The Three Musketeers Ep3: Phantom from the Past

This country will be on the brink of another war. There is No one who knows how to defend this nation. What will you do?
What CAN you do?



DH manages to to escape the onslaught of arrows and even his trusted horse helped gallop away from the army with DH hanging on for dear life on the protected side of the saddle. That maneuver hoodwinked the army into thinking that the horse ran away without its rider. However, the horse was struck by an arrow and after trotting some distance away, only then did it give into his injuries. Such a warrior! DH continues his escape on foot, dodging the search party in the woods.

Crown Princess grows alarmed when she notices blood dripping from CP’s fingers. However, CP requested aid from his assistants rather than allowing Princess attend to his injury. She takes it as yet another rebuke from CP when she left his chambers. However, she starts to think there must be more to the mystery when she sees SP’s injury on his right hand. Princess demands an explanation from SP regarding the wounds and will not back down.

Main reason CP requested for his assistant in the room was to inquire how it was possible to see someone who is supposed to be dead: Mi Ryung. CP asks if he saw the body himself when Mi Ryung allegedly hung herself. His assistant keeps quiet, confirming that he did not identify the body himself because he believed Mi Ryung’s father when he said her body had been buried. Would Lord Yoon (Mi Ryung’s father) have dared to lie to him? CP instructs him to visit Lord Yoon at daybreak.

Princess is shocked why they can’t summon the Royal Doctor to treat the injuries. All SP could share was they didn’t want any news leaked to the people (ie. they need to be able to do their nightly activities without burden). And SP was cut short when CP steps out of his chambers looking fresh in a change of clothes… for yet another nightly patrol. Princess is still appalled at how lightly CP seems to take his injuries.

Princess, you need to learn NOT TO SPEAK OF SUCH issue when there are OTHERS around you! o_O

CP covers it by saying she fell for his joke: It was paint, not blood. And he exchanged knowing look with SP.

MS creeps his way across someone’s yard and quietly enters the abode. A sleeping man is roused by MS requesting for his service. This man is presumably a healer. Before he could make a ruckus, CP peeps in from the doorway, smiling to Park Il Gwan, who is turn recognizes CP instantly.

DH straggles all the way back to his dorm. In one night! He looks extremely dazed, not to mention dehydrated as well XD Once he crosses the threshold into his room, exhaustion takes over and lies flat on his back in relief. But not for long…

He senses someone approaching, and he automatically goes into “defence mode,” scaring the visitor half to death due to his unexpected stance directly behind the door, armed with a bow and arrow. DH demands the identity of the visitor and his master, and counts down before he strikes the visitor. The scared chap stammers that Master SP sent him over to check on DH. DH invites him in and apologizes for aiming the arrow at him. Visitor understands why he may be extra careful, especially in Hanyang. He hands over a letter to DH:

If you’re reading this, it means you’re alive. So, I feel relieved for now. It was so hectic all night, so I forgot to look out for you. It’s all due to a whiny guy who’s been complaining like a girl over a small cut. He’s a crybaby, so he exaggerates a lot. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to worry about. I have to hear your story as well, so follow Pan Swe. You know that whatever happened tonight is a secret, right? – Samchongsa.

And Pan Swe needs to bring DH to Lord Choi Myeong Gil’s residence. Apparently, he is the Seoseunim to Samchongsa. Which is happens to be DH’s first destination when he arrived in Hanyang. The doors to the residence were swiftly opened by the servant who recognizes DH. Ahem 😀

The servants lead DH to a courtyard where SP and MS are standing with downward gaze. Both of them are schooled by Lord CMG with regards to their nightly “jaunts”.

CMG:  Are you really the CP’s bodyguards who are supposed to take care of his safety? How could the bodyguards lead the CP into danger?! Does that make sense?!! Lo-ord-dee! XD XD

DH feels like he is also being scolded until CP breaks his reverie. CP, sitting on the verandah enjoying the spectacle, jokingly asks why he wasn’t well protected by DH. He was about to relay his excuses, but stops mid sentence, “I apologize I wasn’t able to uphold my own words. Due to the chaos, I had to borrow your Highness’ sword” DH presents the sword to CP with both hands. CP inquires how the chase went, did he see the envoys? Only then it dawns on DH that they were foreigners. He mentions of a General who was with them. CP knows of him “I guess you saw Yong Gol Dae” And then the schooling moved to CP directly for being part of the shenanigan. SP and MS seem a tad relieved to not be under the spotlight and they both acknowledge DH.

Lord CMG doesn’t realize there is a fourth person on his property until his gaze shifted below the CP.

