Spring Day of My Life Ep 2: Shepherd Meets His Stephanette

” She would never be able to find the way to the crossing place alone, and I couldn’t leave the flock. The thought of staying the night on the mountain troubled her a great deal, particularly as her family would worry about her.

I reassured her as best I could: —The nights are short in July, my Lady. It’s only going to seem like a passing, unpleasant moment.”

Excerpt from Alphonse Daudet’s The Stars – A Tale from a Provencal shepherd



Just as Stephanette had to spend the night on the mountain, BY has to stay in Udo as unfavorable weather conditions suspended ferry services. And in one evening, the intrinsic connection deepens…

Dr.K is anxiously waiting for someone by the rocky beach, holding a bouquet of red roses. A group of Haenyo walk past by him, hauling their catch of the day. He finally spots his friend and schools her for diving when she should be resting. She just laughs his lecture away explaining she wants to get conch for DH Oppa and asks if the flowers are for her.

Dr. K and SJ are waiting at the docks for an incoming boat. Apparently his brother plans to introduce his wife-to-be, so the bouquet is a present for Dr.K’s future sister-in-law. SJ looks lovely in the white frock, happily smiling at the equally happy DH who is on the boat.

At the ranch

Dr.K is still holding onto the bouquet and asks DH when he will meet his future sister-in-law. DH cheekily replies, “I told you I’d introduce her to you, not that I’d bring her.” Confusion sets in. GD explains the said lady is already on the premises, and points towards SJ. Dr.K thinks he is joking, but he has buried his nose so deep in medical books that his EQ sixth sense needed sharpening.


SJ has been Dr.K’s good friend since childhood and DH is aware of the age gap between himself and SJ. However, one of the main reasons for marrying SJ is to protect her from having to dive too often for a living. SJ waves to DH from the deck and he grabs the bouquet from stupefied Dr.K, who is taking his time absorbing this shocking news. His very good friend whom he has harbored feelings for, will be his sister-in-law.


DH adoringly gives a present to SJ, simply wrapped in an envelope. She is happy to wear the pendant bracelet and strokes his hair lovingly. Such an achingly painful vignette for Dr.K to watch.

Present Day: DH sees “wife” in the garden

Looking on in disbelief, DH stands still for a moment, heart pounding in his chest as he sees his wife picking flowers in the garden. Is this a dream?

DH:  Lady, what are you doing now?

BY:  You mean this? [holding up the posy] They’re for PR. She deserves flowers for a gift on a day like this (ie puberty). Why don’t you give them to her?

DH: [takes a deep breath, trying to tamp his anger] Take it off.

BY:  Excuse me?

DH:  Take that dress off immediately!

REALLY? Right there in front of everyone? o_O DH somehow ends up in some kind of speech impairment when it comes to conversing with BY. LOL!!

BY:  [looks at DH intently] You’re telling me to take off my clothes right?

DH just realizes then his common sense deserted him a moment ago. His face says it all “What the HECK did I just say to her?!”

BY:  I knew this would happen when I put on this dress [proceeds to undo the zip as she continues] Sure. I’ll take it off. If you want me to take it off, I will. Darn it!

DH:  I didn’t tell you to take it off here. Go in and take it off.

BY:  Why are you changing your mind? Immediately means that you want me to take it off right now [zzziiiiip- DH looks to the side, BY turns to her side] Oh! PR-ah! Can you give me my clothes?

PR:  [glances at the basket full of BY’s damp clothes] They’re not dry yet. I was going to hang them.

BY:  It’s okay. Just give them to me. They’ll dry out if I put them on and run around.

DH: Just keep them on.

BY:  (turns to face the embarrassed DH) Wow. You’re cheap, stingy and even indecisive now. What a rare, pathetic combination.

DH prepares to retort, but PR gives him a “I DARE you to open your mouth!” look. SO CUTE!

PR:  I’m sorry. My father usually isn’t this strange, but today is his birthday, so…

BY:  So what if it’s his birthday? Why does he have to be so especially cheap?
BY is not one to mince her words! Tee Hee!!

PR:  That’s actually… Well, his birthday is also.. (DH quickly warns PR to stop broaching on the subject)

PR:  (stage grumbles to her dad) Why do you have to be so sensitive about this dress? All her clothes are wet. What is she supposed to do? Should I give her your clothes instead of Mom’s? I’m ashamed of you. – WOOOT! This girl has some bite! LOL!! XD

DH quickly exits the situation, but looks back to see BY presenting PR with the posy she made just for her. Not only that, BY takes off her necklace and places it on PR as a gift to commemorate her puberty. DH notes that such things are what Mothers get to do with their daughters, and probably feels bad for PR for having only a father in the household.

