Thank God Weekend’s Here 03

Anyong Yarobun!

Oh. My. Gosh.

I swear I could hear weeping of various degrees on all Continents as credits rolled during Fated To Love You’s finale on Thursday night/ Friday morning (depending on your country of residence 🙂 )

It was a one-hour grinning fest for yours truly, though I did break out into guffaws where Secretary and Lawyer duo are concerned.

OK. OK. I fess up.  I was practically absorbing the Handsomeness as much as I could for it would be quite some time before I get to see JH on screen again XD

cr: likemoa tistory

cr: likemoa tistory


Yeah, THAT!
YEESH!! XD ❤ ❤ ❤


So, we have two upcoming dramas premiering next week:

  • Iron Man (KBS) Wed-Thurs
  • Spring Day of My Life (MBC) Wed-Thurs

Time to scrub my “Feels Receptor” before letting my fingers dance on the keyboard…


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps 🙂



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