The Three Musketeers Ep 4:

Find the woman you lost last night.
Now go do your job.



DH is simply dumbfounded with CP’s request of hunting down MR despite not knowing what he will exactly do with her once she is captured. Being a newly anointed military officer, DH probably had a very different vision of what his missions would be… but to find a woman for CP? o_O

DH runs out to stop CP from leaving. He has one more question for him:

DH:  Do I have to carry out this mission?

CP:  You’re saying you don’t like it?

DH:  It’s my first mission, but I don’t know the purpose. And this mission isn’t about protecting the country.

CP:  You’re this country’s officer as of today. For an officer the only order more important is the King’s order. Whether you like it or not, know the purpose, or put your life in danger. You must do your best. Unless you’re carrying our the King’s order. Clear? SP and MS treat you as a friend. That doesn’t mean I trust you completely. I’m not in the position of trusting people easily. It’s not easy to become my person. I’m not giving you this mission because I trust you. I’m giving you this mission to see if I can trust you. So don’t get it wrong. Something that’s important to remember, even if you have an urgent question you can’t stop and ask me. You’re only a military officer.

DH: [bows out of respect] I’m sorry.

CP calmly explains how things work rather matter-of-factly to DH and did not once reprimanded him for acting disrespectfully to him.

Quite a cool guy, this CP 🙂

Princess’ Quarters

Princess is enjoying some tea and desserts with her Mother. With good intentions, her Mother brought talismans from a temple well-known to help couples beget babies. One for her, the other to be placed under CP’s pillow 😀 CP tells Mother that timing may be an issue at the moment. The country is likely to be at the brink of war. “It is PRECISELY why all the more important to get an heir now,” says Mother. If there is an heir, her position in the Court and in the eyes of the common people will be strengthen.

CP’s Return to his Quarters

CP catches sight of a servant entering his room. She was the lookout for Princess’ entourage who were all waiting patiently for her outside CP’s room. She was still figuring out where to strategically place the talisman despite the frantic warnings of the CP’s impending arrival.

He asks the reason for her presence in his room. Grasping for as answer, she comes up with the standard “Nothing.” He eyes her thoughtfully and glances at her hands, holding onto a piece of folded paper. “What is that in your hands?” And she quickly stuffs it into her sleeve, with CP watching her.

She’s just not cut out for covert ops 😀 LOL!!

He moves closer towards her demanding to know what she is hiding from him. And wouldn’t you know it, they’ve practically waltzed back into his room and doors were quickly shut the protect them from prying eyes 🙂

Princess:  It’s really nothing! Please leave me alone [and she falls backwards, with CP along with her, his hand protecting the back of her head]

A moment of heated awareness between CP & Princess XD and what a sight when Princess’ maid enters to check on her! Hee hee hee!

Princess just lays there like a rock, probably afraid to even breathe. She could sense CP moving in for a possible kiss and closes her eyes, anticipating the moment – and it was his trick to snatch the paper from her hand. CP you teaser, you!

CP:  What is this? – This is a talisman. [Princess is cringing with embarrassment, sits up] What is this for? [He sits at his desk] I’m asking what is this for?

Princess: This is to win the husband’s heart. Mother worried about me so she brought it for me. I couldn’t say no to Mother. I’m sorry… I know. I’m embarrassed too. I hate myself too. Give it to me. I’ll burn it [reaches backwards for the talisman, not wanting to see CP’s face]

CP:  You cried and asked me a few days ago why I’m not interested in you. To be honest, I’m not interested in women.

WHUT?! Princess finally turns around and looks incredulously at CP.

CP:  To be exact, I hate women.

Princess:  If you don’t like women, [GASP] does that mean you like men?!

CP:  [laughs] That’s an interesting idea. How can you think that? You’re the Princess, how could you say such a thing?

