Jang Hyuk Bids Adieu to Fated To Love You

Geonnie, that better NOT be a wedding tux!

cr: iMBC

Interview via Naver:

Jang Hyuk, ending remarks of ‘Fated to Love You’.
“The show that allowed me to throw in everything”

“I feel a mixed emotion of happiness and sadness that the drama is over. In fact, I feel more sad than happy, thinking ‘when will I meet again this kind of drama, director, and fellow actors’…”
“Reunion after a long time with my partner was joyful. We had such great communication and synergy, I will remember it for a long time. And the director who allowed me to put down everything and film, he made the filming very interesting and enjoyable.”
“Regardless of the ratings, many audience have sympathized, loved and supported us and I am very grateful of it. We will try to make a joyful drama until the very end. Thank you.”
Translation cr: gumi of Soompi Forum (Kamsahamnida!)


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