Fated To Love You Ep 19: Tying Up Loose Ends Galore

There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things
which are beyond the power of our will.

 – Epictetus


It’s a… Wedding? Already?

Well-dressed guests are waiting patiently in a beautiful hall.  Pictures of sweet couple LG and MY are displayed generously all over. Amidst the soothing classical music played in the background, Haelmoni seems collected in her elegant hanbok but likely to be fretting inwardly. She keeps looking at the empty chair where MY’s mom is supposed to be to receive guests.

ST and JY rush into the hall and inform Haelmoni of the missing Bride and Groom 😮

LG and MY are driving away from the wedding venue, still in their wedding outfits. MY places her hand over LG’s assuringly. They both exchange glances, an enormous burden seems to have lifted off LG’s shoulders.

A Week Ago in LG’s Office

He is upset and is burning ST’s ears off, and suddenly his high-back office chair swivels around to reveal MY. Is she the CEO now? He looks at her quizzically and thinks furiously who the person is. MY helps him to jog his memory “Kim Mi Young! GaeDdongi’s Omma! Snail! Super Glue” with her forefinger pointing upwards (IRL, that is Jang NaRa’s method of memorizing her lines 😀 )

But he blurts out “Jang NaRa!” instead.


She smacks him so hard that he flies across and lands onto the sofa.

He shouts himself awake 😀 It was all a dream. They are blissful in their cosy home as newly weds: making breakfast together, skinship and such…


until the Roomba interferes with their kissing fest 😀

Operation Get Omeoni’s OK part 1

Armed with gifts, LG gathers courage before making his signature entrance as usual, demanding to be fed by the Ssambap Lady. He tries to lighten the mood with his jokes, but Omeoni doesn’t seem to take the bait. She prepares the dishes for him as usual, but this time she tells him (in a nice way) something he really didn’t want to hear:

Omeoni:  [in a gentle tone] I don’t know whether you’d believe me or not, but you’re like a son to me.

LG:  You’re like a mother to me too. So, accept me for once! Ooh-La-La-La 🙂 Let me marry MY. Please?

Omeoni:  That’s why I’m telling you this. If you really do get sick, I’ll take care of you. I don’t know what your disease is, or how bad it is, but I’ll help you anyway.

LG:  Ssambap Lady, I’m not sick at all. Do I look like a sick person? I haven’t had a single cold in the last three years. I get check-ups every 6 months. Do you want to see how healthy I am? I can do push ups. Look, look. I’ll show you a push-up with a thumb [stands up and places thumbs on table]

Omeoni:  It’s OK, it’s OK. [urges him to sit down] I trust whatever you say. But Geon-ah, even if I’m your mother, can you let MY go? I can’t allow it. Even though people will judge me and say I’m selfish and mean. It isn’t their story. It’s MY’s. How can I let her go down such a difficult and painful road? I like you very much Geon, but I’m still opposed to your relationship with MY. You know how I feel about you, right? You can understand me, can’t you?

LG takes it in stride, leaves the restaurant saying that he will keep coming back, and will come back stronger. Omeoni continues to cry.

Look at the sadness in his eyes… 😥


“I’ll Be Back” LG says to Omeoni.

Operation Get Omeoni’s OK part 2

LG has gone into stalker mode again, but this time his target is Omeoni.

He follows her to the hair salon. Introduces himself as the future third-son-in-law of the Ssambap Lady who runs the said shop down the street 😀 And turns his charms on the other customers by handing out drinks and personally comments on each of their hairstyles before reaching his final destination 🙂

He brings a drink to Omeoni and sits down right across from her stating his wish to see her decked out in a beautiful hanbok. And he knows she will cave in eventually. He then slides across the small salon using the swivel stool and adorably waves goodbye to Omeoni at the doorway. All the Ajummas fell under the Geonnie spell and are oohing and aahing about how lucky she is to have a Son like him!

LG & MY’s abode

MY cooks noodles for LG and thanks for his efforts in trying to win Omeoni over. She knows her Mom is one tough cookie, and it won’t be an easy task for LG to get her approval, especially the second time around. She thanks him for his hard work and LG tells her to keep believing in his ability to gain Omeoni’s blessing.