Princess:  Then what does that…

CP:  I’m saying it’s not your fault. It’s all on me so don’t be too sad (what EXACTLY is he saying then?) I understand why DH kept your letter for so long. He knows how to value a good lady. [He gets up and returns the talisman to Princess] Let me think about it seriously. I’ll take a good look at myself. I think people outside (entourage) are happy, so stay a bit longer so we do not disappoint them.

Princess’ Quarters

She and entourage return after the agreed length of time and one of her maids is happy that the talisman actually worked. Princess knows better but instructs the maid to report to her Mother what she saw should Mother asks. She opens her drawer to keep the talisman, but starts to panic when she finds a particular letter missing from the bunch that are kept within.

SP and MS

Two ladies are discussion MS’ finer attributes as he dozes off in a sitting position (how is that possible? o_O ) SP is thrashed, lying flat on the other side of the room. As though his radar is on, MS stirs awake as one of the ladies was making a very slow move towards planting a kiss on his beautiful face. It is already late morning, and the ladies were told to clean up the room. MS asks for a bath, to the delight of the fangirls, who then proceed to go “Breaking News” mode to the other female workers.

Oh my lord, SP is digging his nose and finally wakes up asking for water. Alas, no one is around. Even the courtyard is empty, but then sees a line of women dashing across the yard with excitement.

Just as MS is about to undress, he looks around, making sure no one is near his bathing corner. However, the ladies are already in their hiding spots (ie behind laundry, on rooftops, inside huge pots, even next to the wall where he is bathing – not-so-shy fangirls of Joseon 🙂 ). SP sneaks up to a couple of them and wonders aloud if he should take off MS’ pants too. Aaacck!! One even manages to hug MS (more like touch his torso) before running off!

DH’s dorm

SP comes in with Pan Swe demanding why DH rejected his gift. It’s SP way of celebrating his bro-hood with DH. However DH says he has no need of a servant and he is no salary for the time being. SP reminds DH he has passed the exams, so he shouldn’t worry about money issues.

SP:  Are you going to training camp today?

DH:  No. Mohwaguan.

SP:  Mohwaguan?

DH:  I’m working at *Youngjubdogam. Why? [* Department that receives envoys]

SP:  Why are you going there? All starters go to the training camp first.

DH:  That’s – [and then he remembers CP’s words about it being a secret, even from SP & MS]

SP:  That’s strange. Did someone wield their power?

DH:  I’m not sure [smiles and SP eyes him suspiciously] By the way, what kind of person is CP? I’m asking because you’re close to him. What kind of person is he? I really don’t get him.

SP:  What kind of person? [he puts up a hand as though about to whisper] A crazy one. He has tjhe charm of psychos. Don’t try to figure him out, it  gives me a headache. I’m his friend because I’m too nice. Who else could put up with him? I feel bad for the Princess. She’s with that psycho.

SP was SO teasing DH with that last line!

DH’s hometown

Mom is tending the vegetable patch when she notices a noble man walking in the distance. She didn’t think much about it until she squats down to continue weeding and suddenly has an epiphany regarding the possible visitor.

The yangban and his servant walks towards DH’s parents’ home where his father was snoozing on the deck, surrounded by herbs and vegetables. “Are you the father of Park Dal Hyang?” He is from the department where they relay news of candidates’ exam results. DH’s parents are overjoyed when they are told of his success. A party in the village will be held in his honor as he is the first from their hometown to make the grade in 100 years. They are given rice as a gift.

DH:  Father, Mother. You probably have the news by now. I can see you being so happy. A lot of things have happened to me. Bang Bang Eui was celebrated. I got the red badge… and I also have a servant. His name is Pan Swe.

DH:  I’m telling you again, I never asked for you. Never did.

PS:  I didn’t say it’s your fault. You know his temper. Never mind. It’s all because of my poor destiny.

DH:  Is it horrible to work for me?

PS:  [sigh] Please come out. I’ll get the horse ready.

DH:  You’re not denying it. He’s too honest [smiles to himself] but he’s fast and makes no mistakes. I like him.