Al fresco family dinner

The picnic table is set up for BBQ. Everyone is outside except for BY. BD wonders why she’s not with them. PR nonchalantly explains that’s because BY doesn’t like Dad. BD concurs that he too doesn’t like Dad 😀

BBQ is finally set up and DH tells PR to get BY. She deflects the order by telling him to get BY instead for she is busy setting up the table. Lord! This girl is TOO precious!


DH enters and sees BY being comfortable in his kitchen. Every time he opens his mouth, they end up bickering like a long-married couple. No awkwardness and such between BY and DH. They bring up the issue of him bringing her back to his home and only if he dropped her off at a place where there was room vacancy, she wouldn’t be standing in his kitchen at that very moment.

It is lovely though to see how organic their interaction has become. It’s like a gruff husband who knows he’s in the dog house, but trying to make amends in a way only alpha-namjas would and the opposite gender is not some wallflower female who would easily swoon at such gestures.

BY:  Honestly, mister. Didn’t you do it on purpose?

DH:  On purpose? What do you mean?

BY:  Don’t you bring guests to your house like this to earn money?

DH:  [sniggers] How dare you think of me like that, lady?

BY:  If not then it’s ok. Well, since we’re on the subject [walks over to her bag] why don’t we settle it now?

BY clearly wants to pay for the night’s lodging and food. In the beginning DH didn’t want to accept her money but when she teases him about the best cheap skate she’s ever met… Fine! Pay up then.

She did not factor in the possibility of not having enough cash to cover for her stay, but quickly offered a solution of transferring the remaining amount into his account when she gets home. The dish she was working on is ready to be served and she carried one pot while telling him to help with the rest. DH just cannot believe the gall this young lady has towards someone who is waay older than her… like he is.

He walks over to the other pot sitting on the stove. Reaches for the lid only to realize it was too hot to handle with his fingers. So he digs into his pocket, takes out the wad of cash BY gave him and used as lid pot holder! Geez Ahjussi! Money must mean little to you! LOL!

Dinner @ DH’s Homestead

BY serves seaweed soup to DH. BD is quick to remind DH to thank Noona for cooking seaweed soup in honor of his birthday. BD explains that his sister taught him to thank people when they do nice things for you. PR nods at DH, enjoying his discomfort. He makes an effort “Gumapsumnida…”

BY:  I made this for you [looking at PR] It’s good for cleaning your blood.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! DH got TROLLED! XD XD and the kids stifle their laughter.

DH noisily slurps his soup straight from the bowl.

BY:  Wow. Really. Are you a caveman?

Bar in Seoul

JW meets Dr. K who is nursing a drink at the bar. She knew he would be here since it’s the anniversary of his sister-in-law’s death. She informs him the Chairman has requested for a background check on Dr. K and wonders if it he will be alright should the truth come to light.

To him, it’s the past and nothing he can do about it. But he asks of her to keep one fact a secret from the Chairman that he and JW used to stay together. WHUT?! o_O

Oh, they did break up and Dr. K told her (then) he would never get married. He asks if she’s disappointed that he is getting married (to BY). She denies it and believes he made the right choice. BY is, after all, the daughter of the Chairman and Director of Hae Gil. So his future is fairly secured.

Dr. K says the reason for getting married is simple: He loves BY (JW’s expression turns sombre). When he is with BY, he feels like he is a good person. Nothing JW can say about that.

Dinner @ DH’s Homestead

GD and the kids enjoy BY’s dishes and learn about her culinary skills used at Hae Gil hospital. DH remembers the day BY told him the truth when she attempted to buy more meat. Kids and GD warm up to BY and looks like DH is in his corner. He asks why BY is in Udo on her own.

She came to thank someone, but doesn’t go any further than that. Natural change of topic from “do people in Udo know each other” to “I can’t imagine eating Korean beef like this” is an effective deflection of giving out more information about herself.

But shes does share why she is passionate about creating healthy and delicious food for recovering patients because it is an integral part of jump starting a holistic rehabilitation after surgery and consumption of medication. DH sees BY in a different light. He offers to pour her a drink.

BY politely turns down because once she drinks, her attractiveness becomes overwhelming to the point of transforming into a Femme Fatale. You can hear crickets going off in DH’s mind “Don’t drink then. Goodness. She annoys me.” LOL!! and PR senses something may be afoot between her dad and BY. DH is certainly a different person when BY is around.