LG offers MY his noodles too and… HOLY SMACKIN’ LIPS! SQUEE!! XD ❤ ❤ ❤

LG:  MY, why don’t we… build the nest tonight? The Love Nest. Would that be okay with you? [moves closer for a second smooch]

And both are startled by a loud banging on the door.

LG:  OH MY GOD! Who’s that?! Who the Hell is THAT?!

But it’s Hamo Hamo Interruptus! Bearing gifts and… blanket?

Man! Can’t they get a break for some rice pounding? o_O
Did you hear that collective groan around the world, peeps? LOL!

Everyone is playing Go Stop. MY with her big glasses on, showing who’s The Bauce at this game 🙂
She’s REALLY in her element and wants to go for Round 2 and 3 (LG drops hints that the sun is about to rise 😀 ) LG is rendered the cheerleader’s role as the game progresses.


Earlier, she bumped into DP at the elevators. DP not knowing SeRa has an inkling his real identity was confounded when she didn’t get into the elevator with him.

Now she and Mom are having a meal in a cafe and she begins to “chat”. Naturally, normal conversation is likely not possible with this duo. Her mother chastises her about the her break-up with LG which was in the news. SeRa begins to question why mother doesn’t comfort her in times like so (ie break-up) but criticizes her instead. She has always been like this even with SeRa was young. She is about to bring up the adoption issue but chickens out and leaves the place instead. Oh well.

Operation Get Omeoni’s OK part 3

LG and MY are spying on Omeoni at her restaurant, both dressed in comfortable trekkies. MY wants to be part of LG’s Ops this time around and it would’ve been another SMOOCHING opportunity but Omeoni steps out of the restaurant at the exact moment. Omeoni’s warm-up routine is so Precious!


LG jumps in front of Omeoni, “Good Morning, Ssambap Lady!” and MY joins him left-flank. This is their “tag team” move. Omeoni is speechless 🙂

They wanted to show how earnestly they want to give their relationship a genuine go and they would only be able to do that happily if they receive Omeoni’s blessing. LG goes into exercise drill mode to demonstrate his fitness, despite struggling a wee bit as his batteries run low 😀

Aside: LORD-Y. JH is FIT! Dayum.


He even gives MY a piggyback ride to prove how strappingly healthy he is! Awww. Omeoni watches them from the back with a wan smile.



MY:  You’re the Best, Geon.

LG:  Right. Would you like to have some instant noodles? BWAHAHAHA!!

MY:  Sure, my Love XD

Lee Household

Seems he’s back in his man cave for a short visit. LG is reading the last entry of his father’s journal:

I regret more than anything, missing time with my loved ones because I was afraid of death. Why did I make such foolish decisions? I want to live like that from now on. I should go back to my family now.

And finds an old photo of a big tree tucked into the inner pocket of the journal. It is written “To Geon” on the back of the photo.

JY prepares breakfast for Dragon, and they enjoy their version of “newlywed” feels. He tries to kiss her thanks, but his mom walks in that pretty much ends their morning rendezvous. Dragon’s mom is obviously still against their relationship and just parks herself at the breakfast table. LG walks over and joins her at the table.

They have another heart-to-heart talk about LG’s dad and was given more insight about his father by Dragon’s mom. His father’s love was only for him and his mother, not towards Dragon nor herself. In the end LG’s father left them too, apologized and thankful for her help. The day LG’s father made that trip back to his real family, he was involved in an accident. If there was one good thing out of that tragedy was that his father spent his last moments with the woman he truly loved. LG is clearly affected by what she shares.


LG conveys his thanks formally, bows to her, and leaves the dining room. She is shocked at how much he has changed.

LG visits the Mobster

Still in his long knitted cardigan, he and ST meet up with the slick business man who initially bought Yeoul Island for chemical dumping purposes.  When LG recognizes who he is, he turns to leave. However, Big Boss tells his men to stop LG. They surround LG and he threatens them by punching in the air. Homage to Chuno? XD !

The boss walks over to him and LG shows a photo. LG needs his help to locate the tree in the photo.

LG:  If you can find this tree I won’t take your  10% discount. I’ll pay you double.

Boss:  Guys. Get to work Now!


SeRa in DP’s house

She brings over some kimchi for DP and he’s enjoying her treat. But he fakes “enjoying” instead, a hint for SeRa to improve on her culinary skills. SeRa looks around and asks about the photo she saw on his night stand. DP says it’s his sister. She is shocked and gets up to leave. Daniel is surprised. The doorbell rings and Daniel goes to answer. It’s SeRa again. She says “I think it’s me. I don’t know why I’m in the picture” and he is surprised.

