Thank God Weekend’s Here 04

Anyong Yarobun!

I was SO hoping that the new dramas premiered last Wednesday would have low grabbage factor. But it turned out the opposite. Initial episodes of new dramas are important to pull in audiences and hopefully retain them for the rest of it’s on-air lifespan.

Unless scriptwriters are usurped at the eleventh hour in the name of ratings war, the plot can deviate into DeLulu Land before the half-way mark.

Shall we give them two more weeks and we see which one implodes? XD

I only began to blog my ❤ of KDramas after watching Secret Love Affair early this year. It was such a departure from the usual fare I’m used to since Goong that I was compelled to unleash the Feels that kept bombarding me. Otherwise I could’ve gone insane o_O

Lee Seon Jae, I still ❤ you, baby.
I’m adding Lee Geon to the list as well XD

Anyhoo, I will be returning to the grueling world of creative labor soon. This means my “Me Time” used predominantly for inhaling KDramas is likely to be reduced. Drastically. So, I have to be very picky about which dramas to invest time in.

Thank goodness Fated To Love You has ended 🙂


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps 🙂


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