When DH and GD are left outside, GD mentions it is nice to have a guest on the anniversary of SJ’s death “Would she be upset though?” It doesn’t take DH long for an answer, “No, she wouldn’t. She’s good with the kids.. my wife would be grateful to her”

Under the starry skies of Udo

After reading the kids to sleep, BY walks out onto the pasture trying to get decent reception on her cellphone. She approaches a rock where DH has settled down to enjoy his drink.

BY:  Why do you drink so much?

DH:  I have insomnia. I have to drink some so I can sleep.

BY:  You don’t know the truth. If you’re drunk you can fall asleep quickly, but you can’t get into deep sleep.

Then proceeds to rattle off the side effects of having alcohol in the system, then dehydration sets in when one wakes up, continues on to best libation to combat such morning-after effects.

DH:  Are always so talkative?

BY:  Yes (laughs softly)

DH:  Thank you for taking care of PR this afternoon.

BY:  I didn’t do much… if you don’t mind, can I be PR’s friend? I like her.

DH:  Why would you ask my permission for that?

BY reminds him of the mini eruption that happened concerning the white frock and the free use of his kitchen. He allows her to be friends with PR, and to mark this milestone, BY offers to drink with him. Oh? Isn’t she afraid of unleashing her inner Goddess? She smiles, “I was only joking. The truth is I can’t hold my liquor well. Plus, I’m in an unfamiliar place, so I was just being cautious”

BY:  By the way, you must’ve gotten married quite late since you look about the same age as my father [DH’s expression is: The Gall this girl has!] How old are you? Fifty? [DH looks away] Wow, you must be mad at me again. I should apologize quickly. I’m sorry.

DH:  What a one-man show. Just take me back to where I was.

BY:  I’m not good with people’s ages.

DH:  You’re not good with faces either. I mean, you really don’t recognize me?

She spouts off all the places she has seen him; all of them in Udo. DH forgets he was wearing a mask when they first met, so there was no way she could have seen his entire face. Unless she recognizes his voice.

DH:  Forget about it. I’ll pour you a drink. This is because I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.

He asks her again her real intention of coming to Udo to thank someone. What was the occasion about?

BY:  Sometime ago, someone told me that I live my life for free. [DH knows he is the cause of that] I should’ve just beaten him up right there for it. [DH mutters it’s not really enough to beat up a man over it] It’s because actually… it’s true that I live my life for free. I should’ve been dead a long time ago but it turned out like this. Have you even thought that someone died because of you?

DH:  I have a dream every night. I dream about my wife dying every night. I’m used to it now… but who’s dead because of you?

BY:  I don’t know their first name or their last name either (in a sing song voice) [DH laughs to see her getting drunk]. I prayed everyday for someone else to die instead of me. Then, it actually happened. I’ll only tell you this much, I might have cut in line too.

DH:  Cut in line?

BY:  Yes. By helicopter. Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh! [and her head softly lands on DH’s shoulder]


BY:  Ah! Do you know Alphonse Daudet’s The Stars? (DH does) You’re the shepherd in the story, and I’m…

DH:  The beautiful Stephanette. (BY laughs and agrees) My wife always talked about that book when she was alive. Actually, today’s my birthday, but it’s also the anniversary of her death. That’s why I came out here. We actually live in Seoul too. [looks to DH, who has fallen asleep on his shoulder]

The Day his Life changed forever

There has been an incident at sea. DH rushes SJ to the hospital where Dr. K is frantically doing CPR on her. Such a tragic event for both brothers to experience simultaneously.

Dr. K:  Please… please… (but she has flatlined for too long)

DH:  What are you doing? You have to save her. What are you doing? SAVE HER! SAVE HER!! [breaks down] You know how I raised you. You know how hard it was to make you a doctor. Why can’t you save her?! Why can’t you save her, you bastard!!

Her heart is then taken out to be given to a recipient: BY.  During her surgery, BY dreams she is walking in the hospital corridors and sees a lady in a white frock exiting a room. She smiles at BY, beckoning her to follow as she makes her way to a flight of stairs outside the hospital. A distraught DH is sitting on the steps grieving for his dead wife. SJ gently smiles at him and lovingly caresses his hair. BY looks on. SJ bows to BY and she returns the gesture.

On the pasture, DH cries out in his nightmare. This time it is BY’s hand that caresses his worries away and DH calms down and settles into deep sleep.

