Fated To Love You Ep 20: Grin Like a Cheshire Cat

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

– Lao Tze

Before we dive into the recap, I have to give a shout out to MBC for a putting together a truly high quality drama (well, could’ve toned down the PPLs a smidge 🙂 ). THIS IS HOW YOU DO A ROM-COM peeps! ( coughKBScoughSBScough ) And the clips they provided for Episode 20 are – SQUEE-INTO-YOUR-PILLOW worthy too. You’ve been gently forewarned XD



All the guests in the wedding hall are getting restless. Haelmoni looks like her patience is running thin as well. ST heads toward the rostrum to apologize to the guests. Hark! We hear LG’s cackle in the distance and the couple make their grand entrance.


Haelmoni is the happiest one of them all seeing LG and MY about to get married again. LG and MY rush to the their position to walk down the aisle. MY glances over to the seat where her mom would’ve sat in. She hides her disappointment and smiles sweetly at her Geonnie.

ST is looks on proudly as the couple begin their march… and then there’s a wail from the entrance: It’s Omeoni! She is running late but turns up in a beautiful hanbok just as LG had requested of her 🙂 Thank goodness LG catches her in time as she begins to slip. MY is simply happy to see her mom turn up in the end.

ST the MC continues his narration of this “Romantic and Suspenseful” event… because you’ll never know what will happen next! “Shall we Really begin this wedding now?” Everyone shouts YES!

Sweet couple exchange their vows together:

I promise that I will love you and adore you all the days of my life until death do us part. No, even after death. I promise that I will love you forever.



I’m grinning like an idiot right now… 😀

Honeymoon in Jeju!

Enjoying the fresh air in Jeju, LG and MY are driving around in a red convertible. Having a conversation about activities they can enjoy while honeymooning in Jeju. In a blase tone, LG says “Nothing much, just eat some tile fish, hike up Halla mountain and have some Halladong. That will take care of two days and three nights ” LOL!

They make a stop at a light house. LG is negotiating for some skinship time with MY while holding the car keys in his hand. He wants her to give him a kiss at every traffic light stop they make en route to the hotel.  She snatches it unexpectedly and makes a dash – with LG sweetly chasing after.

MY is driving and LG is simply ecstatic with his life now – and being a cheeky passenger too XD


ST and Dragon are at the honeymoon hotel, but they’re decked out like Men In Black, stealthily making their way around as though on a mission: In Room #2009.
Cue their background music: The Pink Panther!


ST explains the mission is Revival Macau that is entrusted onto them by none other than, Haelmoni!

LG and MY have arrived at their destination and make their way to their room: 2006.


And they make sure 2006 stays 2006… and LG gazes at the opposite unit, #2009, rather suspiciously.

They have changed into dinner attire and are slow-dancing in the garden, under the stars. MY shares some background regarding her father.

MY:  When I was a child, on the days my dad didn’t go out fishing, we would play music and dance together like this sometimes. He called me Princess Mi Young. Usually when girls hear something like that she feels like she can become a real princess. Then she imagines meeting a real prince someday, but I had thoughts like that, I’d give up in the middle of it. I didn’t think I’m the Princess type. I’m more like the Maid type.

LG:  Who dares to call you a maid? You’re a very beautiful and kind princess who made her way into Prince Lee Geon’s well-guarded castle.


MIBs are doing their stake-out (while snacking to keep the hunger pangs away) and even maintained covert ops as they enter cocktail lounge. Oh! They’ve made “arrangments” with the bartender to slip in some Hamo Hamo ❤ potion into LG and MY’s drinks!!

The happy couple may have hit a speed bump for their conversation has taken an uncomfortable turn. LG wants to do a love shot, but MY is rather shy about it. Hmm? LG wonders how come she could do a love shot with DP with a crowd looking on before. Oh? This is news to MY. So, LG was stalking her then too? A petty argument ensues and both of them finish their drinks. MY becomes upset and leaves LG. And Team MIB is happy: Revival Macau, start!

OMO! MY is stumbling back to her room. After much difficulty, she managed to reach their room safely and slips under the covers. The reverse of Macau! LOL!! XD


Then LG is stumbling in the hallway, and laughing hysterically. He makes his way to Room 2009!  Team MIB, with face masks on try to pull LG away from the door! LG is confused and the men almost give themselves away. They successfully push him into the right room.

Good Lord, Haelmoni. This is NOT nudging them to get the HamoHamo on! This is throwing them off the cliff!!