Club scene

MY gets a call from DP and she meets him at the club (Once in a Blue Moon 😀 ) where he sings on stage. Flashback scenes for both of them, of the times they experienced together. MY and DP get teary-eyed. She thanks him for the Special performance which she will remember for the rest of her life. DP offers her The Priest/ Neighborhood Oppa services whenever she needs to. Nice closure for both of them.


LG checking on search Status and more…


LG makes a call to the president. LG isn’t pleased with the slow progress and ends the call. His phone rings… it’s Omeoni! She tells him to come over.

He dashes over to the restaurant but instead in jovial mood, she speaks to him sternly, like how she was earlier in the days when LG was practically a stranger to her. She serves soju and a plate of tofu!

LOL!! (tofu is usually the first “meal” given to those who have done time in the slammer)

She has finally given permission. LG is ecstatic!! Then, LG groans as if in pain and she is worried but he is only pulling her leg 😀

Classic Geonnie!



MY goes to the restaurant and sees her mother and LG dancing and singing. They are both sussed!


She helps them to her mother’s place and LG passes out. MY hugs her mom:

Omeoni:  Why do you keep hugging me? It’s so HOT!

MY:  Omma, don’t worry.

Omeoni:  Why would I worry? You don’t listen to me and you do whatever you want.

MY:  You’ll come to my wedding in a beautiful dress right?

Omeoni:  You’re going to make me site through two weddings even though I’m a long-time widow? Seeing it once was enough. I won’t go this time.

MY:  You really won’t come?

Omeoni:  I’m allowing this relationship because of the damn poor, selfish Geon but I still can’t bless it with a smile. I can’t help it. Even if you blame me for it. Those are my thoughts. That’s what I think! [smacks Geon’s behind] You brat! This is my pillow. Don’t use it! [Geon groans in the background] Darn it! Hey! Live you life well. I don’t care anymore.

LG:  We’ll live our lives well. Of course!


Omeoni takes her own spot on the floor and falls asleep. MY smiles and places her head on her mother’s chest and hugs her to sleep. LG mutters his thanks as he dozes off.

Wedding Day

OMO! MY in a short gown, rather apt for a Summer Wedding too 🙂
LG is getting ready when he gets a call from someone. MY comes out in her wedding dress and her sisters are pleased. LG comes into the room and grabs her hand, “I need to bring you somewhere right now.” Everyone is concerned. They drive off.


MY:  Where are we going right now? What about our wedding?

LG:  Right now, I have to go somewhere with you, MY

MY:  [places her hand over his] We’re already going together now

ST informs Haelmoni that LG and MY left without telling anyone. She almost faints and is rather upset. Then, family members receive ST then gets a message from LG telling him to stall the wedding and wait for him. LG apologizes.
The president and his men are there and  blocking a group of workers. They were about to move the tree. LG asks for just a moment for him to look around. One of the workers wisely pips “break time” and they walk away for the time being.

Boss:  Good God. I can’t believe that I actually found this tree. Guys! Let’s go!

Flashback: LG’s father is playing baseball with him. He places a box on the ground and places a set of cufflinks in it while LG chooses the baseball. LG andAhbeoji are exchanging a few words, enjoying this moment. He tellsGeon to laugh like him whenever he is scared so that he will always be there to protect him. They are digging a hole to bury their “treasure” box.Present: They reach the spot where LG read clues from the journal. LG digs it out and surprisingly… it’s very shallow! He finds Ahbeoji’s letter to him and the couple read it together.


If you’re reading this letter as an adult, you’ll probably already know what has happened to your father. You’re walking the same road as your father, Geonnie.

I decided to leave you and your mother, but I know I’ll regret it later.

If you face the moment where you have to make the same decision I did don’t waste your time worrying about the future and live everyday of your life happily my son.

My lovely son, Geon-ah.


And then it’s a mad dash BACK to make it to their own wedding!


I know it’s the sprint to the finish line, but CRAMMING IN all these Dotted-Lined Sub Plots at the 9th inning with bases loaded is asking a WEE BIT much, Writer-nim! o_O

Bring on the DAEBAK-NESS in the FINAL EPISODE!

제발! 😮


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