DH’s narration:

After that night, my dreams disappeared like magic. The day I saved Stephanette instead of my drowned wife, my guilt in the name of yearning, suddenly expired.

Next morning, BY awakens to find herself sleeping in an intimate position with DH. They both hugged each other while sleeping. Oh. Emm. Gee! XD

BY carefully extracts herself from DH and makes a beeline for the house, but without raising GD’s curiosity who was working on the fields just a few meters away from the rock.

BY’s Mom and Dad

Both are livid that BY went MIA the night before. Although we can see her father is the Ol’ Softie of the two, her mother barks at her for raising a big headache for Hae Gil due to her complaint that went viral. BY is told to meet Miss Bae the moment she returns to work.

Miss Bae then comes into the office with material compiled regarding Dr. K. Chairwoman finds out that his family lives in Jeju and that his sister-in-law died 5 years ago. She is more concerned about BY being a surrogate mother to the two children left behind when BY marries Dr. K. Aigoo…

And this is also when they find out that Dr. K’s brother is the CEO of the Meat Distribution Center that is in the middle of BY’s complaint.

Udo – DH’s Homestead

A helicopter noisily makes its way toward vast green pastures. Hovers close to a sleeping man by a rock and lands close to DH. The company rep, Hyung Woo, tries to wake DH up, and after numerous attempts, DH gives up and barks for the heli to cut off the engine. “How dare you take such an expensive ride so freely?”

HW explains DH was supposed to be on the first flight out of Jeju, but he was not listed on the passenger manifest. Called the house, and the manager couldn’t rouse DH out of sleep. So the helicopter had to be used to get him to an important meeting in time and adds, “You’re an insomniac. How could you sleep this late?”

It just hit DH, “I did. I slept well last night.” Looks to HW “Hey! I slept well last night!”  It has been a long time…

HW:  Yeah, you slept with a woman for the first time in a long time (nonchalantly).

DH:  How did you know?

HW:  You did a nice job. You drank too much on the anniversary of your wife’s death, and you slept with her out here [GD glances towards the two men – oops, did GD blab about BY? LOL!] When I see you doing this, you’re very… Mr. CEO, What should I do about your lunch appointment with Jonathan? Will you miss the contract? (DH slowly walks away) Mr. CEO!

DH:  Change the meeting venue to  the VIP lounge of Kimpo Airport. Okay? Let’s go to Kimpo directly.

HW:  (to himself) That’s quite good… He is smart, though…

And DH strides purposefully towards the tattle tale, GD XD

Kimpo Airport

Brothers unexpectedly bump into each other at Kimpo. Dr. K has not been back in Jeju for years. DH is happy to see his dongseng though. It is apparent they have not been in touch either. DH offers an olive branch and invites him over to his home. DH and his entourage continues on to their meeting.

Dr. K:  Where are you going!

BY:  (whirls around) Oppa!! Are you here to meet me?

Dr. K:  Of course I came to see you.

BY:  I’m so happy to see you, Oppa.

Dr. K:  So why did you go alone? You should’ve asked me to come.

BY:  I just wanted to go alone. (they both walk out of the airport) Oh, oppa! You told me that you lived on Udo Island, right? (he concurs) Do you know anyone who died five years ago by any chance? I don’t know how they died, but…

Dr. K:  I don’t know. I wasn’t there five years ago. Have you eaten?

BY:  I could hardly wait! Why bring that up? (pouts)

Dr. K:  I bought donuts for you (BY is grateful and hugs Dr. K tightly) Hey, people are looking at us.

BY:  You read my mind even though I didn’t tell you about it. That’s why I like so much about you, oppa!

 Kimpo VIP Lounge

DH is surprised to meet Lawyer Baek at the foyer. He has yet to be informed of BY’s video. Oh dear.

In the privacy of an office, DH tells HW what transpired on Udo. DH asks for BY’s number for m HW. This sticky situation needs to be sorted out STAT!

HW:  Call her now – Ask her to pull the posting and apologize to her too

DH:  I already apologized

HW:  She didn’t recognize you, so it doesn’t mean anything.

He passes his phone to DH once he locates BY’s number. As DH keys in the number, HW goes off on his own storyline:

Finally, Spring is coming to our CEO’s boring, messy, dried-up life. Even her name is Bom Yi (Bom = Spring in Hangeul) Wait! The Shepherd and Bom-tepanette. It’s nice! Let me save her number (he grabs DH’s phone and saves her number as aforementioned).