Geon stumbles in and gets into bed and MY is already asleep. He throws the pillow off the bed, begins to take off his jacket and vest so that he can sleep more comfortably. It is sweet to see how naturally their bodies subconciously respond to each other, reprising the “Macau” positions ❤



Halmoni looks at her late husband’s photos and says hopefully they get to continue the family lineage. “Two went there, three must come home. Please power him up tonight. Please! PLEASE!” XD Dragon’s mom hopes for twins XD

LG and MY wake up the same manner they did in Macau. How could that have been possible? They mentally tracked back events of the night before to figure out how they got to this point.

Do you even have to, Sweeties?! XD XD

LG remembers bumping into the men in the hallway lastnight and both of them dressed up to confront the guests in Room 2009. LG’s loud voice carries throughout the floor, and MIB had no choice but open the door for LG. They are shocked to see the culprits.

LG is punishing them for giving them the concoction, but MIBs have not seen the wrath of an Angry Snail – they ran like scaredy cats when she was about to launch herself onto them!

DP and SeRa with Mother

DP meets up with SeRa’s mother and shows her his childhood photo. He asks for help in providing information about the girl in the photo, his sister. She confirms that it is SeRa. He is dumbfounded. Just then, SeRa comes by to join Mother and notices the photo on the table.


SeRa and Mother have a heart-to-heart talk at a separate table, with DP looking on. He still could not believe his luck in stumbling into his long-lost sister. Mother confirms she adopted SeRa and she thanks her for bringing her up as a daughter all this years.

Back on Jeju

MY and LG are relaxing by the pool. LG says that their first meeting was fate and MY replies that she was fated to love Geonnie ❤


The conversation shared between them during this quiet moment under the stars, is one of the most beautiful Love confessions I have ever seen.

LG:  I think we were fated to end up like this from the moment we ran together to find the ring.

MY:  I hope so

LG:  I thought that fate was something special, but it doesn’t seem to be now. The one in front of me right now, I’m fine with everything as long as I’m with her. I can’t imagine loving anyone else but her. I think that’s what fate is.

MY:  I’m fine, even if we aren’t fated to love each other, because I’d still love you fatefully

LG:  [takes a deep breath and holds out his hand for her] MY, if we live together, one day you might have a very difficult and sad time because of me or my illness…

MY:  Geonnie-Sshi, Don’t be afraid. Let’s do our best to love each other and to be happy together every day and every moment of our lives.

LG:  I’ll make a vow to the star you love that I’ll love you every day fatefully until the day all the stars are gone.

MY:  I’ll love you every day fatefully until the day all the stars are gone .

Room 2006

LG and MY sit on the bed, facing each other. In his mind, LG thanks MY for marrying him and “tells” her how deeply in love he is with her. MY’s in her mind, thanks LG for giving her much happiness and also how much she loves him.

Grab a pillow/ cushion NOW! Major SQUEEING is GUARANTEED!!



One month later,  LG is with haelmoni waiting in the OB/GYN’s office. MY comes out and is excited. Shows them an ultrasound photo. They are having twins! MANSE! “Jjincha Twins-e?” XD  LG is extremely happy.

SeRa in her apartment

SeRa is doing some spring cleaning in her home when her doorbell rings, but no one is there. Instead she finds a note DP left on the door.

DP is waiting for SeRa at a public place where he is busily sketching. She peeps at his sketch and inquires who the subject is. He holds up the sketch book and says “This is my dongseng. Isn’t she lovely?” It is indeed a lovely portrait of SeRa.

They take baby steps in overcoming awkwardness and DP suggests that they shouldn’t live lonely lives now that they have found each other.

Three years on…

Man, someone is rather trigger happy with that time-jump button o_O

LG speaking to his doctor and demands to know about his health status. Seems that it’s good news for Geonnie 🙂 Before LG leaves, he asks Dr. Octo if he wanted to get to know someone better.

Is Geonnie playing Matchmaker now? o_O

Dr. Octo and Omma!

Omeoni! Is that LIPSTICK you have on? LOL!

Dr. Octo visits her at the restaurant. Aah! The first sweet stages of budding romance!


Are they dating or is she seducing him? She VERY politely welcomes him to her humble restaurant. He humbly thanks her for allowing him to visit at such hour.


But this is entertainment for the family members too as they not-so-subtly watch the scene unfold from the shop window 😀 Omeoni catches them and signals for them to depart.



Dance Studio

This is something that just needs to be SEEN. ST in see-through, blinged outfit, and Lawyer Min in ruffled fuschia top doing the ChaCha/ Ballroom Dance with one of the Triplet sisters.