DH:  It is my first time meeting you. I’m Park Dal Hyang from Goseong, Gangwon-do. I’ve been meaning to meet you since last time as I have a letter for you from my father, but you weren’t here.

CMG:  Your father and I know each other?

This is also “news” to Samchongsa.

In CMG’s quarters:

CMG:  Park Wo Soon…  Park Wo Soon… (trying very hard to recollect said person)

DH:  I heard my father was your maternal cousin’s husband’s uncle’s wife’s nephew XD XD

Despite the mental detours CMG has to make, he smiles and assures DH he will eventually remember who Park Wo Soon is.

CMG:   Isn’t there an initiation for those who passed the exam today?

DH:  Yes, there is.

CMG:  You’ve gone through a lot even before you’re appointed into your position. Many things have happened while I was away. Now that you’ve become involved, there’s nothing you can hide or should hide from. If I am to explain this to you, there’s something unusual going on with the state of affairs. Another war is approaching us.

The two-faced Kim Ja Jeom is making his way out of Hanyang. One of his men advises him to return to Anju to avoid accusation of being a traitor. He was still confused as to why CP would have been near Club Joseon. SP reports to CP that KJJ heads back to Anju on the pretense of colluding with the enemy in Hanyang. He also deduces that the men who attended the meeting may not be as strong-willed in character and are living in fear for their lives at that very moment.

MS thinks that DH must have posed a viable threat to the envoy for General GD to unleash attack on one man. CP is interested in General GD’s ulterior motive in having KJJ on his side.

CMG tells DH if another war breaks out, it will spell doom for Joseon. In this dire situation, court officials will only try to save themselves: A chaotic mix of justification, opportunism and personal interest.

CMG:  The time you took as a first step as a Military Officer happens to be in this state. You are going to be commissioned soon, so I will ask you – As an officer, how do you want to live your life from now on? How will you protest this nation?

Minister Min Ho Jip’s Residence

It’s still deep in the night, and CP’s eunuch is at Minister Min’s home, inquiring about Mi Ryung’s supposed death. Flashback: A fire broke out and spreading fast. CP’s eunuch shouts out into the night warning others to flee from the conflagration.  A young maiden seems to have a noose around her neck in the midst of flaming scenario.

Eunuch returns to CP and reports that even the Minister did not personally witness the body either. The minister was informed that his beloved daughter was charred beyond recognition and the servants had hastily buried her in the mountains behind their house. The distraught father waved away any need to dig up the grave again. Intrigue grows thicker as the said servant committed suicide a few days later. Hence there is no one who can provide actual confirmation whether Mi Ryung had died that night.


Palace Grounds

It is daybreak and Eunuch states to the head male servant that CP will immediately adjourn for Morning Greetings. However, Princess has already left to do so, without CP accompanying her. Princess and her entourage arrives at the King’s courtyard and CP’s absence is duly noted by the King’s eunuch. Princess tries to cover CP by stating his supposed cold he had contracted.

She is escorted to the King’s quarters, pauses just outside the doors waiting to be announced to the King. She tears up either out of fear for being chewed off by her father-in-law or sadness at being left to fend on her own by the thoughtless, heartless CP. She takes a deep breath –

And spiffed up CP arrives right on time and stands next to her, to her utmost surprise.

CP:  You don’t even have the guts to come up with excuses.  What were you trying to do on your own? Smile (and cheekily does a two-eye wink too – flirting with the Princess now, Taeja? 🙂 ) Princess is rooted momentarily and likely to ask herself if she was dreaming the whole scene! XD XD ❤

She quickly turns to the opposite side and wipes off tear streaks before the second announcement is made to the King again.

As they make their deep bows to the King, CP noticeably winces and struggles to place both hands on the floor. Princess caught that. And so did the King. He shares his worries for not being able to trust anyone else apart from immediate family especially after waking up from a nightmare seeing his own demise. Brings up the issue of having an heir too, but by this time Princess’ concern for CP is so overwhelming that she begins to earnestly control her sobs.

Princess is back in her room where CP’s eunuch explains to her of the treatment CP received last night and that he stayed over at Lord CMG’s place to recuperate. Nothing untoward happened to CP. Relief for now.


Appointing Ceremony at the Injeongjeon

A roll-call is done for the successful candidates. They are introduced to the King and the Royal Court according to their exam placements. Park Dal Hyang: Last on the list. It doesn’t matter to him. After the profound talk he had with Lord CMG, his concerns are what he can do for his nation.

Handful of ministers are gossiping about CP’s accident and they’re speculating it would be true if CP doesn’t turn up for the appointing ceremony.  They are worried sick of their situation especially with KJJ’s absence from court and the possibility of CP recognizing them at the clandestine rendezvous.