In BY’s Room

BY picks a post-it note that had Hanu Haon Team Leader – Park Hyung Woo written on it. And she had shared her overnight event at Udo with her BFF. What would Dr. K do if he found out what she did? BY had told him about it too, she asks about Deputy Manager’s whereabouts. BFF knows it’s BY’s method of deftly changing the subject. She warns her not to entertain any thoughts about the widower especially when he has two kids in tow.

BY’s phone starts ringing much to her surprise, for she thought it was definitely done for after her splash in the sea.

DH:  Did you make it home alright?

BY:  Excuse Me? Who is this?

DH:  It’s me. PR’s dad from Udo Island. (HW is hunched over next to DH, listening to the conversation)

BY:  [covers her phone] Oh my god! Unnie, it’s him! Her friend thinks it’s the Ahjussi from the Meat Center. BY whispers loudly it’s the man from Udo. Yes, what can I do for you, Abunnim? HW overhears the term and smiles with glee at DH.

DH:  Hello. Actually, I should have told you last night –

BY:  Oh? Last night? I drank too much last night so I think I made a mistake. That’s right. HW looks at his boss and pumps his fist XD

DH:  Ah, well… you don’t have to call it a mistake –

BY:  Oh! I haven’t paid you the full amount yet. Text me your account number. I’ll send it to you right away. Bye for now.

DH must be thinking “How did this conversation end up this way?” LOL!

Dr. K’s clinic

BY gets an MRI and further checks at Dr. K’s office – all because BY told him about seeing someone in the sea. But she has a clean bill of health. BY shares with Dr. K she feels bad that someone lost their happiness because of her. Dr. K advises her to thank the person who gave her the heart and the family who lost that person. He asks should he introduce her to his family soon.

How big is his family? Do they all live in Udo?

Dr. K:  No, they live in Seoul. My mother lives alone and I have one brother as well as a niece and nephew. My sister-in-law is deceased… it happens.

DH’s Seoul Home

PR enters her Dad’s bedroom complaining that BD is not studying diligently. Worries he might fall back compared to other children his age. DH is not terribly bothered, he believes one will learn when situation calls for it. Just then, DH receives a call from “Bom-tepanette”, which PR notices.

DH:  Ah yes, Miss Lee Bom Yi the dietician (more for PR’s benefit 😀 )

BY:  I’m sorry I hung up on you earlier. I was uncomfortable taking your call because I was at work. Why didn’t you send me the number? I asked that you send me your account number.

DH:  I didn’t call you because of that. It’s because.. (he turns to face PR) By the way, are you calling me because of that?

BY:  No, not because of that. Can I talk to PR if she’s there?

BOY! These guys take the cake when it comes to shifting topics within nano-seconds! 😮

DH mouths to PR of BY’s request, but he reads her response as not wanting to speak with BY. He switches to speaker-phone mode and continues:

DH:  PR isn’t here right now

BY:  Oh really? I couldn’t say goodbye to them this morning because they were still sleeping.

DH:  I’ll tell them you called.

BY:  Thank you. Oh! By the way, can you get some painkillers and keep them at home too? PR might get cramps.

DH inquires why PR declined to chat with BY. PR sees BY more as a mother-figure than a friend so she felt guilty and strange about it. DH pacifies her by saying it is a normal reaction, especially when they met her on the anniversary of SJ’s passing.

Hae Gil Hospital

Dr. K and his team are making their morning rounds when they cross path with Miss Bae. She decides there and then to inform of DH’s involvement in BY complaint against Hanu Haon and that he was coming to the hospital to personally apologize to BY.

BY is watching the video of the said incident as well. When she takes a closer look at the Ahjussi, she makes that connection with DH. Although his face was partially covered, there was no mistaking the tone of his voice. BY is not amused.

She angrily walks to the hospital’s parking bay, letting off steam believing that she was duped by the supposed Ahjussi at Udo. Her friend tries her best to calm her down, the CEO was going to see her and apologize anyway.

DH and his team are also there, unloading boxes presumably of meat, as a token of apology to BY. He walks towards BY, “Lee Bom Yi-Sshi?”

She sees him, anger focused on this swindler, marches forward and kicks him in the shin! Then she hears cries of “CEO!” Whut?

BY:  You,.. are the CEO of Hanu Haon? (DH nods slightly)

Dr. K:  Hyung!

DH:  Good to see you. Do you know Miss Lee Bom Yi?

BY:  (looks to Dr. K and then DH) What?! HYUNG?




Oh dear… clash of ❤ between the brothers again? o_O



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