‘Nuff said XD

DP waits for SeRa outside school


SeRa’s fans (or fan in this case) still wait for her after school hours, and this particular student has his hopes up as she made her way towards him…


However, she walks past him to greet her Oppa first 🙂


The King and Snail Queen

Camera pans through a garden and we hear LG’s voice. Then, we finally get to see the young family of LG and MY with their twins! A girl and a boy!

We hear Jang NaRa’s cover of Snail in the background as they bid farewell to the entire world who shared their journey in finding happiness and to fearlessly live happily, everyday.



It has been a long while since I thoroughly enjoyed a KDrama Rom-Com, and especially with a satisfying ending.

Some may say episode 20 is more fan service than anything else, but by doing so, it also provides a sense of proper closure for millions of us who have followed the travails of eccentric and incredibly handsome Lee Geon and his equal in Kind-hearted and courageous-when-it-counts Kim Mi Young.

Thank You:

  1. Number Three Pictures (N3), Page One Films – the production company
  2. Kim Sang Ho – Chief Producer
  3. Kim Mi Na & Jung Jae Yun – Producers
  4. Lee Dong Yun & Kim Hee Won – Directors
  5. Joo Chan Ok & Jo Jin Kook – Screenwriters

and last but not least, MBC

❤ ❤ ❤


  1. That was such a beautiful ending. They will live happily ever after. I don’t know if my tears are from happiness or sadness. I thought the first break up from my first kdrama was hard…this..this… is just unbearable! I want more of Gun. I don’t think I can live without FTLY. 😔 This has yet to be one of my favorite dramas yet! But..there must be one person I must thank and that is you! YOU! YOU! YOU! I know you probably live a crazy hectic life as well but you always update. I stalk and check your page all the time!😜 When I am way too busy to watch…you have kept me in the loop with those awesome recaps!!!! Actually you make them ten times more hiliarious because I can actually see you squeling and squeezing your pillow!! Hahaha!!! Humo humo!! I can’t wait to fall in love with another drama with you!!!! So hurry up and get over this break up quickly because kdrama is not waiting for us with all their new dramas! 😜😜😜😜😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww. I’m tearing up reading your kind and encouraging words. Really. Am tearing up. I THANK YOU for getting on the bandwagon with me and get on spazzing mode when it comes to a particular male actor (ahem).

      What keeps me going (and my eyelids not droop) in the wee hours is the single thought of sharing something I just watched with those who have yet to view it due to time-zone difference. It is truly gratifying to get comments from fellow KDrama addicts like you when the sun is up on my side of the planet.

      Episode 20 was definitely a fan service wrapped up with a beautiful bow, and I have kept Geonnie in a special corner of my heart (or was it Jang Hyuk?), preparing my soul for the next Drama to grip my gut XD

      AND I do look forward to many more cyber squeeing & spazzing episodes with you for many more Dramas to come (well, maybe selected ones coz I haven’t acquired Hermione’s Time Travel Thingamajic) XD


      1. Aww! You make me so happy! I really meant it though and I hope you continue to do amazing recaps! I wished you got paid for doing them because you are so good at it. I mean…I could really read what your emotions! It is so awesome. Psh, I don’t even go to dramabeans anymore, you are my top recapper!! I get the scope of what is going on before I watch the episode. Usually when I read a recap…I have a tendency to bypass the episode because I already know what will happen next but with yours, I get so excited that I actually end up watching the episode right now. Hence why I am still up at 4 in the flipping morning. Ha! Talk about panda eyes. Oh by the way, I must comment…I hate, hate his ending hairstyle. Blah! I wished they did something else to do but I guess everyone was all tired because you could really see the bags underneath their eyes. Literally! Just out of curiosity, where are you?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Right? I was literally drooling and didn’t even realize it! HAHA Man he is so good looking I thought my eyes almost popped out. HA HA! You know people talk about the best kdrama makeovers for girls? They should start a series for guys! He would totally be #1 hottie!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for keeping up the lovely recaps all the way through ❤ This has been an incredible journey for all of us. I hope we get nice new dramas you could do us the pleasure of covering, although we don't expect anything as good as this masterpiece of a drama any time soon.
    For now, let's not end the FTLY celebrations just yet ! Hamo Hamo !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m dropping this comment super late but just wanted to drop a note about how much I loved your recap for this show.
    You captured the joy we felt for this amazing couple and show as a whole.


    1. Hello! Never to late for anything in Life, as far as I’m concerned 😀 I’m humbled you’ve dropped by my “crib” and look forward to hearing more from you too 🙂

      FTLY is rather magical and certainly created a global phenomenon for all things Geonnie XD

      THANK YOU for your generous words and encouragement ❤


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