Fated To Love You Ep 19 Preview




Mom:    I will be your mother….so instead, can’t you release MiYoung?

MY:    Gunnie-ssi! Can’t be…you lost memory again?

Gun:    I’m a really strong guy! I’m not weak at all, heuheuheu

DP:     The last word I want to say to you, MiYoung-ssi…

Yong:    The two of them…suddenly disappeared!

Gun:   MiYoung-ssi, how is it…you think you can do it?

MY:   Yes, becuz I do it with you…

Translation cr: gumi of Soompi Forum (Kamsahamnida!)




Photo cr: FTLY DC


    1. You’re likely to wake up to a subbed version, which is FABULOUS! XD

      I have to hustle and stumble to figure out what in the hey is going on while the drama is on-air! LOL!!

      Two more nights of panda-eyes… or make that three, because I’m sure there’ll be some form of BTS extravaganza post Finale 😀


      1. Lol three more nights! I really wished I could watch the raw version…haha I have to continously check Viki to see the percentage of it being subbed. Haha! BTW you must read or watch the Taiwanese version and do a compare/contrast post! I would really love to hear your thoughts on both!


  1. My heart skipped a beat multiple times while watching this. I won’t rewatch it so I can still “lose it” when I see the episode.
    We may not survive this episode, so I’ll say this now : fellow fans, I love you all ! Let’s enjoy and celebrate the true gem this show is, and bathe in JH’s hotness while we still can ❤

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