CP walks in the group inquiring why there are still not inside, waiting for the ceremony to begin with the rest of the officers. He also cheekily asked them how their night was, because he didn’t get a good night’s rest, dreaming of traitors who tried to sell the country even before any war broke out. BOOYAH!

Princess walks about in the garden and was told of a ceremony being held at Injeongjeon. “Would you like to take a look?” Princess answers no, and continues to pace as she remembers DH’s description of the place:

Ceremony… Have you ever been to an officer appointment ceremony?

In the large court yard of Injeongjeon, all the civil and military officials stand there. and the successful candidates are standing outside the doors. Once open, they come in one by one, the scholars walk to the east, and the military go to the west side. In order of ranking. If I pass, you must come to the ceremony, Okay?

Princess decides to go after all 🙂


Eunuch:  Your highness… look over there

CP:  What is it?

Eunuch:  Look in the area where the families of the successful candidates are… (CP does as told) Do you see her? It’s Mi Ryung. She is still alive! How?

CP:  Catch her.

Mi Ryung leaves after some stare downs with CP, and Eunuch goes on a hunt bringing a couple of guards along. This must be one of the calmest hunt for a lady in Hanyang. CP wasn’t surprised when Eunuch returned with unfavorable results.

DH’s Dorm

It is raining earnestly in the night. DH places his ceremonial garbs carefully and reads his Letter of Appointment again. Pan Swe comes by again with a note from Master SP:

DH:  This is… Isn’t this a slave ownership paper?

PS:  Excuse Me?

Then DH opens a second letter:

Congratulations! Seeing you dressed up, you didn’t look too bad. Although you still don’t look as nice as me. I’m giving the messenger to you as a gift of our friendship. You’ve officially become a military officer now. You must have at least one servant around with you and use him to do your errands, as well as to send messages. His name is Pan Swe

DH:  Your name is Pan Swe?

PS:  Yes

DH:  Do you know whose slave ownership paper this is?

PS:  No. I can’t read

DH:  It’s yours.

PS:  Yes? How? Why?

DH:  Your master gave you to me

PS:  I see… WHAT?! What did you just say? (thunder groans from the skies) Oh my! How can this happen to me? I’m done for! I don’t know what to do! (runs out of DH’s room) He believes he was mistakenly sent to DH so PS returns to SP to get confirmation 🙂 As DH looks at PS’s retreating back, he remembers seeing his sweetheart through the same doorway of his room too. Suddenly, a lantern cuts into view, startling him. Is she coming to see him again?

This time it’s the CP and he instructs Eunuch to not allow anyone near DH’s room.

CP asks permission to enter DH’s room, looks around the tight quarters and assumes the “head” position at DH’s desk. DH keeps looking at CP.

DH:  Did you come alone?

CP:  I came alone. Why? Is there a rule saying the Three Musketeers must always be together?

He explains that even SP and MS are not in the know of their meeting that night. CP looks at the letters strewn across the small desk and inquires DH’s future plans. Has he thought of becoming one of CP’s bodyguards? Even Lord CMG suggested to place DH as his bodyguard, plus SP and MS have taken a liking to him. DH tamps down a smile. CP disagrees. What if that meant more opportunities to see Princess, and their old flame might ignite and later elope especially when CP’s and Princess’ relationship is strained. DH’s eyes bulged and he waves his hand indicating nothing of the SORT will EVER happen! CP smiles and says he was joking.

The real reason why he doesn’t want DH as his body guard is to part of team that escorts the envoys starting next day. Guard General Yong Gol Dae and the reason for sending him there is to find the woman he chased and lost last night. Find her at all costs and bring her to CP.

CP:  Bear this in mind… This is a secret between you and me… just the two of us. You must not influence the relationship with the Qing. So without envoys knowing you must handle this quietly. Make sure to find her and bring her to me. Do you have any questions?

DH:  Finding this woman, Mi Ryung, is it an official duty or is it for your Highness’ personal reason?

CP:  It’s a duty that’s both official and personal

DH:  Then, what are you going to do after you find her this time?

CP:  Well, the last time I saw her was 5 years ago. I just hope she’s different from then.

DH:  What happened 5 years ago?

CP:  Did you suddenly find your words?

DH:  I’m doing so since you asked me to ask questions

CP:  Back then… I killed her (she was tied up, and young CP told her to kill herself) But since she survived, it’s surprising

DH:  Then, if you find her this time..

CP:  I don’t know yet either.  I think I’ll need to see her first to find out exactly what I’ll do. Wouldn’t that be one of the two? Whether to kill her again? Or it might be me who escape for love… No more questions. Now carry out your order.


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