Jang Hyuk and Jang NaRa Interview

Too Adorable NOT to post this! XD



JH: Everytime I finish a drama I feel both happy and sad. This drama…I do feel happy. ‘Coz we can sleep. But I feel more sad. Including JNR-ssi by my side, I shared such a good time with such good people. I don’t know when I will have another time like this. Now it’s time to leave such good memories behind, I do feel a little sad.

JNR: Yes, I was so happy during filming. Personally, I met a lot of good people. I do feel sad that there won’t be time spent together every day anymore. But I think it’s also a beginning of new relationships. I’m grateful and happy.

Q: Words to Nara

JH: For this drama, I decided to just follow the actress Jang Nara. I followed her and reached Ep 20 in no time. I think it this way. Rather than one actor sticking out and shining alone, when two actors work together well there’s this synergy. JNR-ssi, just as I expected, led me very well. I am finishing filming very happily.

Q: Words to Jang Hyuk

JNR: As I filmed with Jang Hyuk sunbaenim..He says I led him, that’s not true. He was a big tree to me. I hung on that tree, played around that tree…I could depend on him, and he supported me…He just made me work very happy. Not even necessary to comment on his acting…I was really grateful.

Q: To viewers

JH: First want to thank everyone who watched our show until now. It is not easy to open a new genre when you can’t earn the viewers’ empathy. Our drama, in my opinion, was a little bit new in its genre for a romantic comedy. There was something unique in our director’s way, too…I thank the viewers for empathizing in those parts. And what we wanted to deliver was the warmth of family, sort of home-drama feeling, I hope it was well delivered. I just want to say thank you.

JNR: Yes, thank you very much. As I film this drama FTLY, of course there were hard moments, but I think it was one of the best 5(or 10..she said ‘able to count within my fingers’ dunno if she means one or two hands lol) moments in my life. I thank you for sharing these happy moments. I am happy. (thumbs up)

JH&JNR: ;a;elkjf  Fated to Love You…(NG lol) (again, in unison) Thank you for loving ‘Fated to Love You’


Translation cr: gumi of Soompi Forum (Kamsahamnida!) – You RAWK!



  1. I love them both to bits, and I think JNR is incredible, but FTLY is basically the Jang Hyuk show. THAT was following her ? Then what would you have done if you had intended to take the lead, oppa ?
    Anyway, this is the mother of all leads reunions. It couldn’t have gone any better. We’re all thankful to the Drama gods for this blessing. Snail couple, good luck on your next projects !

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    1. Yes! To me it was The Jang Hyuk show too! HUEAHUEAHUEA!! This seemed to be a season of Reunions: Kwon Sang Woo & Choi Ji Woo in Temptation. But, the JH/ JN combo has hit countless home runs in FTLY 🙂 They so deserve a good rest and spa treatment for a week at least XD

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    2. Awwww I want to think they followed each other. I think Jang Hyuk said something similar about Gong Hyo Jin in Thank You. It’s like he feels reassured and relaxed knowing he can totally trust his partner’s ability. You know? they say actors’ reactions are as important as their “action”? So he is probably really grateful that her reactions were also perfect. Not to mention the times when he reacts to her, possibly easily because she has this way of making everything seem real and natural. They complement each other so beautifully as actors 🙂

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  2. i agree they lead each other….really wish they will come back together again for another project as their acting chemistry really great together…wish this dramas for greater success …


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