dr. K:  Don’t worry about that. Your strangeness will be my burden to carry for the rest of my life (How can you joke about this now? – BY) You said that you had a good time on Udo Island. My niece and nephew will be on your side.

BY:  That’s right! PR and BD are totally on my side so they’ll be nice to me. But this is why you shouldn’t misbehave anywhere. I never would have imagined they’d be my niece and nephew!

Dr. K: And they wouldn’t have guessed you’d be their aunt.

BY:  Actually, I think did know. (Hmm? – Dr. K) I cried when I first saw PR and BD on Udo Island. (Why? – Dr. K) I don’t know. I don’t know the reason either. I’m sure that I’ve never seen them before, but I know that I felt a great sadness in my heart. Maybe because they’re your niece and nephew. My heart recognized them because they’ll become my family. Isn’t that amazing?

Dr. K:  No it isn’t . You cry whenever you see a stray cat or watch drama. (Is that right? – BY) Yes.

DH’s Bedroom

While BD sleeps on DH’s bed, he reaches for his tablet, curious to read BY’s latest posting:

I’m writing this now to resolve this matter before it goes too far. I’m embarrassed to change my word but I have the courage to do it because of CEO Kang Dong Ha. His apology was very sincere but not pro forma*.

* Latin = “as a matter of form”

I was really touched by his attitude. Today, I saw a bright future for the Korean meat packing industry from Mr. CEO’s humble attitude.

[She grits her teeth while wording her explanation. DH laughs while reading it]

PR walks into his room with her favorite pillow in hand, settling in nicely on his bed, “Are you sleeping here too?” She wants to know if it was BY who was on the phone with him. Why did they get into a fight again?

DH:  It’s because she’s like a fighting rooster. She keeps provoking me.

PR notes BY is like that only with her dad, and shares with him that although she is a stranger, BY feels warm, and comfortable to be around with, especially when she hugs. PR is hopeful Dad still keeps in touch with BY.

BY is asleep and dreaming. She sees the back of a man sitting at the bottom of the stairs, a hand reaches out to caress his hair lovingly. It is BY, with tears in her eyes.

Hae Gil Hospital – very early in the morning

BY walks in a daze, her friend catches up with her, and notices the less than chirpy BY. Didn’t you sleep well last night? BY says she had a strange dream: she was stroking a man’s head like so (demonstrates on BFF’s head). What? BY already has a man but dreams of another? Ms. Deputy Manager stops BY in her tracks.

She wants BY to negotiate meat supply for the hospital from Hanu Haon. BY should’ve consulted with her before rejecting the offer from Hanu Haon the previous day. “You gave up good quality meat for patients to keep your pride? If not, you ask Hanu Haon to supply meat for us first thing in the morning. By the way, I’ve told our regular supplier we’re changing suppliers because of you”

DH’s residence

DH sends his kids off to school and BD advises him not to get beat up again XD

HW is there to whisk him to the office and comments how annoyed he looks even at start of day. Deducing the dark undereye circles was due to sleeping late in the wee hours, no thanks to the “mental and physical anguish Bom-tepanette is causing” XD XD Goes on and on about why she ran away after hurting his beloved CEO, “That’s why I’ve prepared you ‘101 ways to hit on Bom-tepanette’! ”  ❤ ❤ HW does NOT fail me! XD

Dr. K

Dr. K calls DH to check if he has some free time the coming weekend. He wants to introduce someone to the family. And then drops the news: I want to get married.

This is somewhat marking his territory on BY and hyung simply CANNOT enter the sphere again.

DH drives off in his buggy, genuinely happy for his younger brother.

BY tries to get JW to help her contact Hanu Haon to correct the meat supply debacle, and JW icily tells BY to “handle it herself”

DK’s Office Grounds

HW is bursting with happiness, speed walking from the main building, across the common floor, and jogs to a meeting room, “CEO! Bom Yi is here” (What are you talking about Spring in September? – DH) He is SO slow… [hums happily, brisk walks to DH, smiles at the other attendees] Bom-tepanette is here! [wiggles from side to side in excitement]

DH:  Where? Here?

HW:  She’s at the Coffee shop on the Lobby floor. [Squees and wiggles even more] This is why I ❤ HW! SO CUTE!

DH:  Why? I’m in the middle of a meeting.

HW:  Aish.. the meeting is not important. [To everyone in the room] Take care of this by yourselves, everyone. I need to take the CEO with me.

The two of them make it back to the main building, and DH asks for his crumpled linen jacket. HW throws it onto the nearby bench, “You know, I’d lend my car and my girlfriend (unbuttons his pale blue jacket), but not my clothes. This was made by a French designer, Francoise Constance.” DH grabs it and puts the jacket on with flair.

With a posse of three more men, the group makes such a production just to meet BY who is waiting in the al fresco section of the cafe with earphones on. So much for the grand entrance! LOL!

DH IS happy to see BY though, can’t stop the corners of his mouth lifting upwards. He asks if she’s there to blame him for something else? Or kick him again? And run away again? But we can see you’re just joshing with her DH!! XD

As usual, her defensive perimeter is up, ready to bicker again, but this BY realizes the slippery slope she’s on and decides to start off with a heartfelt apology.