DH:  And starting today I’ll be working as a *Kwonji [* a trainee before officially given a position]. Father and Mother, I’ll do my best to answer the question of how to protect the country. Please be safe and healthy. From your son, Dal Hyang.

Awaiting the Qing Envoy

The public is not happy with the envoy’s presence, and the officers are deployed to ensure their safety. DH happens to stand next to the palanquin that MR is in. He recognizes her! Surely the CP’s mission entrusted to him can’t be this easy! MR merely smiles at DH, not knowing he was the one chasing after them the previous night.

Royal Court

A group of ministers are protesting outside the Royal Court requesting the King not to meet General Yong Gol Dae and his envoy stating that his letter mentions King of Joseon bowing to him as an Emperor. It has already been 10 years they kow-towed to the request of the General and such insult should be curbed immediately. They even asked for the King to destroy said letter and behead the General as Joseon’s response to any would-be-conqueror.

The King is dismayed. CP however, remains stoic, emanating calm next to his father. The doors are closed to contain the ruckus, and for the King to take a breather.

Alas, a few ministers within the court step up and reiterate the protest. What is the King to do?

He understands the outrage demonstrated by some of the ministers for they are done out of loyalty. Yet, they shouldn’t be hasty and kill the envoys either. The King decides to greet them and discuss such matters later.


General GD refuses to go to the Palace to meet the King. Instead, the King should come to GD. The ultimatum is thrown back: No King, Envoy leaves with news of the King’s No-Show.

The demand is relayed to the King and this time many of the Ministers are aghast at such rudeness. It is not a good day to be King 😦 He asks for a time-out, but requests CP to stay back.

When everyone has left, King wonders why CP has remained silent all this time. CP explains “We’re not choosing the best, but avoiding the worst. So, it’s not easy. It’s even more difficult since I understand you. ” The King is overwhelmed by the belittling of the Emperor. And he hates it especially when he is caught between a rock and a hard place. King is very aware of the power play that is happening in his own court.

King:  It has been this way for 14 years! If I don’t follow them, they’ll oust me anytime. They’ve done it once. Why not twice? Right… they already have someone else. Someone who’d listen to them. Someone who’d keep their dignity. Or.. is it something else? The one who’ll support the enemy?

CP:  Father, this isn’t about fighting with them. It’s about choices. You have to think it through. Ming’s power isn’t as strong as before. They won’t last long. That’s the reality. The world is changing rapidly, and it’s hard to make a decision. But, we have to endure.

CP is such a pillar of strength and boost of confidence to his father at this moment.

King:  Is that what you think?

CP:  As I told you, it’s not the best just avoiding the worst case scenario. But, I hate to see you like this. Suffering. That’s why I do not speak easily.

King is touched and breaks down when he hears CP’s stance.

King:  I’m… I’m so stupid. I’m less patient than you. If you were in my position, this country would be better off.

CP:  Please do not say such things. [King walks back to his throne, seems to have made a decision]

King: Alright. Let’s go to Mohwaguan. [CP looks up to King] It’s about choices, as you said. If they want, I’ll go. It’s not even a big deal.

CP:  Father, it’s not that easy to decide. They also know they’re asking too much. So they will wait. Let’s hear out the ministers and take your time.

King:  No, no… I don’t want to, so I want to do it quickly. The more I think, the more I worry. And do the ministers ever give me the answer? Let them in again. I’ve made my decision.

Eunuch: Yes, you Majesty.


The General is surprised the King has decided to visit them within a short time. They deduce that King may have envisioned a future aligned with them, so that should be favorable news for General GD. However, he thinks otherwise. And the camera zooms onto the shiny tea pot in the background with DH reflected on it.

