Ladies and Gents, start your engines…

Why can’t my fingers not stray to the keyboard and enjoy the quiet before the onslaught o_O ?


Ever since Fated To Love Me You ended, I suddenly find some time to do actual work like, cleaning the house and planning family menu for the week. During FTLY era, I sported LV eye-bags and back aches (due to hours of stalking other sites!)

So, I enjoyed the quiet for 3 whole days XD

Now that we’ve hit mid-week, it’s time for the premiere of two brand spankin‘ new KDramas tonight (Korean time). Rain will be joining the bandwagon next Wednesday and Secret Door shall enter the fray following Monday. PHEE-EW!ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Unless someone has managed to get hold of Hermione’s Time Travel Thingamajic, we shall all revert to the usual muggle way of investing our time with the One that Gets to Your Gut The MOST!


The Three Musketeers is an OK filler for me so far (and THANK YOU KDRAMA GODS for airing this only on Sundays), but if Secret Door turns out to be a tractor-beam-to-the-power-of-Death-Star-level, then I might just gravitate towards that Mon-Tues show.

In any case, stay tuned peeps XD




  1. I have been cleaning too and thinking about FTLY. I honestly hope I can add some new drama to my list soon.***Sigh nothing has really, really caught my eye yet. I have no idea what is going on but I better snap out of it real soon….our our hottie can just star in another drama ASAP! I think this might have been the best drama for 2014 in my opinion. I am a bit excited for iron/blade man. I think that one might be interesting. Meh. Oh I decided…I want to work for dramafever so I interview all these hotties plus go to all their red carpet events! Ha ha!

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    1. That’s what I thought when I watched Secret Love Affair, thinking that nothing else can possible sniff close to their standard of narration, direction and acting. Then came Savvy King and Fated to Love You…

      Something is bound to hit you in the gut soon… when you least expect it XD


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