He wants to treat her to coffee, but BY is fine taking care of that herself. So when her order buzzed for pick up, they both reached for the buzzer, hands made contact 😀 hee hee hee and he quickly scoots off to get drinks for the both of them. It’s clear DH is giddy that BY is at his workplace.

DH:  So why did you come here to see me?

BY:  Oh.. That’s.. Actually… I wanted to tell you something else, but I’m suddenly in this situation, so… (anxious)

DH:  Tell me comfortably. Relax

BY:  [slurps her ice coffee] You know… I rejected your offer to supply meat for our hospital (Yes you did – DH) So the reason I came here is… Could you reject my rejection? As you know, I tried really hard to find meat at a cheap price but it didn’t go well. I should’ve taken your offer without considering my pride [DH contemplates on her request] So after I rejected it –

DH:  Yes, I reject it. (What? – BY) I reject Miss Lee Bom Yi’s rejection.

OOF! Ahjussi is FAST!! XD XD Since she is there, he offers to bring her around the factory. Mr CEO of Hanu Haon spends his time explaining the set up in the factory and how each of the machinery is used in the meat packaging process. He certainly knows every single thing on the floor.

There’s an on-going class in the factory where workers are taught how to efficiently de-bone and separate the meat thereafter. BY is apologetic towards the sacrifice – but looking at HOW CLOSE they were standing next to each other – YEOWZA!! o_O

Chairwoman MH

She is at a Meat Packaging plant as well, but the head of this operation is an elderly lady. The latter says he son works at her hospital and apologizes on his behalf if he had done something wrong. Chairwoman explains, that is not the reason for her visit. Dr. K (the lady’s son) will be marrying BY – and elderly lady says not to include her in any of their plans. When she lost her husband and her young daughter-in-law, a psychic told her to live separately from her children. She also erases Chairwoman’s worries about who will take care of her grandchildren, for the maternal grandma lives with them. Ah so…

DH’s Office Grounds – Meat-Tasting “Bistro”

As BY looks at the row of certificates awarded to CEO of Hanu Haon, DH orders specific meat portions for her to try immediately. They take a seat in a corner where a grill has been set up. DH educates her on the beef cuts and grills the bits for her.

OMO o_O … IS THIS LIKE…  A DATE?! Where’s my sweetie HW to document this moment?!

BY asks if DH is a Master of Korean Beef, if he had some super skills in recognizing the type of meat just by taste. “Yes, of course” BY tells him to close his eyes, he says there’s no need [suddenly bashful now, arent’ we?] He turns around just to check on his workers before settling himself for the inevitable, and closes his eyes.

BY:  I’ll start easy. [picks a small piece and feeds him]

DH:  [after a few chews] Chuck Tail flap.

BY is pooh-poohing how easy that was and asks for a re-match. DH is helpless seeing BY’s natural aegyo, so he closes his eyes again. She picks a piece from the plate instead and quickly sears it before feeding him. Chew, chew, chew “chuck tail flap!” BY shakes her head. “It is!” He turns around to get confirmation from his staff (who, by the way, pretend to not notice the casual date happening right before their eyes) They too, shake their head, as silently requested by BY behind DH’s back.

LAWD!! This couple will be the death of me! And it’s only 3 EPISODES in!!

DH:  I’m sorry. I want to give you a ride but I’m booked so I have a car ready for you instead.

BY:  It’s ok. I’ll take the subway like I did on the way here.

HW:  Hello [keeps on smiling like a lovesick fool-cheerleader] XD

DH:  Will you?

BY:  Yes, of course. I have two strong legs. Thank you for today. Thank you for showing me around. Thanks for the beef too.  (Sure – DH)

HW:  I wondered where you’d go but you went to the factory? We have a ranch and a place for field study. They are great places for dates. Why did you show her the butcher work? (What are you saying? – DH) Think about it. It would’ve been wonderful if you’d gone for a walk on the ranch.

And the following scenes are EPIC! XD XD XD

HW:  OH? What is it? (DH smacks his head) How’s that? Isn’t it nice just to imagine it? (Is it nice? – DH) Of course. It’s really nice.

DH:  You brat. Haven’t had much work lately, have you?

HW:  I’m sorry boss. I’ve only been you for a while, so my suppressed desires – OWW! That hurts, boss!

DH:  Do something useful with your imagination, okay?

HW:  Oh, CEO.. The Plant Manager wants to see you… OH? His mum works at his company then?

DH and Mum

Mum tells him straight up Dr. K is getting married. DH is surprised that Mum knows so soon. She says the daughter of the Hospital’s Chairman and Director will be marrying Dr. K and DH still being single could pose a issue. Mum is miffed that MH even offered to set up potential partners for DH. Mum has no high hopes for the future daughter-in-law after meeting MH.

Chairwoman MH’s office

BY meets her mother in the office, and was told not to disclose her heart surgery to Dr. K’s family. And hide all medications too. Mother explains, no family would welcome a sickly daughter-in-law.