General asks for Sunwesa who is waiting in a meeting room. DH quietly makes his exit from behind the screen after both men have left looking for Sunwesa. He rifles through the countless letters and notes strewn allover General GD’s desk, looking for clues. And finds an intriguing one:

On our 14th day, right after we passed the Joseon border, Kim Ja Jum sent me a secret message. The one-eyed man and the girl. The girl is beautiful and fluent in both languages. But I’m still unsure of her. The only thing she revealed was her name: Hyang Sun [DH recalls CP’s information of her second identity = Hyang Sun]

DH flips a few more pages of the journal:

Things got complicated. We’ve fallen in a trap. I asked her how she could recognize the Prince, but she won’t answer. She might be a double spy. I will keep my eye on her until the end. I sent her to Bang Bang Eui to get an idea of the situation. I think the Prince will cover it up this time. So, even it is dangerous, we will go into the city. I’ve included Hyang Sun on our list as the wife of the Vice General.

DH whisks out his little notebook. He has information of the envoy members, even the location of their assigned rooms. He confidently makes his way to the last room on the east side of Mohwaguan. He asks for permission to meet with the “wife of Vice General”.

He takes in the interior of the room, the letters on the desk, the clothes hung near the partition – Whoops! She’s taking a bath?! o_O


She knew the Prince would send someone to her, but didn’t know it would be DH. She asks if his mission is to bring her to meet CP? Or to kill her? DH sidesteps her as she advances onto him in her glorious underclothes XD

DH suggests for her to get dressed first before he answers any of her questions. She laughs at him and goes to the back and put on some clothes. While waiting, DH looks over the letters on her desk:

You know my heart is the same as yours. [DH suddenly recognizes the familiar words] I promise I won’t marry anyone other than you… Once you pass the exam

It is the letter he had kept for 5 years, waiting to see his sweetheart in Hanyang. How did MR get this? Is this a copy? Princess DID say she burned it. So why is this letter here?

Princess Quarters

Looks like a tornado blew through her room. Books upended, Princess frantically looking for the letter. She is in remorse. Should’ve burned it a long time ago. Now… what horrors will come from the missing love letter? 😮


Letter still in hand, DH is furiously thinking of the magical appearance of such letter which should have been destroyed. MR steps out of the back room and swiftly pricks DH’s neck with an acupuncture needle. MR says DH looks shocked, and she’s conveniently dressed as someone who works in the Royal household. DH staggers and falls down, not an ounce of strength left in him. MR commends the content of the letter, and she copied it down, who knows, may be of good use in the future. So, she was snooping around the Princess’ room to get more intel, and she came across that letter. Such scandal it will cause if anyone finds out about her pining for someone else when she is the Crown Princess. Oh noes… and that was also why she looked up DH as well.

You’re just like me… You thought her heart would last forever. Just like me. I pity you. And I like you. So don’t worry. You won’t die.

[DH lays immobile on the floor even after she has taken out the needle]

Want some advice? You don’t have to be loyal to the Prince. He’s not worth putting your life on the line for.  You’ll become like me in the end. Remember that feeling of poison spreading through your body. Be sure to tell the Prince about it.

Because he’ll be next. I’ll see you again.

MR steps out of her room and seamlessly joins the other helpers in the compound. Even the envoy guards do not recognize her. After some time, DH wheezes for air, struggles to sit up, reaches for his sword but still not strong enough to wield it. And then he noticed the dead maidservant on the floor, stripped of her uniform. With a needle still stuck to the side of her neck.

He tears off a small swatch from her undergarment and stuffs it into his uniform. Walks back to the desk to look for the letter, but is no longer there.

Oh-oh.. someone’s coming!

The only way out is through the window… and into the forest below o_O


A Feast is Prepared

Bustling of activities preparing a party to receive the King. General GD oversees the event, and was promptly informed of MR disappearance. The King and his men are en route to meet General GD. SP and MS are riding alongside CP’s palanquin.

SP:  The mood is so depressing. It feels like a funeral procession XD XD Oh! Guess what! DH went to Mohwaguan.