Dr. K meets up with BY for a drink. BY tells him that mother wants her to hide her medical history. Dr. K is fine with that, until the part when BY tells him of her visit to DH’s factory. She had to meet him to request on behalf of the hospital’s need for meat supply. He asked is she disclosed their relationship with DH. BY didn’t because she didn’t want to burden DH to make a decision based on such relationship.

Department Store

BY is wandering in the shopping center browsing for an appropriate gift when meeting the family. Dr. K is on call at Hae Gil. DH and PR are also shopping, but they’re in the Men’s department – DH needs some snazzy clothes for the family meeting. Somehow, the range on that particular floor was screaming Debonair Ajusshi. PR leads the way to a funkier section for DH 🙂

As PR and DH are going one floor down on the escalator, BY comes up. They both see her first (You call her – DH, No, YOU call her! – PR) Precious!! As BY comes closer to the intersection, she calls out to them and NATURALLY, DH and BY walked on the spot as both escalators continue moving in their respective directions! PR’s reaction is priceless!! Dad DEFINITELY has not WALKED on the escalator to remain in the same spot just to TALK to someone! ❤ ❤ ❤

BY ends being DH’s personal stylist with PR in hand. All three are enjoying themselves, trying out new colors and cuts on the Ahjussi 🙂 They finally settle on a sharp dark grey suit and with that purchase, a free gift voucher is given – which BY assumes she will get, especially if it’s a thermos. DH and BY “bicker” about where the Thermos should end up, and PR gladly gives the voucher to BY.

They were about to leave the store, but DH calls out to BY for her help in choosing a gift for his future sister-in-law. BY looks a smidge uncomfortable. He takes one of the broad-rimmed hats from the display and asks BY to try it on just to test it out. PR exclaims it looks pretty “just like the one Mum used to wear!”  Oops. Awkward, awkward… DH decides to buy the hat anyway. PR looks extremely embarrassed for her faux pas but BY just brushes it off and asks whether she was famished instead.

Dr. K has just walked into the cosmetics floor of the department store. Oh Noes…

DH:  I think you’d be better cutting it [gently teasing BY]

BY:  The knife isn’t working well… [glances at PR] I missed you. Why didn’t you call me? (it’s because – PR)

DH:  She couldn’t call you because she likes you. Ooh! DH you gun slinger!

PR:  Dad!! (embarrassed)

BY:  Is that true? Emm?

DH:  She didn’t think she’ll be able to see you often so she didn’t call you because she’s afraid that she likes you too much.

BY voiceover: I cried when I first saw PR and BD on Udo Island. I know that I felt great sadness in my heart. My heart recognized them because they’ll become my family. Isn’t that amazing?

Director: I found out accidentally, because my wife did a background check on you. What I mean to say is –
Dr. K:  What are you trying to say?
Director:  The donor who provided a heart to BY was your sister-in-law, right? I heard that your brother and BY meet each other often, but they don’t know about the heart, right?

PR:  Then, are Unnie and Dad still seeing each other?

DH:  [flabbergasted] What do you mean? We met today coincidentally… I’m sorry

BY:  It’s okay. She can think what she wants. I’m sorry to you too.

DH:  No, you don’t have to be sorry [chew, chew, chew]

BY:  I should’ve told you the last time, but I had a reason for not telling you. Well, you know, PR-ah, you can like me. Our relationship won’t just end. We’ll see each other often.

Oh! What does this mean? BY will continue seeing DH/ Dad? That’s what’s very likely beaming in their minds at the moment.

DH:  Oh? Dong Wook-ah! Why are you here at this hour?

Dr. K:  By the way, why are you here with her?

DH:  Have a seat. Have a seat. You know Lee Bom Yi-Sshi right? I ran into her while I was shopping.

Dr. K:  You haven’t told him yet? [looking at BY]

BY:  Actually, I was about to.

DH:  What are you talking about?

Dr. K:  I was planning to introduce her tomorrow, but this is how it is. Say hello to her, hyung. Lee Bom Yi-Sshi… is my girlfriend.

OH NO MY PRECIOUS DH AJUSSHI! Someone just popped his balloon 😥


And I do not like that smug look on Dr. K’s face sayin “Booyah Hyung! Now you know how I felt when you took SJ from me”

Do. Not. Like. 😡




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  1. I’m reading the recaps from the begining and i finished 1st & 2nd episode, I was listening to a song that i think it is exactly representing this Drama, it says:

    We stand here today
    Together as one
    You brighten my days
    Just like the sun
    When everything round
    It starts turning weather
    We always survive
    Cuz were in this together
    Whoever said that we can never hold on
    And don’t know how I found my star
    Now i’m happy I stood up for so long
    And baby this is where our story starts…
    I can’t stop can’t stop this love
    No matter what they say I love you

    I can’t stop can’t stop I love you no matter what they say I love you
    They say this love is the impossible kind
    And we were strong enough to fight for this life
    I can’t stop can’t stop this love
    No matter what they say I love you
    Now I can’t lead away
    Cuz I’ve open my arms
    You’re here to stay
    Deep in my heart
    You say that we couldn’t
    But we did make it work
    And nothing can stop not even 2 different worlds

    Darin – can’t stop love

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