As the King’s entourage make their way through villages, he can’t help but overhear the people’s comment about the fall of their country. Imagine their King, making a trip to meet an envoy. An old man suddenly runs to the center of the street and kneels before the King:

Your Majesty, please listen to your humble servant. I have lost all 3 sons in the last war, so my family history will end after me. But I’ve always been proud because they died fighting the enemy. But where are you going now? Aren’t you afraid of heaven? How can you betray your own people who bled for this country? This is too upsetting!

All 3 of my sons were killed by them.

Your Majesty! Your Majesty!

And he is finally dragged away by the officers, but his plea has touched the hearts of the others and they too begin to voice their concerns.

CP asks SP to check on the King, and he will get out if things turn bad. King’s eunuch informs his that CP will  join him, however King wants to press on. With curtains drawn this time. SP hears his decision and trots back to CP. MS advises them to move along. If they remained where they are, confusion might set in. The King, hiding behind the curtains still hears the cries of the elderly even louder in his mind. His confidence begins to shake. When they have finally arrived, curtains were pulled up to reveal a King who has fear written all over his face.

General and his 2nd in command are looking over the dead handmaid. He instructs her body to be disposed off before the King’s arrival. Then walks over the window confirming that MR jumped through the window. Incredible, because it seemed too high for a female to do so. Just then, his aide comes in to inform of King’s presence at Mohwaguan.

If they had stayed a minute longer and inspected the scene of the supposed jump, they would’ve noticed the colorful garb of a Joseon trainee. Lying very still on the forest grounds.


DH clearly has not regained full strength. The King questions General GD’s absence from the envoy’s  receiving line. The rep begins to explain that something came up and he is –

King had HAD enough:

Listen all my people here!

I’m outraged for these people who have broken our relationship and mention a king and servant relationship. So, I’ll behead Yong Gol Dae and show our position to the world.

Everyone basically has their jaws on the ground. Has the King lost his marbles? Or did he grow Super Courageous?

All the soldiers here, come out and arrest him!

I’ll behead him myself!

The envoy rep didn’t get the translated version yet, and that’s when the ministers begin to have jelly knees. The King and his Sense of TIMING! What is wrong with him? o_O

It has now become a Swashbuckling Fest. Hoo-boy..

A couple of General’s men found him in time to warn of his arrest and beheading order by the King. GD calmly makes his way back to his room to retrieve his journal and sword. And to show how bad ass he is, manages to knock down two guards with one hand, sword still sheathed. Dayum.

CP looks at the international political mess his father has caused, and instructs the eunuch to lower the King’s sedan. He peeps through the curtains and sees his father covered in cold sweat.

CP:  This will be a disaster for Joseon. Please cancel your order.

King:  It’s too late.

CP:  Father!

King:  For the last 9 years, I’ve repeated this everyday. I finally said it today. They’re our enemy. They killed so many of our people. They deserve to be killed. It’s right. [cries]

CP:  It will be a war.

CP knew his father will not back down. Whatever mess that results from his decision, be damned.

CP knows he needs to rectify the situation. He sends an SOS telepathically to SP and MS 😮

Despite the constant shouting to arrest General GD, he still manages to elude them by walking like a bauce XD XD He walks into a room, goes over to the window and simply jump off into the same area where DH landed previously.

Great. Swords are drawn. DH is confused why GD would be outside the compound walls. GD makes a run, DH still fighting off grogginess and lethargy but overhears orders to catch GD.

Our hero runs into the bamboo forest, trailing after General GD.  Unbelievably, DH catches up with the runaway:

This is my first day [pant, pant] And I got poisoned by a girl on my first day [pant, pant] But, he said the King’s Orders come first. Right, the King’s Orders first! My other mission comes after you.

[General GD unsheathes his sword]

Bring it on.

CP tells SP and MS to protect General GD – Wae?

CP:  We can’t let his head be sent back to his country.

This is what happens when Kings make rash decisions and leave their kids to clean up the repercussions…

At least CP has SAM! CHONGSA! CROSS!!









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